Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Classified catalogue of the manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (spectroscopy instruments, chromatography instruments, gas analysis, elemental analysis, thermal analysis instruments, food analysis instruments, pharmaceutical analysis, water analysis instruments, process analytical instruments, materials testing equipment, petroleum testing instruments), laboratory equipment (sample preparation equipment). Систематический каталог производителей и поставщиков аналитического оборудования (приборы для спектроскопии, хроматографии, анализа газов, элементного анализа, термоанализа, анализа пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализа воды, поточного химического анализа, испытания материалов, контроля нефтепродуктов), лабораторного оборудования (пробоподготовка).
Current edition (since March 13, 1998)- Текущая редакция  (с 13 марта 1998).
Alphabetical catalogue of companies: Алфавитный каталог компаний:
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A - index of alphabetical catalogue in English language. A - индекс алфавитного каталога на русском языке.
AABSPEC Instrumentation Corporation.
Aabspec Instrumentation Corporation is a manufacturer of equipment and accessories for ultra-high temperature spectroscopy, low-temperature spectroscopy, high pressure spectroscopy, vacuum spectroscopy, transmission, specular and large angle reflectance, UV irradiation, Raman, GC-FTIR, TGA-FTIR, LC-FTIR, GPC-FTIR, direct-evolved gas analysis- FTIR, SFC-FTIR, variable temperature / variable pressure FTIR microscopy, dual-sample comparitive spectroscopy, and special application products. The company's products cover IR, near-IR, Vis, and UV optical ranges. Aabspec Instrumentation Corporation manufactures the microscope hot stage, suitable for all popular FTIR and Raman Microscopes.
Aalborg Instruments & Controls Inc.
Aalborg Instruments and Controls is a manufacturer of liquid flow meters, gas flow meters, flow controllers, needle valves, metering valves, solenoid valves.
ABB Instrumentation and Analytical (ABB Process Analytics).
ABB (Switzerland) manufactures  actuators and positioners (a complete family of valve automation products), flowmeters (gas flow meters, steam, liquid, slurry flow meters), temperature transmitters and sensors, pressure transmitters and remote seals, remote sensing measurement devices, industrial process signal monitoring and logging devices, process recorders and controllers, process gas analyzers (continuous gas analysis and emission monitoring instruments, CEMS, hydrogen purity analyzers, purge gas analysers, combustibles analyzers, zirconia oxygen analyzer), at-line gas chromatographs, laboratory gas chromatographs, process gas chromatographs (GC system for simulated distillation, sulfur in fuel GC analyzer), gas chromatograph sample handling systems, multiwave process photometers (fiber optic photometer, IR, UV photometers), laboratory and process FTIR-NIR spectrometers (FT-IR / Near-IR composition and moisture measurement analyzers, on-line gasoline analyzer), physical property measurement analyzers (on-line Reid vapor pressure analyzers), hydrogen sulfide analyzer for the measurement of hydrogen sulfide in gas streams, water quality analyzers.
ABB Instrumentation and Analytical manufactures and supplies a broad range of process analytical instruments and complete analyzer systems for quality control of water: ammonia monitors, chloride monitors, dissolved organics, dissolved oxygen monitors, pH, conductivity, ORP monitors, fluoride analyzers, hydrazine monitors, nitrate monitors, phosphate monitors, silica monitors, sodium monitors, turbidity systems, water hardness monitors.
Packaged Analyzer Systems (pre-assembled water analysis and monitoring systems)- complete instrumentation for water analysis. These systems can be used to measure everything from pH and conductivity through to silica and phosphate. Supplied fully pre-manufactured and pre-tested, the water analysis system assemblies are delivered to site ready for operation. Only connection to samples, drains, power supply and signal outputs is necessary on site.
Process analytical instruments and systems for the continuous gas analysis and emissions monitoring (gas analyzers for the continuous measurement of process gases): Cement kiln gas analysis system with special gas sampling system for an effective monitoring of the combustion process in a cement plant. Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) for the measurement of hazardous emissions, based on NDIR and FTIR analyzer technology. Continuous gas analyzer system for simultaneous determination of up to 12 measuring components like HCl, CO, NO, SO2, NO2, N2O, NH3, H2O, CO2, HF, O2 and C total.
Metallurgy analyzers (FTIR-NIR molten metal analyzers) for the inclusion identification and quantification analysis, hydrogen measurements in liquid aluminum (liquid aluminum purity analyzers, metal quality measurement systems). ABB offers a complete range of analytical solutions to the aluminum industry: hydrogen analyzer, inclusion analyzer, melt cleanliness analyzer. A metallographic analysis service is also available.
Raw material identification FTIR-NIR system (measurement time only 5 to 10 seconds per sample) requires no sample preparation and can be performed by unskilled operators in the laboratory or at the receiving dock. Solids and liquids can be analyzed through plastic bags and glass containers to avoid sample cross-contamination, accessory cleaning and cleaning procedure validation.
The MB Pharma FTIR-NIR analytical system can analyze solid samples in diffused reflectance mode by either using the hand-held fiber optics probe, for remote sampling, or by using the Powder Samplir main compartment accessory. Liquids can be identified with the disposable glass vial sampling accessory. The FTLA Pharma FT-NIR analyzer - main building block for pharmaceutical QA/QC solutions. Wavelength repeatability (±0.002 cm-1) of the instrument and the wavelength reproducibility (±0.04 cm-1 ) between instruments enables ABB to guarantee method transferability. The FLTA Pharma accommodates the mounting of two separate sampling accessories. The open design of the Arid-Zone sample station makes for effortless sample loading and analysis. The various prealigned sampling accessories can be installed without adjustments. 
Moisture measurement in solids and lyophilized products - Moisture or solvent determination can be achieved in less than a minute without sample preparation. The analysis is non-destructive and is normally done using glass vials.
The FTLA2000-PH60 Pharma NIR analyzer analyzer can analyze coated and uncoated tablets, caplets, capsules, gelcaps, in less than a minute. Content uniformity analysis can normally be performed with very high precision (<2% relative) for tablets with API concentration as low as 0.5%.
Absolute Standards Inc.
Absolute Standards Incorporated is an established manufacturer of Analytical Reference Materials (ARM). Complete line of organic standards, as well as standards for the food, flavor and fragrance industries. Inorganic standards suitable for ICP-OES, DCP-AES, ICP-MS, High-Accuracy AA Flame or Graphite Furnace Work.
AC Analytical Controls.
AC Analytical Controls is a manufacturer of method-specific GC and HPLC analyzer systems for the analysis of petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas streams (chromatographic analyzers for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industry). AC Analytical Controls manufactures distillates analyzers, gas analyzers, gasoline analyzers. GC analyzer systems for gas and liquefied gas analysis: refinery gas analyzers, propylene, ethylene and LPG analyzers, natural gas analyzers (NGA), natural gas condensate analyzers. GC analyzer systems for naphtha and gasoline range analysis: PIONA, reformulated gasoline analyzer system for the multi-dimensional analysis of hydrocarbon types in gasoline, detailed hydrocarbon analyzers (DHA), olefins analyzer, oxygenate analyzers and aromatics analyzers, simulated distillation analyzers (SimDis). GC analyser systems for mid distillates and heavy distillates analysis: detailed hydrocarbon front end analyzer, simulated distillation analyzers, mid distillates analyzers (HPLC or SFC systems), heavy distillates and crude oil analyzers (HPLC systems).
AccuStandard, Inc.
AccuStandard is a manufacturer of analytical standards (analytical reference materials, chemical reference standards). Organic Standards: PCB congeners and metabolites, expanded pesticides list, explosives, FAME / vitamin line for food analysis, petrochemical standards for over 65 ASTM methods. Inorganic Standards: AccuTrace single and multi-component ICP and AA standards, largest selection of acculon anion and cation formulations, ICP/MS line, matrix-specific sulfur, nitrogen and oil dissolved wear metals line.
Ace Glass Incorporated.
Ace Glass Incorporated is a manufacturer of scientific glassware, glass apparatus and lab equipment for industrial and university research laboratories. Featured products: Instatherm heated glassware, safer than immersed coils. Heated glassware can be applied to a variety of shapes, designed to operate at 250 degrees Celsius (higher on special order), no overheating, suitable for magnetic stirring. Ace Glass manufactures a complete line Instatherm oil baths, drying apparatus, beakers, flasks, vacuum oven and reaction flask. Rotary evaporator glassware. A variety of temperature controllers with various functions: time proportional, solid state, digital readout or analog, even programmable. Ace Glass supplies laboratory heating and mixing equipment: magnetic stirrers and stirrer/hot plates, heating manthles. Ultrasonic sample processor for cell disruption, sample preparation, sample homogenization.
Acquisition Solutions k.
Acquisition Solutions (USA) specializes in reconditioning and upgrading service of old Hewlett-Packard mass spectrometers, HP MSD, GC-MS systems: HP 5970, HP 5971 MSD, HP 5972, HP 5973, GCD. Acquisition Solutions is a manufacturer of compact quadrupole mass spectrometer for gas analysis, gas chromatography (mass spectrometer detector + compact GC = lab and mobile GC-MS system).
ACR Systems Inc.
ACR Systems Inc is a manufacturer of compact, portable data loggers (information loggers) for measurement and recording of temperature, relative humidity, electric current, pressure, process signals, pulse frequency, power quality.
Active Spectrum, Inc.
Active Spectrum, Inc. (USA) is a manufacturer of electron spin resonance spectrometers (ESR/EPR spectrometers). Active Spectrum manufactures miniature electron spin resonance spectrometer (benchtop ESR spectrometer) and online ESR sensor (process, in-line ESR spectrometer). Applications of ESR spectrometers include analysis of antioxidants, lubricants, crude oil, catalysts, biodiesel stability, shelf life of vegetable oil, beer and wine, spin trapping and countless other uses involving measurement of free radicals. Active Spectrum also develops custom sensors for the chemical, petroleum, and defense industries. The company offers a rapid and relatively inexpensive non-destructive test for asphaltene and vanadium concentration in crude oil. These tests are available for both online and benchtop ESR spectrometers. Active Spectrum also offers measurement of oxidation and soot levels in all types of lubricants and hydraulic fluids by ESR spectrometers. Customized solutions include explosion-proof enclosures, high-pressure and/or high-temperature sampling options, custom connectors and data interfaces.
Adam Equipment Company Ltd.
Adam Equipment specializes in the production and sale of electronic weighing equipment. Manufacturer of a wide range of affordable laboratory balances, including high precision four and five place analytical balances, top loading balances, and the AMB moisture balances. Adam Equipment provides a high quality range of laboratory balances, top-loading balances and moisture balances, which are ideal for any type of laboratory, and an extensive range of portable balances covering a wide variety of weighing applications. All current models supplying in Russia and CIS are certified according to European Metrology standards and Metrology standards of Russian Federation.
Adani (Адани).
Adani (Mink, Belarus) is a manufacturer of ESR spectrometry systems, Gamma-Ray spectrometry systems, radiation monitors, security ans inspection X-Ray systems, medical X-Ray systems. Adani manufactures bench-top ESR spectrometer (electron spin resonance spectrometer) and continuous flow ESR analyzer for labs and industry. Adani manufactures compact Gamma-Ray spectrometer for radiological control of food stuffs. Gamma-Ray spectrometer provides identification and selective measurements of Cs137, Cs134, K40 isotopes in food and water. Adani also manufacutures a line of radiation monitors including automated radiation monitoring system.
ADC BioScientific Ltd.
ADC BioScientific Ltd (England) is a manufacturer of plant physiology instrumentation (plant science equipment, portable photosynthesis and transpiration measurement systems, gas exchange analyzers, chlorophyll fluorescence instruments, leaf area meters), atmospheric CO2 measurement systems (CO2 gas monitors), soil respiration measurement systems. ADC BioScientific manufactures a range of both continuous excitation and pulse modulated chlorophyll fluorometers (hand-held, portable chlorophyll content meters, plant stress analyzer). ADC BioScientific manufactures field portable photosynthesis systems (portable plant gas exchange analyzers), and laboratory gas exchange measurement system for bioscience research. ADC BioScientific manufactures field portable leaf area meter for the accurate, non-destructive measurement of leaf area and associated parameters.
ADC BioScientific manufactures a range of atmospheric CO2 measurement systems (CO2 monitors): CO2 profiling system for the continuous monitoring of vertical CO2 profiles, fully integrated open path CO2 measurement system (open path atmospheric CO2 monitor), open path CO2 / H2O analyzer for simultaneous rapid measurement of atmospheric fluctuations of carbon dioxide and water vapour. ADC BioScientific manufactures twin wavelength infra-red CO2 gas monitor / controller (continuous CO2 monitoring and control system).
ADC BioScientific manufactures a range of soil respiration analyzers (soil CO2 exchange measurement systems): portable soil respiration system, multichannel soil respiration system, automated soil CO2 exchange system (continuous soil CO2 exchange analyzer).
ADInstruments is a manufacturer of computer-based data recording and analysis systems for the life science lab (integrated systems of hardware and software designed to record, display, and analyse experimental data). ADInstruments has been designing and manufacturing PowerLab (also MacLab) data acquisition systems for life science since 1988.
Adolf Kuhner AG.
Adolf Kuhner AG (Switzerland) is a manufacturer of laboratory shakers, large capacity incubated shakers and safety testing equipment for the safe handling of burnable dust. Adolf Kuhner manufactures large capacity laboratory shaking machines: large capacity shakers (shaker rack systems), large capacity incubated shakers (incubation shaker cabinet, stackable incubator shaker). Adolf Kuhner manufactures bench-top laboratory shakers, incubated lab shakers, disposable shaking bioreactor system for cell cultivation (animal or plant). Adolf Kuhner is a manufacturer of lab apparatus for the determination of explosion indices of dust, gas and hybrid mixtures. Adolf Kuhner AG develops and manufactures a wide range of safety testing devices for the safe handling of burnable dust.
Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc.
Advanced Chemistry Development is a chemistry software company offering solutions that truly integrate chemical structures with analytical chemistry information. Advanced Chemistry Development develops software for spectroscopy and chromatography, data processing and data management (process and create databases of NMR, MS, IR, FT-IR, Raman, UV-Visible experimental spectra, as well as XRD, DSC, TGA, and other analytical curves and chromatograms). Predict 1H, 13C, 15N, 19F, 31P, and 2D NMR spectra database, predict mass spectral fragmentation database.
Advanced Instruments, Inc.
Advanced Instruments is a manufacturer of osmometers (freezing-point instruments for medical labs), dairy cryoscopes (added water in milk testers), bilirubin analyzers, infrared, FTIR dairy analyzers, IR and FT-IR milk analyzers / somatic cell counting systems (compositional analysis of milk + somatic cell counting in raw milk). Advanced Instruments manufactures a growing family of rapid assays for the food industry: rapid pasteurization test for dairy products (test for confirmation of milk pasteurization), test for confirmation of fruit juices and juice products pasteurization, test for antibiotic residues in milk. Advanced Instruments offers products of its subsidiaries: Spiral Biotech (manufacturer of automated microbiology systems for research, food, dairy, environmental sciences laboratories) and Delta Instruments (manufacturer of cheese, milk, ice cream analysis instrumentation). 
Delta Instruments manufactures automatic analytical instruments for determination of fat, protein, lactose, total solids in raw milk, pasteurized milk, hard cheeses, soft cheeses, yogurt drinks, ice cream, complex dairy products (FTIR milk, dairy analyzers, FTIR cheese analyzer), counting somatic cells in unpasteurized milk (somatic cells in raw milk counters, milk quality analyzers). Delta Instruments manufactures fully automated analytical systems for both compositional analysis of milk and somatic cell counting (IR and FT-IR milk analyzers / somatic cell counters).
Spiral Biotech manufactures automated colony counters (automatic microbial enumeration systems with color recognition software), plating systems, anaerobic workstations, susceptibility test software, air samplers, sample preparation equipment for the food microbiology (liquid sample dilution system, solid sample preparation system, sterile filter bags for laboratory food and solid sample blenders).
Advanced Pressure Products.
Advanced Pressure Products (APP) is a manufacturer of automated pressure and flow control systems, test equipment (automated burst pressure testers). Supercritical Fluid Digital Pumping System - The SFDPS is specially designed for supercritical fluid extraction applications in diverse industries; one example is the processing industries. The flexible design and multiple applications of the SFDPS make this instrument attractive to individuals involved in R&D in the supercritical fluid extraction field. PVT Apparatus - The PVT Apparatus is designed to measure the volume of a given amount of gas or liquid as a function of its temperature and pressure. The apparatus is completely automated and is computer controlled in order to yield precise data. Automated Valves - APP automates valves of various types, configurations, and sizes - almost any valve that can be turned by hand can be automated. Valves that can be automated by APP are either on-off (shutoff) or metering (flow control). Standard configurations that are automated include two-way, two-way angle, and three-way; typical port sizes range from 1/4" to 1".
Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc. (ASTI)
Advanced Sensor Technologies is a manufacturer of pH, ORP and Ion Selective sensors for industrial applications. ASTI manufactures specialty, rugged pH, ORP and Ion Selective sensors for difficult process control and difficult measurement applications, such as mining, pulp and paper and petrochemical industries. The company services pH, ORP, Ion Selective, Conductivity, Resistivity, Dissolved Oxygen measurements for the process control industries with full line of transmitters, sensors and related equipment. Products: Explosion-proof, programmable instrumentation for pH, ORP, ion, conductivity, resistivity and DO measurements. Immersion pH/ORP sensors - rugged line of pH & ORP sensors for in-line measurements, available for slurry / viscous, sulfide, high-temperature, cyanide and organic applications. Ion selective sensors - a complete line of industrial quality ion selective sensors, available in immersion and twist lock configurations. Custom buffer solutions and pre-programmed  instrumentation available. Twist lock pH/ORP sensors for high maintenance pH & ORP applications requiring frequent cleaning or calibration. Valve retractable pH/ORP sensors with blow-out protection for pH & ORP measurement. Sanitary pH/ORP sensors. Digital pH measuring systems for continuous monitoring and datalogging applications (wastewater monitoring).
Advantec MFS, Inc.
Advantec MFS, Inc. (Dublin, CA, USA) is a manufacturer of filtration products, microbiological supplies (Petri dishes, culture media, sterile absorbent pads, sampling sags) and laboratory instrumentation (fraction collectors, magnetic stirrers, water baths and constant temperature units, rocking incubators).
Advantech Manufacturing, Inc.
AAdvantech Manufacturing, Inc. (formerly ATM Corporation) is a manufacturer of sieving equipment: test sieves, test sieve machines and complete sieving instruments (particle separators for laboratory and production). Advantech manufactures testing sieves, testing sieve shakers, particle separators for research and quality assurance applications, sieve measurement system for calibration of new and existing testing sieves.
Aegis Scientific.
Aegis Scientific is a manufacturer of controlled temperature cabinets, precision controlled temperature chambers, stability chambers, envionmental rooms, lab incubators, refrigerators, freezers. Aegis Scientific manufactures a full line of controlled temperature cabinets includes: laboratory and pharmacy incubators, chromatography refrigerators, blood bank, plasma bank refrigerators and freezers. Aegis Scientific manufactures walk-in environmental rooms and a full line of precision controlled temperature chambers for stability testing, climatic testing, incubation, critical biochemical storage (laboratory cold rooms, dry rooms, climate simulators, psychrometric rooms, stability chambers, explosion safe rooms, blood bank storage chambers, insect rearing rooms).
Agilent Technologies.
Agilent Technologies is a manufacturer of GC, GC-MS systems, HPLC, SFC, GPC/SEC systems, LC-MS systems, capillary electrophoresis systems, FTIR spectrometers, FTIR microscopes, UV-visible-NIR spectrometers, fluorescence spectrometers, NMR spectometers, AAS instruments, ICP-AES, ICP-MS systems, X-ray crystallography systems, pharmaceutical testing equipment (dissolution apparatus, tablet testers), PCR instruments, lab automation solutions, lab robotics, laboratory software suite. Agilent Technologies is a manufacturer of mass-spectrometer helium leak detectors, vacuum pumps (rotary vane, dry scroll, diffusion pumps, turbomolecular pumps, ion pumps), high vacuum pumping systems, vacuum gauges, valves, flanges, fittings.
Agilent Technologies manufactures lab and portable GC instruments, turnkey GC analyzer systems for natural gas analysis, refinery gas analysis, gasoline analysis, diesel fuel analysis, biodiesel fuel analysis, petroleum total sulfur determination, simulated distillation (natural gas analyzers, extended NGA, refinery gas analyzers, DHA systems, PIONA systems, simulated distillation analyzers, biodiesel analyzer). Agilent Technologies manufactures HPLC instruments, analytical to preparative HPLC systems, nanoflow and capillary LC systems, multidimensional LC systems, GPC/SEC systems, SFC system, flash LC purification systems, capillary electrophoresis systems. Agilent Technologies manufactures quadrupole GC-MS and LC-MS systems, triple quadrupole mass spectrometer-based GC/MS/MS and LC/MS/MS systems, ion trap LC-MS systems, Time-of-Flight LC-MS systems (TOF LC/MS system, quadrupole TOF LC/MS system). Agilent Technologies offers laboratory laboratory software suite, LC and LC-MS workstations, GC, GC-MS workstations, CE workstations, FTIR spectroscopy and imaging software. Agilent Technologies manufactures a complete line of capillary GC columns, GC-MS columns, HPLC columns, LC-MS columns, SPE products (SPE columns, solid phase extraction disks), accessories, consumables, instrument parts and supplies for gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, mass-spectometry, molecular spectroscopy, and elemental analysis. 
Agilent Technologies offers a broad range of products for drugs of abuse testing: noninvasive, instrument-based drug testing kits, TLC-based drugs of abuse screening kits - SPE/TLC kits for drugs of abuse detection (for example detection of opiates in urine).
Agilent Technologies manufactures dissolution apparatus, automated UV-Vis dissolution system, tablet disintegration apparatus, automated tablet disintegration tester, tablet hardness tester, tablet friability tester, tablet tapped density tester.
Agilent Technologies manufactures atomic absorption spectrometers (flame AAS instruments, GF AAS instruments), inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometers (ICP-OES systems), inductively coupled plasma mass-spectrometers (ICP-MS systems). Agilent Technologies manufactures FTIR spectrometers, FTIR microscope systems (FTIR spectrochemical imaging systems), FT-IR dedicated oil analyzer, fluorescence spectrometers, UV-Visible spectrophometers. Agilent Technologies manufactures research grady nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers (high resolution NMR spectrometers). Agilent Technologies manufactures X-ray crystallography instruments (XRD, X-ray diffractometer system).
Agilent Technologies manufactures vacuum pumps (dry scroll pumps, rotary vane pumps, diffusion pumps, turbomolecular pumps, ion pumps), high vacuum turbomolecular pumping systems, ion and titanium sublimation combination pumping systems, vacuum gauges, transducers and controllers, vacuum components (vacuum valves, high vacuum flanges and fittings), vacuum greases, lubricants, diffusion and mechanical pump fluids. Agilent Technologies manufactures helium mass spectrometer leak detectors.
Air Crafters Inc.
Air Crafters is a manufacturer of vertical and horisontal laminar flow hoods, cabinets, consoles, modular recirculating clean room system, soft wall clean room, equipment for clean rooms, laboratories and aseptic suites (air shower entry system, portable personnel air shower, clear curtain barrier system or airlock).
AirClean Systems.
AirClean Systems is a manufacturer of ductless fume hoods and laminar flow hoods. AirClean Systems manufactures ductless and ducted polypropylene fume hoods, PCR workstations, acid hoods, solvent hoods, class 2 vertical laminar flow hoods, general chemistry hoods, raw material sampling cabinets, powder and liquid transfer hoods, demonstration hoods, powder weighing workstations and clean environment workstations.
Air Dimensions Inc. (ADI)
Air Dimensions, Inc. is a manufacturer of diaphragm pumps, sampling pumps for corrosive gases, vacuum pumps and compressors for air, gas and vapors.
Airgas, Inc.
Airgas is a manufacturer of high purity specialty gases, research grade gases, gas calibration standards, EPA Protocol standards, CEM systems calibration standards (emission gases), GC standards and carrier gases, gas mixtures, high purity pressure regulators, gas handling equipment, gas panels, gas manifolds.
Air Liquide.
Air Liquide is a manufacturer of pure gases, specialty gases for analytical and scientific equipment, custom gas mixtures, calibration standards for gas analyzers, laboratory pure gas generators (hydrogen and nitrogen generators, pure air generators), and equipment for the handling of pure gases and mixtures. Air Liquide manufactures industrial gas generators: on-site hydrogen generators, nitrogen generators, oxygen generators.
Air Products and Chemicals Inc.
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc is a manufacturer of pure gases, ultra high purity gases, calibration gas mixtures, gas handling equipment (cylinder regulators, line regulators, manifolds, gauges, valves), onsite gas generation equipment (industrial gas generators). Air Products and Chemicals manufactures and supplies ultra high purity gases (zero gases) and calibration gas mixtures for chemical analysis (gas chromatography, GC-MS, LC-MS, ICP-AES, ICP-MS). Air Products and Chemicals manufactures calibration gases and mixtures for environmental analysis, air monitoring, stack emission monitoring, automotive emissions testing (pure gases and mixtures containing containing nitric oxides, NOx, sulfur dioxide, SO2, hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds, CO, CO2, acid gases, such as HCl, HF). Air Products and Chemicals manufactures industrial gas generators (onsite oxigen, nitrogen, hydrogen generators).
AIRSENSE Analytics GmbH.
AIRSENSE Analytics GmbH is a manufacturer of analytical instruments for the detection of gaseous compounds, such as gas sensor array systems, electronic noses and trap & thermal desorption systems. The primary products are: Electronic Nose is a new light weight and low cost analytical device which will be provided with on-line controlling software and neural network based identifcation. Electronic nose designed to identify complex gaseous samples quickly and easily, suitable for testing and monitoring of foodstuffs. Electronic noses are portable, handy and can be used in every conceivable location.
PEN Portable Electronic Nose - Intelligent chemical Sensor. PEN2 is our small, fast and robust identification system for gases and gas mixtures. The detection of the gases is performed with an array of gas sensors. Single compounds or mixtures of gases can be identified after a training step by using the pattern generated by the sensors. The instrument provides a fast and easy answer like "god" or "bad", "yes" or "no" - depending on the needs of the user.
i-PEN Industrial Process control Electronic Nose - Intelligent Gas Sensors for the Industry. The gas sensor array systems i-PEN are based on the electronic nose technology. The devices were developed for operation in hostile industrial environments. The module i-PEN-MOD is based on an array of ten gas sensors, the required electronic circuits with a microprocessor and a serial interface for data transfer to a remote PC. The different sensors are built into a very small sensor chamber. Versions with single and identical sensors which can be positioned at different locations are also available (i-PEN-VS). The systems were developed as OEM-modules for the integration into analytical measurement systems.
EDU2 Enrichment and Desorption Unit Trap/Thermal Desorption - EDU is a fully automatic sampling and desorption device. The system works as a stand-alone unit performing continuos cycles with the steps sampling, thermal desorption, injection, cleaning and cooling automatically. With the adsoption technique compounds of interest can be adsorbed on the tubes, but also a pre-separation of the compounds of interest during sampling is possible. Especially when working with an electronic nose as a detector it has the advantage that disturbing or non smelling compounds like water, methane or ethanol are not trapped, permitting a better correlation to human smell perception.
EDU-GC Enrichment and Desorption Unit Trap/Thermal Desorption - EDU-GC is a fully automatic sampling and desorption device. The system works as a stand-alone unit performing continuos cycles with the steps sampling, thermal desorption, injection, cleaning and cooling automatically. With the adsoption technique compounds of interest can be adsorbed on the tubes, but also a pre-separation of the compounds of interest during sampling is possible. When working with GC as a detector it has the advantage that disturbing compounds like water in environmental samples are not trapped. Different versions of the trap are available. The µ-TD was developed especially for the portable GC of Agilent.
µ-TD micro Thermal Desorption - The trap for the portable µ-GC. µTD is a fully automatic sampling and desorption device, specially developed for the portable gas chromatographs of the Agilent micro GC series.
Alcott Chromatography Inc.
Alcott Chromatography, Inc (USA) is a manufacturer of liquid chromatography sample preparation and injection systems, precision autosamplers, high pressure pumps for LC and LC-MS instruments. Alcott Chromatography manufactures plate changer system for automatic exchange of multiple microplates and precision sample injection, variable volume autosampler performing partial or full-loop injections with ultra high precision from small volume samples, positive displacement autosampler performing full-loop injections as well as in-vial sample filtering during injections. Alcott Chromatography manufactures HPLC pump with interchangeable pumpheads for microbore, analytical and semi-preparative applications, and variable wavelength UV-Visible HPLC detector.
Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey Company.
Alfa Aesar is a manufacturer and supplier of fine chemicals, pure metals, research materials. Alfa Aesar manufactures and supplies a full line of laboratory chemicals, high purity metals and research materials. A range of products include: specialty chemicals, high purity inorganics, precious metal compounds, rare earths, organics and organometallics, high purity metals and materials, platinum lab equipment (platinum labware), analytical fluxes. Alfa Aesar offers thousands of metal products, alloys and pure elements from aluminum to zirconium, for research and production applications.
Alicat Scientific.
Alicat Scientific is a manufacturer of digital flow meters (liquid flow meters, gas flow meters), flow controllers, vacuum / pressure gauges, pressure controllers.
Alliance Instruments.
Alliance Instrument (France) is a manufacturer of continuous flow analyzers and near infrared analyzers (NIR analysers) for food industry, oenology (wine analysis). Alliance Instrument manufactures NIR analyzer for food products analysis, dairy analysis and NIR analyzer for wine analysis (oenology)- alcohol content measurement (from 0 to 100% alcohol), reducing sugars measurement. Alliance Instrument also supplies Ysebaert instruments for dairy industry: measurement of added water in milk (dairy cryoscop), lactic starters activity, milk coagulation ability, rennet activity (fermentation process control).
ALMSCO International.
ALMSCO International (England) is a manufacturer of bench-top time-of-flight mass spectrometer (bench-top GC/TOF MS system), and related software products. ALMSCO manufactures high performance reflectron time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOF MS) for GC/MS applications, such as the ultra-trace level GC-MS analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) in complex real-world samples (water analysis). The company also offers GC/MS data reprocessing software and target compound detection software for GC/MS. ALMSCO International is a division of Markes International Ltd.
Alpha MOS.
Alpha MOS is a manufacturer of analytical instruments for vapors odour analysis, smell and taste analysis (electronic noses, electronic tongues). Alpha MOS manufactures e-noze analyzers (automated headspace and automated thermodesorption systems for smell analysis, vapors odour analysis), e-tongue analyzer.
Altech Environment U.S.A.
Altech Environment is a supplies of gas analysis instrumentation, air pollution monitoring, emission monitoring, combustion control instrumentation (continuous emission monitoring systems, CEMS, multi-component infrared gas analyzer, chemiluminescent gas analyzers, gas sampling system, particulate analyzer). Altech Environment USA is a part of Environnement S.A.
AMD-Intectra GmbH.
AMD-Intectra GmbH (Germany) is a manufacturer of mass apectrometry instrumentation, magnetic-sector mass spectrometers, GC/MS, LC/MS, MS/MS systems. AMD-Intectra manufactures benchtop double focusing magnetic-sector GC/MS - LC/MS system, high resolution double focusing magnetic sector MS/MS systems. AMD-Intectra offers PC-based instrument control upgrades for magnetic sector mass-spectrometers.
Amerex Instruments, Inc.
Amerex Instruments is a manufacturer of top-loading autoclaves, incubators, benchtop incubator shakers, platform shakers, water-bath shakers, water baths, convection ovens, hybridization ovens.
AMETEK, Inc, is one of the leading manufacturers of analytical instruments, measuring and testing instruments worldwide.
AMETEK Process Instruments.
AMETEK Process Instruments is a manufacturer of process analytical instrumentation - UV, visible, infrared photometric process analyzers, flue gas analyzers, continuous emission analyzer systems (continuous emission monitors, CEM systems), process mass spectrometers (online mass-spectrometer systems), mass spectrometers - residual gas analyzers (RGA systems), trace moisture analyzers, process oxygen analyzers, trace oxygen analyzers (zirconium oxide based oxygen analyzers for combustion control, air / fuel mixing control, furnace atmosphere control, trace oxygen measurement for pure gases). 
AMETEK Process Instruments manufactures natural gas analyzers (portable and in-line gas chromatographs for natural gas analysis, GC NGA systems), gas gravitometers, hydrocarbon dew point analyzers, liquid densitometers, portable gas moisture analyzer for natural gas processing and transmission industry. AMETEK Process Instruments also manufactures gas-purity monitoring systems - gas chromatographs for contamination monitoring of high and ultra high purity gases (gas purity analyzers, trace gas analyzers, GC systems for analysis of impurities in fixed, permanent gases).
Ampersand Ltd. (Амперсенд).
Ampersand Ltd. (Moscow, Russia) is a developer and manufacturer of software and data system for chromatography.
AMS Inc.
AMS, Inc. is a manufacturer of soil sampling equipment, sludge and sediment sampling equipment, soil gas sampling equipment, surface water and ground water sampling equipment. AMS manufactures hand soil augers, soil probes, shovels and scoops, soil core samplers, soil sampling kit for environmental sampling, sludge and sediment samplers, hand dredges, soil gas vapor probes, sub-slab gas monitoring system, surface water and ground water samplers, bailers, discrete liquid samplers, water level and interface meters. AMS manufactures a broad range of hand sampling accessories. AMS is a manufacturer of  geotechnical sampling equipment and geotechnical testing equipment (borehole preparation kit, dynamic cone penetrometer, static cone penetrometer, field vane shear tester). AMS manufactures a family mobile drilling machines for core sampling.
A&N Corporation.
A&N Corporation is a manufacturer of high vacuum components (vacuum flanges, vacuum couplings, vacuum fittings, seals, vacuum ball valves, vacuum traps and filters). A&N Corporation manufactures a complete line of vacuum flange systems, high vacuum couplings, flanges, fittings, high vacuum valves. A&N Corporation manufactures ultra high vacuum chambers. A&N Corporation also manufactures equipment for vacuum measurement and control (vacuum sensors and  transducers, Bourdon gauges, Pirani tubes, combination gauge system - a complete set of digital standalone gauges, offering a wide pressure measurement range from above atmosphere to ultra high vacuum).
Analtech Inc.
Analtech, Inc. (Newark, DE, USA) is a manufacturer of thin layer chromatography plates (precoated TLC plates), equipment for accelerated preparative thin layer chromatography (centrifugal TLC apparatus), TLC accessories, bulk absorbents for thin layer chromatography and solid phase extraction columns (SPE cartridges). Analtech manufactures a broad range of TLC plates. Analtech manufactures centrifugal chromatography system and round TLC plates (TLC rotors) for centrifugally accelerated preparative thin layer chromatography (preparative TLC separations). Analtech manufactures solid phase extraction columns (SPE columns). Analtech offers HPLC Columns: Reversed-Phase columns, Normal Phase, Ion Exchange, Specialty Columns, Micro Columns, Preparative Columns. Also Bulk Packing Materials.
Analytical Instruments Corporation (AIC).
Analytical Instruments Corporation is a manufacturer of process control gas chromatograph systems (on-line gas analyzer system, pipeline natural gas BTU analyzer, laboratory gas analyzer). Analytical Instruments Corporation manufactures gas chromatographic analyzer systems (process analyzer, natural gas analyzer, NGA system, laboratory gas chromatograph) equipped with GC detectors for specific applications - thermal conductivity detector, flame ionization detector, flame photometric detector.
Analytical Products Group, Inc. (APG)
Analytical Products Group, Inc. (APG) is an international provider of proficiency testing and quality assurance services. Analytical Products Group is a manufacturer of certified reference materials, calibration standards and performance evaluation samples. Analytical Products Group manufactures quality control standards for drinking water analysis, waste water analysis. Analytical Products Group offers a full range of inorganic and organic quality control and calibration reference materials including ion chromatography standards and multi-element ICP standards. Analytical Reagents, the wholly owned subsidiary of APG, manufactures custom reagents for industrial laboratories.
Analytical Scientific Instruments (ASI).
Analytical Scientific Instruments is a manufacturer of isocratic HPLC pumps, gradient HPLC pumps, metering pumps, syringe pumps, replacement parts for HPLC pumps (spare parts for HPLC pumps), flow splitters, low volume static and dynamic mixers, pulse damper, post column reactor, components and accessories for high performance liquid chromatography. Analytical Scientific Instruments manufactures check valves, pistons and seals for HPLC pumps, compression fittings and unions, in-line filters, precolumn filters, solvent inlet filters. Analytical Scientific Instruments is a manufacturer of the self-priming cartridge check valves for over 20 HPLC pump models. Universal high pressure fittings and unions are compatible with most HPLC fittings such as Parker, Swagelok, Valco, Upchurch, Bechman, and Waters. 
The ASI Model 310 Post Column Reactor Module can be used to increase detection sensitivity for amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, inorganic ions, pesticides, and other samples. The reactor consists of a heated reactor cartidge that is designed to mix reagent with column effluent efficiently and with minimum peak dispersion. The rugged cartridge design allows operation up to 2000 psi at 150 C without rupturing.
Analytical Sensors & Instruments Ltd.
Analytical Sensors & Instruments Ltd. is a manufacturer of laboratory and process electrochemical sensors (industrial electrochemical sensors) for pH, ion concentration, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature measurment. Analytical Sensors & Instruments manufactures process electrochemical sensors, process electrodes for environmental monitoring, process monitoring and control, water purity monitoring. Analytical Sensors & Instruments offers a complete line of rugged pH, Ion Selective, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature sensors designed to interface with various industrial meters.
Analytical Specialties, Inc.
Analytical Specialties Incorporated is a manufacturer of process analytical instrumentation, on-line (in-line) laser gas analyzer systems and sampler systems.
Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. (ASD)
Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. (ASD) is a manufacturer field portable and laboratory UV-visible-NIR spectrometers, spectroradiometers (remote sensing spectrometers), portable NIR analyzers, Vis-NIR analyzers. Analytical Spectral Devices manufactures lab and portable spectrometers covering the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared (NIR) wavelength ranges. Analytical Spectral Devices manufactures benchtop visible-NIR spectrometer systems and portable visible-NIR analyzers equipped with fiber optic probe. Analytical Spectral Devices manufactures rugged portable and mobile Vis-NIR analyzer systems for quality control of foods and pharmaceuticals - portable counterfeit drug detection systems, drug verification system, meat quality analyzer (beef tenderness analyser). Analytical Spectral Devices manufactures portable, rugged Vis-NIR analyzer equipped with the plant probe and leaf clip assembly for rapid in-field analysis of both living foliage and dried plant materials for the determination of nitrogen, lignin, cellulose and soluble sugars in plant tissue.
Analytik Jena AG.
Analytik Jena AG (Germany) is a manufacturer of atomic absorption spectrometry instruments (flame and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometers) atomic fluorescence spectrometry instruments (trace mercury analyzer), moleculal spectroscopy instruments (UV-Visible spectrophotometers), elemental analyzers, Karl-Fischer titrator, microwave sample preparation system, and laboratory information management system (LIMS). Analytik Jena manufactures a broad range of laboratory instrumentation for elemental analysis: atomic fluorescence spectrometer for mercury determination, Hg ultra trace analysis (mercury analyzer), flame atomic absorption spectrometers, graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometers, microwave sample digestion system, elemental analyzers (total carbon, TC analyzers, total organic carbon, TOC analyzers, total nitrogen, TN analyers, total organic halides, TOX analysers). Also offers LIMS.
Anatel Corporation.
Anatel Corporation is a manufacturer of total organic carbon analyzers (laboratory, portable, process TOC analyzers). Anatel manufactures in-line, on-line TOC analyzer systems measuring concentration of organic compounds in drinking water, high-purity water from part-per-trillion (ppt) through part-per-million (ppm). Anatel Corporation manufactures TOC analyzers in both stationary and mobile configurations. Anatel manufactures portable TOC analyzer.
Andor Technology, Ltd.
Andor Technology PLC (Belfast, Northern Ireland) is a manufacturer of high performance digital cameras for the optical spectroscopy and scientific imaging. Andor Technology has been designing and manufacturing world-class digital camera solutions for over 20 years. Customers include the scientific research market and the instrumentation / original equipment manufacturers. Andor Technology has a portfolio of over 400 products and accessories, which are employed in fields as diverse as drug discovery, toxicology analysis, medical diagnosis, food quality testing and defence. A range of world-class cameras and detectors fall within the Andor product sectors such as research, instrumentation or space and surveillance. The research customers use these cameras for applications such as imaging, X-ray or for microscopy systems. Andor pioneered the development of EMCCD (Electron Multiplying Charged Coupled Device) technology, with the launch of the iXon in 2001. Andor Technology also offers CCDs, ICCDs (Intensified Charged Coupled Device), spectrographs, software and accessories as well as a range of microscopy systems.
Raman spectroscopy - The Andor NewtonEM EMCCD platform offers the choice between conventional readout at slower readout speeds, and single photon sensitivity at either slow or fast readout speeds through an EMCCD amplifier, all with the high QE offered by back-illumination of the sensor. Andor Technology manufactures the complete systems for high performance Raman spectroscopy.
X-Ray spectroscopy and imaging - Andor manufactures a comprehensive range of CCD detection systems for a wide variety of x-ray applications, both imaging and spectroscopy. These detection systems can be used at varying energy levels and are custom configured to operate either directly in a vacuum chamber, attached to a chamber via a Conflat flange or "stand-alone". In addition, if your application requires indirect detection of x-ray, Andor offers a range of fibre-coupled cameras.
Andover Corporation.
Andover Corporation is a manufacturer of optical filters for analytical and scientific instruments. Andover Corporation manufactures a broad array of standard and custom optical components including image-quality, narrowband, broadband, and space-qualified filters.
Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co. KG.
Andreas Hettich GmbH (Germany) is a manufacturer of laboratory centrifuges. Andreas Hettich GmbH manufactures bench-top lab centrifuges, medium sized multipurpose centrifuges, large-volume floor-standing centrifuges.
Andrews Glass Company.
Andrews Glass Company is a manufacturer of specialty and precision glass products for industrial and scientific applications. Andrews Glass Company offers a wide range of precision OEM glass and quartz components, custom fabricated for analytical instrumentation, scientific instrumentation and opto-electronics. Andrews Glass Company manufactures lamps for photoionization detectors (PID lamps), scientific glassware (glass pressure reaction vessels), equipment for sample preparation (laboratory distillation systems for cyanide distillation, ammonia distillation, phenols distillation), filtrating labware, laboratory filtration systems, borosilicate glass filters (sintered filter discs, fritted filter discs), leak-free joints and seals, in-line needle valves, glass ball valves.
Anglo Scientific Instruments.
Anglo Scientific Instruments is a manufacturer of quadrupole mass spectrometers for gas analysis and Residual Gas Analyzers (RGA). Anglo Scientific Instruments manufactures the Trace Gas / Environmental Analysis System - The TGA-1 gas analysis system is specifically designed for trace gas analysis of hydrocarbons in atmospheric pollution monitoring, or impurity measurements in process gas streams. Sub ppb detection of most hydrocarbons. Fully automated system for continuous on line measurements in gas streams. The TGA-1 system incorporates DQC2000 QMS system, membrane probe technology, powerful software package, thus enabling detection down to sub ppb levels for most gases. 
ANKOM Technology.
ANKOM Technology is a manufacturer of laboratory instrumentation for the determination of nutritional components in agricultural and food products (meats, snack foods, baked goods, feeds and forages). ANKOM Technology manufactures automated instruments for fat analysis and fiber analysis (fat analyzers, fat and oil extractors, fiber analyzers).
Antec Leyden.
Antec Leyden is a manufacturer of liquid chromatography instrumentation - electrochemical detectors for liquid chromatography and flow injection analysis, integrated HPLC systems with electrochemical detection for trace analysis of biogenic amines, phenols, vitamins, inorganic ions, DNA adducts, amino acids. Antec Leyden manufactures digital electrochemical amperometric detectors and pumps for high performance liquid chromatography, dedicated HPLC system comprising electhochemical detector, autosampler, pump, degasser and pulse damper. The dedicated HPLC system is upgradable to allow micro-bore and capillary LC-EC. Electrochemical detector includes a highly stable Faraday-shielded oven compartment accommodating column and flowcell (available with a glassy carbon, platinum, gold, silver and copper flowcell). In combination with a 25 micrometer gasket detection volumes down to 5 nl can be obtained. Antec Leyden manufactures integrated electrochemical detector for HPLC, including flowcell incorporated in the Faraday-shielded oven compartment, LC column, pulse dampener and injector.
Antek Instruments, Inc. now part of PAC L.P.
Antek Instruments is a manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for laboratory and process online (industrial) environments. Antek Instruments manufactures elemental analyzers for determenation of sulfur, nitrogen, fluoride, carbon. Laboratory and process (in-line, on-line) analyzers - nitrogen, sulfur, trace sulfur (as low as 10 ppb), carbon, fluoride, and nitric oxide analyzers for gas, liquid and solid samples. Laboratory instrumentation for total fluoride, total hydrocarbon, nitric oxide, and nitrite / nitrate determinations. Antek Instruments manufactures gas and liquid chromatography instrumentation (specific detectors for GC and HPLC systems)- simultaneous nitrogen / sulfur GC detector, nitrogen specific HPLC detector, sulfur selective HPLC Detector, GC furnace upgrade for increase senditivity of nitrogen / sulfur GC detector. ANTEK Industrial Instruments (industrial division) offers analyzers specifically for on-line CO2 total quality assurance and for real time oil consumption. Also manufactures on-line total hydrocarbon analyzer.
Anter Corporation.
Anter Corporation is a manufacturer of thermophysical properties measuring instruments (thermophysical analysis instrumentation)- thermal properties analyzers, such as dilatometers, thermal conductivity measuring systems (thermal conductivity meters), thermal diffusivity systems, laser flash thermal diffusivity system. Anter Corporation manufactures instruments measuring thermal expansion, thermal shrinkage, thermal conductivity, thermal resistivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat capacity of different materials (instruments for specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity determinations). Anter Corporation is a manufacturer of dilatometers for measurement of thermal expansion, thermal conductivity meters, thermal diffusivity meters for measurement of heat transfer through materials, drop calorimeters for determination of heat capacity, specific heat, and enthalpy change. The company manufactures thermal properties analyzer system (thermal diffusivity - thermal conductivity measurement system) for characterization of coarse-grain materials (such as refractories, carbons, rocks) and certain composites, as well as more typical metals, ceramics, graphites, liquids, and pastes.
Anthos Labtec.
Anthos Labtec is a manufacturer of laboratory instrumentation (microplate washers, microplate readers, luminometers, photometers) the life science and diagnostic markets. Anthos Labtec manufactures a fully automated and programmable microplate strip-washer for processing 96- and 384-well plates, multi mode microplate reader with luminescence and absorbance capability (combined luminometer / photometer system), microplate absorbance readers.
Anton Paar GmbH.
Anton Paar GmbH is a manufacturer of lab, portable, process analytical and measuring instruments for concentration measurement, density measurement (alcohol meters, beer analyzers, sugar analyzers, portable density meters, process density meters), viscometers and rheometers, laboratory equipment for sample preparation. Anton Paar manufactures alcohol meters, lab and process online beverage analyzers, portable carbon dioxide meters, process carbon dioxide sensors, sulfuric acid and oleum meters, process online sulfuric acid and oleum transducer, benchtop and portable density meters, process density transducer, online density transmitter, portable oxygen meters. Anton Paar manufactures polarimeters, refractometers, saccharimeters, sugar analyzers, reflectance colorimeters for colour grading of white sugars, soft drink analyzer (Brix meter). Anton Paar GmbH manufactures dilution and dosing apparatus, high pressure digestion system, microwave sample preparation systems, microwave synthesis systems. Anton Paar manufactures rheometers and viscometers, portable thermometers, surface characterization system (electrokinetic analyzer for zeta potential of macroscopic solids). Anton Paar manufactures X-Ray diffraction equipment - measuring chambers for XRD investigations in a temperature range of -193 °C to 2300 °C and under different atmospheres.
APC Analytische Produktions-, Steuerungs- und Controllgerate GmbH.
APC GmbH is a manufacturer of process analytical equipment (process X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, online XRF analyzer system) for mining industry, cement industry, mineral processing and power plants. APC GmbH manufactures process XRF analyzers (on-line X-ray fluorescence spectrometers) and equipment for bulk sample preparation (hammer mills). APC GmbH manufactures a fully automated multi-element on-line XRF analyzer system for bulk materials such ase coal, ores, minerals and comprises a sample taking device combined with XRF analyzer. The XRF analyzer system may be positioned at conveyor-belts, crushers or attached as analyzer to an automated sampling system of different make. The online XRF analyzer system is equipped with the process X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, which allows simultaneous analysis of up to eight elements from Al to U. APC GmbH manufactures on-line sampling equipment for for bulk material, and equipment for sample preparation, including two hammer mills, an air mill and a sample dryer.
Applied Biosystems.
Applied Biosystems is a manufacturer of equipment, instruments, systems for life sciences, molecular biology, biological research and clinical assays, genetic analysis, high-throughput screening, nucleic acid synthesis, PCR diagnostic. Applied Biosystems manufactures the complete family of mass spectrometry instruments, MALDI TOF-TOF MS/MS, API LC/MS/MS, hybrid LC/MS/MS systems: triple quadrupole MS-MS systems, hybrid linear ion trap / triple quadrupole MS-MS system, quadrupole-TOF MS-MS system (hybrid quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer system), MALDI TOF-TOF MS/MS system (tandem time-of-flight MS-MS system) for proteomics, drug discovery, drug development, quantitate pharmaceuticals analysis, pharmacokinetic screening applications, pharmaceutical impurity profiling, protein and peptide analysis. Applied Biosystems manufactures nano HPLC systems for biomolecule analysis, protein and peptide analysis, chromatography columns and complete HPLC purification systems for oligonucleotide and peptide purification.
Applied Photophysics Ltd.
Applied Photophysics is a manufacturer of circular dichroism spectrometers, stopped-flow and laser flash photolysis spectrometers. Applied Photophysics manufactures research optical spectroscopy instrumentation for absorbance / fluorescence / circular dichroism measurment: circular dichroism spectrometer (CD spectrometer system), stopped-flow spectrometer, laser flash photolysis spectrometer. Applied Photophysics also manufactures stopped-flow accessory (rapid mixing stopped-flow unit) for benchtop UV-Vis spectrophotometers, spectofluorimeters, circular dichroism spectometers (CD spectrometers).
AppliedSensor GmbH.
AppliedSensor is a manufacturer of chemical sensor components and sensor modules for indoor air quality control, automotive recirculation control, residual solvent detection. AppliedSensor manufactures metal oxide semiconductor sensors (MOS sensors) for carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and methane detection; field effect sensors (FE sensors) for hydrogen detection; quartz microbalance sensors (QMB sensors) for volatile organic compounds detection. AppliedSensor manufactures sensor components and fully integrated sensor modules (gas, odor, VOC detectors) for detection of hydrogen, metane, CO2, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, volatile organic compounds, volatile sulfur compounds.
Applied Separations Inc.
Applied Separations is a manufacturer and supplier of sample preparation and purification products for analytical laboratory and pilot plant (SPE products, SPE cartridges, laboratory SFE systems, pilot scale SFE systems, industrial scale SFE systems). Supercritical Fluid Extraction Systems: Natural Products Extraction System for solvent-free extracting essential oils, pigments, flavors, fragrances, medicinal compounds, and more, from a variety of natural products. Process Development Systems - Lab / Pilot Plant systems for SFE process development. Pilot Scale Systems - a solvent-free processing systems for use in natural products, foods and flavors, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, polymers, chemicals, and parts cleaning. SFE process systems Large Scale Industrial Plant systems - Applied Separations will work with you to pin-point your needs and determine the feasibility of your project. Analytical and Research  Extraction Systems: 2-Vessel and 4-Vessel Simultaneous Extraction Systems. Pressurized Solvent Extraction equipment (PSE, also known as accelerated solvent extraction, uses higher temperatures and pressures to accelerate the extraction process): PSE extractor, compatible with current US EPA solvent extraction techniques such as EPA Method 3545, the fast PSE parallel extractor for 6 samples.
The line of SPE cartridges: Applied Separations offers a large selection of sorbents and resins packed into a multitude of cartridge configurations. Applied Separations also is an OEM manufacturer of SPE sorbents. Applied Separations will pack both dry and wet sorbents, in any size and quantity. Applied Separations offers contract packing of sorbents. Applied Separations manufactures disposable columns for flash chromatography.
Applikon is a manufacturer of a complete range of bioreactor systems for biotechnology, process and environmental on-line analyzers, on-line titrators, on-line colorimeters, on-line ion selective analyzers. Applikon Biotechnology manufactures: Laboratory scale bioreactor systems, pilot plant scale bioreactor systems, production scale bioreactor systems. Glass autoclavable vessels, vessel constructions, stirrers, agitation equipment, stainless steel autoclavable vessels, bench top steam-in-place vessels. Controllers and software for data logging and supervisory control of bioreactors. Also utility cabinet, sensors (Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Carbon Dioxide, redox temperature, pressure, level, weight, anti-foam), cell separation devices, samplers for on-line analysis, auxiliary equipment, accessory equipment (pumps, rotameters, mass flowmeters and controllers, temperature recirculator, heating blankets, sample system, addition bottles, draft tubes and aerators).
Applikon Analyzers Division manufactures a broad range of on-line analyzers for chemical industry, metal mining, metal surface, food, pulp, paper, textile, water: Process titrators for all kinds of titrations from ppm level upto g/l. The Titration analyzers for on-line titrations, ion-sensitive and colorimetric analysis. The Ion-Analyzer for ion analysis of ammonia, nitrate, fluoride, chloride, cyanide and many more by means of ion-sensitive electrode (ISE). The Process Colorimeter for colorimetric analysis of silica, phosphate, ammonia, iron, aluminium. The COD Analyzer for measurement of the COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) level following the official standard norm. All models of Applikon Analyzers developed for the harsh industrial environment (CE-marked and IP65). Also Applikon can engineer and supply virtually any Sample Conditioning System.
Aqua Solutions, Inc. is a manufacturer of laboratory water purification systems (reagent grade water purification systems for laboratory applications). Aqua Solutions is a manufacturer of Type I reagent grade laboratory water purification systems, Type II and Type III reagent grade laboratory water purification systems, reverse osmosis pretreatment systems, and replacement cartridges for competitive lab water purification systems. Aqua Solutions manufactures and sells reagent grade water purification systems, reverse osmosis water purification systems, reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment systems, reagent grade water purification systems for laboratory glassware washers. The company manufactures water purification accessories, replacement cartridges for competitive lab water purification systems systems. Aqua Solutions manufactures replacement cartridges for Barnstead NANOpure laboratory water purification system, replacement cartridges for Millipore Milli-Q, Millipore Super-Q, Millipore Milli-RO lab water purification systems.
Arizona Instrument LLC (AZI).
Arizona Instrument LLC (AZI) is a manufacturer of moisture analyzers, portable and fixed toxic gas analyzers (mercury vapor analyzers, mercury emission monitor, hydrogen sulfide analyzer, hydrogen sulfide emission monitor). Arizona Instrument manufactures the Computrac line of precision moisture analysis instruments (moisture loss-on-drying analyzers). The Computrac Vapor Pro series detects moisture levels as low as 10 ppm, or 10 ug, in samples as small as 10 mg utilizing moisture-specific sensors to eliminate volatile interferences. The MAX series measures moisture content as low as 0.005 percent in as few as 3 minutes. These instruments are durable, easy to use, and equally suitable for the production floor and the laboratory. The Computrac MAX-2000XL is a moisture/solids analyzer that combines the precision of a laboratory instrument with the durability and speed required of a production-floor unit. It accurately detects moisture levels from 50 ppm to 100%.
Arizona Instrument manufactures toxic gas analyzers, emission monitoring systems: mercury vapor analyzers, hydrogen sulfide analyzers, mercury emission monitoring system, hydrogen sulfide emission monitoring system. Utilizing patented gold sensor technology, the Jerome 631-X measures hydrogen sulfide concentrations of 3ppb to 50ppm, while the Jerome 431-X mercury vapor analyzer detects concentrations from 0.003 to 0.999mg/m3, all in just 13 seconds. The Jerome 860 hydrogen sulfide monitor provides automatic, unattended, long-term monitoring of hydrogen sulfide gases in contained or hard to reach areas. The compact, battery powered 860 is water resistant and intrinsically safe. Accessories include a field test kit for easy verification of instrument calibration, a data logger for data acquisition and instrument programming, and software for connecting the analyzers to computers.
The portable Jerome 631-X Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer with an analysis range of .001 parts-per-million to 50 parts-per-million. The Jerome 631-X weighs only 7 pounds and can easily be carried to a suspected source of hydrogen sulfide for detection and measurement. The instrument can be locked in a survey mode and carried around to pinpoint the H2S source. In the survey mode, the analyzer automatically displays H2S concentrations as quickly as every 3 seconds. Hydrogen Sulfide Monitoring System - The Jerome 651 hydrogen sulfide emission monitoring system for remote monitoring, ambient air analysis, regulatory compliance, nuisance odor monitoring. Hydrogen Sulfide Monitoring System features inherently stable gold film sensor. The gold film sensor's selectivity to hydrogen sulfide eliminates interferences from SO2, CO2, CO and water vapors.
The Jerome 431-X Mercury Vapor Analyzer uses a gold film sensor for the detection and accurate measurement of toxic mercury vapor in the air. A portable hand-held unit, the Jerome 431-X can easily be carried to locations of mercury concerns. The range of the 431-X is from 0.000 to 0.999 mg/m3 Hg. Mercury Monitoring System - The Jerome 451 mercury emission monitoring system is designed to provide long-term monitoring even in extreme weather conditions, it can be stationed at any location that requires monitoring. Mercury Monitoring System features inherently stable gold film sensor.
Artel, Inc.
Artel offers calibration and volume verification systems for verification of accuracy and precision of liquid handling equipment. Artel is a manufacturer of pipette calibration systems for validation of low-volume liquid delivery instruments, such as pipettes and automated pipetting stations. Artel manufactures accurate, precise, easy-to-use systems for verification and calibration of automated liquid handlers and pipettes: pipette quality management system for single-channel pipettes, multichannel verification system for automated liquid handlers and multichannel pipettes. These calibration and volume verification systems rapidly verify the accuracy and precision of liquid handling instrumentation, and provide traceable results. Pipette calibration systems tests the accuracy and precision of pipettes and other low-volume liquid delivery devices used in pharmaceutical, clinical and life sciences laboratories. The PCS combines an ultra-low-noise photometer with NIST-traceable reagents, and provides pipette performance verification with minimal disruption of critical QA/QC processes, saving time while providing highly accurate and precise data. Artel also provides liquid handling quality assurance support and consultative services.
Arun Technology.
Arun Technology is a manufacturer of the CCD-array technology based optical emission spectrometers for metals analysis (arc, spark, arc/spark CCD-OES metal analyzers, field portable and desktop CCD-array OES metals analysis systems, alloy sorters for metals recyclers). Arun Technology is one of the world-leading companies in use of CCD array detector technology for metals analysis. Arun Technology manufactures benchtop PolySpek multi-CCD spectrometers, MetalScan 2500 Series CCD-OES metal analyzers, portable MetalScan 1600 Series and MetalScan 3000 Series metal analyzers.
The PolySpek series of multi-CCD, multi-optic desktop spectrometers for metallurgical work featured spark excitation in an Argon atmosphere. Arun Technology offers four applications-specific metal analyzers: PolySpek-N for non Ferrous applications not requiring Phosphorous or Sulphur (Aluminium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper), PolySpek-F for Ferrous or Nickel applications requiring Phosphorous and Sulphur, Copper based applications requiring Phosphorous, PolySpek-A for Aluminium applications requiring Sodium, Lithium and Potassium, PolySpek-M spectrometer for multi-matrix applications.
The MetalScan 1650 is a robust portable metals analyzer designed to give rapid semi-quantitative analysis and grade identification of metals on-site (metals sorting, alloy checking and PMI). The spectrometer is small and is mounted in the hand-held probe, which enables the operator to perform checks up to 30 meters away from the control unit. The MetalScan 1650 can be supplied as a single-base or multibase instrument, using the same hardware. Upgradable from single-base to multibase - extra bases can be added without any hardware changes, making upgrades easy and low-cost. The Metalsort 1610 metal analyzer delivers consistent sorting capability across no less than ten base metals. This metal analyzer is a tool for scrap sorting and identifying, incoming quality control, outgoing quality control, PMI (Positive Material Identification), checking material grades in plant maintenance and repair.
The MetalScan 2550 is a benchtop metal analyser for materials which do not require the analysis of Sulphur and Phosphorous such as Aluminium alloys or Zinc alloys. The MetalScan 2560 metal analyzer primarily designed for the analysis of iron-based metals (steel, stainless steel). Additionally the MetalScan 2560 incorporates an argon flushed spectrometer with a high sensitivity CCD detector so that it is especially suitable for the analysis of light elements such as S, C, P (sulphur, carbon and phosphorous). Any combination of calibrations can be supplied in one instrument. The MetalScan 2500 series can be supplied as single-base or multibase instruments using the same hardware. Extra bases can be added without any spectrometer hardware changes.
The MetalScan 3000 Series is a range of light-weight portable spectrometers - metals analysers available with arc, spark or both types of excitation, colour touch screen operation, integral printer and plasma display built into pistol. These portable spectrometers - metals analyzers can be supplied as a single base or a multiple base use, with either standard or special calibrations using the same hardware. An extensive range of standard calibrations is available in all the common metal bases. If Carbon is not a requirement in the analysis, for example for non ferrous metals or even ferrous materials where carbon is not an important identifying element, then the 3010, 3020, 3030 spectrometers apply. If Carbon is required - for example for differentiating between 316 and 316L stainless steel grades, then the 3040, 3050, 3060 spectrometers apply. These spectrometers - metal analyzers can of course be single base Ferrous or multibase with all the other common materials such as Copper Alloys, Aluminium Alloys, Magnesium Alloys, Zinc Alloys, Cobalt, Titanium, Lead, Tin.
The MetalScan M3010 spectrometer - metal analyzer uses arc excitation in air to provide grade identification, positive material identification (PMI) and semi quantitative analysis of all types of metals. Recalibration is not required. The sample surface can be rough and even oxidised - preparation is not required.
The MetalScan M3020 spectrometer - metal analyzer uses spark excitation in an argon atmosphere to provide grade identification, positive material identification and full quantitative analysis of all types of metals. A clean, flat surface is required for measurement and recalibration is required.
The MetalScan M3030 spectrometer - metal analyzer has both types of excitation included so that it can operate simply in a semi quantitative analytical mode without argon or the need for sample preparation or alternatively in a full quantitative mode with argon gas and some preparation.
The MetalScan M3040 spectrometer - metal analyser uses arc excitation in air to provide grade identification, positive material identification (PMI) and semi quantitative analysis of all types of metals. Restandardisation is not needed. The sample surface can be rough and even oxidised - preparation is not required.
The MetalScan M3050 spectrometer - metal analyzer uses spark excitation in an argon atmosphere to provide grade identification, PMI - positive material identification and full quantitative analysis of all types of metals. A clean, flat sample surface is required for measurement and recalibration is required.
The MetalScan M3060 spectrometer - metal analyzer has both types of excitation included so that it can operate simply in a semi quantitative analytical mode without argon or the need for sample preparation or alternatively in a full quantitative mode with argon gas and some preparation.
Aspect SPC (Scientific Production Centre "Aspect").
Aspect (Dubna, Russia) is a manufacturer of the professional radiation measurement and control equipment, nuclear radiation spectroscopy equipment, and spectrometer systems. The Scientific Production Centre "Aspect" was established on the basis of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna in 1991. Scientific Production Centre "Aspect" develops and manufactures multichannel pulse-height analyzers, fixed and portable nuclear radiation spectrometers, portal radiation monitors, various radiation control equipment, and radiometric equipment.
Product lines: radiation monitors, integrated radiation control equipment (dosimeters, portable and fixed radiation monitoring devices and systems), nuclear radiation spectrometers (portable and fixed alpha spectrometers, beta spectrometers, gamma spectrometers), nuclear radiation detection units and devices, multichannel pulse height analysers, spectrometric units and devices, inventory devices, shielding screens, software.
The radiation monitors product line includes the automated radiation monitoring system for stationary radiation control at various radiation-hazardous facilities and radiation monitoring of the environment.
Associated Design and Manufacturing Company.
Associated Design and Manufacturing Company is a manufacturer of hazardous waste sampling equiment and environmental testing equiment for the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) test method. Associated Design and Manufacturing Company manufactures zero headspace extractors, rotary agitators, hazardous waste filtration units, TCLP glass bottles, Tedlar sample bags, gas tight syringes, sludge sampler, soil sampler, AVOCS water sampler. Features products: ZHE (zero headspace extractor), 2.2 liter hazardous waste filtration units and large capacity rotary agitators (4-48 place rotary extractor). The Model 3745-ZHE Zero Headspace Extractor is an extractor vessel used for separating solid samples and their volatile extracts during the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) U.S. EPA Method 1311 and the Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure (SPLP) US EPA Method 1312. The 3745-ZHE permits the sealed extraction and pressure filtration of volatile pollutants without losses due to evaporation. The Associated Design Rotary Agitators (Rotary Extractors) are sample agitation devices developed for the use during the Extraction Procedure, toxicity (Ep-tox) US EPA Method 1310, Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) US EPA Method 1311 and the Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure (SPL) USEPA Method 1312. Special Rotary Applications may be custom designed to customer specifications and requirements.
Astell Scientific.
Astell Scientific is a UK manufacturer of industrial and laboratory sterilising equipment (sterilization equipment): autoclaves and sterilizers. Astell Scientific manufactures autoclaves from 30 to 1000 litres. Astell Scientific manufactures laboratory autoclaves for food testing laboratories, microbiology laboratories, bench-top instrument sterilizers for medical research labs, hospital laboratories, veterinary labs.
Astell Scientific also manufactures laboratory dryers and tobacco oven for moisture testing. The tobacco oven provides a continuous flow of pre-heated air which passes over tared sample pans for drying purposes. Laboratory dryer for containers, glassware and plasticware provides a rapid flow of warm air through each drying tube (dries glass or plastic quickly without harm).
Astoria-Pacific International.
Astoria-Pacific International is a manufacturer of continuous flow analyzers using segmented flow technology (segmented flow analyzers, micro-SFA systems). Astoria-Pacific manufactures fully automated, modulal and integrated micro-flow SFA analyzers and a line of additional modular components. Automated wet-chemistry system consists of a sampler, pump (micro-pump), cartridge, detector (dual beam photometer, variable wavelength UV/Visible detector, fluorometer, flame photometer), and software. Sample and reagent volumes are reduced to microliter quantities resulting in lower operating cost per sample and less hazardous waste. Astoria-Pacific manufactures six (6) channel micro-segmented flow analyzer (micro-SFA system) for the automation of ion analysis in a wide range of applications (environmental analysis, seawater testing, drinking water testing, food analysis, beer quality testing, vitamin analysis). Astoria-Pacific manufactures fully automated discrete micro-SFA analyzer for water, soil and wine analysis, features four (4) active colorimetric detectors - multiple analyses can be run from a single sample with no physical changes to the system. The discrete micro-SFA analyzer makes quick work of many common tests like ammonia, cyanide, nitrate (by Cadmium reduction), nitrite, phenol, OP, TKN, and total phosphorus.
Astoria-Pacific manufactures Spotcheck System for simple blod spot testing - the SPOTCHECK Neonatal Screening Analyzer automates newborn screening tests for such diseases as: Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Total Galactose and G6PD. Many of the tests, such as Biotinidase and Uridyltransferase, can be assayed from a single extracted blood spot sample. Patient samples can be quantitatively assayed and results reported within the same day - no overnight incubation is needed. The SPOTCHECK diagnostic reagent kits are manufactured under the strictest standards specifically for the SPOTCHECK system. Designed for use with proven technologies, the SPOTCHECK reagent kits provide reliable, low cost testing day after day.
Atago Co. Ltd.
ATAGO is a manufacturer of refractometers and polarimeters (Brix meters, saccharimeters). ATAGO manufactures a line of portable refractometers: digital hand-held pocket-size refractometers - saccharimeters (sugar content meters), digital hand-held pen-size refractometers, clinical refractometers, and a family of portable wine refractometers. ATAGO manufactures Abbe refractometer, multi-wavelength Abbe refractometer, digital refractometers, automated digital refractometers, automated polarimeters - saccharimeters. ATAGO manufactures process in-line refractometers (sugar content meters, online Brix monitors). ATAGO also manufactures portable digital pH meter, portable digital conductivity meter, portable digital salt-meter.
ATAS GL International B.V. has changed its name to GL Sciences B.V.
ATAS GL is a manufacturer of automated sample inlet systems for gas chromatography and GC/MS (automated equipment for sample concentration and introduction into GC or GC/MS system). Founded in 1990, ATAS GL specializes in development and manufacturing of the retrofittable accessories for GC and GC-MS systems. In 2001 ATAS GL has merged with the Japanese GL Sciences Inc. ATAS GL manufactures automated devices and robotic systems for chromatography automation from sampling to injection. ATAS GL also manufactures equipment for HPLC (capillary and microflow LC instrumentation)- micro UV-Visible HPLC detector with fiber optic micro-flow cell, HPLC pump (precision isocratic and gradient micro-flow solvent delivery system) designed for micro HPLC, capillary LC, nanoscale high-performance liquid chromatography, and electrochemical detector for HPLC.
ATAS GL manufactures automated sample introduction systems for hot split/splitless, cold split/splitless and on-column injections, rapid large volume sample injection (large volume introduction or LVI) without sample discrimination, direct sample introduction in microvial for difficult matrix analysis (difficult matrix introduction or DMI), cryogenic sample enrichment, high temperature injection, thermal desorption and pyrolysis, compatible with most popular makes and models of GC and GC-MS. ATAS GL manufactures robotic sample processor for the automatic preparation, extraction and injection of samples for GC analysis. Robotic device provides automatic liquid-liquid extraction, solid phase microextraction (SPME), on-line sample derivatisation, large and standard auto injection volumes, static headspace analysis. Robotic sample processor is programmable for different sampling protocols and compatible with most GC and GC/MS systems. Automated thermal desorption interface or direct thermal desorption (DTD) interface for GC and GC-MS uses the liner of the GC injection interface as a sample container. Thermodesorber provides fully automation analysis - putting the liner in injector is automated, and the analytes of interest are thermally desorbed from the liner onto the capillary GC column, after analyses of the sample and cooling down of the GC oven, the DTD interface opens and the liner is automatically replaced by a robotic system; the next sample can be subjected to DTD-GC-MS analyses. ATAS GL manufactures cryotrap features low consumption of liquid nitrogen. Cryotrap is easy to install on any type of GC or GC-MS system.
ATAS GL manufactures fully automated fraction collector for preparative gas chromatography. Preparative GC fraction collector is compatible with capillary and packed GC columns, and compatible with any GC instruments.
Atlas Material Testing Technology.
Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC (formerly Atlas Electric Devices Company) is a manufacturer of environmental testing equipment (climatic testing equipment, corrosion testing equipment, laboratory weathering testing equipment), solar simulation testing systems, textile testing equipment (lightfastness testing instruments, colorfastness testing instruments, dyeing testing instruments), flammability testing equipment (flame chambers, flammability testers). The company offers a wide range of instruments and systems that simulate the environmental parameters of sunlight, temperature and moisture in the form of rain, dew and humidity. Atlas Material Testing Technology manufactures climatic chambers (environmental testing chambers), temperature chambers (temperature testing chambers), temperature and humidity chambers (temperature and humidity testing chambers). Atlas Material Testing Technology manufactures salt fog testing chambers, salt spray testing chambers, humidity testing chambers, cyclic corrosion cabinets (cyclic corrosion testing chambers). 
Atlas Material Testing Technology manufactures fading testing equipment, staining testing equipment, pilling testing equipment, tearing testing equipment, abrasion testing equipment, streaking testing equipment, snagging testing equipment, laundering testing equipment for the textile industry. 
Atlas Material Testing Technology manufactures a full range of flammability testing equipment (flame chambers for the flammability testing of automotive interior materials, building materials, construction materials, plastic materials, textile materials, clothes).
Atmos-Tech Industries.
Atmos-Tech Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of cleanrooms (including softwall cleanrooms) and cleanroom equipment (air showers, fan filter units, pass-thrus, clean work stations, laminar flow workstations, HEPA filters, ULPA filters). Atmos-Tech Industries manufactures and supplies cleanrooms in the Class 10 to Class 100,000 categories, in sizes up to 10,000 square feet, and meeting criteria of ISO 14644-1. The Atmos Tech equipment is designed so that the HEPA filters impart a unidirectional flow pattern to the air and it moves at a uniform velocity through the critical work area, so designed so that the air moves at a velocity of 90 (± 20) feet per minute. The maximum particle count will meet and exceed class 100 as defined.
ATS RheoSystems.
ATS RheoSystems is a supplier of rheology and viscometry instrumentation, material characterization equipment (manufacturer of viscometers and rheometers - REOLOGICA Instruments AB). ATS RheoSystems supplies instruments for the low and high pressure rheology measurements, viscosity measurements, materials texture characterization, dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA): research gade rheometers, capillary rheometers, high performance rotational viscometers, dynamic shear rheometers (DSR) for asphalt testing according to AASHTO T315-05. ATS RheoSystems also provides third party technical service and support, applications training, test method development, contract testing, and rheology consulting services. ATS RheoSystems offers the research grade asphalt dynamic shear rheometer (DSR) designed application specific for quality control of asphalt. ATS RheoSystems supplies the DYNALYSER Complete Rheological Characterization System. Accessories for rheometers and viscometers.
ATTO Corporation.
ATTO Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) is a manufacturer of laboratory instrumentation for biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, proteomic research, genomic research. ATTO Corporation manufactures electrophoresis and blotting instruments, apparatus for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, agarose gel electrophoresis, 2-dimensional electrophoresis, preparative electrophoresis system, precast gels and reagents for electrophoresis, gel documentation systems, image analysis software for electrophoretic patterns, imaging systems (cooled CCD systems to capture fluorescence, chemiluminescence, bioluminescence images), column liquid chromatography equipment, luminescence and fluorescence spectrometer, luminometers, microplate luminometer, peristalic pumps.
Aurora Instruments Ltd.
Aurora Instruments Ltd (Canada) is a manufacturer of analytical instruments (atomic absorption spectrometers, atomic fluorescence spectrometers, UV/VIS spectrometers) and laboratory equipment (automated liquid handling equipment, sample preparation workstations, lab robotics, microwave digestion systems, water purification systems). Aurora Instruments manufactures optical spectroscopy instrumentation: flame furnace atomic absorption spectrometer, automated flame / graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer (FF/GF AAS system features automatic switch between flame and GF atomizer), atomic fluorescence spectrometer for trace mercury analysis (AFS mercury analyzer system), visible and UV-visible spectrometers (UV/Vis spectrophotometers). The company manufactures atomic fluorescence spectrometer system for sub trace analysis of hydride-forming elements: Antimony (Sb), Arsenicum (As), Bismuth (Bi), Cadmium (Cd), Germanium (Ge), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Selenium (Se), Tellurium (Te), Tin (Sn), Zinc (Zn).
Aurora Instruments is a manufacturer of equipment for laboratory automation - automated liquid handling systems, lab robotic systems for sample preparation, genomic, proteomic, drug discovery applications. Aurora Instruments manufactures automated liquid handling workstation for liquid-liquid extraction of sample (automated liquid-liquid extraction system, lab robotic system for liquid-liquid extraction), PCR workstation, nucleic acid preparation workstation (automated nucleic acid extraction system). Aurora Instruments Ltd manufactures microwave sample preparation equipment for elemental analysis - microwave digestion systems for trace metal analysis. The company also manufactures a line of laboratory water purification systems.
Australian Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd.
Australian Scientific Instruments (ASI) is a manufacturer of mass spectrometry instruments for geochemistry (high resolution secondary ion mass spectrometer for elemental analysis, stable isotope analysis of solid samples, automated MS system for uranium-helium thermochronology studies), and mechanical testing equipment for geophysics and geomechanics (high temperature, high pressure test machine for rock deformation studies). Australian Scientific Instruments manufactures high performance, high resolution SIMS instrument for geology, geochemistry, mineralogy - double-focussing secondary ion mass spectrometer for elemental analysis, isotopic analysis of geological samples, solid targets (high resolution secondary ion mass-spectrometer for microanalysis of geological samples, high resolution ion microprobe). Australian Scientific Instruments manufactures automated uranium-helium thermochronology instrument - turnkey mass-spectrometry system designed for the extraction and measurement of gases from mineral samples. Australian Scientific Instruments manufactures a high pressure, high temperature apparatus for mechanical testing of rock samples at confining pressures up to 500 MPa, and temperatures up to 1600 K (a high temperature, high pressure rock testing machine - equipment for rock deformation studies under conditions of extreme pressure and temperature).
Autoclave Engineers.
Autoclave Engineers is a manufacturer of high pressure, high temperature laboratory reactors and reaction systems, precision fluid components (high pressure valves, high pressure fittings), vessels, high pressure liquid pumps. Autoclave Engineers manufactures laboratory reaction systems, high temperature, bolted closure laboratory reactors, catalytic reactors, stirred reactors, pressure vessels, magnetically coupled mixers, high pressure liquid pumps, high pressure valves, fittings, tubing, process instrumentation (reactor controllers). Autoclave Engineers offers the high pressure, bolted closure laboratory reactors permit research to be conducted at extremely high temperatures and pressures. Autoclave Engineers has designed this line of reactors and specified the valves, fittings and tubing to be capable of 345 bar at up to 510°C. Autoclave Engineers manufactures a complete laboratory reactor system for vapor phase catalyst evaluation and continuous flow process analysis. Autoclave Engineers offers fixed bed and stirred reaction systems for combinatorial catalyst screening and evaluation for the Fischer-Tropsch process, petrochemical, hydrocarbon chemical reactions. Also spare parts and special reactor options.
Autoscribe Ltd.
Autoscribe Ltd is a UK based company dedicated to the development and marketing of laboratory information management systems (LIMS). Autoscribe Ltd also offers a complimentary software for scientific laboratory applications (scientific software).
Awareness Technology, Inc.
Awareness Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of clinical laboratory instrumentation for smaller sized labs. Awareness Technology, Inc designs and manufactures automated laboratory instruments including chemistry analyzers, microplate readers, microplate washers, and related laboratory equipment for clinical diagnostics (EIA and general blood chemistries). Awareness Technology is a manufacturer and supplier of microplate reader, microstrip reader (microstrip luminometer), chemistry analyzers, automated chemistry analyzer, manual microwell washer, microplate washer, incubator-shaker, check strips tester, photometer quality check set, heat block accessory for chemistry analyzer, reagent cooling accessory.
Featured product: the ChemWell automated chemistry analyzer. The ChemWell is a fully automated (up to 200 tests per hour) biochemistry analyzer capable of running both EIA and general chemistries in standard microwells. ChemWell is a completely open system that is easy to program. The automated chemistry analyzer can make pre-dilutions, however, this is often not necessary since a high level of precision is achieved even with a 2 mkL sample. ChemWell uses standard, off-the-shelf microwells for all reactions. Uncoated microwells make low volume sample cups for biochemistry. They can also be washed for re-use.
Axiom Analytical, Inc.
Axiom Analytical is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of sample interfacing equipment for laboratory mid-IR spectrometers, near-IR spectrometers, (NIR spectrometers), UV-Visible spectrometers, FTIR spectrometers, Raman spectrometers, and process spectroscopic analyzers. Axiom Analytical, Inc. is a manufacturer of robust sampling equipment (probes, flow cells, multiplexed sampling systems) for at-line, in-line, on-line analysis of gases, liquids, slurries, powders. Axiom Analytical manufactures a full line of sampling accessories and custom sampling systems, including: ATR probes, ATR cells for liquid analysis and solids analysis, diffuse reflectance probes for remote sampling, immersion probes, non-contact probes, process transmission probes, liquid transmission cells, fiber optic coupled liquid flow cells, Raman probes. Axiom Analytical manufactures transmission gas cells, multipass gas cells, process gas cells, high pressure short path transmission gas cells, corrosion resistant gas cells for in-line, on-line gas analysis. Axiom Analytical offers a broad line of fiber-optic coupled sampling equipment for use with all near infrared spectrometers (NIR analyzers) and UV-Visible spectrometers. Axiom Analytical offers a complete line of NIR and UV-visible liquid sampling accessories, sampling systems for bulk solids, powders, thin films analysis. Axiom Analytical manufactures sampling equipment for the analysis of hot polymer melts. The company also offers software platform for instrument control, data analysis and networking.
AXIS Analytical.
AXIS Analytical is a manufacturer of material testing equipment - general purpose materials testing machines (tensile / compression material testing machines), creep stand retrofit systems, controllers. AXIS Analytical manufactures instruments for both compression and tension material tests (universal material testers).
AxyGen Scientific, Inc.
AxyGen Scientific, Inc. is a manufacturer and global supplier of laboratory consumables, laboratory plastics. AxyGen Scientific manufactures pipette tips, filter barrier tips, silicone impregnated tips, microcentrifuge tubes, screw cap cryovials, microtubes, microtube racks, PCR tubes, PCR strip tubes, caps. Рroducts certified as the DNase and RNase free. PCR tubes also certified as pyrogen free. AxyGen Scientific manufactures 16-channel pipetttor for 384-well formats.
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