Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Classified catalogue of the manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (spectroscopy instruments, chromatography instruments, gas analysis, elemental analysis, thermal analysis instruments, food analysis instruments, pharmaceutical analysis, water analysis instruments, process analytical instruments, materials testing equipment, petroleum testing instruments), laboratory equipment (sample preparation equipment). Систематический каталог производителей и поставщиков аналитического оборудования (приборы для спектроскопии, хроматографии, анализа газов, элементного анализа, термоанализа, анализа пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализа воды, поточного химического анализа, испытания материалов, контроля нефтепродуктов), лабораторного оборудования (пробоподготовка).
Current edition (since March 13, 1998)- Текущая редакция  (с 13 марта 1998).
Alphabetical catalogue of companies: Алфавитный каталог компаний:
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C - index of alphabetical catalogue in English language. C - индекс алфавитного каталога на русском языке.
California Analytical Instruments Inc.
California Analytical Instruments (CAI) is a manufacturer of gas analysis instrumentation (gas analyzers) for the measurement of CO, CO2, NO, NOx, O2, SO2, CH4 (methane), THC (total hydrocarbons), TNMOC (total non-methane organic carbon) in air, automotive emissions measurement, heavy duty diesel systems exhaust measurement, evaporative emissions measutement, boilers optimization. California Analytical Instruments manufactures infrared gas analyzers, chemiluminescence gas analyzers, UV fluorescence gas analyzers, oxygen analyzers, flame ionization hydrocarbons-in-air analyzers, FTIR spectrometers for gas analysis (FTIR spectrometer analyzer systems), photoacoustic IR gas analyzers, integrated gas analysis systems, automotive engine emissions analyzers,  heavy duty diesel engines exhaust measurement systems, CEMS. California Analytical Instruments manufactures a complete line of ambient monitoring and sensing equipment. The products range from FTIR and NDIR to automatic stream selectors to allow complete analysis of indoor air quality, and hazardous compound measurement. A complete product line of gas phase analyzers including photo acoustic IR and FTIR for the measurement of over 500 gases from PPb to percent levels. California Analytical Instruments also supplies peripheral equipment for gas analyzers, gas measurement systems: multipoint samplers, heated sample diluter, dilute constant volume sampling systems, gas divider, gas sampling pump, zero air generator.
Caliper Life Sciences.
Caliper Life Sciences is a manufacturer of laboratory automation equipment and robotics, workstation-based lab automation products for use in the research, life science, pharmaceutical and analytical laboratory environment. Caliper Life Sciences is one of the world leaders in the design, development, and manufacture of laboratory automation equipment, used primarily in the drug discovery process. 
Caliper Life Sciences manufactures: Screening Systems, BenchMate Workstation, Tablet Dissolution Workstations, Microplate Barcode Labeling Workstation, Liquid Handling Workstation, Microplate Sealing Workstation, Microplate Pipetting Workstation, SPE Workstation, Tablet Processing Workstation, Evaporation Workstations, Universal Microplate Handler.
Cal-Sensors Inc.
Cal-Sensorsn is a manufacturer and distributor of stock and customized infrared detectors, infrarerd sources (IR emitters) and accessories for the infrared (IR) spectroscopy. Detectors and multi-color devices / arrays include lead sulfide, lead selenide and thermopiles in standard or custom packages which can include thermoelectric coolers, spectral filters and preamps. Miniature IR sources include pulsable emitters which are offered with parabolic mirrors and a variety of IR window materials.
CAMAG AG (Switzerland) is a manufacturer of equipment for Planar Chromatography (instrumental TLC and HPTLC). The range of equipment covers instruments for sample application, TLC plate development and densitometry. The CAMAG TLC Scanner 3 (classical densitometer) is the most versatile densitometer for qualitative or quantitative TLC evaluation. The CATS software for the Scanner 3 allows detection with single-, dual-, and multi wavelength as well as automatic spectra recording in the range of 190 to 800 nm. The VideoStore system uses video technology to acquire an TLC image via an 3-CCD video camera. VideoScan transfers the image pixels into a densitogram for qualitative or quantitative TLC evaluation.
CAMAG supplies also ancillary equipment for TLC, like the TLC Plate Heater III, the TLC reagent Sprayer, Immersion device for TLC derivatization and offers also application support, CBS (bibliography service), Instrument IQ-OQ (PQ) certification.
Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc.
Cambridge Isotope Laboratories is a manufacturer of stable isotope labeled compounds, including NMR solvents, specialty gases, amino acids, cell growth media, drugs, metabolites, fatty acids and lipids, nucleosides, steroids, sugars, forensics standards, Bio-Express cell growth media, and environmental contaminant standards such as dioxins, furans, PCB, pesticides and PAH.
Cambridge Viscosity, Inc.
Cambridge Viscosity, Inc. (formerly Cambridge Applied Systems) is a manufacturer of viscometers (lab, portable viscometers) and viscosity control systems (process in-line, on-line viscometer systems). Viscometers: Laboratory, In-Tank and In-Line. A complete viscosity management systems for process applications, laboratory applications, marine and power applications. Process Viscosity Line: In-Line Viscometer, Quick Disconnect Viscometer, Big Dipper Tank Viscometer, Self-Cleaning Tank Viscometer, Little Dipper Reaction Vessel and Portable Immersion Viscometer, Flow through Viscometer, Flanged Viscometer, High Pressure Viscometer, Miniature 1/2” NPT Viscometer, On-Engine and On-Compressor Viscometer. Portable laboratory and process viscometer- the Little Dipper Portable Viscometer. It comes with a read out for viscosity and temperature, 4-20mA output and a single measuring range.
Cambridge Viscosity is a manufacturer of reliable and accurate Fuel Oil Viscosity Control Systems for both the Marine and Power Industries. Viscometers: In Line Viscometer with Tees, Quick Disconnect Viscometer, Heavy Fuel Oil Flanged Viscometer, Ship Board Lube and Hydraulic Viscometers, ViscoLab3000 Laboratory Viscometer and Little Dipper Portable Viscometer.
CAMECA (France) is a manufacturer of surface microanalysis and elemental mapping instruments for research, materials science, geology, geosciences, semiconductors, and metrology equipment for semiconductor industry. CAMECA is a business unit of the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division. CAMECA manufactures low energy X-ray emission spectrometry systems, SIMS microprobe analyzers, secondary ion mass spectrometry systems for semiconductors materials science and geosciences, EPMA, electron probe microanalysis systems for materials science and geosciences, laser assisted tomographic atom probe microanalysis and imaging systems for materials and semiconductors. The CAMECA instruments provide elemental and isotopic composition data from micron down to sub-nanometer scale. The company manufactures a broad range of secondary ion mass spectrometers for surface microanalysis: universal magnetic sector SIMS system for materials and semiconductors, magnetic sector SIMS system for advanced semiconductors, magnetic sector SIMS system for geoscience laboratories, ultra high sensitivity magnetic sector SIMS system for geoscience labs, high performance SIMS system for isotopic and trace element analysis at high spatial resolution, universal quadrupole SIMS system for semiconductors and materials, shielded magnetic sector SIMS system for radioactive samples (on request). CAMECA manufactures laser assisted tomographic atom probe microanalysis and imaging system providing quantitative atomic scale 3D elemental mapping of chemical heterogeneities in materials. Laser assisted tomographic atom probe microanalysis and imaging system features atomic scale depth resolution in semiconductors, excellent mass resolution even on low thermal conductivity materials, large area of analysis (up to 100 nm in diameter) for a better statistics on composition measurements, flexible and fast dedicated FIM (field ion microscopy) detector for metallurgical applications. CAMECA manufactures electron probe microanalysis system (EPMA system) for materials science and geosciences. Electron probe microanalysis system featured fully integrated optical microscope, up to 5 wavelength dispersive spectrometers (WDXRF spectrometers), + energy dispersive spectrometer (EDXRF spectrometer), high voltage electron gun operates at up to 40 kV for elements with high atomic number, trace element measurements and high speed X-ray mapping. Also manufactures shielded electron probe microanalysis system for radioactive samples. Electron probe microanalyzer system are equipped with a complete kit of built-in microscopy tools that allow simultaneous X-ray (WDXRF and EDXRF), SEM and BSE imaging. CAMECA manufatures process control systems for the semiconductor manufacturing industry (metrology tools): in-line low energy X-ray emission spectrometer system, near-line full wafer magnetic sector SIMS analyzer, automated, full wafer quadrupole SIMS analyzer.
Camlab Limited
Camlab Limited is a distributor and manufacturer of quality lab plastics. Camlab Limited is a manufacturer of tubes, tubes racks and storage boxes, bottles, cryo-ware. Manufactures a range of cryo vials and racks. Camlab Limited offers contract manufacturing and OEM manufacturing of plastic labware. Camlab Limited also is a supplier of laboratory equipment, lab furniture, chemicals and consumables, water testing equipment and reagents for water analysis. The Camlab Water range of water testing instruments and reagents and Camlab's own range of laboratory chemicals.
Camo ASA.
Camo ASA supplies solutions for efficient R&D, including chemometrics software, training, and consulting services. The UNSCRAMBLER- software for chemometrics, multivariate data analysis, calibration, classification, identification, prediction, experimental design and optimization. The UNSCRAMBLER On-line Predictor for on-line prediction as DDE or DLL applications, using multivariate calibration models. GUIDELINE software for efficient food product development, including an interactive implementation of development strategies.
Cannon Instrument Company.
Cannon Instrument Company specializes in kinematic viscosity, manufactures viscosity testing equipment. Provides a variety of services, many of which are registered under ISO 9002. Cannon Instrument Company is a manufacturer of glass capillary viscometers, automated viscosity testing equipment, constant temperature baths, and oil standards. 
Viscosity testing products and supplies: Manual and automatic instrumentation, a variety of temperature baths for both high and low temperature ranges, glass viscometers, viscosity standards and related software. Bending Beam Rheometers and  Thermoelectric Bending Beam Rheometer, Automatic Viscometer and Automatic Capillary Viscometer, Cold-Cranking Simulator, Semi-Automatic and Automatic Cold-Cranking Simulators, Mini-Rotary Viscometers, Constant Temperature Baths and Thermoelectric Constant Temperature Baths, High-Temperature High-Shear Viscometer.
The Bending-Beam Rheometer is used to measure the rheological properties (stiffness modulus and log slope of the creep curve) of asphalt cement. The Bending-Beam Rheometer meets complete SHRP (Strategic Highway Research Program) specifications for low-temperature asphalt binder tests.
Capital HPLC Limited.
Capital HPLC Limited (Scotland, UK) is a supplier and manufacturer  of HPLC columns and accessories for high performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis. HPLC and CE products: UCC System - The UCC (Universal Cartridge Column) represents a unique design of cartridge system which includes a comprehensive range of accessories and is exceptionally user friendly. Speciality Phases - Inertpak and Inertsil ODS-3, highly purified and uniquely bonded silicas with enhanced chemical stability and a high degree of inertness towards basic compounds resulting in improved peak shape. Narrow Bore Columns- High performance narrow bore LC columns with internal diameters ranging from 0.3mm to 2.1mm. Packed Capillaries - Packed fused silica capillaries with a unique integral flow cell for use in pressure driven or electrically driven LC (electrochromatography). Cap-Sep Series - Solid phase extraction system. The company also stocks a large range of LC columns for chiral applications and a full range of LC accessories such as PEEK fittings, solvent savers, data acquisition systems.
Capitol Vacuum Parts.
Capitol Vacuum Parts is the vacuum pump maintenance and repair company. The comprehensive parts and services catalog covering pumps manufactured by: Alcatel, Balcerz, Edwards, Leybold, Sargent Welch, Varian, Precision, Shimadzu, Seico Seiki, Kinney, Stokes, CTI. Spare Parts and Rebuild Kits for mechanical vacuum pumps - a line of spare parts and rebuild kits to service vacuum pumps manufactured by: Leybold, Alcatel, Edwards, Precision Scientific, Welch. Turbomolecular pump and power supply reconditioning - rebuild turbomolecular pumps and power supplies. Remanufactured vacuum equipment.
Carbolite is the UK's largest manufacturer of laboratory ovens and furnaces, producing a wide range of models for research and production with maximum operating temperatures up to 2000°C. In addition to a wide range of standard ovens, incubators and furnaces, Carbolite has the capability and flexibility to design and manufacture custom built units. Product lines:
Standard Products- General Purpose Ovens and Incubators, Economy Chamber Furnaces to 1100°C, General Purpose Chamber Furnaces to 1300°C, High Temperature Chamber Furnaces (1400°C - 2050°C), Ashing & Burn Off Furnaces, Tube Furnaces. 
Specialist Products- Asphalt Binder Analyser, Coal and Coke Furnaces, Rotary Reactor Furnaces.
Asphalt Binder Analyser- The ABA furnace was introduced to replace the traditional solvent method of determining the asphalt binder content of hot mix asphalt / bituminous mixtures. The ABA combines a sophisticated furnace and weighing system to continuously measure the weight loss of a bituminous mixture during combustion and automatically calculates the binder content at the end of each test.
Coal & Coke Furnaces- The Carbolite range of furnaces and ovens for coal and coke testing and iron ore evaluation have become established as the standard equipment used in coal laboratories, power plants and steelworks throughout the world. Laboratory furnaces include ashing furnaces, volatile matter furnaces, minimum free space ovens, swelling number index furnace, the coal ash fusibility furnace, sulphur and chlorine content furnace, carbon and hydrogen content test furnaces. Pilot plant equipment includes moving wall coking test ovens, coking test ovens, sole heated ovens, vertically split coking ovens, iron ore testing furnace and coke reactivity test equipment.
Rotary Reactor Furnaces- This furnace (HTR) is designed for laboratory scale calcination and the production of high temperature reactions in a wide range of materials.  This unit combines all the advantages of the fluidised bed furnace and the rotary kiln by providing both a controlled atmosphere and at the same time agitation of powdered solids. 
CarboTrade Worldwide Inc.
CarboTrade Worldwide is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial on-site gas generation systems - gas plants (range from a few litres/minute to thousands of m3/hr): nitrogen industrial gas generators, oxygen industrial gas generators, and hydrogen industrial gas generators. CarboTrade is the manufacturer of PSA and Membrane gas plants (industrial gas generators) in Europe, USA and India. It is the exclusive distributor of PSA plants made by Ruetgers CarboTech Engineering in Essen Germany. Also provides after-sales services and maintenance. CarboTrade manufactures PSA systems since 1982. 
CarboTrade Worldwide is affiliated with Ruetgers-CarboTech Engineering of Essen, Germany, the developer and licensor of PSA technology (Pressure Swing Adsorption technology) for on-site generation of nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen. Ruetgers CarboTech is also the worldwide producer of Carbon Molecular Sieve and Activated Carbon for these PSA plants. Over 12000 PSA units are installed, either manufactured by CarboTrade Ruetgers. CarboTech in its ISO 9001 shop or by its licensees. These include major world-known industrial oil and gas companies and International Engineering houses.
Carl Zeiss AG.
Carl Zeiss is a manufacturer of analytical and scientific equipment: optical microscopes, fluorescence microscopy systems, microimaging systems for biology and medical sciences, materials analysis, scanning electron microscopes, transmission electron microscopes, optical and electro-optical components (gratings, spectral sensors, spectrometer components), spectrometer systems, dedicated analytical solutions (process analyzers, concentration measurement systems). Carl Zeiss manufactures lab and process spectrometer systems (UV-VIS-NIR range)- at-line, in-line, on-line analyzer systems for the measurement of color, concentration and layer thickness. Carl Zeiss manufactures fiber optic process spectrometer - analyzer system for process measurement and control.
CARON is a manufacturer of chillers, enviromental chambers, incubators, baths-circulators and custom designed OEM constant temperature equipment. Personalized service for your thermal process control requirements, including manufacturing and technical support. 
Product lines: Environmental Test Chambers, Chillers, High Performance Chillers, Baths/Circulators, Refrigerated and Diurnal Incubators.
Chillers- Standard, OEM and custom designed chillers for critical process applications feature precise temperature control and temperature ranges from -30C to 150C. Air or water cooled condenser options are available.
Environmental Test Chambers- Standard 0C to 60C temperature range environmental test chambers offer optional humidity control and lighting for package testing, product shelf life testing, stability testing, TAPPI testing, plant growth and insect rearing.
Baths/Circulators- In addition to standard product lines with precise temperature control for ranges from -30C to 200C, CARON specializes in OEM refrigerated and heated circulating baths. Custom configurations are also available.
CARON's heavy duty, large capacity, and full temperature range refrigerated and diurnal incubators are designed for more demanding applications than the typical economy models offered by others. These units include refrigeration to 5°C and heating to 60°C.
Carver, Inc.
Carver, Inc is a manufacturer of laboratory presses, molding machines and accessories. Carver, Inc manufactures special presses dedicated to specific applications include ASTM test plaque or bar molding, specimen preparation, pellet making (sample pelletizing, producing KBr pellets for infrared spectroscopy, KBr specimens for x-ray spectroscopy). One of the presses, the auto pellet, is used exclusively for making IR and XRF (roentgen) spectroscopy pellets.
CCS Services SA.
Swiss company CCS Services SA has found its representation office in Moscow in 1992. As from 1993 Moscow office has received a legal status of Russian entity - ZAO CCS Services. The company has been within the first wave of professional companies entered Russian market of scientific equipment in the beginning of 90s. ZAO CCS Services is a supplier of analytical instruments and laboratory equipment for elemental analysis, metal analyzers and alloy sorters, vacuum equipment and helium leak detectors. ZAO CCS Services also provides associated technical service.
ZAO CCS Services exclusively represents in Russia and others former USSR countries: Arun Technology (mobile and desktop spark and ark/spark OES spectrometers - metal analyzers and alloy sorters), Milestone Srl (microwave sample preparation systems: microwave digestion closed vessels systems, microwave extraction closed vessel systems, microwave ashing and sulfate ashing systems, microwave sub-boiling distillation systems for acids purification, and microwave equipment for acid's vapor cleaning of laboratory glass, labware, ceramic instrument parts and accessories), Niton Analyzers (hand held, portable XRF spectrometers - metal analyzers, PMI instruments, precious metals analyser, laboratory XRF spectrometers), Varian Vacuum Products (vacuum pumps: turbomolecular oil free vacuum pumps, diffusion vacuum pumps, ion vacuum pumps, mechanical forevacuum pumps, dry mechanical vacuum pumps; vacuum measurement and control equipment: vacuum gauges and controllers; vacuum accessories, fittings and valves; helium MS leak detectors).
Authorized distributor of: CETAC Technologies (mercury analyzers, sample introduction systems for ICP-OES and ICP-MS systems: CE-ICP interface, ultrasonic nebulizers, laser ablation systems for ICP spectroscopy), Ebara Corporation (semiconductor technology equipment, vacuum pumps and systems), Photron (hollow cathode lamps for atomic absorption spectrometers, graphite parts for electrothermal atomization / atomic absorption spectroscopy instruments), ThermoHaake and ThermoNeslab (laboratory equipment for temperature control: circulator water baths, refrigerated circulators, heating circulators, shaking water baths, immersion coolers, chillers and water-to-water heat exchangers). Supplies atomic absorption spectrometers, ICP-OES and ICP-MS systems, UV-Visible spectrophotometers, fluorescence spectrometers, GC instruments and GC-MS systems, analytical HPLC instruments and preparative HPLC systems, LC-MS systems, chromatography columns and consumables, lab equipment for sample preparation, solid phase extraction.
C/D/N Isotopes is a manufacturer of deuterated compounds and other stable isotope labelled compounds. C/D/N Isotopes Products: deuterium labelled alkanes, amino acids, environmental standards, fatty acids, gases, medical research products, nucleic acid bases and nucleosides, pesticides, pollutants, PAH, spin labels and steroids. C/D/N Isotopes also provide Carbon-13 and Nitrogen-15 labelled compounds for your specialized needs.
CDS Analytical Inc.
CDS Analytical, Inc is a manufacturer of analytical instruments for the analysis of complex samples by GC, GC/MS and FT-IR. Manufactures a broad range of sample introduction and analysis instruments. CDS has supplied instrumentation for a wide range of additional analyses, including catalyst screening, reaction optimization, organic headspace analysis and environmental testing for water and soil. Sample concentrators, dynamic headspace, pyrolysis and specialty interfacing products. Pyrolysis Equipment- the Pyroprobe line for the analysis of polymeric materials directly by GC, MS and FT-IR, by both rapid heating and programmed thermal processing, with interfacing for all major analytical instruments.
Ceast is a manufacturer of equipment and instruments for materials testing. Ceast manufactures a range of products for the materials testing industry. Ceast specialized in development and production of instruments for specimen preparation, thermal, rheological, impact, combustion and electrical testing. Ceast provides innovative solutions for quality control and research on plastic and rubber materials for laboratories and companies worldwide. Product lines: Specimen preparation devices. Mechanical and physical testing equipment. Process testing equipment. Thermal testing equipment. Electrical testing testing equipment. Various material testing equipment.
Equipment for specimen preparation: Manual hollow die punch and automatic hollow die punch. Manual and motorized cutting devices.
Cecil Instruments Limited.
Cecil Instruments Ltd. (England) is a manufacturer of UV-Visible spectrophotometers, high performance liquid chromatography and ion chromatography instrumentation. Cecil Instruments Limited manufactures a range of modular HPLC instruments and systems may be configured to suit individual laboratory requirements in isocratic, binary or ternary gradient modes. A wide range of detectors including UV/Visible, conductivity, refractive index, electrochemical, diode array and fluorescence detectors may be incorporated into systems and controlled by the PowerStream chromatography management system.
The Cecil range of UV/Visible spectrophotometers includes models designed for student teaching, routine analysis, quality control applications and research grade high performance spectrophotometers using advanced optical design and ultra sensitive photo-multiplier detectors. Instruments are available for a wide range of industry specific applications, for example, water analysis, food and beverage analysis, DNA and RNA analysis, life science and molecular biology related methods and reflectance measurements. A wide range of pharmaceutical applications including complete tablet dissolution systems using either single beam or double beam spectrophotometers and tablet dissolution baths are available.
Celsum Technologies Limited.
Celsum Technologies Limited is the scientific instrument company providing materials testing instrumentation and a range of high-quality third-party process control equipment, measurement and signal conditioning devices. Celsum Technologies Limited supply a wide range of signal conditioning and process control instrumentation. Celsum Technologies Limited is a supplier of the T2SR rheometer (Time & Temperature Scanning Rheometer), capillary extrusion rheometers, temperature controllers, process controllers, weighing controllers, strain gauge conditioning, miniature load cells and pressure transducers, sapphire window optical process probes, dataloggers and recorders, subminiature standalone datalogger, radio telemetry instruments, radio telemetry strain gauge instruments, digital timers, extrudate swell and temperature measurement equipment, precision extrusion dies, parallel and hyperbolic profile extrusion dies, CIRP infra-red pyrometer system for non-contact temperature measurement of small targets, testing equipment for the Tattersall Two Point Workability Test for fresh cement and concrete (TTPT Tattersall Two-Point Workability Tester for fresh cement, concrete and other materials). Celsum Technologies Limited design and supply extrusion dies in a range of materials for rheological testing (rheometry), laboratory extrusion, and other applications.
CEM Corporation.
CEM is a manufacturer of microwave laboratory instrumentation and supplier of microwave solutions for the analytical labs, process control and life sciences. Products: The MARS 5 Closed Vessel Sample Preparation System, SMART Trac Rapid Moisture and Fat Analyzer, MARS X Extraction Workstation, STAR Open Vessel Sample Preparation Systems, Phoenix Ashing Workstation, Crucibles and Sample Pads for moisture analysis.
For the analytical labs, CEM is the only company providing a full range of microwave sample preparation products including open (STAR series) and closed vessel (MARS series) systems for both digestion and extraction. Also CEM offers a full line of Microwave Muffle Furnaces to fit your ashing needs.
For process control, CEM recently introduced new microwave moisture/solids analyzer, the SMART System. CEM offers three innovative solutions for fat analysis. The SMART Trac System uses NMR technology to actually count fat protons, yielding accurate results for both free and chemically bound fat. The AOAC-approved FAS-9001 is a rapid fat and moisture analysis system that yields precise results for nutritional labeling and laboratory testing. The ProFat 2 is a quality/process control tool, which provides companies with a fast, accurate protein, moisture and fat analysis in any natural meat product.
CEM's latest initiative is in Life Sciences, where new Focused Microwave Technology and Discovery Series of products was introduced. This technology brings new capabilities to the fields of drug discovery/drug development. 
Prolabo products support - CEM Corporation acquired all Prolabo microwave-based product lines. Effective January 1, 2000, parts orders, operation manuals, and technical documentation will be supplied by CEM.
CEROLAN SIF (Russia) is a manufacturer of ceramic labware, laboratory and technical ceramics. Manufactures of fireproof laboratory accessories (up to 1800C)- crucibles, tubes, pipes, plates, arbors. Supply a wide range of advanced ceramic items for industry and laboratory application. Laboratory ceramics: fireproof quartz labware, pyrolytic boron nitride based labware, thermoresistant porcelain (china) labware, quartz glass tubes. Technical ceramics: Glass industry- fireproof details for glass forming machinery. Metallurgy- immersion sleeves (sockets) for steel teeming. Corrosive-, wear- and abrasive resistant corundum ceramics. Sand blasting nozzles. Wearresistant and shockresistant plates and lining. Textile industry- yarn formation details. Spray nozzles. Accessories and lining for chemical industry. Jewelry production- crucibles up to 1400 C. Custom manufactiring of consumables and construction details according to customer specification.
CETAC Technologies, Inc.
CETAC Technologies, Inc is a manufacturer of mercury analyzers and auxillary equipment for elemental analysis (sample handling and sample introduction equipment for chemical analysis). Manufactures sample introduction systems for enhancement of sensitivity or the introduction of small volume samples (ultrasonic nebulizers), automated sample handling systems for increasing productivity in the analytical laboratory (autosamplers), and analytical instrumentation for mercury analysis (mercury analysers). Product lines include:
Mercury Analyzers of CETAC (QuickTrace M-7500 and QuickTrace M-6100) complies with approved cold vapor mercury atomic absorption methods and is controlled by a Windows based graphical computer interface.
Sample Introduction Systems for ICP and ICP-MS spectrometers: The Aridus Desolvating Sample Introduction System for ICP-MS incorporates a low-flow TeflonR nebulizer with performance equivalent to or better than higher flow concentric nebulizers. The U-5000AT+ ultrasonic nebulizer offers enhanced detection limits (up to 10x and greater) for ICP-AES and ICP-MS. The U-6000AT+ ultrasonic nebulizer / membrane desolvator provides enhanced desolvation for both aqueous and organic samples- interferences are reduced for ICP-AES and ICP-MS, lowering analyte detection limits. The MCN-100 Microconcentric Nebulizer provides high nebulization efficiency and sample flow rates as low as 10 µ/min.
Laser Ablation Systems for solids analysis by ICP and ICP-MS.
The SDS-550 Sample Prep Station is an integrated, ready-to-use sample dilution system.
The CEI-100 Capillary Electrophoresis Interface for ICP-MS.
The CETAC EP-2000 Plasma Diagnostic System for semiconductor manufacturing is a self-contained instrument that utilizes CCD technology to collect full spectrum data for acquiring and processing plasma etch emission spectra.
C. Gerhardt · GmbH & Co. KG · Laboratory Instruments.
C Gerhardt Fabrik und Lager chemischer Apparate GmbH & Co is a manufacturer of distillation equipment (rapid distillation units, nitrogene determination systems), digestion equipment (digestion blocks, trace metal analysis units, crude fiber digestion units), extraction equipment (fat extraction systems, infrared heating units), and shaking laboratory equipment.
CFTI Analytic.
CFTI Analytic (St.-Petersburg, Russia) is a manufacturer of process gas analyzer systems based on time-of-flight mass-spectrometer (TOF MS systems for on-line gas analysis), mobile TOF MS systems for gas analysis, flue gas analyzers, portable gas analyzers. The company manufactures TOF MS gas analyzer systems, quadrupole mass-spectrometers for residual gas analysis (residual gas analyzers, quadrupole RGA systems), magnetic sector mass-spectrometers for gas analysis. The company manufactures TOF MS gas analyzers for metallurgical furnace control, flue gas analyzers, continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), gas sampling equipment. CFTI Analytic manufactures transportable, mobile TOF MS gas analyzer (mobile time-of-flight mass-spectrometer for gas analysis). The company manufactures portable, handheld gas analyzers. The company also manufactures vacuum components, high vacuum valves.
Charm Sciences, Inc.
Charm Sciences is a developer and manufacturer of rapid and accurate tests for residues in food including milk, meet and fish, honey, eggs, water, feed, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and grains. Rapid detection kits for antibiotics, pesticides, and aflatoxins in milk, tissue, feed, and other matrices. Aflatoxin Screening Test for Aflatoxin M1, M2, Aflatoxin B1, B2 and Aflatoxin G1, G2 - This Test can be used for screening raw, pasteurized, homogenized, skim and powdered milk for aflatoxins. Other matrices include feed, grains and nuts. Thermal end-point indicators to verify meat cooking efficiency and completeness of pasteurization in beer and dairy product. Raw milk somatic cell screen. Rapid microbial assessment on milk, juice, beer and wine. Milk Cryoscope. Rapid microbial assessment of recreational water. Microbial quality tests for process, recirculated, storage, and rinse waters. Total ATP hygiene monitoring system. Microbial water quality indicator for wet sanitation.
Chemel AB.
Chemel AB is a manufacturer of electrochemical instruments. Chemel AB specialized in development, manufacturing and sales of electrochemical analytical instrumentation (Biosensors) for laboratories, industry and hospitals.
CHEMetrics Inc.
CHEMetrics Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of water analysis instruments and water quality tests. Photometric and visual test kits are available for over 40 common analytes. Simplified testing for over 40 analytes by using self-filling reagent ampoules for photometric and visual determinations of industrial and environmental wastes (snap-and-read ampoules for the Spectronic, Hach, and LaMotte instruments, and CHEMetrics VVR and SAM instruments.
CHEMetrics, Inc offer a new portable soil analysis kit which meets the demand for on-site determination of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) across a wide range of soil types. The RemediAid kit is ideally suited for use in soil-remediation surveys, as well as testing for spillage and leakage from petroleum refineries, petroleum stations, leaking underground storage tanks (USTs), or wherever petroleum hydrocarbon contamination is an issue.
ChemImage is a manufacturer of spectrometer systems for chemical imaging (molecular spectroscopy + digital imaging = molecular images that detail material morphology, composition, structure, concentration). ChemImage manufactures Raman spectrometer based chemical imaging system for a wide range of researh and industrial applications (Raman chemical imaging + broadband UV-excited fluorescence chemical imaging + laser-excited fluorescence chemical imaging + near-infrared or NIR chemical imaging + visible absorption chemical imaging)- for materials analysis, pharmaceuticals analysis and quality control (blend uniformity and particle sizing of tablets, coating layers chemical identity, percent composition determination of active and inactive ingredients, thickness uniformity and interfacial chemistries of controlled-release systems, ingredient-specific particle sizing of nasal sprays, emulsions, suspensions). Spectrometer system provides the non-invasive pharmaceuticals imaging and analysis through packaging, such as blister packs, glass containers, plastic bags.
ChemImage manufactures macroscopic chemical imaging system for forensic applications, such as determination of forensic samples morphology. ChemImage manufactures transportable, mobile fluorescence microscope + Raman spectrometer system for on-site detection and identification of hazardous materials, chemical warfare agents, patogenic organisms in a wide range of solids and liquids. ChemImage is a developer of chemical imaging software that allows simultaneous visualization and manipulation of images and spectra.
Chem-Lab NV.
Chem-lab is a Belgian manufacturer of organic and inorganic reference materials for spectroscopy and chromatography. Chem-Lab NV (Belgium) is an ISO9001:2000 accredited manufacter of high-purity NIST - traceable organic and inorganic standards (AAS multi element standards, ICP multi element standards, GC and HPLC multi component standards). Chem-Lab offers a complete selection of laboratory reagents and tailor made solutions for atomic absorption spectroscopy, ICP spectroscopy, gas chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography.
Chemplex Industries.
Chemplex Industries is a manufacturer of x-ray (XRF) spectroscopy sample preparation equipment and accessories (grinding and blending equipment and supplies). Briquetting Equipment- series of the 30, 40 and 50 Ton Force SpectroPress Sample Briquetting Systems, automatic MultiAxial Powder Blender, automatic SpectroMill Ball Pestle, Impact Sample Grinder and the automatic sample grinding machine, the GyralGrinder. Dies and Supplies, Grinding and Briquetting Additives. Thin-Film Sample Supports- Continuous Rolls, Precut Squares and Circles. Microporous Film Gas Permeable Pressure Equalization Membrane. XRF Sample Cups for Philips, Asoma, Horiba, Oxford, Siemens, Rigaku, EDAX, Spectro, Metorex, Spectrace, Outokumpu, ARL and other instruments and XRF Sample Cup Accessories. SpectroStandards and XRF Powdered SpectroStandard Preparation Kit. Non-Aqueous Single Element Formulations, Non-Aqueous Sulfur Sets, Organo-Metallic Salts and Chelasol Solubilizer. Miscellaneous XRF Accessories and Supplies- X-Ray Borate Fusion Fluxes, Aluminized Thin-Film Detector and Vacuum Chamber Replacement Windows, XRD Mineralogy Set.
Chem Service Inc.
Chem Service Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of analytical standards and chemicals. Chem Service, Inc is a supplier of analytical reference materials and the original source of small quantities of organic chemicals. Chem Service provide highly purified organic and inorganic chemicals, solutions and mixtures, and chemical kits, suitable for use as analytical and reference materials, and for other laboratory purposes. The largest selection of pesticide and metabolite reference materials, including many banned and discontinued substances.
Chemtrac Systems, Inc.
Chemtrac Systems, Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of on-line water treatment processes control instrumentation for water plants (Streaming Current Monitors, Particle Counters and Monitors for the water industry. Other products include Electrokinetic Charge Analyzers for the pulp and paper industry.
CH Instruments Inc.
CH Instruments (Austin, TX, USA) is a manufacturer of electrochemical instrumentation (electrochemical analyzer, electrochemical detector, AC impedance analyzer, bipotentiostat and multi-potentiostat; Scanning Electrochemical Microscope or SECM), and accessories  for electrochemical measurements including flow cell, cell stands, working electrodes, reference electrodes (aqueous and non-aqueous), counter electrodes. The Model 700A series bipotentiostat can be used for rotating-disk electrodes (RRDE) and other cases where dual channel measurements are essential. The Model 800 electrochemical detector are suitable for either single or dual channel electrochemical detection for flow cell, biosensor, capillary electrophoresis and HPLC. Electrochemical Detector for liquid chromatography and flow injection analysis can also be used for other electroanalytical applications. When it is used for amperometric detection, three decades of current scales are displayed during the experiment to view signals of various magnitudes clearly. No recorder and baseline adjustments are needed. It also provides a much larger current dynamic range, so that separate runs for large and weak signals can be avoided.
Chiralizer Services.
Chiralizer Services is a manufacturer of LC/MS products: automated HPLC and LC-MS instruments, HPLC Column Selection and Switching Systems. Chiralizer Services is a provider of HPLC services, training, chiral sample analysis and consulting services for chromatographers. Chiralizer Services provides Hewlett-Packard analytical HPLC and LC-MS instrument training, repair and maintenance services in addition to sales and support of its own line of proprietary automation products. Proprietary products of Chiralizer Services are designed to automate common procedures used in HPLC and LC-MS analyses. Chiralizer Services can integrate a custom designed and fully automated valving system to complement your existing lab instrumentation.
LC SPIDERLING Column Selection System automates HPLC column selection - select up to 10 columns automatically. The "Spiderling" automates the process of chemical and chiral HPLC analysis in analytical laboratories to determine the purity of new drug compounds.
LC-MS Watchdog automatically divert concentrated sample peaks away from your MS source to reduce or eliminate MS inlet port clogging and down time. Monitors your UV detector signal and can be used with most brand mass spectrometers.
The Column Swapper - halve analysis time by simultaneously analyzing a sample on one column while a second identical column is flushed and equilibrated off-line. The Column Swapper II - automate sample clean-up to remove plasma and proteins from samples prior to introduction into a column.
Fully Automated Multi-Dimensional Column Switching System. Allows you to perform sample clean-up, heart cutting, fractionation and backflushing on-line with up to two columns. The Sample Peak Recycler. The LC-MS Source Contamination Minimizer.
Chiralsep is a manufacturer and supplier of HPLC products and technologies in the field of chiral drugs or intermediates and biotechnology. Chiralsep is a manufacturer of chiral chromatographic supports for analytical and preparative HPLC: CHIROSE - chiral polymers linked to silica in a three- dimensional network; CYCLOSE - mono-pure cyclodextrin derivatives convalently linked to silica gel. For analytical and preparative works available in packed columns or in bulk. Chiral resolution of racemic drugs by preparative chromatography on proprietary chiral supports. Immobilization of any type of enzymes, proteins, antiobodies. Chiral resolution of racemics by immobilized enzyme processes.
Chiral Technologies Inc.
Chiral Technologies Inc. (West Chester, PA, USA) is a manufacturer and supplier of enantiomeric separation products and services for the pharmaceutical and related industries. Chiral Technologies provides technical support, services and products to assist customers in the analysis and separation of racemic compounds. Chiral Technologies focuses its resources on chromatographic resolution - the fastest, most effective means of analyzing chiral compounds and obtaining pure enantiomers. Development and supply of Daicel chiral columns and bulk chiral stationary phases; operation of a custom separation facility that utilizes chromatographic resolution technology to separate clients' compounds into the individual enantiomers. HPLC columns, IC columns, SFC columns.
Chiron AS.
Chiron AS has supplied oil and gas companies and analytical laboratories throughout the world with reference substances of high purity for geochemical and environmental. Chiron AS is a supplier of analytical reference standards for geochemical analysis, environmental analysis, petroleum analysis, PAH, sulfur-containing compounds, PASH, hydrocarbones, biomarkers, dibenzothiophenes, dibenzofuranes, steriods, triterpenoids, triterpanes, internal standards, hopanes, steranes, isotopes, chiral intermediates, fine chemicals. Custom synthesis.
Christ (Martin Christ Gefriertrocknungsanlagen GmbH).
Freeze drying in laboratory and production scale. From the 2kg bench-top unit to the 300kg steam-sterilizable production unit. Martin Christ is one of the leading manufacturers of freeze drying units world-wide, with an experience of more than 50 years and offers an entire program of laboratory, pilot and production plants for all applications. The units comply to international regulations such as FDA and GMP. On request, they can also be supplied with steam sterilization. All units from Christ fulfil highest standards on materials used and functional safety and can be extended for future operations.
Another business activity since over 15 years is the production of rotational-vacuum-concentrators ("RVC"). The Christ RVC-series is well structured in size and combination with different cooling traps and vacuum pumps. Rotational Vacuum Concentrators - RVC 2-18 designed for efficient concentration of DNA/RNA-samples, Alpha RVC „IR" with infrared heating, -85°C cooling trap and vacuum pump (Combinatorial Chemistry).
Chromacol is a manufacturer of glass vials, caps, seals, septa and crimping tools. The new MICRO+ range has now been extended to include crimp and screw cap versions in clear and amber glass. Also a range of HPLC products, such as pumps spares, lamps and accessories.
Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd.
Chromalytic Technology Pty Limited (Australia) is a manufacturer of chromatography accessories and consumables for gas chromatography and HPLC. Chromalytic Technology manufactures chromatography ferrules: graphite ferrules, graphite/vespel (polyimide) ferrules, PEEK ferrules; GC injection systems and custom OEM parts for chromatography systems. GC ferrules: graphite, graphite/vespel (polyimide) all sizes for any GC. Chromalytic Technology is the OEM manufacturer of ferrules for the chromatography market (bulk quantities). Will make any size graphite and graphite - Vespel ferrules. Chromalytic Technology also is a distributor in Australia for the Restek, SRI, Jour Research, BioChem Valves, HPLC Technology, MiniPlas chromatography products.
Chromatographic Instruments Company.
Chromatographic Instruments Company, CIC (Freeport, TX, USA) is a manufacturer of special application gas chromatography systems (GC analyzers). CIC build instruments designed specifically to meet your application needs, starting with a GC from the manufacturer of your choice. CIC GC configurations include a wide variety of multi-dimensional (both valve and pressure switching) multiple-application GC's with one or more of specialized sample inlet systems and unique detector arrangements. CIC also offer a number of commercially available specialty GC analyzers. CIC have systems for LPG's, Natural Gases, Trace Oxygenates and Refinery Gases, as well as for many other Petrochemical and Specialty Chemical process streams and products. Also GC/MS modifications.
Chromatography & Instruments Company (CIC).
Chromatography & Instruments Company (CIC) is a manufacturer of analytical instruments for gas chromatography. Chromatography & Instruments Company manufactures Gas Chromatographs (customised options like NGA, RGA, PVT), Data Processors for Chromatography, Potentiometric Strip Chart Recorder, Dissolved Gas Analyser- 3 columns and 4 columns configuration, Total Organic Carbon Analyzer and On Line Process Gas Chromatograph.
TOC Analyzer - Semi Automatic TOC Analyzer with Data Acquisition System based on Phase Separations Ltd., U.K. technology. HPLC Instrumentation - Isocratic System with UV-Visible Spectrophotometric Detector, Fixed Wavelength and UV-Vis Variable Wavelength Detectors. HPLC column oven.
Chromatograpy Research Supplies, Inc. (CRS)
Chromatograpy Research Supplies, Inc (Louisville, Kentucky, USA) is a specialized supplier of columns, accessories and consumable products for gas and liquid chromatography. Company supplies packed and capillary columns, gas purifiers, gas purification system, ferrules, septa, vials and accessories, injection port liners, and chromatography maintenance accessories. CRS manufactures a wide variety of gas purifiers for use with GC and GC/MS carrier gases- typical contaminants removed are water, oxygen and hydrocarbons, from inert gases such as helium and nitrogen. The specialty purifiers such as the Carbon Dioxide Trap. CRS offers capillary columns from Quadrex Corporation and VICI Valco Instruments.
Chromatography Technology Services (CTS).
Chromatography Technology Services (CTS) provides HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) products and services. Chromatography Technology Services is a supplier of quality maintenance parts for HPLC instruments manufactured by Waters, Hewlett-Packard, Shimadzu, TSP, Beckman. The variety of products includes lamps, check valves, pistons, seals, fittings, rotor seals, and other spare parts to keep your instrument performing.
Chromatotec Group.
Chromatotec Group (Chromatotec Inc. USA, CHROMATO-SUD, France, Airmotec GmbH, Gemany, Airmotec AG, Switzerland)- manufacturers of gas analyzers (fixed or portable) for on site or on line applications such as air analysis, natural gas analysis, petroleum gases analysis and analysis of pure gases. Sulfur compounds analyser in Natural Gas or GPL is a gas chromatograph with an electrochemical detector. Emission Analysis (total hydrocarbon analysis, solvents, VOC and SF6), Environmental Monitoring (H2S / Mercaptans and VOC in urban air in PPB and sub PPB levels, BXT,  NO2). Manufacturing control (CO, CH4, CO2, permanent gas and sulfur compounds in pure gas). Odorisation control (H2S, mercaptans, THT in natural gas and LPG).
Instrumentation for air analysis: airmoMEDOR for analysis of H2S and Mercaptans, 10 to 1000ppb in waste treatment station, in urban air or in working house, airmoBTX for analysis of BTEX in air in the city, in the country or in working house, airmoVOC for analysis of VOC in air in the city, in the country or in working house. Also specific instruments for Chlorinated or nitrogenous compounds and Total hydrocrabons in air.
Instrumentation for gas analysis: H2S, Mercaptans in natural gas or in liquefied petroleum gases, THT in natural gas or in liquefied petroleum gases, analysis of C6+ and principal gases of natural gas. CHROMACHROM line instruments for analysis of chlorinated compounents, NO2, CH4, formaldehyde, T.H.C, ppb of permanent gas in N2, CO2, O2, Argon and analysis of gaseous components of liquids or solids such as BTEX in sea water and fresh water, toxic VOC in food. CHROMACHROM TCD for analysis of Permanent gases, CHROMABIOGAZ for O2, N2 and othes fermentation gases, CHROMACHROM S for analysis of H2S, COS, Mercaptanes in air. CHROMATRAP for determination of impurities (VOC) in pure gases like N2, CO2, O2 and other gases.
CHROMDET / Analytical Instruments Ltd.
CHROMDET / Analytical Instruments Ltd (Moscow, Russia) is a manufacturer of gas analysis instrumentation and equipment for air contamination monitoring, portable gas analyzers, fixed point gas detection systems, photoionization detectors, PID lamps, gas generators. Analytical instruments are mainly based on the principle of photoionization detection that supplies reliable and accurate measurement of wide variety of dangerous air contaminants from low ppm level up to thousands ppm. Long life time of CHROMDET photoionization lamps allows to produce photoionization fixed point gas detection systems for continuous monitoring of air contamination. Patented ammonia generator is a unique instrument, which generates ammonia in air mixtures without using gas cylinder and can be used for field calibration of ammonia measuring instruments. CHROMDET manufactures photoionization lamps, non-radioactive ionization sources, photoionization detectors for GC systems and gas analyzers. Photoionization lamps CDL from CHROMDET show longevity up to 10,000 hours of continual operation. The non-radioactive ionization source developed by CHROMDET is able to replace 63Ni in analytical equipment.
Chromian is dedicated to the continued development of the technique of thermal desorption. Thermal Desorption GC Specialists and Consultants to the US EPA PAMS Program. Provider of consulting services and support of all kinds, including: Custom Accessories, Applications Assistance, Interfacing Tips, Techniques and Troubleshooting, Sampling and Calibration Assistance, Training Courses, Technical Support. Also design and manufacture custom accessories for Thermal Desorption (desorption chamber), especially for applications in the semiconductor and disk drive manufacturing industries. The TDSorb System comprises a unique inert chamber through which a controlled gas supply is passed and collected on a sorbent tube. The chamber is therefore ideal for desorbing volatiles from any small (up to 4 inches diameter) sample that does lend itself to desorption from a standard sample tube.
Chromsystems Instruments & Chemicals GmbH.
Chromsystems Instruments & Chemicals GmbH (Germany) is a manufacturer of instrumentation, consumables and chemicals for medical diagnostics by HPLC and LC-MS. Chromsystems is totally specialised on development, production and distribution of reagent kits, standards and dedicated HPLC columns for HPLC analysis of homocysteine, vitamins, catecholamines, drugs and haemoglobins in clinical diagnostic routine labs. A Chromsystems reagent kit contains all items necessary for sample preparation, standards, and mobile phase. All kit components, dedicated HPLC columns and controls are available separate. HPLC pumps, electrochemical detector for HPLC, accessories and spare parts for electrochemical detectors, autosampler, HPLC software.
ChromTech Ltd.
ChromTech Ltd is a manufacturer of chiral HPLC columns for direct separation of enantiomers. ChromTech Ltd specializes in separation of enantiomers by chiral chromatography or chiral HPLC. A very large number of chiral separations have been performed using the chiral columns CHIRAL-AGP (USP chiral column L41), CHIRAL-CBH and CHIRAL-HSA. The columns resolve chiral compounds containing primary-, secondary- or tertiary amino groups or quarternary ammonium groups, as well as chiral compounds containing carboxylic acid functions or weaker acidic groups as well as chiral nonprotolytes like alcohols, amides, sulphoxides, esters.
Biocompatible extraction columns for liquid chromatography: BioTrap 500 MS, the online extraction column designed for mass spectrometry. BioTrap 500 is a new type of biocompatible extraction column in liquid chromatography. The column enables direct injection of up to 1000 microlitres plasma, preferable 10-500, into the HPLC-system without any previous clean-up procedures.
RePeat is a unique solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridge designed for repeated extractions of drugs from complex matrices such as plasma. In contrast to ordinary disposable solid phase extraction columns, each RePeat SPE cartridge can be used for a large number of samples.
C.I. Analytics.
C. I. Analytics is a manufacturer of laboratory and process analytical instrumentation for species analysis, on-line process analyser, total sulfur analyser. C.I. Analytics, with production facilities in Chambly, Quebec, Canada is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of instrumentation for the measurement of low levels of sulfur and arsine in gas, liquefied petroleum gases and liquids. C.I. Analytics designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes the sensitive and selective scientific instruments for the natural gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. Manufactures intrinsicaly safe on-line analyser, and laboratory total sulfur, chlorides, halogens, and species analysers (Sulfur Species in Natural Gas and Sulfur Species in Kerosene). Some of the analyzers are used in environmental monitoring.
Product lines: The sulfur line of instruments includes tape-based analyzers, and analyzers using sulfur chemiluminescence detectors (SCD). The nitrogen line of instruments includes tape-based analyzers and GC analyzers using nitrogen chemiluminescence detectors (NCD). The specific element analyzers includes tape-based analyzers for specific detection of PPB / PPM levels of target gas without any interference from the sample matrix. This includes PPB level detection of Arsine in light hydrocarbon streams.
Cianflone Scientific Instruments Corporation.
Cianflone Scientific Instruments Corporation is a manufacturer of lab (bench top) X-ray spectrometers for composition and coating thickness measurements (XRF analyzers), and related laboratory sample preparation equipment (blender mill for sample grindind and electric arc furnace for sample remelt).
CIC Photonics Inc.
CIC Photonics Inc is a manufacturer of Industrial Gas Analysis Systems, Fiber-Optic Chemical Analyzers and FTIR Accessories. CIC Photonics, Inc. produces a selection of long path gas cells and gas analysis systems that can detect undesirable gaseous impurities. CIC Photonics Inc design and manufacture precision analytical instruments for chemical spectroscopy in research, environmental, and industrial applications. Short and long path gas cells, fiber-optic probes, multiplexers, spectrophotometers, and FTIR/VIS/UV sampling accessories. New products: LASR16 16-meter gas cell for laser spectroscopy; VARR variable field reflectance and Raman probe; Auto-Fresnel multiple sample single bounce ATR.
Turnkey Industrial System for Moisture Analysis in Corrosive Gases - A turnkey Integrated Real-time Gas Analysis System (IRGAS), consist of a newly-designed 4-meter pathlength White Cell which has been combined with a low-cost FT-IR spectrometer, multi-feature stainless steel gas handling manifold, high-vacuum corrosive gas pumping stations, industrial-ruggedized computer hardware and software package, and purgeable stainless steel safety enclosure. The software permits overall operation and control of individual system components as well quantitative analysis of moisture content.
CID Bio-Science, Inc.
CID Bio-Science, Inc. (USA) is a manufacturer of agricultural research instruments, field portable instrumentation for photosynthesis research. CID Bio-Science, Inc. specializes in the design, manufacture, and marketing of instruments for agricultural research, such as miniature Fiber-Optic UV-VIS Short Wave NIR Spectrometer. Products: Digital Plant Canopy Imager, Portable Leaf Area Meter, Portable Laser Leaf Area Meter, Portable Photosynthesis System, Computer Image Analysis System, Portable Computer Image Analysis System, Portable Leaf Area Imager, Hand-held Photosynthesis System, Root Scanner, Stereo Microscopy System, Spectrometer. Solutions for plant analysis: Fiber Optic Spectrometer and Photosynthesis Measurement Systems.
Clean Air.
Clean Air is a manufacturer of filtration and ducted fume cupboards, forensic drying cabinets, downflow benches, safety cabinets, laminar flow units and mobile filtration fume hoods. The fume cupboard product range covers the following in either ducting or filtration format: Standard, Step-In, Walk-In, Radio-Isotope, Perchloric Waterwash (with or without re-circulating system) High Sash and Educational (Fixed, Semi-mobile and Fully Mobile).
CleanroomSystems is a manufacturer of air conditioning and refrigeration systems engineered exclusively for the cleanroom market. HEPAir and AdvancAir (formerly Clestra Cleanroom, Inc) are divisions of CleanroomSystems, manufactures HEPAir unitary products for all cleanroom applications, and the AdvancAir OEM line for critical environments. A line of modular environmental control units that can be used to control temperature, humidity, pressure, and cleanliness. HEPAir is the perfect solution for modular cleanrooms, upgrades, problematic areas, additions, mini-environments and process isolators.
Load Simulation Testing equipment - CleanroomSystems maintains test chambers which can be set up to imitate customer operating environments.
Climats Sapratin.
Climats Sapratin is the French climatic chamber constructor and manufacturer. Climats Sapratin manufactures a large range of standard and customized equipment for environmental testing, thermal testing, salt spray and humidity tests. Climats Sapratin is a manufacturer of environmental test chambers: hot-cold, hot-cold and humidity climatic chambers, combined salt pray and humidity test chambers for corrosion evaluation. Climats Sapratin manufactures a new testing device enabling combined salt spray and humidity tests to be achieved in a single climatic chamber. Climats Sapratin is a manufacturer of thermal shock testing chambers for thermophysical testing of materials and quality control in aeronautics, avionics and the automobile industry. Climats Sapratin manufactures customized chambers for any environmental simulation - from space vacuum simulation to liquid thermal shocks. Customized chambers: vertical vibration chamber, hot-cold walk-in chamber, salt spray walk-in chamber, thermal shock custom chambers. Software for controlling thermal equipment, Spirale 2 contributes to performance, output and tests improvement. The service department, ISO 9002 certified, offers global services in the climatic field: technical maintenance, calibration and tuning, characterization, expertise, metrology, retrofit, refrigerant fluids retrieval, training.
Climats Sapratin is a manufacturer of vacuum ovens, industrial ovens, universal laboratory ovens, customized ovens.
Coherent, Inc.
Coherent, Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of lasers and laser-based systems. A manufacturer of CO2, tunable-dye, ion, CW, YAG, YLF, ultrafast, and diode-pumped solid-state laser systems for science, medicine, and industry. A supplier of laser optics, diode laser modules, high-power laser diodes and laser diode systems, opto-mechanics and laser instrumentation. Coherent, Inc is a manufacturer of excimer-multigas, industrial single gas excimers, air-cooled excimers, 200 Watt high-power industrial excimers, oscillator-amplifier excimers, excimer systems for micromachining, excimer pumped dye lasers, Nd:YAG pumped dye lasers, laser dyes, VUV excimers, narrow-bandwidth Lithography excimers. A manufacturer of lasers for surgical specialties including ophthalmology, dermatology and plastic surgery, orthopedics, urology, otorhinolaryngology, gynecology, and is in the forefront of minimally invasive surgery.
Colloidal Dynamics, LLC.
Colloidal Dynamics is a manufacturer of instruments measuring particle size and zeta potential (laboratory and process instruments for colloidal chemistry). Colloidal Dynamics manufactures instrumentation for direct measurement of particle size and zeta potential in concentrated colloidal dispersions without dilution. Instrumentation can analyze colloids in situ, without interrupting the underlying industrial processes. Measurements can be made on flowing colloids. The instruments based on Electroacoustic Spectroscopy and featured automatic potentiometric and volumetric titration of the sample. Colloidal Dynamics manufactures zeta potential analyzer featured sample measurement without dilution or sample preparation at concentrations up to 60% volume. Colloidal Dynamics manufactures turnkey system provides thorough characterization of concentrated colloidal dispersions (measurement of particle size, zeta potential, pH, conductivity, temperature, potentiometric titrations, and simple volumetric titrations with chemical reagents). The AcoustoSizer - a complete turnkey instrument for determining particle size and zeta potential in concentrated colloid suspensions. This highly-integrated measurement system includes sensors for measuring the pH, conductivity, and temperature of the sample, in addition to the particle size and zeta potential. The AcoustoSizer II- a new generation laboratory instrument, based on a flow-through concept for determining particle size and zeta potential in concentrated colloid suspensions.
Colutron Research Corporation.
Colutron Research Corporation is a manufacturer of ion sources, velocity filters (mass spectrometers), acceleration and focusing systems, and ion beam decelerators. These components are available separately, or can be purchased together in kit form (Ion Beam Kits). The ion beam components are also available mounted in vacuum chambers with ports for a vacuum pump, ion gauge, and electrical connections (Ion Gun Systems). Beam Imaging products.
Compagnie Industrielle des Lasers (CILAS).
European manufacturer of high quality optics, solid state and gas lasers. CILAS' standards products are allocated on four areas- laser rangefinders, specific lasers for industry, scientific applications, specialized optical systems and optics. CILAS also is able to provide specific developments and manufacturing. CILAS offer a large range of positionning equipment and complete solutions for scientific instruments. Instrumentation and Engineering for Neutron Spectroscopy, X-Ray Diffraction, Synchrotron Radiation Experiments. Modular Positionning Components: Translation and rotation, High Resolution Power Diffractometer.
CILAS is a manufacturer of laser diffraction Particle Size Analyzers. A full range of particle size analyzers and accessories. CILAS Particle Size Analyzers provide solutions from 0.04 to 2500 microns in both wet and dry modes (wet and dry dispersion in a single instrument). Accessories can expand the capabilities of the analyzers: a microvolume cell (to measure 50 ml instead of 500ml), a video camera system, an autosampler.
Specific devices for ecology and environment- The underwater particle size analyser CILAS 925. The underwater analyser opens up a new method to scientists of measuring particles in situ with real time size characterization of particles suspended in estuary waters. The measurement can then be used to show the distribution of organic polluants, toxic organisms or sedimentation phenomena.
Computer Power Supply, CPS.
Computer Power Supply, CPS is a developer and manufacturer of the high-precision high voltage power supplies used for focused electron beam, scanning electron microscopes, electrophoresis, focused ion beam, X-Ray sources and many other applications. The high voltage power supplies feature exceptionally low drift, ripple, and temperature coefficients. Computer Power Supply, CPS has developed numerous power supply systems for E-Beam and Ion-Beam applications. Custom higher voltage supplies can be designed.
Comstock, Inc.
Comstock, Inc is a manufacturer of mass spectrometry instrumentation (Time-of-Flight or TOF MS systems). Comstock manufactures Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers - Linear, Reflectron, MALDI, Laser Desorption, Laser Photoionization, Electron Impact Ionization, Mini-TOF Mass Spectrometer and Spherical Sector Electrostatic Energy Analyzers for the energy measurement of charged species (electrons, ions), used in Auger spectroscopy, photoelectron spectrometry. Comstock, Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of special solutions for mass spectrometry: electron monochromators, electron guns, combination ESA-TOFMS, Knudsen cells, laser vaporization cluster beam sources.
CONSORT bvba (Turnhout, Belgium) is a manufacturer of electrochemistry instrumentation and electrophoresis instrumentation. Consort manufactures of electrochemical and electrophoresis equipment for research, analysis, laboratory and industrial purposes. Consort develops a wide range of high technology products from simple and robust field-meters up to sophisticated precision laboratory equipment. There are the well-known meters and controllers for pH, mV, ion analysis, rH2, temperature, conductivity, salinity, resistivity and dissolved oxygen. For the molecular biology field, Consort offer a wide range of electrophoresis equipment such as high voltage power supplies, horizontal and vertical apparatus, DNA sequencers, blotting units, UV-tables, darkrooms, beta / gamma protection products. Products: Instrumentation for measurement of pH, mV, Ion, Conductivity, Salinity, Resistivity, Dissolved oxygen- Bench and portable, basic and multi-parameter analysers, industrial controllers and electrodes. Bio-electronic rH2 Bench, multi-parameter analysers. Thermometers- Bench, scanning and Portable models. Electrophoresis Power supplies, Mini power supplies and Apparatus.
Constellation Technology Corporation.
Constellation Technology Corporation is a manufacturer of portable instrumentation for the detection of nuclear and chemical agents. Constellation Technology manufactures a range of radiation detectors, complete radiation detection systems, and detector materials. Constellation Technology manufactures several types of nuclear radiation detectors and complete radiation detection system - a rugged field-deployable portable personnel portal monitor for automatically and unobtrusively detecting radioactive material on individuals or objects. Also manufactures electronic products for radiation detection systems and nuclear spectroscopy systems (detector electronics, multichannel analyzer boards). Constellation Technology manufactures Mercuric Iodide X-ray and Gamma-Ray detectors and High Pressure Xenon Gamma-Ray detector. Also manufactures transportable, mobile quadrupole GC-MS system.
Control Development, Inc.
Control Development, Inc is a manufacturer of high performance optical spectrographs on PC cards, detector heads and fiber optic accessories. The PC card spectrographs have guaranteed permanent wavelength calibration. With no moving parts, rugged aluminum housing, fiber optic input and sealed optics these cards are ideal for process and quality control applications on-line. Silicon diode arrays, TE cooled CCDs and InGaAs arrays to cover UV, VIS and NIR. Windows DLLs, LabView VI and DOS drivers for integration spectrographs in process control systems. SPEC software included with every card.
Controle Analytique Inc.
Controle Analytique Inc, is a manufacturer of trace nitrogen on line gas analyzer in argon and helium. Two series are available: K2001 for ppm and K2002 for ppb level. For trace nitrogen in hydrogen, oxygen or crude argon there is the K3000 series. These products are in use in the air separation business, cylinder filling station, specialties gas laboratories, electronic wafer fabs, lamps manufacturers, laser gas suppliers, steel industries, laser welding glove box system.
K 2001 Trace Nitrogen in Argon or Helium on line gas analyzer- Measuring system based on light emission of an argon plasma maintened in a quartz chamber, controlled by a microprocessor system. K 2002 ppb Nitrogen in Argon or Helium on line gas analyzer with the sampling system is made of welded electropolish tubing and VCR type fittings. 
K 3000 trace Nitrogen process analyzer- The K3000 trace gas analyzer is a basic system available in different configurations based on final application. The most frequent applications for the K3000 are for measurement of trace nitrogen in hydrogen, oxygen, or crude argon. The K3000 analyzer is based on the well proven plasma detector and a chromatographic separation column. The versatility of a chromatographic system is available with the simplicity of an on-line gas analyzer.
Controlled Environments Limited (Conviron).
Conviron manufactures of  plant growth chambers and rooms, plant production rooms, tissue culture rooms, incubators, germinators and dew rooms. Conviron is one of the world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of controlled environment systems for the precise control of temperature, humidity and light for research applications. Plant growth chambers and rooms from 7 to 432 sq.ft. Production and Tissue culture chambers from 16 to 432 sq.ft. Special application rooms - dew rooms, seed storage rooms, controlled environment rooms - all designed to your custom requirements.
Controls Corporation of America.
Controls Corporation of America is a manufacturer of high purity gas pressure regulators, valves and flow meters, maniflex high purity autoswitch, modular manifold systems (gas distribution systems), laser systems. New high purity regulators specifically designed for chromatography and analytical service.
Cooper Research Technology.
Cooper Research Technology is a manufacturer of material testing equipment for asphalt laboratories (asphalt testing equipment). Cooper Research specialised in the design, manufacture and supply of specialist asphalt laboratory apparatus. Product lines: Servo Pneumatic Universal Test System, Nottingham Asphalt Tester, Wheel Tracker, Gyratory Compactor, Slab Compactor, Triaxial Tester.
CoorsTek is a manufacturer of ceramic mortars and pestles, boats, crucibles, cups and dishes. CoorsTek manufactures a wide range of ceramic products including chemical and scientific labware. One of product lines for CoorsTek focuses on chemical-porcelain produced in a variety of ceramic materials. These materials offer thermal-shock resistance, prolonged life, hardness and refractory qualities.
Copan Diagnostics Inc.
Copan Diagnostics Incorporated is a manufacturer of culture swabs and inoculation loops for clinical microbiology. Copan Diagnostics Inc also manufactures the CRYOBANK - reliable, convenient and versatile system for storing and preserving fastidious bacteria over long periods. Swab Rinse Kit - Bacterial Sampling of carcasses. Plastic minitip swabs. Tall Swab Rinse Kits for environmental monitoring. Copan Diagnostics offers the VI-PAK Nitrogen Flushed - Active Packaging for microbiology. The Vi-Pak concept works continually to maintain the vitality of the medium delivering it to the point of care perfect for maintaining all those difficult and demanding microbes.
Corning Science Products.
Corning Science Products is a manufacturer and supplier of labware, lab equipment and laboratory instrumentation for electrochemistry. The Science Products Division of Corning Incorporated encompasses three business segments serving the laboratory science market: Corning Labware and Equipment, Corning Costar and Corning Samco. Products are include a new line of bench meters as well as hotplates and stirrers, PYREX laboratory glassware, and disposable plastic products for use in tissue culture and sampling applications. Corning offers a complete line of scientific instruments including: Portable meters for pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids, temperature and dissolved oxygen. A completely new line of bench top pH and ISE meters. An innovative bench top conductivity meter. A redesigned line of electrodes meeting a broad range of applications.
Cortec (Кортэк).
Cortec (Moscow, Russia) is a manufacturer of atomic absorption spectrometers, UV-Visible-NIR spectrophotometers, microplate readers. The company manufactures flame furnace atomic-absorbtion spectrometer, graphite furnace atomic-absorption spectrophotometer (Zeeman GF AA instrument) and hollow cathode lamps for atomic-absorption spectrometers. Cortec also manufactures UV-Visible-NIR spectrometer and microplate photometers - fluorometer.
Costech Analytical Technologies, Inc.
Costech Analytical Technologies is a manufacturer elemental analyzers and consumables for elemental analysis. Costech Analytical Technologies specializes in the manufacture and distribution of consumable products for combustion organic elemental analyzers (tin capsules, quartz tubes, chromium oxide and other catalysts and reagents for elemental analyzers, nitrogen protein analyzers).
Costech International.
Costech International develops analytical technologies for materials characterization. Costech International is a manufacturer of process and laboratory analytical instrumentation for the chemical and physical characterization of materials and catalysts. Product Lines:
Elemental Analysis products line- Instruments, products and accessories for elemental analysis and sample digestion for stable isotopes. Line is complete for contents of organics in aqueous samples, in gas streams and in combustion fumes. Consumable Products for CHNS-O Organic Elemental Analysis.
Micro Surface Line (Porous Solids Characterization)- Dedicated systems and accessories for analysis of microstructure of materials: porosity, specific surface, wettability, surface reactivity, particle size distribution, density, acidity / basicity of surface, water adsorption, catalysts and materials ageing.
Bio Mass Line (Fermentation)- Systems for evaluating fermentation process and oxygen demand of organics, food and waste materials, biogas. Full range of sensors (O2, CO2, CH4, pH, T, Pressure, Humidity) and accessories. Major systems are: Biofermenters, Respirometer, Automatic Rumen System.
Also Ion Chromatograph for automatic lab and process ion analysis, Process Monitoring Systems, Environmental Technologies (Industrial Air Treatments, Ozone Abatement, Indoor Air Treatment).
Coy Laboratory Products Inc.
Coy Laboratory Products Inc is a manufacturer of controlled environment supplies, environmental chambers and glove boxes suitable for anaerobic microbiology, cell culture, tissue culture and other controlled atmospheres. Flexible vinyl, rigid metal, and polycarbonate chamber designs are available. Accessories include Incubators, Oxygen Controllers, Humidity Controllers, and Oxygen / Hydrogen Analyzers. Various designs and sizes made from flexible heavy-duty PVC, plexiglass or metal accommodate many different applications. A wide variety of accessories are available to establish and control the chamber environment for microbiology, cell culture and tissue culture.
CPI International.
CPI International is a manufacturer and supplier of consumable lab supplies, accessories, and replacement parts for analytical instruments. Patented SPE disks and cartridges improve flow rates and recoveries in SPE applications, including oil and grease per EPA Method 1664. Unique Accuprep 7000 SPE Manifold. ICP / ICP-MS multi-element standards. AA graphite tubes and HCL lamps, ICP and ICP-MS cones, nebulizers and torches, electron multipliers, PID lamps for GC detectors, and E.coli test kits.
CPM Labfab, Inc.
CPM Labfab, Inc manufactures custom built modular laboratories and fabricates numerous other laboratory products such as Trespa worksurfaces for all lab worksurface needs, Type-1 Thermo-PVC duct fittings for fume ventilation, and complete installation kits for your new fume hood. CPM Labfab, Inc is a manufacturer of custom modular laboratories, countertops and custom surfaces, fumehood installation parts. Features products: 
Pre-fabricated laboratories are an effective way to limit construction periods and reduce project cost. The modular bulidings feature all-steel frame construction in order to lower overall combustibility of the building. Virtually unlimited layout options and custom additions give us the capability to cater to most any demand. Both interior and exterior units are fabricated for even greater customization and cost control. These labs are turn-key, meaning everything needed for your functioning laboratory can be included.
CPS Instruments, Inc.
CPS Instruments, Inc (formerly Chemical Process Specialists) is a manufacturer of particle characterization instrumentation - particle size analyzers. Manufactures CPS Disc Centrifuge, Models DC12000, DC18000, and DC24000 centrifugal sedimentation particle size analyzers. The CPS Disc Centrifuge is a complete, high resolution particle size analysis system for measuring particles in the size range of ~0.01 micron to ~50 microns.
CRAIC Technologies.
CRAIC Technologies is a manufacturer of quality microspectrophotometers for non-destructive analysis of microscopic samples and questioned document analysis. CRAIC Technologies manufactures microspectrophotometers, microspectrometers, microscope spectrometers, and stereomicrospectrophotometers for non-destructive analysis of microscopic samples and microscopic areas of larger samples. Microspectrophotometers for the UV, visible and NIR regions.
Products include a microspectrophotometer that is able to take spectra of samples under a micron. Fluorescence, transmission, reflectance and polarization spectra can all be acquired from any microscopic sample using the same instrument. CRAIC manufactures scientific grade systems in addition to specialized systems for forensic analysis, semiconductor analysis, materials analysis, vitrinite reflectance and questioned document spectral characterization. CRAIC also manufactures NIST traceable standards (designed for microspectrophotometers), accessories for use with its equipment, and specialized software packages.
Product lines: UV-visible-NIR Microspectrophotometer for non-destructive analysis of microscopic samples. Accessories and specialized software packages to expand the capabilities of the microspectrometers and imaging systems.
Crescent Chemical Co., Inc.
Crescent Chemical Co., Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory chemicals. Its subsidiary, Crescent Labs, manufactures custom solutions and the most up to date EPA Method mixes.
Cryofab Inc.
Cryofab, Inc is a manufacturer of cryogenic equipment and cryogenic accessories. Cryofab manufactures cryogenics for Industry, Research, Laboratory, Medical and Homecare. Services include standard and custom fabrication of cryogenic equipment. Manufacturing capabilities include dewars, cryostats, vessels, tanks, transfer lines, V.J. piping, all built to customer specifications. Sizes range from 1 liter to 7500 liters. Company specialize in prototype to production, design and development of OEM and private label products. Services of cryogenic equipment.
Cryomagnetics, Inc.
Cryomagnetics, Inc is a manufacturer of superconducting magnets, cryostats, cryogenic accessories, and related electronic instrumentation. Cryomagnetics manufactures superconducting magnets, cryostats, magnetic separation systems, turn-key systems, electronic instrumentation and cryogenic accessories for use in laboratory, research, and production applications. A complete line of high quality cryostats that are compatible with virtually any magnet and applications (standard magnet dewars and room temperature bore dewars). Custom systems available. Superconducting magnet accessory products include current leads, current reversal switches, and LHe and LN2 transfer lines. Cryogenic accessories include magnet support assemblies, liquid helium level sensors, capacitance-based liquid level sensors (LN2, LNG), temperature sensors, Hall-effect sensors, monaxial vapor-cooled current leads, duty-cycle optimized current leads. Electronic instrumentation include liquid cryogen monitor, liquid helium level monitor, liquid helium point monitor, liquid nitrogen point monitor, temperature monitor, Hall effect gaussmeter and series of bipolar power systems for superconducting magnets.
Cryotech International.
Cryotech International specializes in vacuum jacketed cryogenic transfer systems and related equipment for over 25 years (cryogenic specialists). Formerly known as VBS International, Cryotech has engineered, designed, installed and maintained thousands of liquid nitrogen (LN2) transfer systems. Cryotech International manufactures a wide range of products including dynamic and static vacuum piping systems, liquid nitrogen dosing systems, automatic filling systems, gas panels, gas manifolds, and cryogenic repairs. Cryotech International supplies a complete line of cryogenic parts and accessories including: safety relief valves, dewars, pressure gauges, regulators, oxygen monitors, cryogenic valves, solenoid valves, back pressure regulating valves, ball and check valves, venting devices, CryotechFlex hoses, quick disconnect couplings, vaporizers and vacuum pumps. Cryotech International manufactures flexible vacuum insulated cryogenic transfer hoses for the frost-free transfer of liquid nitrogen and other cryogens. Hoses can be used as permanent connections between equipment and a LN2 source or for manually filling small flasks from larger dewars. Cryotech International also manufcutures a variety of gas panels, gas manifolds. Cryotech manufactures a complete line of gas control panels from basic gas selector panels, to gas selector control panels, to multiple gas mix panels, specialty gas control panels.
Crystaltechno Ltd (Кристалтехно).
Crystaltechno Ltd (Russia, founded in 1993 by scientists from Russian Academy of Science) is a manufacturer of optical crystals and materials, custom optical components, including ATR elements, windows, wedges, lenses, meniscus, prisms, mirrors. Crystaltechno мanufactures high quality crystal optics and optical components. Completed and coated  in-house (including the enviromental and damage threshold testings) UV through far IR optical products.
Specialized in High Power Laser Optics for industrial and medical markets, Crystaltechno also fabricates new laser systems with non-standard parameters according to customer specifications for research and scientific application in cooperation with other Russian high tech companies.
Product lines: unpolished blanks, optical windows, glass prisms, ZnSe prisms, calcite prisms, lenses, spherical microlenses, coated optics for visible and IR range, CO2 laser optics, laser rods, Faraday rotator glasses, cooled metal mirrors for high-power laser systems, aspherical optics, thin film polarizers.
Features products: ATR elements, optical crystals and materials, coating for UV and IR, cooled metal mirrors for high-power laser systems, lasers.
Materials: sapphire, crystal quartz, FS, CaF2, BaF2, MgF2, LiF, KRS-5, KRS-6, BK-7, NaCl , KCl, KBr, Si, Ge, GaAs, GaP, ZnSe, ZnS, Cu, Mo, Al.
CSols plc. (Contemporary Solutions Ltd.)
CSols plc (Contemporary Solutions Ltd) is a developer and supplier of software for analytical laboratories (software for linking analytical instruments to LIMS). The main product is Links for LIMS - a comprehensive Instrument Linking Solution available (Software for Linking Analytical Instruments to LIMS). Links for LIMS is a software suite which provides cost-effective and versatile solutions to the problems of interfacing analytical instruments to LIMS (connection of any instrument to any LIMS). A Complete Solution to Instrument Linking Links for LIMS is PC based software which has been designed to allow the Linking of any instrument to any LIMS in a manner that fits the application. In suitable cases, the software will operate Bi-directionally - i.e. it is used for setting up instrument runs and reporting results to LIMS. Also offer Variants of Links for LIMS. These include applications where possibly there is no LIMS and sometimes no instrument involved. Also provided custom software for analytical laboratories. OEM software for LIMS and instrument vendors.
CSS Analytical Company, Inc.
CSS Analytical Company, Inc ia a supplier of upgrade products for Hewlett-Packard Company mass spectrometers (HP MSD, HP GC-MS, HP LC-MS). Upgrade opportunities for Hewlett-Packard mass spectrometers, including data systems using HP software, the Open Access type software for all mass spectrometers, and hardware upgrades. CSS Analytical Company, Inc also offering analytical services, training and other services.
CTE Chem Tec Equipment.
CTE Chem Tec Equipment is a manufacturer of flow monitors, flow meters, flow switches, and excess flow valves for low flow of liquids and gases. CTE Chem Tec Equipment is a manufacturer of switches, meters, and excess flow valves for corrosive and non-corrosive environments and media.
Custom Sensors & Technology (CS&T).
Custom Sensors & Technology (CS&T) is a manufacturer of oxygen analyzers, fiber optic based photometric analyzers and fiber optic accessories designed to work in a process area, pilot plant or industrial laboratory. CS&T is a suppler of fiber optic accessories for Agilent Technologies spectrophotometers (formerly Hewlett-Packard Company). CS&T manufacture oxygen, photometric and spectrophotometric analyzers for the chemical, petrochemical, refinery, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and the food and beverage industries. The applications include tank inerting, oil and water, dye markers, effluent monitoring, cleaning validation, dissolution, and antioxidants in polyolefin additives. CS&T offers two full-feature analyzers and one low-cost Two-wire Oxygen Transmitter. Accessories for any of the preceding include oxygen sensors and safety barriers for installations in hazardous areas.
Engineered systems- Custom Sensors manufactures complete oxygen and photometric analyzer systems, integrated instrument and sample handling system. Most sample systems are customized to the users requirements.
CVI Laser Corporation.
CVI Laser is a manufacturer of optical components and assemblies. CVI Laser manufactures polarizers, waveplates, beam steering optics, focusing lenses, cavity optics, neutral density filters and opto-mechanical assemblies for laser appications.
CyBio AG.
CyBio AG is a manufacturer of CyBi-Screen-Machine for biotechnology lab automation. CyBi-Screen-Machine is a fully automatic system for conducting complex serial experiments. The CyBi-Screen-Machine's scheduling software then co-ordinates all laboratory equipment connected to it. From labelling and registering using the barcode reader through to pipetting samples and from incubation through to analysis. The unit's most important component is the rotating arm which ensures precise positioning and passes the sample trays from one station to the next. CyBi-Screen-machine handling 1536-well plates and 384 or 96, if you wish. It combines different devices like CyBi-Well pipetting systems, incubators, readers and hotels to create your own cutomized solution for your screening application. The new scheduling software enables you to fully control all devices. The automated pipettor CyBi-Well (Computer-controlled automated pipettor) is an indispensable aid, both for preparing substance libraries as well as for high throughput screening. It is now available in a Deep Well special design for the exceptional working conditions in combinatory chemistry, which place high demands on material. The CyBi-KombiChem is extremely robust, safe and resistant against almost all aggressive fluids such as acids and organic solvents.
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