Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Classified catalogue of the manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (spectroscopy instruments, chromatography instruments, gas analysis, elemental analysis, thermal analysis instruments, food analysis instruments, pharmaceutical analysis, water analysis instruments, process analytical instruments, materials testing equipment, petroleum testing instruments), laboratory equipment (sample preparation equipment). Систематический каталог производителей и поставщиков аналитического оборудования (приборы для спектроскопии, хроматографии, анализа газов, элементного анализа, термоанализа, анализа пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализа воды, поточного химического анализа, испытания материалов, контроля нефтепродуктов), лабораторного оборудования (пробоподготовка).
Current edition (since March 13, 1998)- Текущая редакция  (с 13 марта 1998).
Alphabetical catalogue of companies: Алфавитный каталог компаний:
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D - index of alphabetical catalogue in English language. D - индекс алфавитного каталога на русском языке.
Daiso Company Ltd.
Daiso is a Japanese chemical company providing a various range of materials and technical services to a wide range of industries. Daiso Company Ltd is one of the leading silica gel manufacturers for liquid chromatography in the world. HPLC product range includes both irregularly and spherically shaped particles. Analytical and preparative grades are made by the same production method under carefully controlled conditions in order to assure consistent selectivity from lot to lot and between different particle sizes, which is essential for scale-up work. Daisogel phases are used for various applications including medicines and pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, food ingredients, biomolecules, liquid crystals and functional dyes.
HPLC products: Super wide pore material with 1000 & 2000 pore size, both analytical HPLC and preparative LC, together with a wide range of silica-based packings. High purity silica gel for analytical HPLC and usual grade one for prep LC with 60, 120, 200, 300 pore size are available.
DANI Strumentazione Analitica S.p.A.
DANI Instruments S.p.A. (formerly DANI Strumentazione Analitica S.p.A., Italia) is a manufacturer of analytical instruments for gas chromatography and process gas chromatography analyzers. DANI Strumentazione Analitica, an internationally well-known company, is the only company with a complete Italian capital that produces high-resolution gas chromatography system for laboratory use as well as environmental pollution control, in Italy. Since 1975 DANI design, manufacture and sale process and environmental control instrumentation as well as laboratory GC for a wide variety of applications. DANI specialise on GC sample handling techniques as well as mobile units for environmental monitoring. DANI serve private and public research institutions, quality control laboratories in market such as food and beverage, foodstuff, packaging, flavouring, petrochemical, polymers, pharmaceutical, forensic medicine, water, air pollution control. Product lines: GC1000, Capillary Gas Chromatography System, STD1000 Sequential Tube Desorber, ALS1000 Automatic Liquid Sampler, BTX900 Automatic BTX Analyzer, and PGC90.50 Process gas Analyzer.
Environmental analysis products: Automatic gas chromatographic analyzer for continuous monitoring of Benzene and low boiling aromatic hydrocarbons in ambient air, Total Hydrocarbons Monitor and a total non-methane hydrocarbons monitor for both ambient and inert gases, with FID detection. On-line gas chromatograph system for the determination of volatile organic compounds in water. DANI OWA1000  is a totally automatic system for the continuous monitoring of volatile organic compounds such as aromatic hydrocarbons, MTBE or chlorinated compounds in drinkable and mineral water as well as in waste and industrial water. Also a fully automatic sequential tube desorber for high throughput analysis of volatiles and semi-volatiles extracted from sorbent materials or directly from solid matrices.
DataApex is a developer and supplier of chromatography software and data stations. DataApex is a privately-owned software company based in Prague, Czech Republic. DataApex has expertise in developing and manufacturing chromatography data stations. Data Apex’s solution is a combination of hardware and software developed in DataApex laboratories and commitment to provide a high quality technical support. DataApex has served the chromatography software market successfully since 1991. DataApex provides users with efficient and up-to-date tools  for chromatography data processing. DataApex products are sold to over 60 countries around the world and seven chromatography instruments manufacturers resell privately labeled versions of DataApex software. The international head office is based in Prague, Czech Republic. A network of  local distributors promotes DataApex products worldwide.
Major products: The DataApex data stations are used for data acquisition, evaluation, and instrument control. The main product is the Clarity Chromatography Software. Clarity chromatography software is the 3rd generation of Data Apex’s products. Clarity Chromatography Software represents an universal solution for laboratories. The Clarity is designed to acquire and evaluate data from up to four chromatographs at a time (multi-detectors measurement supported) and is compatible with any commercially available chromatograph. Clarity includes support tools for GLP / 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
The Clarity Chromatography Station can be extended with a number of add-on software modules: System Suitability Test, GPC module, PDA module, GC Control Module (Agilent, Dani instruments and systems), AS Control Module (Agilent, HTA, CTC, Spark autosamplers), HPLC pump control module (Agilent, LabAlliance, Knauer, Flux, Gilson pumps), Validation Kit.
Featured products: Advanced Chromatography Data Station (CDS) provides a universal solution for any commercially available chromatograph. Multi-instrument version with multi-detector measurement capabilities, data acquisition, evaluation and instrument control. Clarity GPC Extension provides interactive and automated GPC/SEC analysis: flow rate and multi-detector delay corrections; narrow, broad on narrow, broad and universal calibrations.
DATALYS (France) is a software company specifically adapted to the laboratory environment. DATALIZ developed own software and offer software solutions for analytical chemistry. Also distributed in France the Spectral Server Analytical Information Management System and other software from Galactic Soft. Products: The AZUR chromatography software. Chromatography data system AZUR is the new generation chromatography data system, compatible with any GC or HPLC may be used for on-site analysis or with a laptop computer thanks to its unique portable acquisition device. OSIRIS for HPLC Optimisation is a powerful and reliable HPLC optimisation and method development software. It allows to modelize simultaneously the mobile phase composition (bianry or ternary) and the pH (or the temperature) and to develop reliable and robust methods very quickly. Analytical data management tool for organizing spectra and chromatograms from any analytical instrument into a database. Spectroscopy software suite is the reference data processing and data management software package capable of reading hundreds of analytical instrument and industry standard file formats. Universal spectral search software is a comprehensive spectral search software, easy to use, fast and compatible with most commercial libraries.
DataPhysics Instruments GmbH.
DataPhysics Instruments GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of instruments for surface chemistry. DataPhysics Instruments GmbH specialized in developing and manufacturing of devices and systems for measuring interfacial properties in laboratory and process applications such as Video Based Optical Contact Angle Measurement Devices, Video Based Goniometer systems, and Tensiometer systems. Product lines: Contact angle measuring instruments. Dynamic contact angle measuring instruments and tensiometers. Features products:
The DCAT 11 / DCAT 11HR (High-resolution version DCAT) Dynamic Contact Angle Meter and Tensiometer. The DCAT 11 is used for the software-controlled measurement of the contact angle of powders and fiber bundles and the adsorption behavior of liquids on wettable materials according to the modified Washburn method, the dynamic contact angle and the surface energy of prismatic and cylindrical samples according to the Wilhelmy method, the static surface and interfacial tension of liquids, the critical micelle formation concentration of surfactants (CMC) according to the Wilhelmy Plate method, Lenard Frame method or the Du No?y Ring method with automatic ring correction according to Huh & Mason, Zuidema & Waters and Harkins & Jordan as well as for fully automated reproducibility measurements.
DeFelsko Corporation.
DeFelsko Corporation is a manufacturer of a wide range of hand-held, non-destructive coating thickness gages. DeFelsko Corporation manufactures a complete line of non-destructive, hand-held coating thickness gages: over 60 models of coating thickness gages, used for a wide variety of applications in a broad range of industries. DeFelsko Corporation manufactures a wide variety of coating thickness gages for the measurement of non-magnetic coatings on ferrous substrates.
Del Mar Scientific Inc.
Del Mar Scientific is a manufacturer of online instrumentation for the detection and measurement of hydrogen sulfide in natural gas and gas liquids process streams, as well as determination of total sulfur levels in refinery and petrochemical plant applications. Del Mar Scientific manufactures instruments for H2S in pipeline natural gas, H2S in wellhead natural gas, H2S in refinery fuel gas, H2S in fuel gas, H2S in treater outlet gas, H2S in NGL, LPG and other vaporized light hydrocarbon streams, H2S in specialty gases. Del Mar Scientific manufactures instruments for total sulfur in natural gas, total sulfur in petrochemical streams, total sulfur in NGL, LPG and other vaporized light hydrocarbon streams, total sulfur in beverage grade CO2, total sulfur in specialty gas, H2S + total sulfur in any pressurized gaseous stream (simultaneous H2S + Total Sulfur analyzer). Del Mar Scientific also manufactures hand-held  lead acetate tape H2S detector (handheld hydrogen sulfide detector) for personal safety. Del Mar Scientific manufactures lead acetate sensing tape, replacement tapes for most lead acetate type hydrogen sulfide monitors. Del Mar Scientific instruments are designed for use in hazardous areas (Class I, Groups B, C, or D, Division 1), intermediate areas (Class I, Groups B, C, or D, Division 2) or general purpose areas. Del Mar Scientific offers gas transportable, disposable, high pressure cylinders of calibration gas for lead acetate type hydrogen sulfide analyzers. Del Mar's lead acetate type hydrogen sulfide analyzers:
The SulfurSmart Series H2S Analyzers are designed to analyze and monitor concentration levels of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in continuous flowing and pressurized streams, providing real-time values via local display and analog and/or digital signal.
The SulfurAlert Total Sulfur Gas Analyzer is designed to analyze and monitor concentration levels of Total Sulfur in continuous flowing and pressurized streams, providing real-time values via local display and analog and/or digital signal.
The SulfurGard is a Dual Analysis Sulfur Analyzer designed for simultaneous analysis of H2S and Total Sulfur in the same continuous flowing and pressurized gaseous stream without purging, diluting or stream switching, providing real-time values via local display and analog signal.
The YellowJacket is a small, rugged Portable H2S analyzer for measurement of H2S in gas at multiple remote field sites. The YellowJacket features an internal sample conditioning system, alphanumeric digital display, multi-function keypad, digital data-logging via flash memory, and spreadsheet-style data collection mode for storing other gas quality data on the flash memory.
Del Mar Ventures.
Del Mar Ventures is a manufacturer of MCP detectors, precision optics and optical systems, optical crystals, femtosecond laser products, Nd:YAG lasers and accessories, neutron physics instruments and systems. Del Mar Ventures involved in research and development contracts in the physical, engineering and life sciences and development, marketing and support of commercial laser, electrooptic and sensor products.
Delphian Corporation.
Delphian Corporation is a manufacturer of hazardous gas detectors, sensors, transmitters, toxic gas monitors. Delphian manufactures hydrogen sulfide monitoring systems, carbon monoxide monitoring systems, sulfur dioxide monitoring systems. Delphian manufactures portable combustible gas detector and wall mounted combustible gas detector. Also manufactures sensors for combustible gases / toxic gases, transmitters, control systems, calibration systems.
Delphian Technology L.P.
Delphian Technology is a developer and manufacturer of conceptually new (in-situ) test instruments for dissolution testing - the Rainbow Dynamic Dissolution Monitor and the associated Rainbow Dissolution SmartWare. Products: Rainbow Dynamic Dissolution Monitor system powered by the Rainbow Dissolution SmartWare software. The Rainbow Monitor is a powerful tool to aid those requiring multiple, accurate dissolution analyses performed with minimal operator involvement.  The Rainbow Monitor can be used in conjunction with all major dissolution baths used in pharmaceutical laboratories, such as VanKel, Distek, Hanson, Sotax, etc.  Part of the power of the Rainbow System stems from its ability to act as a dissolution monitor, spectrophotometer, and data analyzer, simultaneously.  No longer is it necessary to run a dissolution on one system, transfer the sample to another system for analysis (UV spectrophotometer or HPLC), and then process the data and analyze results on a third system containing spreadsheets and graphical representations.
The Rainbow Dynamic Dissolution Monitor system, powered by the versatile Rainbow Dissolution SmartWare software program, allows users to perform all of those functions in one integrated system. The Rainbow Monitor utilizes a dip type UV probe to measure the amount of active drug released from a solid dosage form. Typically, six UV transflectance probes are placed into separate vessels and reside in situ for the duration of the test. Each probe is connected to its own miniature photo diode array (PDA) spectrometer via a fiber optic light guide. The Rainbow Monitor utilizes a series of Zeiss PDA spectrometers interfaced to a dip probe to generate real time dissolution curves.
Delta F Corporation.
Delta F Corporation is a manufacturer of process oxygen analyzers, moisture analyzers, and dual moisture and oxigen analyzers. Delta F oxigen analyzers incorporate the Delta F coulometric sensor uses a non-depleting, ambient temperature oxygen reaction. The optional Stab-El system removes acids and ionic impurities from the electrolyte that could compromise the sensor's performance. Non-Depleting Gas-phase oxygen sensors provide unsurpassed long-term stability and eliminates periodic replacement, frequent calibration. Every analyzer is factory calibrated to NIST standards. Products: Nano Trace II Oxygen Analyzer (75 ppt Low Detection Level, Automated Maintenance Log, Automated Data Logging, Ultimate in ultra-trace oxygen detection), Nano Trace Oxigen Analyzer (200 ppt Low Detection Level, Industry standard for UHP trace oxygen measurements), Platinum Process Oxygen Analyzer (Microprocessor based electronics, Class 1, Division 1 or 2 versions available, Temperature Compensation), General Purpose Analyzer (Single or Triple Range, Ranges from 0-10 ppm to 0-25%, Remote NEMA 4 or NEMA 7 Sensors), Low Cost Analyzer (Ranges from 0-10 ppm to 0-25%), OEM Analyzer for system integration.
Delta F provides comprehensive assistance for a broad variety of application problems including sample gases with acids, hydrocarbons, particles and other contaminants. Depending on the model, Delta F analyzers can be configured to provide a wide choice of outputs for data collections and process control systems. Most Delta F analyzers can be configured for remote operation and all can be ordered with classified area enclosures.
The Delta F 700 Series analyzers (DF-750 NanoTrace Moisture Analyzer and DF-760 NanoTrace Dual Moisture and Oxygen Analyzer ) use TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) technology to measure moisture in gases.
Delta Instruments B.V.
Delta Instruments (the Netherlands) is a manufacturer of automated analytical instrumentation for the analysis of milk and milk derivatives (raw milk analyzers, dairy analysis instruments). Delta Instruments manufactures mid infrared analyzers for the dairy industry: filter photometric mid-IR raw milk analyzer, cheese analyzer, FTIR raw milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream analyzer (FTIR spectrometer for raw milk and dairy analysis). Delta Instruments manufactures somatic cell counter for raw milk (flow cytometer for accurate determination of somatic cells in row milk). The company also offers fully automated systems for both compositional analysis of row milk and somatic cell counting (filter mid-IR milk analyzer or FT-IR milk analyzer + somatic cell counter).
Deltalab S.A.
Deltalab is a Spain manufacturer of plasticware. The catalogue covers the following product lines: Test Tubes, Microtubes, Petri Dishes (is the largest product range in catalogue: test tubes, caps, pipette tips, petri dishes, PCR, Microtubes, serological pipettes, sample bags, cups, inoculating loops, etc.), Swabs, Blood Collection Tubes, Sample Containers, Cytology and Pathology, Hygiene and Safety products, General Laboratory products, Containers, racks and baskets, Storage cabinets, Glass products, Timers and Automatic Pipettes.
DeltaTRAK Inc.
DeltaTRAK is a manufacturer of innovative portable instrumentation to enhance total quality management and food safety products such as digital thermometers, hygrometers, ISFET, pH meters, temperature and humidity recorders, electronic data loggers, thermolabels, disposable temperature recorders, infrared non-contact thermometers. Portable Infrared Thermometers- Non-contact IR Themometers from industrial to food use.
DeltaTRAK offers ColdTRAK, an information management program that includes high quality test instruments and software for monitoring environmental and processing conditions of temperature-sensitive commodities throughout the cold chain. Monitoring, recording, and validating the data of these conditions are essential to maintaining the safety and quality of perishable and temperature-sensitive products. Follow-up support and value-added services are an integral part of the ColdTrak program. A report of archived data is available upon request, including Web-hosted access, and free post-trip calibration services are provided to support insurance claims.
Denver Instrument Company.
Denver Instrument Company is a manufacturer of a broad range of laboratory equipment, including analytical and toploading balances, benchtop meters, titration systems, portable pH meters, calibration weights and moisture analyzers. Product lines: balances, calibration weights, electrochemistry meters, moisture analyzers, and titrators. Microwave Moisture / Solids Analyzer- The New M2 Microwave Moisture/Solids analyzer offers results in a fraction of the time of conventional microwave methods- Most samples yield results in less than 1 minute. IR-200 Moisture Analyzer offers standard performance for general purpose applications. Mark 2 Moisture Analyzer offers superior performance for more difficult applications. Mark 2HP Moisture Analyzer offers high performance in measuring low-level moisture and solids (below 0.5%).
Detection Technology, Inc.
Detection Technology is a manufacturer of the high performance silicon photodiodes, radiation detectors, their related electronics, and detector modules. Product lines: silicon photodiodes, radiation detectors, and  related electronics designed for a wide range of demanding light and radiation measurement applications. An extensive line of high-performance solid-state detectors, detector electronics, and detector modules. Special products include two series of diodes designed for X-rays, alpha-, beta-, and gamma radiation. Ultra-high sensitivity UV enhanced photodiodes. X-Scan linear array detectors (or x-ray line cameras) for food and pharmaceutical inspection, industrial on-line scanning and inspection, and non-destructive testing (NDT)
Detector Technology Inc.
Detector Technology (DeTech) is a manufacturer of channel electron multipliers. Detector Technology Inc, offers a complete line of continuous dynode electron multipliers for use in a variety of analytical instruments. DeTech offers an extensive line of replacement multipliers as well as a line of enhanced detectors which will provide the end users with longer life and increased sensitivity. DeTech offers a complete line of replacement multipliers for most major mass spectrometers in the market today. Also manufactures customized multipliers. The high energy dynode (HED) multiplier upgrade for increase sensitivity of old mass spectrometer- Detector Technology currently has designed HED upgrades for several instruments. They include the Hewlett Packard MSD and the Perkin Elmer QMASS. The HED 2000 offers an economical and easy solution for increased sensitivity. DeTech engineering has designed an easy conversion dynode upgrade by integrating a DC/DC converter onto the multiplier assembly. The DC/DC converter is a small vacuum safe voltage converter. The input from the converter comes from the high voltage applied to the electron multiplier. The converter output is -4.5 KV, which is the voltage applied to the dynode. Because the multiplier and the converter share the same power supply, no additional modifications to the mass spectrometer are required. Upgrading the instrument is as easy as changing the detector.
Detora Analytical, Inc.
Detora Analytical Inc is a manufacturer of on-line Corrosion Product Metals Monitoring (OCPM) Systems for on-line detection of metals in the sub-part-per-billion range in flow streams. Using XRF and a patented technology, Detora's On-line Metals Monitoring Systems achieve ppb and sub-ppb detection of metals spanning Aluminum to Uranium. The OCPM features real-time data display with direct connections to sample lines. The OCPM requires very little maintenance, needs no reagents, and produces no waste. 
The On-line Metals Monitoring System (OCPM) measures concentrations of parts per trillion to percent, operates on-line for monitoring a fluid stream or off-line to analyze samples, monitors single or multiple sample streams and adapts to water, oil, chemical, gas and air streams. The OCPM device incorporates patented technology to achieve superior detection limits for all but the lightest elements. Both particulate and dissolved elements can be monitored. 
The OCPM MP500 Mini-Portable On-line Metals Monitoring System is a portable, more compact version of the original OCPM system, which has been used commercially for corrosion product monitoring in the nuclear power industry.
The CST - 2000 Series laboratory XRF analyzers for general use and the CST - 3100 Series on-line elemental analyzers. Detora provides on-line XRF analyzers for easy elemental monitoring of single or multiple sample streams. The analyzers use an established analytical technique, energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (XRF), for simultaneious, multi-element analysis. Applications include monitoring wastewater, coating solutions, petroleum, chemical solutions, cooling water, food processes, and many other fluids.
Dexsil Corporation.
Dexsil Corporation is a manufacturer of portable instruments and field test kits for the detection and measurement of environmental contaminants in soil, oil, and water. Product lines: Detection and quantification of water in lubricating oil. Detection of halogens in used lubricating oil. Detection of PCB in dielectric fluid. Detection of total organic chlorine in oil/water mixtures and used antifreeze. Detection and quantification of total base and acid numbers in petroleum products and lubricating oils. On-site detection and quantification of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil. Detection and quantification of concentration of PCB and chlorinated organic compounds in soils and oil matrixes. Detection, quantification and logging of magnetic fields for surveys or detailed engineering studies. Also offers laboratory analysis and consultation. 
Dexsil products- PetroFLAG Analysis System for Hydrocarbons in Soil. L2000 PCB/Chloride Analyzer for the analysis of PCBs and other chlorinated organic compounds in soil and transformer oil. Clor-D-Tect Test Kits for analyzing used oil for chlorinated contaminants.Clor-N-Oil PCB Test Kits for analyzing transformer oil for PCBs. The PetroFLAG system provides the user with a complete method for analyzing soil samples for the presence of petroleum hydrocarbons. The procedure takes 15 minutes and up to 20 samples can be run concurrently.
The L2000 PCB/Chloride Analyzer is a portable instrument used to test for the presence of PCB in soil, in transformer oil and on surfaces.
HYDROSCOUT is a field portable test that quantifies water concentration in oil over a range of 0-20%, or 0-100%. It's an easy, inexpensive test that can be run by a driver at any pick-up or transfer point during the transportation process.
Field test kits that are quick, easy to use, and afford the user an economical advantage over costly and  time consuming laboratory methods. Kits detect PCB in dielectric fluid and soil, total (chlorine) in  waste oil, total petroleum hydrocarbon in soil, total organic chlorine in oil/water mixture and antifreeze. The Titra-Lube TBN for total base number determination in lubricating oils and Titra-Lube TAN for total acid number determination in petroleum products and lubricating oils. Both kits can be used in the field or in a laboratory setting.
Diablo Analytical Inc.
Diablo Analytical, Inc is an independent company that provides R&D level analytical application development services on a project basis. Diablo Analytical provides analytical project management services to industrial and commercial clients, filling the gaps being created as firms either downsize or eliminate analytical support staffs. Areas of expertise include analytical separations, on-line, in-situ, and process analysis, sample preparation, and computer applications. Specializes in the development and integration of custom analytical measurement applications and instrumentation- Gas Chromatography, Atomic Emission Detection for Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography, Ion Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Infrared / FTIR. For example the Agilent Technologies 5000A Real-Time Gas Analyzer combines Agilent's proven 5973N Mass Selective Detector technology, a specially-designed process sampling interface, and Diablo's MS Sensor 2.0 process analysis software for  Real-time chemical measurement for continuous improvement.
Diazem Corporation.
Diazem Corporation (Midland, Michigan, USA) is a manufacturer and supplier of High Perfomance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) columns and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) cartridges. Diazem Corporation offers 8 HPLC product lines based on silica gel media: General Purpose Product Line, Pharmaceutical Product Line, Protein & Peptide Product Line and Specialty Product Line. Direct Injection Product Line for the analysis of compounds in serum and other biological matrices. Ion Exchange Product Line- silica based columns bonded with benzyl tri-functional silanes. Normal Phase Product Line- rapidly equilibriates under normal phase conditions. Method Development Product Line for the combinatorial chemistry and high-throughout synthesis.
DICKEY-john Corporation.
DICKEY-john Corporation is a manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for agriculture. Analytical products for agriculture: GAC2000 Grain Moisture Tester - The DICKEY-john GAC2000 measures the capacitive reactance of a grain sample which is the measure of the dielectric constant, the most reliable predictor of grain moisture. GAC2100 Grain Moisture Tester - The GAC2100 combines fast, fully automatic analysis of grain moisture levels with superior communications technology to optimize the accuracy and performance of grain testing program. The Application-Matched Family of NIR Analyzers - Performance precisely tailored for the elevator, the production line, or the lab. INSTALAB 600 Series Near Infrared Reflectance Analyzer - A general purpose instrument capable of determining moisture, protein, oil and fat, starch, fiber, ash and other constituents in a wide variety of products.
Portable Moisture Testers - The DICKEY-john Harvest Hand & Tri-Grain both offer the reliability and accuracy. The units display a direct readout of moisture content and feature automatic temperature correction.
DigiLab Software GmbH, Germany.
DigiLab Software GmbH (Germany) is a software company developing chemistry software in C++. Product lines: Structure and Spectra-library Editing Program Chemograph Plus, Analytical Databases of new Designer drugs. Featured products: Mass spectra library "Designer Drugs" and Chemograph Plus MS/IR Structure library "Structural Data of Compounds Under Control".
Mass spectra library "Designer Drugs" 2006. This unique database contains an up-to-date collection of 5531 uncut EI- and CI- mass spectra of chemical agents used as marketed drugs as well as narcotic or psychotropic material that appeared on the illicit market in the last years. This MS library can be used separately and directly by the mass spectrometric software and is available for all common types of mass spectrometers.
The new Chemograph Plus product line - with the development of new extended functionality the well known drawing program Chemograph Plus will be separated into three different program editions. The Chemograph Plus Standard Edition is provided for free. The Standard Edition gives you the opportunity to use all functions of the powerful drawing tool. You can even load and edit different spectra types. The new Premium Edition represents the former version of Chemograph Plus containing the 3D-part for x-ray structures and the library editor in addition. The Professional Edition is a special offer for the user of our databases. Besides the given functions of the Premium Version you can use a large amount of tools to handle any kind of spectra libraries.
Drugbase - A Structural Database of Legal and Illegal Drugs. This database contains legal and illegal drugs that are essential to national law enforcement authorities and scientists engaged in their forensic analysis. The data give a comprehensive survey of more than 7000 chemical agents used as marketed drugs as well as narcotic or psychotropic material that appeared on the illicit market or was published in legitimate and underground literature in the last years.
Chemograph Plus library "Structural Data of Compounds Under Control". This database comprises the structural formulas, names, molecular masses and MS-, NMR-, UV and IR-spectra of new designer drugs and other narcotic or psychotropic material that appeared on the illicit market in europe or was published during the last years. 
MS daughter ion database "Onium Ions". This database supports you in the structural elucidation of onium ions (oxonium and imonium ions). This MS library can be used separately and directly by the mass spectrometric software and is available for all common types of mass spectrometers.
Dionex Corporation.
Dionex Corporation (USA) is a manufacturer and supplier of instrumentation, consumable products and accessory equipment for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC, LC-LC, LC-MS systems), ion chromatography (IC, IC-IC, IC-MS systems), process monitoring and control (process IC, LC analyzers), accelerated solvent extraction (ASE systems). Dionex Corporation manufactures analytical instrumentation for the life science, biotechnology, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, power generation, and electronics industries. Dionex Corporation manufactures quadrupole LC/MS and IC/MS systems (including compact mass spectrometric detector with Electrospray (ESI) or Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI) ion sources). Dionex Corporation manufactures IC/HPLC process analyzer system - ion chromatography and HPLC process analytical systems. Chromatography software and Data Management Systems for ion chromatography (IC), high performance liquid chromatography (analytical, micro, preparative HPLC), ion chromatography - mass-spectrometry (IC-MS) and high performance liquid chromatography - mass-spectrometry (LC-MS). 
Dionex Corporation supplies specialty analytical solutions based on ion chromatography or high performance liquid chromatography, for example IC system for amino acid determination in samples with high concentrations of carbohydrates (including in-line sample pretreatment cartridge removes carbohydrates from amino acid samples, ensuring reliable amino acid quantification). Dionex Corporation manufactures and supplies a broad range of accessories, consumables, polymeric and silica-based ion-exchange and reversed-phase columns for IC, HPLC, IC-MS and HPLC-MS applications, for examlpe the Monolith HPLC columns for fast, high-resolution separations of large biomolecules. The Monolith HPLC columns feature low backpressure, high loading capacity, and stability over a wide pH range. Also IC/LC chromatography reagents and standards.
Dionex Corporation offers powerful biochromatography systems analyzing carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, peptides, nucleic acids. Analytical systems based on couple high-performance anion chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection provides direct determination of monosaccharides (glucose, fructose, mannose), disaccharides (sucrose, maltose), trisaccharides, alditols (sorbitol, mannitol), polycaccharides, glycols (glycerols, propylene glycol), glycoprotein monosaccharides, glycoprotein oligosaccharides, sialic acids, amino acids (using integrated pulsed amperometric detection both primary and secondary amino acids can be sensitively determined without derivatization of sample). Amino acid analysis systems (amino acid analyzers) features detection limits in the low-picomole to sub-picomole range (without derivatization), and provides quantitative analysis of amino acids (including tryptophan and sulfur-containing amino acids), phosphoamino acids, carbohydrates, amino sugars in fermentation broths, cell cultures, physiological fluids, foods and beverages, profiling of amino acids, carbohydrates, amino sugars in protein hydrolysates. Also high-performance, biocompatible  liquid chromatography systems for proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, synthetic oligonucleotides, phosphorothioate oligonucleotides separations, supercoiled plasmid and linear DNA separation, peptide mapping, separation of proteins from their deamidated or phosphorylated forms.
Directed Energy, Inc.
Directed Energy, Inc (DEI) is a manufacturer and supplier of pulse generators, modulators, pulsed and quasi-CW laser diode drivers, power MOSFET transistors and other products for the generation, delivery and measurement of high power, high fidelity electrical pulses. Applications include test and measurement, lasers, mass spectroscopy, dielectric and insulation testing, component and pulsed IV testing, radar, electro-optics and acoustics.
Dispersion Technology, Inc.
Dispersion Technology Inc is a manufacturer of nstrumentation for characterizing of concentrated dispersions and emulsions, measurement of particle size distribution, zeta-potential, coagulation and flocculation in concentrated systems. The Model DT100 Acoustic Spectrometer for particle size measurements. Model DT200 Electroacoustic Spectrometer for zeta potential measurements. Model DT1200 Acoustic & Electroacoustic Spectrometer for both particle size and zeta potential. Model DT300 Zeta Potential Probe for zeta potential measurements. 
Key Benefits- No dilution needed, measure samples as is. Wide particle size range. Small sample volume. No particle size calibration required. Measures particle size even for extreme cased of conductivity, for example Portland cement. Works even with conducting particles. Particle size measurement does not require charged particles. Works with mixtures of dissimilar materials, e.g. alumina/zirconia ceramic slip. Measures particle size in polymer solutions with extremely high macroscopic viscosity. Options: automatic titration with 1or 2 burettes, pH and temperature measurement, conductivity measurement, circulating pump for very viscous samples and ports for remote or "on-line" measurements.
Distek, Inc.
Distek, Inc is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products testing and dissolution systems. Distek, Inc manufactures equipment for dissolution testing for product development, quality control and research laboratories throughout the pharmaceutical industry. The PREMIERE 5100 technician-friendly dissolution tester. The next generation in dissolution testing, the bathless concept. "Bathless" means the end to leaks, cleaning and maintenance. The Model 5100 measures, displays, controls, and prints  temperature in each vessel during the test. Heats media in  less than ten minutes. Automated UV dissolution with the  Hewlett-Packard diode array and on-line / off-line HPLC system. Distek is a manufacturer of tablet hardness, disintegration and friability test instruments.
Dodgen Industries Inc.
Dodgen Industries Inc is a manufacturer of mobile laboratories for on-site air, water, soil, bio-hazard, or pollution monitoring. Dodgen Industries has specialized in designing and building custom vehicles, including fully self-contained mobile laboratories (20' remote air monitoring laboratory, 30' wet chemistry mobile lab). Custom designed and manufactured trucks and trailers for environmental, regulatory, and education applications since 1947. Mobile lab equipped with electricity, AC, water, and gases. Applications include: are, water, soil, haz-mat, environmental and pollution testing, other specialized needs.
Dolan-Jenner Industries, Inc.
Dolan-Jenner Industries, Inc is a manufacturer of the Fiber-Lite fiber optic illumination systems for microscopy, imaging, and machine vision. Dolan-Jenner manufactures a wide range of illuminators and fiber optic configurations that solve lighting problems. Offer a broad spectrum of standard products, and custom design products to suit individual customer requirements. Dolan-Jenner's standard line includes over 300 different types of fiber optic light guides. The two standard constructions are straight and dual branch. Many tip configurations are available for both ends. Dolan-Jenner has four different types of quartz fiber available.
domnick hunter limited.
domnick hunter group plc is an international group of companies dedicated to developing and supplying innovative, high quality and cost effective filtration, purification and separation products. The many group operations are divided into two business segments: Industrial Operations, to serve the worldwide compressed air market with a full range of air treatment products. Process Operations, to specialise in the manufacture and supply of filters for the clarification, stabilisation and sterilisation of liquids and gases principally in the pharmaceutical, beverage, food and electronics industries, and also in laboratories.
domnick hunter limited is a manufacturer of a range of on-site gas generation equipment principally for the production of both nitrogen and hydrogen. The NITROX range of laboratory gas generators allows users to produce ultra high purity nitrogen, hydrogen, zero air and CO2-free air on-site for use in a wide range of laboratory applications. MAXIGAS Nitrogen Generators- domnick hunter MAXIGAS nitrogen generators allow users to produce a continuous supply of nitrogen gas from compressed air. Nitrogen can be produced at purity from 97% to 99.999% to suit the application. Nitrogen generators are specifically designed for LC/MS and ICP-OES applications.
DOPAK Sampling Systems.
DOPAK Sampling Systems is a manufacturer of cost-effective closed-loop and closed vent sampling systems, process sampling systems. DOPAK Sampling Systems manufacturer sampling systems for solids, liquids, gases and liquid-gas combinations, sample containers, caps, septum and sampler recovery system.
Dosapro Milton Roy.
Dosapro Milton Roy is a manufacturer of dosing pumps, mixers, dosing systems and valves (equipment for dosing and mixing of liquids). The Dosapro Milton Roy engineering team has been developing dosing systems designed to answer the most restricting requirements of special applications. Dosapro Milton Roy manufactures a wide range of products for dosing and mixing of liquids (dosing and mixing of fluids). Dosing pumps- 6 series of dosing pumps and more than 20,000 options and variants cover ratings from 0.4 cc/mn to more than 30,000 l/hour under pressures up to 700 bars. Dosapro Milton Roy equips almost all industrial sectors by a very large selection of agitators covering a range of volumes from 30 liters to 5,000 m3 and installed powers up to 1,000 kW. Polymer preparation units. Preparation and dosing units. With a confidence born of experience in the field of fluids, Dosapro Milton Roy possesses a wide range of full valves. Hand or automatically controlled, without stuffing boxes, the valves of the PIC series ensure absolute tightness and the large variety of materials used for construction ensures a greater resistance to chemical action or corrosion.
Draeger Sicherheitstechnik GmbH.
Drager is a manufacturer of gas detection instrumentation: from indoor detection systems for determining the presence of airborne contaminants in living and office areas to complex measuring and warning systems for detecting hazardous substances or explosive gases in all branches of industry. Drager is a manufacturer of portable gas detection instruments, based on three principles to detect gases and vapours, the catalytic Ex-sensor principles, the electrochemical sensor principles and the infrared sensor principles.
Multiwarn II - Portable multi gas detection instrument with NiCd power pack and integrated pump as an option, up to five sensor ports: 1 infrared sensor (CO2 or Ex) 1 catalytic Ex-sensor and up to three electrochemical sensors for O2 or Tox / choice from more than 35 different gases, audible and visible alarm. MiniWarn - Personal Gas Measurement with Multiwarn-Functions. microPac - The pocket-sized gas warning instrument for CO, H2S and O2. 
PAC III - Personal single gas detection instrument with the option of either a rechargeable NiCd power pack, alkaline batteries or lithium batteries for measurement up to 35 different toxic gases and oxygen, audible and visible alarm (ppm, Vol. %). PAC Ex - Personal Ex-single gas detection instrument for measurement of explosive gases and vapors with NiCd power pack, audible and visible alarm (LEL).
Dr. Ehrenstorfer GmbH .
Dr. Ehrenstorfer GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of analytical standards, reference materials, environmental standards for residue analysis and environmental analysis. Analytical Standards: Pesticides and pesticide metabolites, PAH, PBB, PCB, Phenol, Volatiles, Semi-Volatiles and other potential pollutants like azodyes, toxaphen single congeners, optical active enantiomers, explosives, polycyclic musk compounds, epa method mixes, stable isotope labelled chemicals like deuterated compounds, 13C labelled compounds. In neat form, as individual solutions (10 and 100 mg/L) and in mixes. Also offer Standards for EPA methods. An ISO 9001 manufacturer. Custom designed mixes according to your requirements with Certificate and ISO 9001. Dr. Ehrenstorfer GmbH synthetise stable isotope labelled and unlabelled chemicals and metabolites. The specialized library of mass spectra with more than 1450 spectra including pesticides, pesticide metabolites, PAH, PBB, PCB explosives and other environmental important chemical compounds.
Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron AG.
Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron AG is a manufacturer of high quality test equipment for the pharmaceutical industries: tablet testing systems (weight, thickness, diameter and hardness), and cap torque measuring systems. Tablet Hardness Tester, Tablet Testing Systems and Cap Torque Analyzer. Tablet Hardness Tester - The new 8M is capable of measuring sample thickness, diameter and hardness. Tablet Testing Systems - The Autotest 4 is capable of testing a wider variety of tablet shapes than any other instrument on the market. Practically any imaginable design, including oblong, diamond, hexagon and other special shapes, are automatically brought to the correct position by the transport system (patent applied for) and fed to the measuring station. Capsule Option. The new DR. SCHLEUNIGER Pharmatron Model ATW tablet tester was developed to test large tablets and other bulky samples. Quickly and accurately measure weight, thickness, diameter and hardness of detergent or effervescent tablets and similar large compressions. Cap Torque Analyzer - The TM 200 is a torque-measuring device specially designed to work on bottle caps. The exact determination, especially of the opening torque, is a quality-defining factor. Use of the TM 200 provides reliable assurance and documentation that caps have been closed with the appropriate amount of torque. Even child-resistant caps requiring downward force during the opening operation can be tested.
Dr. Wolfgang Kernchen GmbH.
Dr. Wolfgang Kernchen GmbH, Seelze, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automatic refractometers, automatic polarimeters, chiral detectors for HPLC as well as analytical instrumentation and computerised laboratory systems for the sugar industry. Dr Wolfgang Kernchen GmbH manufactures automatic polarimeters (laboratory and process instruments), automatic refractometers (laboratory and process instruments), chiral detectors for HPLC, analytical instruments and computerized laboratory systems for the sugar industry (sugar content, dry substance content, purity, reflectance color of white sugar, quality of sugar beet or sugar cane), automatic dilution and dosage system. On-Line Process Analyser for Carbohydrate Syrups. 
The PROPOL Digital Automatic Polarimeter - Chiral Detector for HPLC. Self-balancing polarimeter with magneto-optical compensation by Faraday effect.
D-Star Instruments Inc.
D-Star Instruments Inc is a manufacturer of UV-detectors for HPLC dual wavelength detector, fixed wavelength detectors, variable wavelength detector, low price automated isocratic and gradient HPLC systems. OEM partner for companies specializing in separation sciences such as HPLC, HPCE, µHPLC, and SFC. Offer UV-VIS HPLC fixed, dual, and varible wavelength detectors and flowcells for most chromatography applications designed for OEM and end-user. Completely integrated, but low price HPLC systems: fixed and variable wavelength manual isocratic systems; fixed and  variable wavelength automated isocratic and gradient systems with new dual channel Star-Chrom 32-bit software. Autosampler-autoinjector designed specifically for HPLC and non-chromatographic flow techniques.
Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
Dwyer Instruments is a manufacturer of the measurement and control instrumentation for pressure, flow, air velocity, level, temperature, humidity and combustion testing, such as the Magnehelic pressure gages, Photohelic switch/gages, Rate Master flowmeters, and Hi-Flow valves. 
Dwyer Instruments manufactures: single pressure transmitters (adjustable range pressure transmitters, fixed range pressure transmitters, indicating pressure transmitters, industrial pressure transducer, sanitary pressure transmitters, weatherproof pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitters and indicating differential pressure transmitter, duct pressure transmitter, rangeable differential pressure transmitter, wet differential pressure transmitters for air, gas, liquid, and vapor), handheld digital manometers, wet handheld digital manometer, portable inclined manometers, u-tube manometers, single pressure switches, differential pressure switches, single pressure gages, differential pressure gages, switch-gages, timers and controllers, flow switches, flow indicators - transmitters, flow sensor, digital mass flow meters, flowmeters and flow totalizers, air velocity transmitters, air velocity meter, handheld digital thermo-anemometer and handheld digital mini-vane thermo-anemometers, flow sensors - pitot tubes, air velocity kit, portable wind meters and vaneometer, wind speed indicator, level indicators and controllers, continuous level transmitters, ultrasonic level transmitters, submersible level transmitters, liquid level transmitter, float type level switches, chamber type level switches, optical level switches, multi-station level switches, sludge - slurry switches, conductivity switch, ultrasonic switch, radio frequency switches, dry bulk switches, proximity sensor, temperature controllers and temperature - process controllers, alarms - timers, temperature switches, temperature indicators, temperature transmitters, temperature sensors and thermometers, valve position indicators, ball valves, control valves, butterfly valves, needle valves, specialty valves, actuators - positioners,  i/p pressure transducers, regulators, handheld carbon monoxide monitors, handheld combustion analyzer, combustible leak detector, refrigerant leak detector, combustion test kit and smoke gage kit, data loggers and recorders, signal conditioners, relative humidity - temperature transmitter, handheld digital hygrometers, handheld thermohygrometer, test equipment such as calibrators, psychrometers, accessories.
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