Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Classified catalogue of the manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (spectroscopy instruments, chromatography instruments, gas analysis, elemental analysis, thermal analysis instruments, food analysis instruments, pharmaceutical analysis, water analysis instruments, process analytical instruments, materials testing equipment, petroleum testing instruments), laboratory equipment (sample preparation equipment). Систематический каталог производителей и поставщиков аналитического оборудования (приборы для спектроскопии, хроматографии, анализа газов, элементного анализа, термоанализа, анализа пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализа воды, поточного химического анализа, испытания материалов, контроля нефтепродуктов), лабораторного оборудования (пробоподготовка).
Current edition (since March 13, 1998)- Текущая редакция  (с 13 марта 1998).
Alphabetical catalogue of companies: Алфавитный каталог компаний:
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G - index of alphabetical catalogue in English language. G - индекс алфавитного каталога на русском языке.
Galvanic Applied Sciences, Inc.
Galvanic Applied Sciences (formerly Galvanic Analytical Systems) manufactures process analytical and contol instrumentation for the natural gas industry (process on-line gas chromatograph for natural gas BTU measurement, natural gas flow and pressure measurement system, H2S and total sulfur in natural gas analyzer), chemical and petrochemical industries (gas chromatographs - sulphur analysers for lab and process sulphur measurement, H2S and total sulphur in liquids analyzer, on-line amine analyzer), emissions monitoring (continuous emission monitoring systems, CEMS), water treatment process (water quality monitors). Galvanic Applied Sciences is a manufacturer of equipment, instruments, systems for composition measurement for gases and liquids, continuous natural gas analysis, sulphuric gases analysis, determination of hydrogen sulphide and total sulphur levels in process gas streams and liquids, measurement of the both rich and lean amines content in process gases.
Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures at-line, in-line, on-line gas chromatographs (GC systems with sulfur chemiluminescence detector), GC natural gas analyser, infrared gas analyzer (CO2, CH4, and CO analyzer), volume correctors and pressure recorders for the natural and process gas streams, in-line viscometers, in-line optical and acoustic transmitters for process liquids. Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures the lead acetate series of total sulphur analyzers for low-level sulphur measurement in pipeline and process gases, the acid gas analyzer system for continuous and accurate determination of the hyrogen sulphide concentration in the sulfur plant inlet acid gas stream, and the sulfur plant tail gas analyzer system.
Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures equipment, instruments, systems for continuous viscosity measurement of liquids (the Nametre in-line viscometers, viscosity sensors and transmitters), continuous turbidity, suspended solids and color measurments of liquids (the Monitek in-line turbidity, suspended solids and color monitors and sensors). Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures the Tytronic dual wavelength UV-Color analyzer provides accurate measurements of dissolved organics and colored species in drinking water, process water, surface water, wastewater).
GAMBICA Association Ltd.
GAMBICA is the national organization representing the interests of companies in the instrumentation, control, automation and laboratory technology industry in the UK. Gambica Association Ltd is the British Trade Association for the instrumentation, control and automation industry. As the Trade Association for the instrumentation, control and automation industry in the UK, GAMBICA's aims are to promote and represent the interests of its members and to further the successful development of this sector of industry. GAMBICA covers five principal sectors of the industry: laboratory based analytical and measuring equipment, test and measurement equipment for electrical and electronics industries, process measurement and control equipment and systems, environmental measurement and monitoring equipment, industrial control and power electronics components and systems.
Gatan, Inc.
Gatan (USA) manufactures instrumentation and software used to enhance and extend the operation and performance of electron microscopes (SEM, TEM systems). Gatan is a manufacturer of spectrometers, spectrum imaging devices for SEM and TEM systems, X-Ray microscopes, specimen preparation equipment, specimen holders for transmission electron microscopy. Gatan manufactures a range of analytical holders, cooling and cryo transfer holders, environmental cell and vacuum transfer holders, heating, straining and multiple specimen transfer holders and tomography holders. Gatan manufactures cooled CCD cameras for transmission electron microscopes (CCD cameras provides a TEM with both high-resolution digital imaging and analytical capabilities). Gatan manufactures electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy-filtered TEM (EFTEM) systems for analytical TEM applications. Spectrometer systems for analytical TEM provides information about material samples probed by a transmitted electron beam, including sample thickness, elemental and chemical composition, electronic structure and energy levels, frequency-dependent dielectric response, and element-specific radial distribution of atoms. Gatan offers devices and software to enhance and support scanning-mode TEM (STEM) analysis, including digital beam scan and imaging systems, STEM detectors optimized for the STEM EELS technique, EDS data acquisition and analysis software, spectral imaging and analysis software. Gatan manufactures cathodoluminescence imaging systems, spectroscopy and spectrum imaging systems, cryo-SEM equipment. Gatan offers software suite for EELS and EFTEM composition mapping, TEM auto-tuning, diffraction pattern analysis, and 3D tomography-acquisition. Gatan manufactures a specially designed ultra-microtome for life science researchers, operating in situ within a variable pressure, field emission SEM, allowing automated acquisition of 3D ultrastructure by sequentially imaging the freshly cut, resin embedded block face. Gatan also manufactures the SEM-hosted high resolution X-ray microscope providing an internal view of the structure of samples without cross-sectioning (X-ray microscopy + scanning electron microscopy = 3D tomographic imaging).
GB Scientific, Inc.
GB Scientific (USA) offers refurbish MS instruments, service and upgrade for magnetic sector mass spectrometers. GB Scientific provides a range of refurbished magnetic sector mass spectrometers tested in-house to meet original factory specifications (mass-spectrometry instruments: M-Series Autospec, V-Series Autospec, Autospec Ultima, 70VSE, Micromass Q-Tof II, Waters 2695 Alliance LC System, Micromass Quattro Ultima ESI + APCI). GB Scientific Inc is a supplier of quality spare parts for mass spectrometry instruments. GB Scientific Inc manufactures a wide range of consumable parts are available to the users of VG's organic mass spectrometers, including filaments, source heaters, glass jets, individual source parts such as plates, leads, repeller, trap, complete retractors, source ceramics, heated re-entrants, gaskets, EMI electron multipliers, metal spacers, O-rings, source slits and more. Also a wide range of non-consumable parts. These include probes, flanges, housing, complete ion sources and various electronic components not readily available outside the United Kingdom.
Sample analysis by IRMS (Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry)- GB Scientific provides a range of research services to the geological and petrochemical industries. GB Scientific, Inc. is a modern laboratory specializing in Compound Specific Isotope Ratio Analysis (CSIA). Laboratory is equipped with modern continuous flow - isotope ratio mass spectrometer, dedicated to isotope ratio analysis of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur (the light stable isotopes: hydrogen-2, carbon-13, nitrogen-15, oxygen-18 and sulfur-34).
GBC Scientific Equipment Pty Ltd.
GBC Scientific Equipment Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of analytical and scientific instruments: atomic absorption spectrometers (AAS), UV-visible spectrometers (UV-Vis spectrophotometers), inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometers (ICP-OES instruments), inductively coupled plasma time of flight mass spectrometers (ICP-TOF-MS instruments), X-ray diffractomerers (XRD instruments), high performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC equipment) and rheometer instruments (rheological analysis equipment).
Atomic Absorption Products- The current range of AA spectrometers includes the superlative Avanta series, offering fully automated multi-element capabilities, the compact 932/933, and a complete range of accessories including graphite furnace system, hydride system, and autosamplers.
High Performance Liquid Chromatography Products- GBC manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of quality HPLC products from turn-key HPLC systems to stand-alone modules including autosamplers, pumps, detectors, on-line degassers and accessories, columns.
GBC provides a comprehensive range of modular detectors: Variable Wavelength UV-Vis Detector, Programmable Variable Wavelength UV-Vis Detector, Programmable Rapid Scanning Multiple Wavelength UV-Vis Detector, Programmable Scanning Dual Wavelength UV-Vis Detector, Refractive Index Detector, Programmable Scanning Fluorescence Detector, Electrochemical Detector, Conductivity Detector, Photo Diode Array UV-Vis Detector.
The new Anions and Cations System contains all the HPLC components that are required to perform anion and cation Ion Chromatography. Utilising an autosuppressor with solid phase suppressor cells, this system is capable of analysis of these analytes to concentrations of 50 ppb or less. The autosuppressor converts high-conductivity mobile phase to a low or non-conducting species and also converts low-conductivity analyte ions to high-conductivity acids (anions) or bases (cations) resulting in a significant increase in sensitivity. This High Sensitivity Ion Chromatography System can easily be upgraded to provide complete automation by adding a GBC LC1650 autosampler. 
ICP-OES Products- The Integra range of ICP-OE spectrometers includes sequential (Integra XL), simultaneous (Integra XP) and sim/seq (Integra XMP) configurations with a range of options and accessories. The new bench top ICP-TOFMS incorporates an orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight mass spectrometer that has the advantages of high speed and simultaneous mass determination without any compromise in mass range, sensitivity or precision.
UV-Visible Products- The Cintra family ranges from cost effective systems required for routine applications to superior performance systems with exceptional stray light rejection that allows you to confidently analyse demanding samples beyond 4 absorbance units.
GBX (France) is a manufacturer of laboratory instrumentation for surface chemistry (contact angle meter, automated goniometer - tensiometer), viscosity measurement (non contact viscometer), water activity measurement (water activity meter).
Gearing Scientific.
Gearing Scientific is a manufacturer of scientific equipment for polymer and other materials thermomechanical analysis (TBA, DMTA, DMA instruments and polymer standards for calibration). Gearing Scientific is a service provider and supplier of spare parts for material characterization and test instruments: supporting the old PL DMTA instruments around the world with genuine spares, training and service (including HP300). Product lines: thermal and mechanical analysis equipment. Special highly characterised & narrow GPC-SEC polymer standards. Fire and Smoke analysis equipment. Portable viscosity measurement for the QC lab or shop floor. Contract materials testing.
Thermal and mechanical analysis equipment: Very accurate dynamic mechanical testers for the bulk material properties at a wide range of stresses, vibration frequencies and temperature-humidity. Torsional Braid Analyser (TBA) for study from liquid through to glassy solid as a thin coating. Unique world first autosampled DMTA system for compression, tension or 3-point bend. Thermal conductivity apparatus for large pieces of solid foams. New system for higher conductivity samples such as ceramics and carbon fibre fille composites. Retramat for the thermal shrinkage of thin packaging films to ISO 14616.
Special Highly Characterised & Narrow GPC-SEC Polymer Standards: Special polymers such as narrow GPC-SEC standards or other highly characterised ones which can then be used to calibrate other apparatus, or for research. These include deuterated ones, block co-polymers each of low polydispersity, star and comb shaped polymers or with particular end-groups, plus a wide range of broader polymers with a full characterisation for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic ones.
Portable Viscosity Measurement for the QC Lab or Shop Floor: Viscosimat is a portable system which can be carried easily upto the top of a plant reactor. A lab version has an oil bath and can give much better temperature control upto 150 degrees C.
Fire and Smoke Analysis Equipment: Fire Testing particularly of smoke to study corrosivity (ISO 11907 with the Corrosimat) and smoke density from a few grams of material at upto 100 tests per day. (Fumenometre). Oxygen Index apparatus.
GECIL Process.
GECIL Process (France) is a manufacturer of automatic laboratory equipment for the petroleum and petrochemical industry (automatic distillation apparatus, automatic ASTM petroleum testing instruments, moisture and density measuring instruments, gas chromatography software, geochemistry analyzers and a line of analyzers and pilot units for catalyst and process evaluation). Products: Automatic petroleum testing instruments for flash points, cloud and pour point CFPP, oxidation tests, softening point, penetrometer; distillation D86, D1160, D2892, D5236, Noack evaporation loss, demulsibility. Gas chromatographic analyzers: DHA, PONA, PIONA, RON, MON; SIMDIS and HT simulated distillation. Moisture and density measurement: Karl Fischer coulometric titrator, portable and in-line industrial density meters. Catalyst mechanical testers: bulk, grain, attrition, abrasion.
Gemini Scientific Instruments.
Gemini Scientific Instruments is a manufacturer of universal gas sampling accessories for infrared spectroscopy (gas sample cells compatible with any infrared spectrometer). Gemini Specialty Optics manufactures a wide range of gas sampling accessories. Gemini Satellite Technology extends the dynamic range of the spectrometer for gas analysis by providing short and long pathlengths in a single accessory. EndeavIR Gas Sampling Stations incorporate the most advanced features for gas sampling into complete solutions for use with FTIR spectrometers. Cells are provided in many combinations of pathlengths and volumes from a variety of cell hardware and optical materials.
Ultra low-volume multi-pass and single pass gas sample cells - Pathlengths from 10cm to 2.5 meters. Low volume, long path cells - Pathlengths from 1 meter to 6.5 meters. Room temperature or high temperature operation up to 200C. Standard cell holders for FTIR sample compartment mounting, or transfer optics and mounting fixture for any FTIR spectrometer.
Moderate volume long path gas cells. Pathlengths from 10 meters to 20 meters. Room temperature or high temperature operation up to 200C. Fixed or variable pathlength. Custom baseplate and transfer optic interface for any FTIR spectrometer.
Ruggedized industrial-strength long path gas absorption cells. All-metal construction of either nickel coated aluminium, or stainless steel (passivated or electropolished). Pathlengths from 1 to 20 meters. Pressures from vacuum to 125 p.s.i. Designed for highly demanding or corrosive applications.
Research-grade long path gas cells from 50 meters to 100 meters or more. Custom transfer optics and mounting hardware for center-focus or side port use on spectrometer systems. Cell body materials are borosilicate glass or Quartz.
Genesis Laboratory Systems Inc.
Genesis Laboratory Systems Inc (formerly Thermo Vision Colorado) is a manufacturer of analytical instruments for elemental analysis (mercury analyzers). Genesis Laboratory Systems manufactures continuous-flow mercury analyzer with automatic sample handling and low (PPT) detection limits. Jarrell Ash line of monochromators and spectrographs. The microprocessor controls monochromators, spectrographs, filter wheels, adjustable slits, and grating turrets.
Genevac Limited.
Genevac Limited is a manufacturer of corrosion proof and rapid evaporation systems for drug discovery applications (systems can easily be modified for operation by a laboratory robot). Sample formats include microtitre plates, test tubes & vials and custom formats. The systems range from the ultra-compact HT-4 system for benchtop applications to the ultra high throughput Mega evaporation system for production environments.
Mega Systems accommodating large numbers of samples in tube racks, reaction blocks, proprietary sample formats and microtitre plates. The new Genevac Open Access Evaporator offer the benefit of centrifugal evaporation combined with "open access" or 'walk-up' operation. It utilises the auto-balancing mechanism, which can handle up to 250 grams or more imbalance with minimal vibration. 
HPLC Dedicated Systems provide ultra rapid, low temperature evaporation of HPLC fractions, with minimal overheating risk to fast drying samples. The Genevac HPLC-dedicated centrifugal evaporation systems handle imbalanced loads of up to 85 grams as standard and can be strengthened to handle up to 250grams with minimal vibration using the Auto-Balancing Mechanism (ABM). HPLC dedicated systems use a unique solid aluminium rotor design and SampleGuard temperature controller to protect fast drying samples and simultaneously provide sufficient heat for the rapid evaporation of slow drying, higher water content samples.
Genser Scientific Instruments.
Genser Scientific Instruments (Germany) is a manufacturer of laboratory and industrial rotary evaporators (lab, pilot and process rotary evaporation systems), preparative HPLC columns and packing systems. Genser Scientific Instruments manufactures column packing systems and columns for process scale liquid chromatography. Genser Scientific Instruments also manufactures soduim presses - compact laboratory presses producing sodium wires for drying solvents.
GenTech Scientific, Inc.
GenTech Scientific, Inc. sells and services new and refurbished analytical equipment, accessories and consumables; supporting major brands like Agilent Technologies (Hewlett-Packard or HP), ThermoFinnigan (formerly Finnigan), Shimadzu, Waters, Perkin Elmer, Varian, Hitachi, and many others. GenTech Scientific specializes in GC, HPLC, GC/MS, and LC/MS instruments as well as autosamplers, purge and trap, headspace analyzers, vacuum pumps and repair and spare parts for analytical equipment. Full one-year warranty provided on most systems; installation and extended warranties available on all instruments. Supplier of new vacuum pumps from BOC Edwards and ULVAC, along with turbo molecular pumps, turbo controllers, and mechanical vacuum pumps. Extensive inventory of all systems, accessories, and consumable starter and maintenance kits. Distributor of PeakSimple Data System software (single, four, and six-channel) for GC and LC systems. GenTech Scientific provides expert bench-top service on GC, LC, and mass spectrometers.
Genvolt design and manufacture of custom and standard high voltage power supplies. Genvolt is a manufacturer of the ultra high voltage power supplies and accessories for X-Ray equipment, electron beam welders, nuclear and scientific research equipment.
C Gerhardt Fabrik und Lager chemischer Apparate GmbH & Co KG.
C Gerhardt Fabrik und Lager chemischer Apparate GmbH & Co is a manufacturer of distillation equipment, digestion equipment, extraction equipment, and shaking laboratory equipment.
Distillation equipment- Traditonal Distillation Systems, Programmable Distillation Systems, Fully automatic Distillation Systems with integrated Titration. Kjeldahl distillation apparatus. Rapid distillation systems Vapodest series for the steam distillation of Kjeldahl digestion and other samples.
Digestion equipment- Infrared Digestion Systems, Block Digestion Systems, CSB/COD - Digestion Systems, Trace Metal Digestion Systems, Traditional Digestion Systems, Scrubber. Heating equipment- Hotplates, Flask Heaters, Serial Heaters, Glass Dryer.
Extraction equipment- Traditional Extraction Systems, Crude Fibre / Hydrolysis Rapid Extraction Systems. Soxtherm- 6-place, fully automatic system of a new generation with external microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation and monitoring with free programming of the extraction procedure through-out the five phases. Up to 99 different programmes covering any combination of sample and solvent can be stored and recalled. Soxtherm is not only proven in the classical fat determination in feeds and food but as well in the determination of lipids, mineral oil in shale, oil and lubricants in sludge and waste waters, including the residue analysis of pesticides, PCBs and EOX in soil.
Shaking equipment- Large Shakers, Small Shakers, Incubator Shakers, Accessories. Thermoshake- Incubating shaker which providing vibration free and silent running with a robust drive mechanism for continuous long term operation, MCU control, user friendly operation, high tem-perature stability in working chamber, air circulation and interior light are all standard.
GERSTEL GmbH (Germany) is a manufacturer of analytical gas chromatography systems and periferals that significantly improve detection capabilities for the analysis of trace compounds in complex matrices. Analytical systems are enhanced by cooled programmable temperature vaporizing inlets, thermodesorption systems with optional autosampler, large volume and headspace injectors, olfactory detector ports, multidimensional GC systems, and preparative fraction collectors for component enrichment. Manufactures a range of GC Inlet Devices designed for HP Gas Chromatographs such as Cooled Injection System (Large Volume Injector for septumless cooled injection of up to 1000ul of sample). Online Solid PhaseExtraction (SPE) module for trace analysis of organic water contamination using online solid phase extraction and gas chromatography. Sample preparation and enrichment in one and the same system. Possibility of automated or direct sampling from waters.
The GERSTEL MultiPurposeSampler MPS 2 is an autosampler providing analysis either with liquid injection up to Large Volume, with static Headspace Technique or with Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME). The GERSTEL-MPS 2 is compatible with all GC systems and permits space-saving installation on top of the GC. Also TDS Thermal Desorber and a TDS Automated Thermal Desorber, PFC Preparative Fraction Collector, CTS CryoTrap System used in Multi-dimensional GC and MCS Multicolumn switching System. Complete GC systems available with the HeadSpaceSampler HSS, LargeVolumeSampler LVS, LC-GC Interface, or with the ThermoDesorption System TDS 2. Complete system for the automatic thermodesorption analysis with the Autosampler TDS A and Complete system for online thermodesorbtion analysis with the Thermodesorptions system TDS G.
GFL (Gesellschaft fur Labortechnik mbH.)
GFL is one of the leading manufacturers of constant temperature laboratory equipment: deep freezers, shakers, water baths, shaking water bath, incubators and water stills. GFL is a manufacturer of deep freezers (Chest freezers & Upright freezers), incubators, shakers and shaking water baths, tempering baths, thermostats, water stills. Chest and Upright Freezers especially suitable for long term storage of organic substances- for temperatures up to -85 °C, 30 to 500 litres capacity. Storage systems (accessories) for more orderly organisation of samples.
Shakers with orbital, reciprocating, orbital rocking, rocking or rotating motion. A wide variety of accessories. Test Tube Rotator. Rotating Shaker for processing soil samples.
Water Baths with and without circulation system, Water Baths for evaporation, Water Baths for fume hoods, Multiple Water Baths. Tissue Float Bath for stretching and drying cut tissues. Precision Thermostat. Shaking Water Baths with orbital or reciprocating motion. THERMOLAB- quadrothermal Shaking Water Bath with reciprocating motion- four individually settable temperatures. Shaking Incubators with orbital motion. Hybridisation Incubator for exact Detections of DNA and RNA probes. Mini Incubator and Tube Roller Incubator.
Water Stills with and without storage tank, Glass Water Stills. Water Stills for single and double distillation- for ultrapure, bacteria and pyrogen free distillate with very low conductivity.
GFS Chemicals, Inc.
GFS Chemicals, Inc is a manufacturer of laboratory chemicals, including pyridine-free Karl Fischer reagents, both coulometric and volumetric, silver salts, buffer solutions, trace metal grade acids, AA & ICP standards, HPLC solvents, rare earth salts, indicators and many other lab chemicals. Catalog of lab reagents and chemicals includes organic reagents, ultrahigh purity salts, research acetylenes and organosilanes, mass spectrometry standards.
Gilson Company, Inc.
Gilson Company, Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory test equipment for construction materials testing and materials characterization, particle sizing, particle size reduction, sampling, environmental testing. A comprehensive selection of materials testing equipment for laboratory and field-station use:
Construction materials testing equipment - standard test instruments for aggregate, hot mix asphalt, concrete, cement, and mortar.
Soil, mining and environmental testing equipment - soil, gas and water probes and samplers, moisture and permeability testers, chemical analysis kits, and apparatus for testing coal, ores, and petroleum liquids.
Particle Sizing equipment - testing screens, test sieves, sieve shakers, sonic and air-jet sievers, sedimentographs and an automated sieve analysis system. 
Representative Materials Sampling equipment - splitters, spinning rifflers, rotary sample dividers, and probes. 
Sample Particle Size Reduction equipment- crushers, grinders, pulverizers, and mills.
Gilson, Inc.
Gilson, Inc is a manufacturer of HPLC systems, SPE systems, liquid handling instruments, high-throughput robotic workstations, pipettes, fraction collectors, detectors, injectors. Gilson, Inc is a supplier of analytical solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
Automated solutions for drug discovery and combinatorial chemistry based on NEBULA Series liquid handlers: integrated synthesizer workstation and HPLC system for process development applications, high throughput chromatography system for analysis and purification of synthesized compounds, multiple probe liquid handler-injector to address microplates for high-throughput FIA-MS and automation of sample preparation.
HPLC Instruments and Systems from micro to preparative: Combinatorial Chromatography System, Personal Synthesizer System, Liquid Handler for LC/MS, Multiple Probe Liquid Handler with Injector, Research and Method Development System, QC/QA System, ASPEC and ASTED XL Systems, XL Sampling Injector, Liquid Handlers, Valve Actuator, System Controller Software, Pumps, Fraction Collectors, Detectors, Sampling Injectors. Pipets and Tips. Micro-analytical LC System. Solid Phase Extraction Systems. High Speed Purification / Column Regeneration System.
Gilson Pumps- 321/322 HPLC Pumps (Analytical and Semi-Preparative Chromatography Delivery System), Syringe Pump, Minipuls 3 Peristaltic Pump and 305, 306, 307 Pumps (Programmable pumps and pumping systems for reproducible results in gradient and isocratic HPLC with flow rates from 0.010 ml/min to 200 ml/min).
Gilson Detectors- Single Wavelength UV-VIS Detector, Dual Wavelength UV-VIS Detector, UV-VIS Detector, Fluorometer, Refractive Index Detector, Diode Array Detector.
SPE system - An automated solution for sample preparation, dry down, sample reconstitution and injection onto HPLC or LC/MS. Enables parallel cleanup, filtration and purification of combinatorial libraries and biological fluids. Performs injections of up to eight samples in parallel with the addition of the optional injection module.
Glas-Col Laboratory Products.
Glas-Col Laboratory Products is a manufacturer of laboratory heating and mixing products and homogenizing equipment for disrupting tissues and cells. Glas-Col Laboratory Products is a manufacturer of laboratory heating and mixing equipment including heating mantles, combination mantles, heating tapes and cords, controls, shakers, stirrers, rotators, and vortexers. Rugged Rotator. Control instruments for heating and mixing equipment.
Glass Expansion Pty Ltd.
Glass Expansion Pty Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of spare parts and consumables for ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments, including nebulizers, spray chambers, torches, RF Coils and cones. Glass Expansion Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of concentric nebulizers, concentric HF nebulizers, concentric microlitre nebulizers, concentric composite polymer nebulizers, V-groove nebulizers (ceramic, quartz and composite polymer), various cyclonic spray chambers, fully demountable ICP torches, all ceramic ICP torches, glass valves, pneumatic valves, microlitre and mililitre syringes, optic fibers, HPLC injector needles.
Global FIA, Inc.
Global FIA, Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of FIA and SIA analyzers, components and supplies for Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) and Sequential Injection Analysis (SIA). Global FIA maufactures a full range of FIA / SIA analytical instrumentation and components: Custom Analyzers- Bench-top, On-Line, Portable, Valves, Pumps (own milliGAT pump, the Alitea peristaltic pumps, and the Cavro syringe pump), Detectors, Modular FIA Frame Cabinets, Fittings and Tubing, Manifold Components, Tools and Accessories. FlowTEK, a full-feature FIA and SIA software. Global FIA will custom design and build complete analyzers configured for a user’s applications or provide all of the components and supplies that a customer would need to assemble and maintain his own analyzer. Consulting and applications development, training.
FloPro Custom Analyzers is a modular, custom analyzers which can easily be assembled from off-the-shelf components, or "building blocks". Global FIA's line of FIA-SIA FloPro instruments perform both FIA and SIA. They can be used for routine, on-line, and field analyses applications, as well as R&D and method development. With their modular design, based on panel-mounted components, the instruments can easily and quickly be configured to perform essentially any FIA or SIA methodology; or re-configured to change methodologies.
Global FIA has three basic FloPro models. The FloPro 9P has nine removable panels for mounting components for R&D, method development, complex methodologies, or perform two methods simultaneously. The FloPro 4P has only 4 panels.
The FloPro Portable 6P has 6 panels, and is contained in a rugged case with a lid which can be closed and latched to protect the components during transport. The compact, lightweight portable analyzer can easily be carried out into the field and set-up for on-site analyses. Because the FloPro Portable 6P is capable of continuous on-line monitoring, it can also be used as a powerful tool for temporary monitoring of plant process streams.
A range of detectors including both photometric and electrochemical detectors is offered. The simple and compact D3 LED-based photometer with a fixed LED wavelength, and an XL model with exchangeable LED wavelengths. A unique feature of the D3 is a patented dual diode design that eliminates refractive index effects. A flow-cell designed to be immune to stray trapped air bubbles is also available for use with both the D3 and the XL. Also a range of electrochemical detectors from pH and ISEs to a sensitive and compact amperometric detector. Low volume flow cells are available for all detectors.
Globe Scientific Inc.
Globe Scientific Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of routine and non-routine plastic disposables (plastic labware) for the laboratory needs. A comprehensive line of disposable laboratory plasticware for industrial and research laboratories. Globe Scientific Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of beakers, containers, cryovials, cuvettes, funnels, inoculation loops, microcentrifuge tubes, microtest plates, pipette tips, pipettors, sample cups, tubes, racks, stoppers, transfer pipettes and weighing dishes. Specialized products include aerosol barrier tips, tips for the Eppendorf repeater pipette, macro tubes and PCR tubes.
GL Sciences B.V. (Previously ATAS GL International B.V.)
ATAS GL International B.V. has changed its name to GL Sciences B.V. The company was already a part of GL Sciences Inc. since 2001,  but was operating as an independent subsidiary. GL Sciences B.V. is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Founded in 1990, the company specializes in development and manufacturing of high performance analytical instrumentation for gas chromatography systems. Starting April 1, 2014, GL Sciences B.V. is going to act as a European office for GL Sciences Inc
GL Sciences B.V. (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) is a manufacturer of automated sample inlet systems for gas chromatography and GC/MS (automated equipment for sample concentration and introduction into GC or GC/MS systems). GL Sciences manufactures automated devices and robotic systems for chromatography automation from sampling to injection. GL Sciences B.V. top product is the OPTIC injection system, an advanced GC injector whose ingenious patented temperature and gas control makes it highly suitable for most GC analyses. The OPTIC comprises the GC sample injection port, an electronic control unit and the Evolution Workstation control software. It is produced in cooperation with a number of Dutch companies. The last step in the product assembling and testing is done in-house in order to ensure its compliance with the high quality standards. 
The OPTIC as the advanced product is distinctive in many ways, not least in being able to increase the sample injection capacity up to 100 times. Raw samples can also be introduced into the gas chromatography process so that organic solvents do not have to be used. Also, use of faster, direct heating means that components can be transferred more rapidly to the GC column boosting up separation capacity. In order to widen the application range for OPTIC, GL Sciences B.V. has developed a number of accessories and options for this injection system. One of them is an automatic liner exchanger (LINEX) system.
GL Sciences manufactures automated sample introduction systems for hot split/splitless, cold split/splitless and on-column injections, rapid large volume sample injection (large volume introduction or LVI) without sample discrimination, direct sample introduction in microvial for difficult matrix analysis (difficult matrix introduction or DMI), cryogenic sample enrichment, high temperature injection, thermal desorption and pyrolysis, compatible with most popular makes and models of GC and GC-MS. GL Sciences manufactures robotic sample processor for the automatic preparation, extraction and injection of samples for GC analysis. Robotic device provides automatic liquid-liquid extraction, solid phase microextraction (SPME), on-line sample derivatisation, large and standard auto injection volumes, static headspace analysis. Robotic sample processor is programmable for different sampling protocols and compatible with most GC and GC/MS systems. Automated thermal desorption interface or direct thermal desorption (DTD) interface for GC and GC-MS uses the liner of the GC injection interface as a sample container. Thermodesorber provides fully automation analysis - putting the liner in injector is automated, and the analytes of interest are thermally desorbed from the liner onto the capillary GC column, after analyses of the sample and cooling down of the GC oven, the DTD interface opens and the liner is automatically replaced by a robotic system; the next sample can be subjected to DTD-GC-MS analyses. GL Sciences manufactures cryotrap features low consumption of liquid nitrogen. Cryotrap is easy to install on any type of GC or GC-MS system.
GL Sciences also manufactures equipment for GC-LC coupling.
GL Sciences, Inc.
GL Sciences, Inc. (Japan) is a manufacturer of GC instruments, HPLC instruments, chromatography accessories (valves and fittings), GC and HPLC columns and packings. Featured products for chromatography: A semi-micro high-speed liquid chromatograph. The SWA-256 Semiconductor Wafer Analyzer is an instrument that will analyze the organic compounds on the silicon wafer surfaces by thermal desorption gas chromatography. SWA-256 can analyze a silicon wafer in its complete form. By utilizing gas chromatography, SWA-256 can identify and quantify the individual compound even if multiple organic compounds exist on the surface of the silicon wafer. Gas Leak Detector for the detection of helium.
HPLC Columns: Inertsil HPLC columns. Four new HPLC phases are available from GL Sciences- Inertsil ODS-P, a polymeric C18 phase, has generic C18 characteristics with unique selectivity and exhibits excellent separation of PAH's. Inertsil NH2 for sugar analysis. Inertsil WP300-C8 for the analysis of proteins. Titansphere, a completely new base material for HPLC columns, has unique selectivity and strong retentivity for nucleotides.
GOETTFERT GmbH is a manufacturer of rheology testing equipment (rheometry instrumentation), Mooney viscometers and melt index testing equipment  for the plastic and rubber industries. GOETTFERT GmbH is a manufacturer of laboratory and on-line, rubber and plastic materials testing instumentation: capillary rheometers (semi-automated, robotic and on-line), melt indexers (semi-automated, robotic and on-line rheometer with simulated melt index), extrusiometers, extruders and accessories, curemeters, processability tester, tensile strength tester, vulcameter (capillary rheometer and injection molding test device), Mooney viscometer. Also rheology software, general measurement instruments and accessories for test and measurement instrumentation.
Viscosity and Rheo-Kinematic measurements instruments: Capillary Rheometers and Curemeters complement each other to form a complete material characterization solution. Rubber Capillary Rheometer RCR - The RCR is the successor model of the well known Rheo-Vulkameter. It is a capillary rheometer for the analysis of the flow behaviour and processability of rubber compounds. Elastograph "VARIO" 67.98 - A rotorless rotational shear vulcameter with 5 different dies (measuring chambers) for quick determination of processability acc. to DIN/ISO and use in research and development of elastomers. Mooney Viskosimeter 91.02 - with automatic data evaluation and storage. RHEO-TESTER 1000 - This capillary rheometer is an ideal instrument for rheological quality control. Its modular design allows the optional integration of the die swell unit and RHEOTENS, a unit designed for testing the tensile strength of polymer melts. The available force range is sufficient for determining the viscosity function of even rubber. RHEO-TESTER 2000 - This capillary rheometer is featuring the choice between single barrel or dual barrel system. Its modular design allows the optional integration of the die swell unit and a tensile tester of polymer melts (RHEOTENS). Even the viscosity function of rubber can be determined. RHEOGRAPH 6000 - High pressure capillary rheometer for viscosity measurements with maximum range of shear rates (1:400.000). Even the viscosity function of rubber can be determined.
Capillary rheometry instrumentation for use under clean room conditions: RHEO-TESTER 1000E - The first modified capillary rheometer to produce extruded implants by discontinuous die extrusion. This stainless steel covered die extruder is used in medical technology.
On-Line rheometers for real time viscosity and melt index measurement: either on-line or at-line equipment available for production monitoring and control. REAL TIME RHEOMETER RTR - This on-line capillary rheometer is for continuous measurement of melt index and viscosity during polymer production. SIDE-STREAM-RHEOMETER SSR - The SSR is one of the first on-line capillary rheometers where the melt is returned through a single bore. AT-LINE RHEOMETER - This is a combination either of a MBR or a RTR with a lab scale extruder serving as melt feeder. This instrument can monitor polymerization processes by continuously measuring rheological properties of powder, flakes or granulates. The ALS, a rheological testing center for continuously sampling powder, flake or granular polymers. 
Melt Index testing instrumentation: a complete product range from simple manual equipment to a fully automatic "MFR-Robot". Melt-Indexer Model MP-A - A manual equipment for determining the Melt Flow Rate MFR. Melt-Indexer Model MP-B - A semi automatic equipment for determinig the Volume-Rate MVR. Melt-Indexer Model MP-E - A microprocessor controlled system for automatic test run and data evaluation. MI-ROBO 89.98 - The next generation of robotic melt indexers for granules, flakes and powders. Features: automated measuring mode, automated material feeding, automated cleaning.
Tensile testing instruments for simulation of high deformation taking place in the most different processes: RHEOTENS 71.97 - An external viscometer for measuring melt strength and extensibility of polymers. ON-LINE RHEOTENS - The first process rheometer, that provides on-line data on polymer melt strength continuously.
Gonotec GmbH.
Gonotec GmbH (Berlin, Germany) is a manufacturer of colloidal, cryoscopic, membrane osmometers, vapor pressure osmometers and chloride meter for chemical and clinical laboratories, medical, pharmaceutical laboratories. Gonotec manufactures colloid osmometer for the determination of colloidal osmotic pressure (this system is especially useful in intensive care units), cryoscopic osmometer for the determination of osmolality in aqueous solutions, cryoscopic osmometer for the measurement of molecular weight of compounds in benzene solution (approxmately 40 to 50,000 Dalton) and for the determination of the total osmolality in aqueous solution, vapor pressure osmometer for molecular weight determination in organic solutions (40 to 50,000 Dalton) and water (up to molecular weight of approximately 5,000), membrane osmometer for molecular weight determination in organic and aqueous solution (for molecular weight from 10,000 to 2,000,000). The company manufactures controllers for osmometers and automated system to measure the total osmolality of up to 20 aqueous samples on an unattended basis. Gonotec also manufactures chloride meter for the determination o determination of the chloride ion concentration in liquid micro samples with a minimum volume of 20 µl.
Gottl KERN & Sohn GmbH.
Gottl KERN & Sohn GmbH is the European manufacturer of precision balances. Gottl KERN & Sohn GmbH manufactures pocket balances, analytical balances, precision balances, industrial balances, test weights, weighting software.
GOW-MAC Instrument, Co.
GOW-MAC Instrument (Bethlehem, PA, USA) is a manufacturer of gas chromatographs, gas analyzers, specialty gas handling systems, custom analitycal instruments, detectors and filaments, gas chromatography accessories, data handling equipment. A range of solutions for bulk and specialty gas handling and gas analysis. Specialty gas handling solutions: analytical instrumentation package labs, high purity control panels, cylinder processing systems, and manifolds. Custom gas analyzers. Moisture analyzers, total hydrocarbon analyzers, binary gas analyzers, gas leak detectors, and GC detectors (TCD, DID, FID).
GC instruments: The custom configured GC for analysis of electronic gases, specialty gases, high purity gases, petrochemical refinery gases, with guaranteed analysis according GPA, ASTM, and OSHA methods. Basic GC units for colleges and universities to quality control and research laboratories. Gas Chromatographs for specific application features flexible instrument design permits selection of injection mode, column type, detector and flow system to accommodate specific application requirements, including corrosive or high O2 content.
Gas analysis instrumentation (gas analyzers): GOW-MAC Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzers for pure gases and binary mixtures of gases. Continuous Gas Analyzer with TC detector for continuous monitoring of gas streams for low PPM impurity. Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzers for continuous measurement concentration of hydrocarbons in a gas stream. The analyzers can be used for other analyses such as engine exhaust monitoring, stack emissions and environmental studies. Portable Binary Gas Analyzer - the rugged, battery operated instrument for the on-site quantitative measurement of binary gas mixtures.
Grabitech Solutions AB.
Grabitech Solutions AB (formerly MultiSimplex AB) is the scientific software company. Grabitech provides advanced production tools for international process industries. The software tools offer unique possibilities for process optimization with substantial reduction of production costs and toxic emissions, while at the same time improving product quality.
Grabner Instruments GmbH.
Grabner Instruments is a manufacturer of petroleum testing equipment. Grabner Instruments is a wholly owned business unit of AMETEK Inc. Products:
Vapor Pressure measurement - The MINIVAP laboratory and process analyzers are the worldwide accepted standard instruments for the determination of the vapor pressure of gasoline, crude oil and LPG.  MINIVAP VP is a versatile and easy to use benchtop instrument for the determination of the vapor pressure of liquids according to ASTM D 5191 and EN 13016. The portable MINIVAP VPS and VPSH are the worldwide accepted standard instruments for the determination of the vapor pressure of gasoline according to ASTM D 5191, ASTM D 6378 and EN 13016 1+2. CRUDE PACKAGE - GRABNER INSTRUMENTS' complete package for the vapor pressure measurement of crude oil according to ASTM D 6377 (Expansion Method). MINIVAP ON-LINE is a unique process vapor pressure analyzer measuring according to the worldwide standard measuring priciple of the MINIVAP VPS. It combines in a single analyser the measurement of the vapor pressure of gasoline (ASTM D 6378), crude oil (ASTM D 6377), LPG and the vapor-liquid ratio (LVR) of gasoline of up to 3 different sample streams. MINIVAP LPG - a stand-alone unit for the automatic vapor pressure determination of liquefied petroleum gas. MINIVAP VOC is an instrument for the automatic determination of low vapor pressure of pure and contaminated organic compounds. MINIVOL LVR is an automatic instrument for the determination of the vapor-liquid ratio temperature of gasoline.
Flash Point Testing - The MINIFLASH FLP / FLPH / FLPL is a uniquely designed tester for the determination of flashpoints of liquids and solids, using the patented flash detection method of measuring the instantaneous pressure increase inside the continuously closed chamber due to a hot flame. MINIFLASH FLA / FLAH - With the flashpoint samplers MINIFLASH FLA and FLAH, the manipulation time for 8 different samples is less than 2 minutes.
Fuel Analysis - The IROX mid-FTIR analyzer series are the only truly portable and fully automated FTIR fuel quality testers that allow a fast and highly precise analysis of gasoline and diesel fuel directly in the field. IROX 2000 - Portable Gasoline Analysis with MID-FTIR. IROX 2000 is an extremely compact, robust and user friendly Mid-FTIR spectrometer for the automatic measurement of the concentration of the most important components of gasoline. Thanks to an improved mathematical model and the use of a built-in density meter the instrument additionally provides most reliable results for key properties such as Octane Numbers, Distillation Properties and Vapor Pressure. A large number of country specific calibration samples is stored. IROX Diesel - Portable Diesel Analysis with MID-FTIR. IROX Diesel is a Mid-FTIR analyzer dedicated to Diesel analysis: With a different spectometer cell, it's own on-board software and a vast calibration library handling is as easy as with the gasoline unit. This instrument also uses an improved calculation model, based on Cluster analysis and MLR, for the determination of the key properties of diesel fuel such as Cetane Number, Cetane Index and Distillation Properties. IROX DIESEL has been upgraded for a new application: the determination of the FAME (Biodiesel) content in Diesel Fuel.
Distillation analysis - The mini-distillation analyzer MINIDIS is a minituarized and fully automated atmospheric distillation analyzer for gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and solvents. The portable and rugged size as well as the use of disposable metal cups instead of glass flasks also makes it the ideal field tester. This true atmospheric distillation analyzer is extremely compact, portable and light weight and operates as a fully stand-alone unit. MINIDIS uses full automation from sample introduction to heating regulation, vapor temperature registration, volume measurement in the receiver compartment and calculation of the distillation curve from the raw data obtained during the test. A distillation run and detailed D86 test report takes about 15 to 18 minutes depending on the sample type.
Viscosity measurement - The small and automated MiniVis 445 viscometer is the ideal solution for the fast measurement of the dynamic and kinematic viscosity of all kinds of Newtonian liquids. The MINIVIS II is an automatic, temperature controlled micro falling-ball viscometer for all kinds of Newtonian liquids. The use of reflection sensors makes it possible to cover a wide range of applications: even samples as dark as used oil, heavy-oil, black ink and blood can be measured with highest accuracy and repeatability. For on-line applications, a valving system using a syringe with a flow-through insert is available. The built-in Peltier elements make the use of an external cooler unnecessary. MINITEST FFK automatically determines the flow-pressure properties of lubricating grease at low temperatures down to -60°C by means of the Kesternich test (DIN 51805). The original and time-consuming method is now fully automated and the measuring range is extended far below the original one, resulting in a considerably improved test precision. A powerful two stage Peltier element avoids the use of a large and expensive cryostat. The principle of the test is based upon the necessary pressure build-up to press an amount of grease through a standard test nozzle at a preset temperature.
Color analysis - The AUTO COLOR is a fully automated, extremely robust and portable flat field CCD spectrophotometer designed for the color analysis and dye concentration determination of fuels.
Density measurement - MINIDENS is a compact and portable density meter for the automatic determination of the density of solids and viscous liquids including bitumen and asphalt samples which cannot be injected in a standard density meter for liquids. Other applications are for plastics, ceramic materials, metals, powders, minerals and pastes. For temperature controlled measurements at a preset value, the measuring chamber is regulated by a built-in Peltier element. For fast results, the test is performed at ambient temperature and the linear expansion coefficient of the sample in question is used to correct the volume determination.
MiniWin software - The MiniWin integrates instruments into your LIMS. MiniWin-IROX gives complete control to keep reference libraries up to date. Remote control the instrument from your PC and download results. For further chemical insight examine the whole spectrum.
Sulfur in fuel measurement - Sindie 7039 is a compact, easy to use XRF sulfur analyzer for fuels from ultra low sulfur Diesel to heavy fuel oil.
Mobile Fuel Testing Laboratories - The Mobile Fuel Lab is a solution for fast and precise fuel quality checks in the field. Equipped with the portable, rugged and fully automated analyzers of Grabner Instruments, a detailed fuel analysis can be performed in less than 30 minutes by a single person directly on-site. 
Greyhound Chromatography and Allied Chemicals.
Greyhound Chromatography and Allied Chemicals (United Kingdom) is a manufacturer and distributor of chromatography columns, consumables and certified reference standards. The company offers an extensive range of chromatography and life-science products. Greyhound's own range of products includes HPLC columns, GC capillary columns, solid phase extraction columns, certified syringe filters, GC liners, ferrules and septa. Greyhound Chromatography offers the Q-Range, a comprehensive selection of own brand GC capillary columns (over 1000 standard columns available - FSOT columns, metal capillary columns, a full range of PLOT columns), HPLC columns, SPE columns (a complete range of solid phase extraction cartridges) and certified syringe filters (0.20µm and 0.45µm porosities). Greyhound Chromatography also represents all the leading independent manufacturers of chromatography consumables (GC septa, GC liners, syringes, ferrules, HPLC fittings, tubing, vials and caps, gas filters, gas purifiers). Greyhound Chromatography offers an extensive range of columns and consumables for HPLC from the industry's leading manufacturers. Greyhound Chromatography also offers HPLC pumps, column heaters, and a wide range of lamps for HPLC detectors. Also a range of TLC, HPTLC plates and sheets. 
Greyhound Chromatography and Allied Chemicals offers a comprehensive range of organic and inorganic Certified Reference Standards - over 10500 neat standards, 6500 solutions, 1600 mixtures. The company offers derivatisation reagents, HPLC solvents, LC-MS, ULC/MS solvents, a range of high boiling solvents for GC headspace analysis, solvents for environmental analysis. Diluters, dispensers, pipettes and tips.
The Grieve Corporation.
The Grieve Corporation is the designers and manufacturers of industrial and laboratory ovens and furnaces since 1949. The Grieve Corporation provides custom design of special equipment plus a complete line of standard products. Grieve offers complete custom design and manufacturing services. Special Ovens and Furnaces: 
Clean Room and Pharmaceutical Ovens - Class 100 Clean Room Bench, Class 100 Clean Room Cabinet, Class 100 Clean Room Truck, is a systems to meet the rigid specifications of Clean Room, Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical Environments. Inert Atmosphere Ovens.
Available "Clean Room" construction includes: Continuously welded seams with or without rounded inside corners for easy cleaning. White epoxy or #4 brushed stainless steel exteriors. Sealing flanges and doors on both sides for pass through operation from room to room. Door interlock systems with electric locks, pilot lights and timing/temperature interlocks. HEPA filtration of intake, exhaust and recirculated air flow with DOP validation ports and pressure gauges with alarms. Programming and recording temperature controls. Automatic depyrogenation cycles. Pressurizing blowers and powered forced exhausters with motorized dampers for drying and cooling cycles.
Inert Atmosphere Ovens include: Gas tight interior construction; a gas tight door seal, adjustable offset hinges and positive latching door hardware; inert atmosphere inlet with pressure regulator and flow meter; outlet with pressure reliefl; air jacket on inner walls for accelerated cooling.
Groton Technology, Inc.
Groton Technology, Inc is a manufacturer of diode array and fluorescence detectors for HPLC, HPCE, CEC, FIA, and on-line process control, xenon flash lamps, halogen and deuterium lamps, filters, cells and cuvettes for diode array and fluorescence detectors. Groton Technology, Inc is a manufacturer of diode array detector, programmable scanning fluorescence detector and filter fluorescence detector for HPLC (from microbore HPLC to preparative scale LC applications), capillary electrophoresis, capillary electrochromatography, flow injection and process control.
Detectors are used to identify and quantitate components of chemical mixtures. All Groton products are modular; include software for complete detector control and data analysis where applicable; and are easily installed on existing installations or as components of new installations.
GSG Analytical Instruments.
GSG Analytical Instruments is a manufacturer of gas chromatography equipment, mass-spectrometers, electronic nose, and supplier of analytical solutions for mass spectrometry: Ultra High Performance FT-MS, MALDI-TOF, Pyrolysis-GC-MS and Pyrolysis-GC, LC-MS. GSG Analytical Instruments is a manufacturer of mass spectrometry products for organic, bio-organic and polymer laboratories: Ion Cyclotron Resonance cells (ICR), Quadrupoles, Time of Flight tubes (TOF) in combination with ionisation methods such as MALDI (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation), ESI (Electrospray Ionisation), EI/CI (Electron Impact & Chemical Ionisation), coupling with gas chromatography (GC) and liquid chromatorgraphy (LC). Wide range of electron multipliers for every mass spectrometer and surface analysis instrument.
Supplies and Upgrades for MS- Electron Multipliers and Detectors Including a complete selection guide. MS, GC, LC, Vacuum Supplies and Consumables. Simion 3D v6.0 software for ion optics design. Sensitivity upgrades for Hewlett Packard 5970, 5971, and Perkin Elmer QMASS. Services- MS Filament Repair, MS Probe Repair. Vacuum Pump Repair.
Accessories- Solid Probe for HP 5973, TD-4 Single Shot Thermal Desorption, AutoDesorb Auto Sampling System, GC Cryo Traps and Micro Cryo Traps.
Curie Point Pyrolyser with automation capabilities for GC and GC/MS. The CPP 1040 Curie Point Pyrolyser is robust, reliable, and easy to use. It is capable of handling all sample types whether solid, liquid or powder, making it ideal for a host of applications using GC, GC/MS and GC/FTIR.
Pyrolysis/GC and Pyrolysis/GC/MS Systems- the complete and comprehensive PyroChrom (pyrolyser + GC) and PyroMass (pyrolyser + GC/MS) packages. Systems can be configured, coupling the GSG curie point pyrolyser with Hewlett Packard's 6890 series GC and 6890/5973 series GC/MS.
Electronic Nose (E-Nose)- a modular and flexible sensor system for the analysis and classification of gas mixtures and odours. M·O·S·E·S II is a modular sensor system for fast and informative classification of gas mixtures, aromas and flavours which is very often more important than sophisticated time consuming and expensive identification of single compounds. M·O·S·E·S II include a unique multi sensor sampling system which provides the highest level of confidence that can only come from a multi dimensional sensor array. Multiple sensor options including Quartz Micro Balance, Metal Oxide, Calorimetric and Electro Chemical. Simultaneous operation of multiple sensors. Easily portable. High flexibility of configuration utilising plug in sensor modules. Short analyses times and high sample throughput. Sample input module allows active sampling with up to three additional gases. Automated Headspace sampler.
Guava Technologies Inc.
Guava Technologies Inc. is a scientific instrument company, manufacturer of flow cytometry instrumentation. Guava Technologies is a manufacturer of microcapillary flow cytometry systems for scientists and clinicians. Guava Technologies manufactures integrated flow cytometry systems (flow cytometers) includes cellular analysis instrument, software, and reagents for the life science research and clinical dignostics.
Guided Wave Inc.
Guided Wave Inc is a manufacturer of process analytical systems (process analyzers) for VIS and NIR in-line composition monitoring, process probes and flow cells for the chemical and materials processing industries. Guided Wave designs and manufactures near infrared spectrophotometric analyzers that provide real time information about a chemical or laboratory process. Guided Wave supplies probes manufactured in compliance with ASME or CSA pressure vessel standards when required by the application. GW is unique in that it is the only VIS/NIR instrument manufacturer designing and building their own spectrophotometers, probes, and fiber optic cables. Products:
Process NIR Analyzers: Model 412 - Known for reliability, stability and sensitivity, this dual beam system has a patented multiplexer for 3 to 12 channel operation. CLASS-PA software interfaces easily with DCS systems for digital control. Lab 412 - For Pilot Plants, at-line measurements, and QC Labs, the Lab 412 provides Model 412 technology in an affordable 1 or 3 channel transportable NIR unit. Client-Server software allows the transmission of results, alarms, and a wide variety of other information between the analyzer and the plant DCS or other plant computers.
H2O2 Vapor Monitor - Reliable and fast monitoring of hydrogen peroxide and water vapor in sterile barrier operations.
Process Probes and Flow Cells: SST Probe - The Single Sided Transmission Probe is the most popular Guided Wave probe. It offers direct insertion into the process line, no troublesome sample system required. It is available in two designs, one with gold brazed windows and one sealed with o-rings. A wide variety of materials of construction along with process interfaces are available, including permanently mounted flanges.
Process Flow Cells - Several durable flow cells are available. Stainless steel is standard but Teflon is also available for semiconductor and acid use. For lethal service, the patented high Safety Flow Cell offers in-line monitoring with backup seals and a sniffer port. A wide variety of o-ring seals are available.
Extruder Probe/Cell - A pair of these high temperature and pressure probes with a spool piece allows monitoring an extruder process in real-time. Like many Guided Wave probes, it is available in UV, visible, and NIR Long. Path Flow Cell – This axial-flow cell is used for samples requiring pathlengths from 25 mm to 100mm. It is ideal for trace chemical detection. Also Specialty Remote Optical Sensing Assembly and Fiber Optic Cable.
Laboratory Accessories for Spectroscopy: Bulbs, Printed Circuit Boards, Purge equipment, GW Rated Calibrated SMA Torque wrench, I/O Box and Validation Filter.
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