Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Classified catalogue of the manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (spectroscopy instruments, chromatography instruments, gas analysis, elemental analysis, thermal analysis instruments, food analysis instruments, pharmaceutical analysis, water analysis instruments, process analytical instruments, materials testing equipment, petroleum testing instruments), laboratory equipment (sample preparation equipment). Систематический каталог производителей и поставщиков аналитического оборудования (приборы для спектроскопии, хроматографии, анализа газов, элементного анализа, термоанализа, анализа пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализа воды, поточного химического анализа, испытания материалов, контроля нефтепродуктов), лабораторного оборудования (пробоподготовка).
Current edition (since March 13, 1998)- Текущая редакция  (с 13 марта 1998).
I - index of alphabetical catalogue in English language. I - индекс алфавитного каталога на русском языке.
Companies not included in the current edition of catalogue. Компании не включенные в текущую редакцию каталога.
ICL Calibration Laboratories, Inc.
ICL Calibration Laboratories, Inc is a specialists in ASTM thermometers and hydrometers calibration services, an ISO-IEC Guide 25 and ANSI-NCSL Z-540-1 accredited calibration laboratory. ICL Calibration Laboratories, Inc provides NIST Traceable calibration services, re-calibration services and verification services for ASTM thermometers and hydrometers. Thermometer calibration for ASTM thermometers, other glass lab thermometers, digital thermometers, bimetal thermometers, industrial thermometers, PT-100 sensors, most other temperature measurement devices. Hydrometer calibration for ASTM hydrometers, all hydrometer scales: API, specific gravity, density, Brix, Baume, proof. Volumetric glassware calibration for Pipets, burets, volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders, all types of volumetric glassware from 0.1 to 2000ml capacities.
ICN Biomedicals, Inc is now MP Biomedicals, Inc.
ICN Biomedicals, Inc is a manufacturer of laboratory products for chromatography and electrophoresis, neuroscience research and clinical diagostics, molecular biology and biotechnology (immunobiologicals and radiochemical, labware), cell culture (liquid and powdered media, sera and serum-replacement products, cell culture reagents). 
Chromatography products: Adsorbents for chromatography and filtration - aluminum oxides and silica gels for laboratory and industrial scale application, filtration, column chromatography, flash chromatography, MPLC, HPLC, TLC, dry column chromatography, reversed phase chromatography, and custom made adsorbents for industrial scale, ARCF (Adsorptive Radial Column Filtration) and FBC (Fluidized Bed Chromatography).
ict Internationale Chemie- u. Datentechnik GmbH.
ict Chemie u Datentechnik GmbH is the European distributor of lab instrumentation, accessories and supplies for clinical diagnostics, GC and HPLC, sample preparation. The sales territories covers Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the rest of the EC. ict Internationale Chemie- u Datentechnik GmbH is an distributor of various manufacturers in USA and in Europe: Restek, USA (GC equipment, columns and supplies) Astec, USA (chiral GC and HPLC columns), BIOTOOLS (Polymerase for PCR), ChromTech, Sweden (chiral HPLC columns), Poly LC, USA (HPLC supplies), ChromatoChem, USA (immunoaffinity chromatography), EmbiTec (DNA & PCR Electrophoresis), Sepragen (production LC equipment), Interaction, USA (IC instrumentation), IST Ltd. (sample preparation equipment), SMT, USA (stable HPLC columns), Novex, USA (electrophoresis systems), Kem-En-Tec, Danmark (imaging systems), Prince Technology, NL (products for capillary electrophoresis), Zymark, USA (laboratory automation), Downstream (ultrafiltration), LC-Packings (micro and nano HPLC instrumentation and columns), Polysphere, Canada (HPLC columns), Silomed, USA (Dialysis), SDI, USA (Eliza for enironmental monitoring).
IDS Intelligent Detection Systems is now Scintrex Trace Corporation.
IDS Intelligent Detection Systems is a manufacturer of intelligent sensory systems include analytical and security instrumentation for detection of explosives and narcotics. IDS offers over 70 different sensor and detection products worldwide- for public safety and security, law enforcement, power generation control systems and worker safety alert devices, geophysical instrumentation, environmental monitoring, geophysical surveys and mapping, mineral exploration, petroleum exploration, industrial process control and medical diagnostic applications. The Analytical and Security Division of IDS manufactures portable narcotics and explosives detectors (handheld portable drug detector and handheld portable explosives detector), walktrough gas chromatography - ion mobility spectrometry explosive detection systems and vehicle bomb detection systems.
IGC-APD Cryogenics Inc is now SHI-APD Cryogenics.
IGC-APD Cryogenics Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of standard and customized cryogenic equipment, such as cryogenic conservation systems, cryopumps, laboratory cryogenic refrigerators and a series of 4K and 10K GM coolers  for super conducting magnets and analytical markets. Pulse tubes and Stirling coolers are available to replace the use of liquid nitrogen and Cryopumps for applications such as sputtering, coating and thin film deposition. Bare refrigerators with a capacity of up to 110w @ 77k. The AquaTrap, a newly patented APD technology, is an economic means of assisting a turbopump by removing extra water vapor from your vacuum chamber. The low profile, compact refrigerator body allows for simple installation on existing systems with minimal design or hardware changes. The system’s operating temperature and design are compatible with vacuum requirements below 1 x 10-10 Torr.
Cryogenic Conservation Systems- APD produces both Shield Coolers and Recondensers for use with superconducting magnet systems, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), to lower or eliminate the replenishment of helium.
The CRYOTIGER I cooling systems- A closed cycle refrigeration system designed and developed to be used in place of liquid nitrogen for cooling. This is a cost effective means of continuously cooling and maintaining temperatures to as low as -203° Celsius (70 Kelvin). 
Laboratory Research Systems- APD offers the widest range of open and closed cycle systems for a variety of material characterization applications and low temperature research.
IKA-Works Inc.
IKA-Works Inc is a manufacturer of laboratory and process grinding, mixing and homogenizing equipment, including magnetic stirrers, overhead stirrers, shakers, grinding mills and homogenizers.
ilShin Lab Co., Ltd.
ilShin Lab Co, Ltd is the Korean manufacturer of freeze dryers (programmable freeze dryer) and ultra low temperature freezers. Manufactures ice maker.
Imaging & Sensing Technology Corporation (IST).
Imaging & Sensing Technology Corporation (IST) is a manufacturer of light sources for analytical and scientific instrumentation, hazardous gas detectors and environmental monitors, imaging systems, inspection and surveillance systems, radiation detectors and control components. IST manufactures the full line of light source products for analytical and scientific instrumentation includes HPLC detectors, UV-VIS spectrophotometers and AA spectrophotometers. IST is a manufacturer of single-element hollow cathode discharge lamps, multi-element hollow cathode discharge lamps, electrodeless discharge lamps and power supplies, deuterium arc lamps and power supplies. IST is a manufacturer of laser spectrum analyzer for correct tuning and optimization of ultrafast lasers performance and light choppers for all general laboratory and OEM applications.
The IST's Spectral Technologies Group manufactures the widest selection of single and multi-element hollow cathode lamps, deuterium arc lamps, and electrodeless discharge systems for use in atomic absorption spectrophotometers. IST has designed direct replacement lamps for use in all atomic absorption spectrometrs. IST’s 36000 Series hollow cathode lamps were specifically developed for use in Perkin-Elmer instruments. IST’s 22000/23000 series hollow cathode lamps are for use in all other instruments. With the use of adaptors, these hollow cathode lamps may also be utilized in Perkin-Elmer applications.
The IST's Analytical Instrumentation Group (IST Aim) is a manufacturer of environmental hazardous monitoring equipment. Products include multigas detectors, single gas monitors, environmental monitors and fixed system gas detectors for the fire service, occupational health and safety, and HVAC markets. These detection systems provide the tools for instant, accurate feedback to individuals working in potentially hazardous surroundings.
The IST's Imaging Systems Group is a manufacturer and supplier of the Rees range of CCTV inspection and surveillance systems and the Quadtek range of combined camera and scanning pyrometry high-temperature imaging products.
Independent Laboratory Distributors Association (ILDA).
ILDA (Independent Laboratory Distributors Association) is an association of independent laboratory product distributors and their suppliers whose purpose is to help members succeed in serving the needs of their customers. ILDA is committed to providing a forum for networking and educating its members and for promoting the association to the laboratory market.
www.industrial-needs.com is an Internet service of PCE Group OHG, Germany, a supplier of measuring equipment and control instruments, balances and scales, maintenance products. Dealer of Hanna Instruments. Products: anemometers, balances and scales, coating thickness meters, conductivity meters, dataloggers, distance measuring computers, force measurement gauges, gas detectors, handheld tachometers, hygrometers, infrared thermometers, lux meters, material thickness meters, money detectors, sound level meters, surface roughness meter, pH meters, pressure meters, refractometers, shock trackers, stethoscopes, stroboscopes, tally counters, thermometers, vibration meters, portable weighing scales, hanging scales, industrial scales, crane scales, laboratory scales and pocket scales.
Industrial Test Systems, Inc (ITS).
Industrial Test Systems, Inc (ITS) is a manufacturer of test strips for the water, trucking and medical industries. Tests includes: total chlorine, free chlorine, copper, iron, total hardness, total alkalinity, pH, nitrite and nitrate. The strips manufactured by ITS have an advanced chemical system incorporated throughout a dense fibrous pad. These pads are then bonded to the plastic strip material using a custom manufacturing process and precision instrumentation. Industrial Test Systems, Inc (ITS) produces a wide range of total chlorine testing strips which aid in both the detection of total chlorine and in the detection of both free and total chlorine. Industrial Test Systems, Inc (ITS) also manufactures a bromine test strip which measures both free and total bromine. The test results are determined by comparison to a color chart without any instrumentation. Industrial Test Systems, Inc also is a manufacturer of  portable radiation monitors.
Infrared Engineering is now NDC Infrared Engeneering.
Infrared Engineering is a manufacturer of process analytical and measuring instrumentation for continuous on-line measurement and control of moisture, oil and protein, coatings weight, coating thickness, plastic film thickness, barrier layer. Infrared Engineering is the comprehensive source of on-line continuous process measuring instruments (NIR analyzers) for the paper, plastics, converting, food, tobacco, timber, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Infrared Engineering manufactures the backscatter sensors for moisture measurement in bulk materials such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, wood products, animal feed, minerals, building materials, explosives and many more. The Infragauge Pro for complete web measurement, scanning and profile display system solution, features s range of sensors for accurate on-line measurement of moisture, coat weight and film thickness in web applications (including sensors for the measurement of thin lacquer coatings on aluminium foils and steel sheet, for accurate measurement of coatings on paper, plastics and textiles or moisture content in paper, non wovens or textiles, for measurement is silicone coating weight on paper, for measurement of plastic film thickness, barrier layers in co-extrusions, resin impregnation in glass fibre and moisture content of paper and non wovens, for the accurate measurement of blown plastic film). The Food Sensor is a backscatter sensor designed specifically for the food industry (moisture, fat and protein are typical measurements), features hygienic design in stainless steel with FOOD SAFE sapphire optical window. The on-line sensor for the measurement of moisture and other parameters in tobacco. The Infralab at-line analyser for accurate, operator independent measurements in a fraction of the  time taken by conventional laboratory wet chemistry analysis (dedicated versions are available for tobacco and food applications). The Liquidata fibre optic probe for the accurate analysis of liquids in line. The Moistrex for the accurate, instantaneous measurement of moisture at line. Slimline scanners made for scanning applications where there is not much space on the plant for installation.
Infrared Fiber Systems Inc.
Infrared Fiber Systems is a manufacturer of fibers specially designed to operate in the infrared spectrum. Infrared Fiber Systems manudactures high-power optical fibers.
Innova AirTech Instruments A/S.
Innova AirTech Instruments A/S is a manufacturer of portable analytical instruments for gas monitoring and portable measuring instruments for the assessment of thermal comfort. Innova AirTech Instruments manufactures portable and installed gas and vapour analysers and monitors based on the infrared absorption and photoacoustic detection principles (PAS). Innova AirTech Instruments A/S is a former part of the Brьel & Kjer company, which has more than 50 years experience in developing and manufacturing instrumentation for measurement of sound and vibration. Innova AirTech Instruments A/S is a manufacturer of portable instruments and precision sensors for measuring all physical parameters necessary to evaluate heat stress and thermal comfort.
The gas monitors are primarily applied to continuous field measurement of multiple compounds from ppb- to percent-level concentrations. The Gas Analyser 1301 is a portable analyser which can display total infrared absorption spectra of gas samples. The Multi-gas Monitor 1302 is portable monitor for quantitative analysis of up to 5 different gases and water vapour. The Photoacoustic Multi-gas Monitor 1312 provides analysis of 5 different gases and water vapour from the low ppb range. The Fast Responce Triple-gas Monitor 1311 for simultaneous measurement of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and hydrocarbons. Multipoint Samplers and Dosers for Air sampling.
InnovaQuartz, Inc (formerly MicroQuartz Sciences Inc.)
InnovaQuartz, Inc (formerly MicroQuartz Sciences Inc) manufactures precision components in fused quartz for applications in analytical chemistry, photonics and medicine. InnovaQuartz, Inc is a manufacturer of sculpted and lens-ended optical fibers and tapered fibers, ferrules and mating sleeves, custom fiber optic bundles and assemblies, non-imaging optics, highly efficient lateral delivery/launch fibers, and high power fiber terminations. InnovaQuartz Inc manufactures push-on silica GC connectors (universal, linear taper, fused silica unions and Y splitters, angled unions and Y splitters, X splitters), zero dead volume silica unions and junctions for CE and CEC, LIF detection cells and fiber optic bundles. A supplier of custom fiber optic assemblies for spectroscopy featuring lens-ended fibers, NA reducing tapers, fused fiber arrays, machined rectangular fibers, line-to-spot, micro-capillary silica ferrules for data communications.
INSCO Metrology.
INSCO Metrology is a manufacturer of calibration weights and metal block calibrators, provider of calibration services and certification services in mass, humidity, electrical, pressure, torque, time-frequency, force, dimensional and volume, among others. INSCO Metrology is a manufacturer and supplier of calibration weights from 1 mg to 50 kg with OIML and ASTM specifications. INSCO Metrology is a manufacturer and supplier of metal block calibrators ranging from 30°C to 1100°C.
Instrument Distributors International, Inc (IDI, Inc.)
Instrument Distributors International, Inc (IDI, Inc) sell, service and support, under private label, analytical, scientific, and laboratory equipment produced by other manufacturers. The primary markets are pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, cosmetics, agriculture, food & beverage and universities. Product lines: MoistureWave analyzers (MoistureWave moisture measurement systems) are non-destructive moisture and density measurement systems utilizing patented microwave technology. NIR-SpectroScan NIR-transmission scanning spectrophotometers utilizing advanced diode array technology for agricultural and industrial applications. InfoScan series NIR-reflectance analyzers utilize the latest filter technology for analysis in agricultural and industrial applications.
MoistureWave moisture measurement systems provided rapid, nondestructive and accurate moisture measurement in the laboratory at-tine or on-line in your process. Each system includes an electronic data processing unit and a sample sensor. The sample sensor is selected from a wide range of models to suit the product to be measured. No sample preparation is usually necessary. Once calibrated, MoistureWave moisture measurement systems are extremely tolerant of matrix changes in the sample, resulting in little or no need for re-calibration and excellent long-term stability and reliability.
The NIR-SpectroScan series of laboratory and field portable NIR-T (transmission) constituent analyzers were developed to measure such products as liquids, slurries, emulsions, powders, etc. for their chemical composition non-destructively. The same NIR-T technology that has been used for years is now available in a more economical instrument, which gives you equivalent performance. The NIR-SpectroScan instruments are configured to give you the most in flexibility, at the same time giving you performance of more costly and time consuming techniques. The NIR-SpectroScan is suited to analyze such products as foods and food ingredients, plastics, polymers, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other products for their chemical composition. It is portable and dust proof, which makes it suitable for production or receiving areas. This instrument line includes: CropScan 2000G Portable Grain Analyzer, CropScan 2000B Benchtop Grain Analyzer, NIR-T Constituent Analyzer, CropScan 2000H, NIT 38 Alcohol Analyzer.
InfoScan Laboratory Analyzer systems are designed for manufacturers that require cutting edge technology, outstanding performance,ease of use and the security of InfoScan quality, service, and support. With superior speed, accuracy, reliability,versitility, safety and ease of use. InfoScan Process Analyzer systems are designed for manufacturers that are seeking the latest in NIR process technology, to better control their manufacturing process. InfoScan offers cutting edge technology, outstanding performance, ease of use and the security InfoScan quality, service, and support. PA 400 series process analyzers provide instant analysis for many types of products on line in real time.
Instruments S.A Inc.
JY Horiba (including Instruments S.A., Jobin Yvon, Sofie, Dilor and Spex) is one of the world's largest manufacturers of spectroscopic systems and components for optical and emission spectroscopy. Products include diffraction gratings, CCD devices, optical systems, spectrofluorometers (spectrographs, spectrometers), monochromators and WDM, for such applications as elemental analysis, optical emission spectroscopy, fluorescence, phosphorescence, molecular spectroscopy, FT-IR spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, ellipsometry, ICP spectroscopy and technology in general.
intax GmbH is now Roentec GmbH.
intax GmbH (Germany) is the scientific instrument company, manufacturer of XRF spectrometers and components for compositional and structural roentgen analysis: X-ray sources, X-ray optical systems, and innovative semiconductor X-ray detectors. intax GmbH manufactures: Total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (TXRF) PicoTAX, benchtop instrument for trace analysis. Micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (µRFA) ArtTAX, mobile multi-element analysis at highest spatial resolution. Energy dispersive X-ray diffractometer (EDXRD) CrysoTAX for efficient determination of crystal orientation. Components for the X-ray analysis includes X1 modular low power X-ray source and accessories.
The PicoTAX TXRF-spectrometer (total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometer) is a transportable bench-top device for a fast quantitative and semi-quantitative multi-element microanalysis of liquids, solids, and contamination according to the principle of total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (TXRF). The advantages of the method especially have an effect in the case of very small sample amounts, liquid samples with matrix content and frequently changing sample types. Detection limits in the ppb to ppm range for the simultaneous multi-element trace analysis.
The ArtTAX is a portable µXRF spectrometer for the spectroscopic analysis of unique and valuable objects, i.e. in archeometry and art history, several extreme requirements have never been satisfactorily fulfilled by any technology at the same time. The analytical technique should be able to deliver as detailed information on the material's composition and/or structure as possible. Analysis should be done at the location of the object of interest, which requires a mobile spectrometer. ArtTAX is the first commercially available, portable micro XRF spectrometer designed for multi-element analysis at highest spatial resolution. It is suited for multi-element analysis in the element range from Na(11) to U(92) and offers a spatial resolution of about 75 µm. The unique compact design of the ArtTAX measuring head is based on several newly developed components, especially in the field of X-ray focusing optics and nitrogen-free detectors. An integrated CCD camera produces an image of the sample area under investigation. The µXRF spectrometer ArtTAX can be used for automatic area mapping or line scans. The modular design of ArtTAX allows adaptation to different analytical requirements. Therefore, this unique µXRF system can also be used in material science or quality control (pigments on paintings, frescos, illuminated manuscripts, gemstones, historical glasses, enamels or jewelry).
The new CrysoTAX ED X-Ray diffractometer is an extremely compact (transportable benchtop unit) energy-dispersive X-ray diffractometer (EDXRD) for orientation measurements of single crystals. Energy dispersive method: no sophisticated goniometer required - CrysoTAX is working with a fixed X-ray tube - detector arrangement. The new CrysoTAX is highly suited for the determination of the main crystallographic orientation of single crystals.
intax GmbH manufactures modular X-ray source and components for limited budgets. The X-ray source "X1" is a modular product which gives you the opportunity to purchase even in situations of limited budgets. The benefit of the "X1" concept is the variety of different modules available which guarantees maximal flexibility. The modular design allows a variety of different applications and the individual fitting to a wide range of requirements. Modules available: X-ray power supply by integrated HV generator, X-ray tubes with various target materials, X-ray tube housing for external use or integration into device, remote control software and accessories: filters, collimators and detectors.
INTEG N.A., Inc.
INTEG N A Inc provides hardware and software solutions, products and services to handle laboratory data. INTEG Laboratory Data Solutions are implemented for pharmaceutical, chemical, enviromental, petrochemical, food and industrial laboratories in Europe and the US. INTEG Inc develops, manufactures, and markets hardware and software solutions to address the interfacing needs of analytical laboratories. INTEG products efficiently connect laboratory instruments to PCs, data systems, or LIMS and provides software to easily access and manipulate data.
Integraware is a developer and supplier of the Drag Development Suite for acceleration of the process of data generation, analysis and reporting in major areas of the drug development process. Direct data acquisition from instrument to database increases data integrity on one-time data entry while perpetual data access reduces transcription errors and maximizes laboratory throughput. The Drag Development Suite features: The Central Security Module for system administration. Comprehensive GLP compliant Audit Trail (Discovery Research Mode disables audit trail for maximum flexibility). Project & Study Hierarchy reflects reality of drug development organization. Modular system design reflects research data flow, and allows staged implementation and scalability. Built on industry standards with Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic, Windows NT, and Oracle RDBMS. Direct data import in all areas allows maximum data fidelity. Bi-directional links to industry leading software packages for maximum flexibility. Industry-standard, "submission-grade" reporting for consistent, rapidly validated and easily compiled reports. User specified reporting and export to over twenty industry standard software formats, including Microsoft WORD, Excel and MAPI compliant email. Open architecture for archiving (non-proprietary XML, ASCII) of raw data.
Interface Design Inc.
Interface Design Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of the ADaM upgrade systems for emission spectrometers with PMT detectors. Interface Design Inc specialize in spectrometer upgrade systems with over 350 emission spectrometers (ICP, DCP and arc/spark) equipped with this technology via an ADaM retrofit kit. Performance improving ADaM high-speed digital electronics and software upgrades for ICP, DCP, OE spectrometers: all simultaneous ARL, Jarrell Ash, J-Y, Baird, Philips, Labtam, SpectraSpan; sequential ARL and SpectraSpan. Improves D L, RSD, sample throughput (2x to 5x), reliability (9 years MTBF), simultaneous multipoint background, interelement correction, 5 element internal standards, semi quantitative analysis in 8 seconds; CLP & LIMS; sample changer and automation systems; solid-state RF generators; SpectraSpan cassettes.
InterMetro Industries Corporation.
InterMetro Industries Corporation is a manufacturer of material handling equipment includes: cleanroom fixtures, display fixtures, laboratory fixtures, lab carts and workbenches for durable and flexible storage solutions. Laboratory fixtures is a variety of technical solutions that address the storage and transport needs of industrial, research and educational laboratories. InterMetro Industries Corporation manufactures shelving systems, carts, worktables and other products designed specifically for the laboratory environment.
International Equipment Trading Ltd.
International Equipment Trading Ltd (IET Ltd) is a supplier of new, used, and refurbished lab equipment, and analytical instruments. International Equipment Trading Ltd specializes in electron microscopes, gas and liquid chromatography, atomic absorption, infrared, UV-VIS, mass, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers from leading manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard, Agilent, ThermoFinnigan, Sciex, Varian, Bruker, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, Tekmar, Dionex, Beckman, Nicolet, Hitachi, JEOL and others. International Equipment Trading Ltd offers preowned instruments for rent, lease, trade, or sale. Preowned instruments are refurbished and inventoried at company’s headquarters facility by experienced instrument specialists. International Equipment Trading Ltd also offers new instrumentation and will customize equipment with upgrades and specialized accessories to meet customers specific needs.
International Equipment Company (IEC).
International Equipment Company (IEC) is a one of the world leading manufacturers of lab centrifuge separation equipment. International Equipment Company (IEC) is an ISO 9001 certified company that develops, produces, and distributes worldwide, a comprehensive range of laboratory centrifuges backed by a vast assortment of accessories. International Equipment Company (IEC) has been manufacturing laboratory centrifuges for over 100 years.
IEC provides a most accommodating line of refrigerated and ventilated benchtop centrifuges, microcentrifuges, as well as high capacity, high speed centrifuges. Designed at customers' request, IEC centrifuges include G-force run control, At-Speed timing, automatic fast cooling and warming, save & lock run settings, fast to slow accelleration & decelleration rate control for quality control over sample preparation. Personal and environmental safety and product quality is assured with adherence to international standards, such as ISO9001, IEC 1010-2-020, CFC-free refrigerants, CSA certified, CE mark. Featured products: the Micromax Series of microcentrifuges, the multi-purpose Centra-MP4 Series, the 1-liter Centra-CL3 Series, and the 3-liter Centra-GP8 Series.
International Sorbent Technology Ltd.
International Sorbent Technology Ltd is a manufacturer of the ISOLUTE solid phase extraction (SPE) products for general analytical chemistry sample preparation, agrochemical products and food analysis, environmental analysis, forensic chemistry (drugs of abuse testing) and pharmaceutical chemistry. International Sorbent Technology Ltd manufactures SPE sorbents, associated columns and accessories, ISOLUTE-96 extraction plates and VacMaster sample processing stations that are used by scientists around the world to extract, purify and concentrate analytes from a wide variety of matrices.  International Sorbent Technology Ltd offers new products for pharmaceutical and combinatorial applications include ISOLUTE-96 extraction plates for simultaneous SPE of 96 samples, and an extraction plate processing station, VacMaster-96. ISOLUTE flash chromatography columns and a range of accessories for combinatorial chemistry. A new 47mm SPE disk format for environmental applications.
Ionics Inc.
Ionics Inc is a supplier of clean and purified water, a manufacturer of equipment and systems for water treatment and wastewater treatment, supplier of related equipment and services for food and chemical applications. Ionics Inc is a manufacturer of analytical instruments for water analysis (water quality analyzers).
Ionics Inc manufactures an extensive range of analytical instruments for measurement of TOC in a variety of waters ranging from ultra-high-purity process water to wastewater. Water quality and liquid analyzers for process and environmental. Laboratory analyzers include TOC, TC, high temperature COD/BOD (TOD) measurements. On-line analyzers include TOC, TC, TOD, COD, and VOC analysis. Chemical analyzers measure single or multiple compounds for specific inorganic compounds, trace metals, acids, and base measurements. Analyzers utilize titration, ion selective, colorimetric, electrochemical and oxidation reduction methodologies. Measurements capability from the parts per billion contamination up to percent concentration quality analysis.
Ionics Instrument Business Group is a manufacturer of instruments used to measure total organic carbon (TOC) in water, for ultrapure (0.05 ppb), potable, and wastewater (100,000 ppm and above) applications. An advanced total carbon analyzers, boron analyzers, oxygen demand analyzers, sulfur and nitrogen chemiluminescence analyzers and detectors, nitric oxide analyzers and oil on water monitoring systems. Analytical instruments for continuous water analysis (water quality analyzers): on-line process analyzers and environmental monitors, oil on water monitoring systems. These analytical products can be found in a wide range of applications, including pharmaceutical, microelectronics, chemical, power generation, environmental, food and beverage, and medical research. Ionics Instruments is the analytical instrumentation manufacturing division of Ionics, Inc, a global leader in water purification and treatment systems.
Ionics Agar Environmental Ltd.
Ionics Agar Environmental Ltd is a manufacturer of the Leakwise oil on water monitoring systems. Ionics Agar Environmental Ltd specializes in developing, manufacturing and worldwide selling of environmental protection and process control systems. The company developed a series of contamination detection, measurement and control systems, which are sold under the trade name Leakwise. These products were granted international patents. The Leakwise floating sensors measure the difference in absorption rates of high frequency electromagnetic energy between hydrocarbons (and other organic solvents) and water. Unlike optical and traditional electric conductivity and capacitance detection, this technology enables reliable detection regardless of level changes, waves, process upsets, oil & dirt coating, changes in water temperature, salinity, etc. The Leakwise detection systems are unique in their capability to detect the presence of very small layers of contaminating hydrocarbons starting from 0.3 mm, and to continuously monitor the growing thickness of these layers.
The Leakwise Product Line is a family of six electromagnetic energy absorption sensors and signal processors: ID - 223 Hydrocarbon on Water Detector for Sumps (wet and dry), Ponds and Canals. ID - 221 Hydrocarbon on Water Detector for Sumps (wet), Tanks, Ponds and Groundwater Wells. DSP - 220 Digital Signal Processor for 1 to 40 Leakwise Sensors. ID - 225 Hydrocarbon Layer Thickness Monitor for Oil/Water Separators, Groupwater Wells, Sumps (wet), Tanks and Ponds. PS - 220 Analog Signal Processor & Power Supply for a Single ID-220 Series Sensor. ID - 227 Hydrocarbon on Water Wave Rider Detector for Marine Offshore Applications, Lagoons, Lakes, Rivers, Open Canals, Large Retention Ponds, etc.
IonSpec Corporation.
IonSpec Corporation is a manufacturer of MALDI-MS and ESI-MS mass spectrometry instrumentation for ultrahigh resolution Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry (FTMS). IonSpec Corporation manufactures the high performance mass spectrometry instrumentation based on the innovative Fourier transform detection method. The IonSpec Ultima FTMS (Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer) provides high resolution mass spectrometry and combines the powerful features of the IonSpec HiResMALDI and HiResESI mass spectrometers in a single, compact analytical instrument.
The HiResESI FTMS (Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer) has an electrospray ionization (ESI) source, resolving power greater than 600,000, attomole sensitivity, and MSn capabilities. The HiResMALDI FTMS features resolving power greater than 500,000, attomole sensitivity, and more than four stages of MS/MS. The IonSpec Ultima FTMS is a cost-effective combination with separate vacuum systems for both ESI and MALDI. 
The new combined HiRes FTMS system from IonSpec Corporation has a complete HiResMALDI source on the left side of the magnet and a complete HiResESI source on the right side. This is cost-effective way of getting high performance MALDI and ESI in your laboratory.
Ion Track Instruments (ITI).
Ion Track Instruments (ITI) is a manufacturer of desktop and portable narcotics and explosives detectors and handheld explosive vapor detector. Ion Track Instruments (ITI) manufactures: the ITEMISER Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer (ITMS) for explosive and narcotic detection and identification, the VaporTracer portable explosive and narcotic detection and identification system, the Model 97 / Viper portable explosive detection instrument, and the Exfinder 152 handheld explosive vapor detector. The ITEMISER Contraband Detector is a non-intrusive instrument that can rapidly detect and identify up to 40 types of narcotics, including cocaine, heroin, THC and methamphetamine. Completely automatic analyzer - automatically calibrates on new substances and switches detection modes (explosives to narcotics) in ten seconds. The ITEMISER and VaporTracer detect all explosives including RDX, Semtex, PETN, HMX, TNT and many others. The ITEMISER and VaporTracer are capable of detecting up to 40 different types of narcotics including, cocaine, heroin, THC, LSD, PCP and methamphetamines. The 97HS detects traditional terrorist explosives including TNT and dynamite, and with the optional Viper attachment, the system detects both vapors and particles of pure plastic explosives such as semtex, RDX and PETN.
IRIS Technologies, L.L.C.
IRIS Technologies is a supplier of reference materials and HPLC complete kits for medical diagnostics (reagent kits for the determination of diagnostically relevant markers). The complete kit contains all chemical reagents being required for the performance of the analytical test procedure, that means all reagents needed for sample preparation and for analytical chromatography.
i-STAT Corporation.
i-STAT Corporation is a manufacturer of medical diagnostic products for blood analysis, providing critical diagnostic information to health care professionals accurately and immediately at the point of patient care. i-STAT manufactures portable clinical analyzer (hand-held automated blood analyzer) using the i-STAT cartridges for the simultaneous quantitative determination of specific analytes in whole blood. A variety of cartridges are available that perform a number of critical care assays: electrolytes, general chemistries, blood gases and hematology. The i-STAT Central Data Station is where thousands of patient tests performed on i-STAT analyzers throughout the hospital may be stored, organized and sent on to a laboratory information system or other host. 
i-STAT Corporation developed the world's first hand-held automated blood analyzer capable of performing a panel of commonly ordered blood tests on 2-3 drops of blood in just two minutes at the patient's side. Designed for use at the point of patient care, the system consists of two components: a handheld microprocessor-based analyzer and disposable test cartridges which contain an array of biosensors microfabricated onto silicon chips. A comprehensive data management system ensures all test results are seamlessly integrated into any laboratory or clinical information system. The current menu of tests is available in a variety of panels, and includes blood gases (pH, PCO2 & PO2), activated clotting time (ACT), sodium, potassium, chloride, glucose, lactate, creatinine, urea nitrogen (BUN), ionized calcium, and hematocrit. Various calculated values derived from measured tests are also available.
Isco Inc is now Teledyne Isco.
Isco, Inc is a manufacturer of field portable and laboratory instruments for water pollution control, process monitoring and quality control, environmental testing, science research and development in chemistry and biotechnology. Isco Inc is a manufacturer of the EZ-TOC process TOC (total organic carbon) analyzers for accurate, on-line monitoring of water quality, automated water samplers for environmental VOC (volatile organic compounds) monitoring. Isco manufactures on-line BOD-COD-TOC Analyzers for process control in waste water treatment. Three different analyzers allow direct monitoring of BOD (biological oxygen demand), COD (chemical oxygen demand) and TOC (total organic carbon). Isco Inc is a manufacturer of low-pressure LC systems for bio-purification and automated flash chromatography (flash chromatography systems), high pressure syringe pumps, Foxy fraction collectors and preparative HPLC systems. Isco manufactures SFE (supercritical fluid extraction) instrumentation for fast, safe sample preparation, gravimetric fat and oil analysis.
Liquid Chromatography products- The modular design of Isco LPLC and HPLC Systems lets you configure a system to help solve your purification problems. Gradient LC system for bio-purification- low-pressure LC system with programmable fraction collector provides unified control. Automated Flash Purification for organic chemists- CombiFlash sequential flash chromatography systems from Isco are designed for organic purification with high-productivity and walkaway automation. CombiFlash sequential systems can separate up to 20 samples in four to five hours using practically any low-pressure normal- or reverse-phase columns. Applications include combinatorial chemistry screening, agrichemicals, natural products, and other milligram- to gram-scale purification of organic compounds. The inert, low maintenance gradient pump is compatible with normal and reverse-phase solvents, and operates at up to 100 psi and 10 to 100 ml/min.
High pressure Syringe Pumps - Isco programmable syringe pumps for precise, pulseless, stable delivery. Four pump models provide flow rates from sub-microliters per minute to 200 ml/minute; cylinder capacities from 100 to 500 ml; and maximum pressures from 3,750 to 10,000 psi.
Supercritical Fluid Extraction- Isco offer several different extractor modules and versatile multi-pump delivery. The Isco SFX 3560 includes an auto-sampler carousel which can run up to 24 samples sequentially. The FastFat HT is the parallel (2 to 6 sample at a time) system that can be interfaced with a bar code reader and analytical balance to provide rapid, automated gravimetric determination of fats and oils, and other extractables. The FastFat HT performs rapid % fat and oil analysis in minutes instead of hours. Percent fat and oil are determined gravimetrically using safe, inexpensive CO2.
ISL is now part of PAC Petroleum Analyzer Company L.P.
ISL is a manufacturer of instrumentation for the petroleum testing (petroleum testing equipment and test instruments) includes the automatic distillation analyser, automatic vacuum distillation analyzer, flash point analyzers (automated Pensky Martens closed cup flash point tester, automated Cleveland open cup flash point tester, automated Tag closed cup flash point tester, automated Abel closed cup flash point tester), automatic aniline point analyzer, RAID vapor pressure analyzer, freezing point analyser, automatic cloud and pour point analysers and automatic softening point analyzer, automatic viscometers.
Automatic Distillation Analyser (ASTM D86, D1078, D189, D850, IP123, DIN51751, JIS K2254, ISO DIS 3405, NF M07 002 Groups 0, 1, 2, 3, 4), Automatic Vacuum Distillation Analyzer (ASTM D1160, ISO 6616). 
Flash Point Analyzers - Automated Pensky Martens Closed Cup Flash Point (ASTM D93 - method A & B, ISO 2719, EN 22719, IP 34, DIN/EN 22719, JIS K2265, NF/EN 22719), Automated Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point (ASTM D 92, ISO 2592, EN 2252, IP 36, DIN/EN 22592, JIS K2265, NF/EN 22592), Automated Tag Closed Cup Flash Point (ASTM D 56, IP 304), Automated Abel Closed Cup Flash Point (IP 170, ISO 13736, EN/ISO 13736, NF M07 011, NF T66 009).
Automatic Cloud and Pour Point analysers (ASTM D97, D2500, D5950, D5771, ISO3015, 3016, IP15, 209, NFT60 105): CPP97-2 for measuring the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP, EN 116, IP309)- Cloud Point, Pour Point and Cold Filter Plugging Point measurement in one instrument, CFPP Analyser (EN116, IP309) fully automated instrument is able to perform cold filter plugging point test. 
Freezing Point Analyser (ASTM D2386, IP16, ISO3013, DIN 51421) for determination of the freezing point of aviation fuels. 
Automatic Viscometers (ASTM D 445): The Automatic Viscometers for determination of the kinematic viscosity of lubricating oils, polymers and similar materials. The temperature high stability bath allows for several simultaneous viscosity determinations. 
VPH 5G CCD Photometer for oil spot analysis- (TGA + IFP303 method) used oil evaluation scale.
The Automatic Aniline Point analyzer (ASTM D611) for determination of the aniline point of the petroleum products and hydrocarbon solvents. The AP611 operates both on clear and dark samples.
Vapor Pressure Analyzer (REID method, ASTM D 323, IP69, ISO 3007, NF M 07007).
The automatic softening point analyzer (RING and BALL method, ASTM D36, IP58, NF T66 008) for the determination of the softening point of bitumen tar and resins. The Rolling Thin Film Oven Test (RTFOT, ASTM D2872, NF T 66032) apparatus for determinination of sample ageing characteristics.
Also device for determination of Evaporation Loss of Lubrication Oil (NOACK Test, CEC L-40-A-93, ASTM D5800).
Istek is the Korean instrument company, a manufacturer and distributor of analytical instruments and water analyzers. Istek manufactures instrumentation for measurement of pH, Ion, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and concentrations more than twenty ions in water. Istek offers a complete line of field portable and laboratory desktop instruments for measuring pH, ISE, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and temperature. Features products: the compact Multi-Analyzer simultaneously measuring pH & ISE & DO & Conductivity & Temperature in one instrument, carrying case for portable meters and Luxury Third Arm Stand.
Iwatani Internatoinal Corporation of America.
Iwatani America is the North America distributor for DKK (Daiichi Kigenso Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd., Japan), supplier of high quality precipitated and co-predcipitated Zirconia Oxides for use in fine ceramics and biochemistry applications.
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