Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Classified catalogue of the manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (spectroscopy instruments, chromatography instruments, gas analysis, elemental analysis, thermal analysis instruments, food analysis instruments, pharmaceutical analysis, water analysis instruments, process analytical instruments, materials testing equipment, petroleum testing instruments), laboratory equipment (sample preparation equipment). Систематический каталог производителей и поставщиков аналитического оборудования (приборы для спектроскопии, хроматографии, анализа газов, элементного анализа, термоанализа, анализа пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализа воды, поточного химического анализа, испытания материалов, контроля нефтепродуктов), лабораторного оборудования (пробоподготовка).
Current edition (since March 13, 1998)- Текущая редакция  (с 13 марта 1998).
Alphabetical catalogue of companies: Алфавитный каталог компаний:
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K - index of alphabetical catalogue in English language. K - индекс алфавитного каталога на русском языке.
K2BW Environmental Equipment Co.
K2BW Environmental Equipment Company is a manufacturer of emission monitoring products, include continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), gas sampling equipment and gas analyzers for critical industrial applications. K2BW Environmental Equipment Co manufactures continuous emission monitoring systems, atmospheric corrosion test stations, specialty gas monitoring systems, microprocessor-based heated total hydrocarbon analyzers, heated NDUV sulfur dioxide analyzer, heated NOx analyzer, gas analyzers for CO, CO2, O2 with powerful microprocessor functions (RS-232 control, automatic start, self-diagnostics), heat traced sample lines, gas sampling probes, heated prefilters, CEMS controllers. Also custom-manufacturing of continuous emissions monitoring systems, gas sampling system components (sample probes, controllers), atmospheric corrosion test systems (ASTM Mixed Flowing Gas Method). K2BW Environmental Equipment Company is the U.S. distributor for Signal Instruments (UK), manufacturer of advanced technology gas analyzers.
K2BW CEMS capabilities include: Single and multipoint gas emissions monitoring systems for NO, NO2, NOX, SO2, O2, CO, CO2, THC, HCl. Mobile emissions monitoring trailers and transportable enclosure CEMS. Heated total hydrocarbon emissions monitoring systems per Method 25A. Industrial source and research facilities emissions testing equipment. Custom data aquisition (DAS), control and reporting. Guaranteed performance certification and compliance with USEPA and state agency requirements.
Gas Analyzers: K2BW Environmental Equipment Company is a stocking distributor for Signal Instruments, UK manufacturers of microprocessor-based gas analyzers, gas dividers, sample handling and support equipment. Signal Instruments offers a complete product line of compact microprocessor-based gas analyzers. Measured gases include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur diovide, oxides of nitrogen, oxygen and hydrocarbon gases.
Services: K2BW Environmental Equipment Company offer complete source monitoring expertise including CEMS applications engineering, upgrades and installation. Single-source supplier of gas analyzer parts and service support. Complete in-house gas analyzer repair and calibration lab. Customized CEMS maintenance support agreements and customer training. Specialized in 24-Hour CEMS emergency service & on-site field service. Other services: Rental Gas Analyzers supplied to your site with the right accessories. Used Emissions Monitoring Equipment bought or sold on consignment. Specialty gas analyzer systems for research, product testing. Temporary emissions and gas monitoring projects.
K and M Electronics, Inc.
K and M Electronics, Inc. is a manufacturer of channel electron multipliers, photomultipliers (photomultiplier tubes), X-Ray detectors, high voltage power supplies for scientific instuments and mass spectrometry, and electronic components: precision high voltage resistors, ceramic capacitors, diode arrays, voltage dividers, custom hybrids. K and M Electronics manufactures the CeraMAX ceramic channel electron multipliers (CEMs) for the mass spectrometer industry. The 7000 series' monolithic ceramic construction and advanced ion-optical design yields resounding improvements over conventional detectors including enhanced sensitivity, increased linear dynamic range and longer lifetime. K and M Electronics manufactures high voltage power supplies for MS instruments, TOF mass spectrometry instruments, capillary electrophoresis systems, PMT (photomultiplier tubes). The MS series custom designed high voltage power supplies for mass spectrometry. The MS series of high voltage power supplies is designed for various MS applications; providing channel electron multiplier (CEM) voltage, providing CEM high energy dynode (HED) voltage, for electrospray and for atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI). The CE/TOF series of high voltage power supplies for capillary electrophoresis and time-of-flight mass-spectrometry applications and the PMT series for photomultipliers. K and M Electronics also manufactures X-Ray detectors.
Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.
Kaiser Optical Systems (KOSI) is a developer and manufacturer of process Raman instrumentation (process Raman analyzers), laboratory Raman systems,  holographic optics and holographic optical components. Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc (KOSI) develops and manufactures a wide variety of instruments and components for Raman spectroscopy. The company products range from single holographic notch and bandpass filters and high-performance military and commercial holographic optics, to robust process Raman instrumentation and high-performance laboratory Raman systems. 
Kaiser Optical Systems manufacture on-line process Raman analyzers for the chemical, polymer, and pharmaceutical industries. The HoloProbe family of Raman analyzers utilize remote fiber-optic probes for in-situ, contact or non-contact measurements in single or multipoint formats. Also the HoloLab family of laboratory instruments for methods development or at-line analyses. Versatile HoloLab sampling accessories include a remote fiber-optic probe for reaction monitoring, a Raman microscope, and a class 1 sample compartment for routine analysis.
Kelvin International Corporation.
Kelvin International Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of cryogenic equipment for low temperature applications, includes liquid nitrogen generators, and low cost high purity nitrogen generator. The fully automatic NL-50 MiniPSA Liquid Nitrogen Generator is a reliable and convenient way to provide up to 16 liters of Liquid Nitrogen per day for A.I. stations, forensic facilities, and for medical NMRs. A larger NL-300 + GN-20 combination provides 30 liters per day. New Mini PSA NL-450 Nitrogen Liquefiers are in production. The NL-450 delivers over 330 liters per week, is fully automatic, and can auto-fill several tools.
CryoMini PTR Pulse Tube Refrigerator. Available now to meet the growing need for reliable cryocoolers. Several cold heads can be manifolded to provide distributed cooling. Solvay Cold Heads- Reliable and Efficient OEM Cryocoolers. Several choices of water or air cooled Helium Compressors are available to drive Solvay Cold Heads. These cryocooler combinations provide high performance heat lifts down to 10 K. Single and double stage combinations are available for on-the-shelf delivery. CryoMini Vacuum Cold Traps now are driven by the Solvay or PTR Cryocoolers. These in-line devices reduce tool down-time by increase pumpdown speed and ultimate pressure in chambers and process lines. With the PTR cold heads, it is possible to have effective pumping with no maintenance or vibration.
A new low cost high purity Nitrogen generator is a great alternative to customers who have on-site compressed air. Great for filling high performance tires and inerting chemical drums. Specifically Engineered for Quiet Operation, the iPSA and M10 Nitrogen Gas Generators are a great companion for CRYOGENIC liquefiers and laboratory applications. These simple and robust units are small, reliable, and produce lots of Nitrogen.
KERN & Sohn GmbH.
Gottl KERN & Sohn GmbH is the European manufacturer of precision balances. Gottl KERN & Sohn GmbH manufactures analytical balances, precision balances, moisture determination balances (moisture analyzers), pocket balances, industrial balances, test weights, weighting software.
Dr. Wolfgang Kernchen GmbH.
Dr. Wolfgang Kernchen GmbH, Seelze, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automatic refractometers, automatic polarimeters, chiral detectors for HPLC as well as analytical instrumentation and computerised laboratory systems for the sugar industry. Dr Wolfgang Kernchen GmbH manufactures automatic polarimeters (laboratory and process instruments), automatic refractometers (laboratory and process instruments), chiral detectors for HPLC, analytical instruments and computerized laboratory systems for the sugar industry (sugar content, dry substance content, purity, reflectance color of white sugar, quality of sugar beet or sugar cane), automatic dilution and dosage system. On-Line Process Analyser for Carbohydrate Syrups. 
The PROPOL Digital Automatic Polarimeter - Chiral Detector for HPLC. Self-balancing polarimeter with magneto-optical compensation by Faraday effect.
Kessler Instruments, Inc.
Kessler Instruments, Inc is a manufacturer of laboratory thermometers, industrial and general purpose thermometers, hydrometers, thermoregulators and tank gauging equipment. Kessler Instruments, Inc manufactures a broad range of thermometers includes: ASTM thermometers, SAMA, NIST, API, MIL-STD 45662A and ISO 9000 standards and mandates thermometers, standard taper thermometers, teflon encapsulated, maximum registering thermometers and enclosed scale thermometers. Calibration Service Traceable to N.I.S.T. Hydrometers - A.P.I., Baume, Brix, specific gravity and proof. Calibration baths.
Kett US.
Kett manufactures process (online), desktop (lab), and handheld (portable) instruments for chemical composition analysis, moisture measurement, coating thickness measurement, powder and granular whiteness / color measurement, tribology. Kett is a manufacturer of NIR (Near Infrared) chemical composition analyzers, NIR moisture analyzers (handheld, desktop, and on-line NIR moisture analysers), moisture determination balances (moisture balances), portable wood moisture testers and paper moisture testers, concrete and mortar moisture testers, grain moisture analyzers, coating thickness testers, whiteness meters-colorimeters, tribometer and surface property analyzers for tribology science. Kett US is a manufacturer of a full line of mixing systems for process and laboratory use (lab mixers). Kett manufactures laboratory mixing systems, including reciprocating, high-torque and programmable laboratory mixers.
Near Infrared Composition Analyzers - These devices provide instantaneous, non-contact measurements of moisture, fat, protein and other components for both solids and liquids by using optical absorbance. Optional data analysis software and specialized sensors for process control systems.
Near Infrared Moisture Analyzers - Handheld, desktop, and on-line production models of NIR moisture analysers are available.
Moisture Determination Balances - These instruments provide continuous, accurate, and repeatable moisture measurements. The FM300 moisture balance allows for measurements as low as 1 part per million and will accurately measure products with volatiles other than water.
Wood and Paper Moisture Testers - Compact, handheld, one-piece units provide portable moisture measurement of over 80 types of wood. Kett also supplies the only non-invasive meter available for applications requiring measurements on rare and exotic woods, or, where non-invasive testing is desirable.
Paper Moisture Testers - Two portable, digital models are available depending on the moisture range. Both use electric resistance to measure the moisture of both kraft and corrugated paper. Direct moisture readings, special calibrations, and relative moisture measurements are standard features.
Grain Moisture Analyzers - Kett is internationally recognized for agricultural moisture testers and inspection instruments. Handheld, laboratory, and production models are available. All use electrical resistance principles. Digital displays, multiple calibrations, and rugged, ergonomic designs are standard.
Concrete-Mortar & Multi-Purpose Moisture Testers - A portable, handheld, non-invasive model provides unmatched performance and versatility. Utilizing the dielectric principle, this unit can determine the average moisture content to a depth of 40mm. One model will test for leaks in walls and slabs.
Coating Thickness Testers - A complete line of handheld nondestructive coating thickness gauges for testing ferrous and nonferrous substrates. Digital displays and rugged, industrial designs are standard. Specific models include memory, statistics, integrated printers, and wireless probes.
Surface Analyzers - Precise evaluation of friction, abrasion, adhesion, scratch and peel resistance is available in several benchtop designs.
Tribometer - The handheld battery powered model calculates the coefficient of static friction in under 10 seconds.
Whiteness Meters/Colorimeters - Using photodiodes and reflective index principles, two models are available for powder and granular measurements.
Kewaunee Scientific Corporation.
Kewaunee Scientific Corporation specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of scientific and technical furniture, includes wood and steel laboratory furniture, fume hoods, flexible systems and worksurfaces. The manufacturing facilities located in Statesville produce steel and wood laboratory furniture, fume hoods, network storage systems, and worksurfaces. Featured products: Kewaunee Scientific Corporation is manufacturer of Dynamic Barrier Fume Hoods - a low constant volume (LCV) type hood, requires no VAV controls, no motorized baffles, no costly auxiliary air system, and no integral fans while providing a safe laboratory work environment.
Key Instruments
Key Instruments manufactures and supplies precision machined acrylic, molded polycarbonate, glass tube, and electronic flowmeters, optical flow alarms and controllers, and flow control valves, for medical, industrial, chemical, and laboratory applications. Key Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of acrylic flowmeters, glass tube flowmeters compatible with most liquids and gases, electronic flowmeters provides flow measurement, monitoring and control, molded flowmeters, flow indicators with 360° rotor viewing, flow control valves, controllers, and accessories.
Featured products: Series PV9000 Electronic Gas Flowmeters - The PV-Series Flowmeter accurately measures the flowrate of non-hazardous, inert gases with an accuracy of ±2% of full scale. The standard output for the PV meter is 0.2-2.7 VDC; the meter is also available with an integral or remote digital display, or 4-20 mA current signal. The flowmeters are available with full-scale ranges from 50 CCM to 50 LPM, with 50:1 turndowns. PV9000 Series meters can be installed in any orientation with no effect on the flowrate. All units are supplied with an aluminum body, high-impact polycarbonate case and brass compression fittings. The PV Series flowmeters measure volumetric flowrate, making them ideal for purging applications.
Kibron Inc.
Kibron Inc is the Finnish scientific instrument company specializing in the development and manufacturing of portable and laboratory instrumentaton for the surface chemistry. Kibron Inc is a manufacturer of portable microtensiometers for environmental monitoring, microtensiometers and Langmuir troughs for laboratory research, multichannel microtensiometers for pharmaceutical industry for drug screening and data analysis software. Kibron Inc manufactures the high precision instrumentation for the analysis of lipid and amphiphile monolayers, as well as for the monitoring of various types of interfacial processes: the battery powered, field portable microtensiometers for environmental monitoring, microtensiometers and Langmuir troughs for laboratory research, multichannel microtensiometers for pharmaceutical industry for drug screening and data analysis software. In addition, Kibron offers professional services: consulting in surface science, measurement of surface tension, and industrial uses of lipids and surfactants. Kibron's automatic data collection and analysis allow fast and reliable physicochemical profiling using surface tension in industrial applications requiring high capacity as well as high sensitivity and accuracy.
Featured product: The AquaPi - battery operated, portable microtensiometer. Kibron's AquaPi TSM 300 is the first and only battery operated tensiometer rugged enough for field operations and on-site measurements. It can also be used as an accurate and reliable instrument for research and for educational purposes. AquaPi is extremely fast and easy to use with a clear digital readout for surface tension values. Standard cuvette volume is 2 ml. Low power consumption allows for more than 5000 measurements with one charging.
Kinematica AG.
Kinematica AG is the Swiss manufacturer of lab and process equipment for dispersing and homogenization (homogenizers, stirrers, magnetic stirrers, shakers). KINEMATICA products range from handheld laboratory homogenizers high up to dispersing machines with througputs of over 130'000 l/h. The KINEMATICA rotor/stator technology is established in most laboratory, pilot plant and processing facilities and is today the standared for several different applications like: dispersing, homogenising, emulsifying, suspending, wet milling, gassing, preparation of analyses, acceleration of reactions.
Kipp & Zonen.
Kipp & Zonen is a manufacturer of atmospheric science, climatological research instruments and routine solar radiation measurement instruments for use in meteorology, climatology. Kipp & Zonen manufactures a complete range of ISO and WMO class meteorological radiation sensors and accessories that cover the full solar spectrum, from UV through the far infrared (FIR). Kipp & Zonen manufactures specific radiometers for measurements such as PAR and LUX, a range of accessories to enhance performance, data loggers. Kipp & Zonen manufactures atmospheric science instruments including spectrophotometer for stratospheric ozone and high accuracy UV measurements, scintillometers, solar monitoring stations, sky radiometers, passive microwave Meteorological Temperature Profilers and Lidar systems. Kipp & Zonen manufactures spectrophotometer for the measurement of solar radiation and ozone in the ultraviolet (UV) region of the spectrum. The spectrophotometer proviides near simultaneous observations of the total ozone column, SO2, and UV spectra.
Kittiwake Developments Ltd.
Kittiwake Developments Ltd is a manufacturer of the cost effective bespoke kits for fuel and oil testing, lube testing, water testing, microbiology testing (microbiological testing kits), and equipment for chemical sample handling (fuel oil sampling). Kittiwake Developments Ltd manufactures and supplies test, sampling and chemical dosing equipment for quality control and monitoring of process fluids used by marine, military and land-based industries. The rugged and reliable field test equipment is specifically designed for use by service engineers. Kittiwake supplies testing solutions to the industrial water and waste water treatment industry. Kittiwake's tests are available as complete kits, modules (which contain all equipment required to conduct a single test) or as replacement reagent packs (which can be used with your existing equipment). Kittiwake Developments provides logistics services for the laboratory industry and documentation fulfilment services. Services cover design, manufacture, storage, distribution and logistics for major analysis laboratories, oil, water and chemical companies.
Fuel oil sampling products: Fuel oil sampling equipment - bunker samplers, cubitainers for drip samplers, valve lock, converter bobbin, sampler gauge, fuel sampler and bunker sampler- Elbow kits. Consumables for fuel oil sampling - A complete range of sample bottles, labels and mailing cartons for storage and safe transportation of fuel samples. All consumables for fuel oil sampling are available either as convenient kits containing all necessary equipment or supplied in bulk to refineries and bunker barge operations.
Water testing products: Photometers, colorimeters, colour card modules, chekit blocks, comparators, titration equipment, dip slides, incubators, Water test reagents (liquid, powder, sachet, tablet and test strip). Kits are always available in stock and can be customised to your specific company requirements.
Featured water testing products: The SMART II Photometer developed in co-operation with the US-based company LaMotte. Features include: menu driven operation with simple 6 button keypad, up to 50 pre-programmed tests specifically for Kittiwake colorimetric reagent systems, COD and dissolved oxygen vial-based tests, 10 user-programmable test methods, automatic wavelength and unit selection, 25mm path length cells for higher accuracy at low ranges, computer link to download and store results. All pre-programmed tests can be run on this compact instrument and each test features automatic wavelength and unit selection. The entire multi-LED optical system is embedded in the light chamber and optimised for Kittiwake test reagent systems. This enables the analyst to simply select the test and put in the sample with reagents. Commonly used tests can easily be grouped together for very rapid test selection.
Microbiological test equipment (microbiology testing for such microorganisms as Legionella)- in addition to its water testing products, Kittiwake manufacture and supply a range of dipslides, incubators and UK HSE ACOP L8 test kits to assist in the detection of Legionella and other dangerous microbiological organisms. For engineers servicing and maintaining cooling towers and other HVAC systems, the detection and assessment of biocide concentration levels is also important. Kittiwake has produced a number of indicative tests enabling biocide concentrations to be evaluated, quickly, safely and easily.
KLOEHN Company Ltd.
Kloehn Company Ltd is a manufacturer of micro syringes, miniature inert shear valves, solenoid valves, syringe pumps, diluters and dispensers, needles, probes, and ceramic valves. Products available in standard or custom designed for OEM applications. Kloehn Ltd specialized in custom design and manufacturing of fluidic components and assemblies for the instrument manufacturers.
Knauer Company (Dr. Ing. Herbert Knauer GmbH).
Knauer Company (Dr. Ing. Herbert Knauer GmbH, Germany) is a manufacturer of osmometers (vapour pressure osmometers, colloid osmometers, membrane osmometers), HPLC hardware (analytical HPLC instruments, preparative HPLC systems, pumps, detectors, injection valves, columns) and software for high pressure liquid chromatography. Knauer Company manufactures analytical, medical and scientific instruments for routine chemical analysis and life science research, amino acid analysis, organic chemistry, biochemistry and physiology, environmental pollution control, food quality control, polymer analysis, pharmaceutical products analysis, and biochemical clinical analysis in medicine. The versatile line of products includes vapour pressure osmometers, colloid osmometers, membrane osmometers and external osmometry data evaluation software package for chemistry and medicine, the "WellChrom" series of complete analytical and preparative HPLC systems, analytical and preparative HPLC pumps, detectors, injection valves, analytical and preparative HPLC columns and accessories, software for high performance liquid chromatography.
KNF Neuberger Inc.
KNF Neuberger Inc is a manufacturer of the oil free diaphragm vacuum pumps and compressors (dry laboratory vacuum pumps, vacuum systems and compressors), OEM diaphragm pumps, precision metering liquid pumps, OEM liquid pumps. KNF Neuberger Inc specializes in corrosion-resistant air and gas pumps, and self-priming liquid pumps. A KNF liquid pump can run dry indefinitely without damage, and can pump gas/liquid slurrys. KNF precision metering pumps can transfer and meter using one pump. KNF manufactures a complete line of diaphragm pumps and compressors, includes dry laboratory vacuum pumps. KNF's vacuum pumps are very compact, with many pump models reaching 1.5 Torr (29.91 in. Hg) end vacuum using only two pumping stages. KNF's dry, maintenance-free vacuum pump is used in the laboratory as an oil-free vacuum source for rotary evaporators, gel dryers, distillation units, filtration devices, vacuum ovens, vacuum concentrators, and other lab appliances.
KNF's pumps are a perfect replacement for dirty, high-maintenance rotary vane pumps that require not only maintenance down time to change oil, but also eliminates the problem of the proper disposal of contaminated pump oil. In addition, users of outdated water aspirators will realize economic savings resulting from not using precious drinking water resources nor will they risk EPA violations caused by improper disposal of drain water contaminated with hazardous solvents. Water aspirator vacuum performance also varies with the temperature of the water. Steady, precise vacuum levels can be achieved by using our oil free pumps with a corrosion resistant vacuum controller. The KNF vacuum pump controller features Kalrez, PP and Viton wetted parts and five memory settings for the storage of individual vacuum level and hysteresis set points. All wetted parts are external to the module for easy cleaning. There are no metal parts in the gas stream. KNF has recently introduced a new pump for use with vacuum ovens, our self-drying model which purges accumulated condensate from the pump heads on a timed interval.
On the OEM pump side, KNF miniature pumps are specified worldwide for use in medical devices such as liposuction pumps for aspirators, as sampling pumps for environmental instruments and analytical instruments. KNF heated head sampling pumps are perfect for use with stack gas sampling systems and prevent the condensation of sample gas in the pump head. KNF explosion proof pumps are used throughout industry in sampling systems, process control systems, analyzers and gas transfer, and are available in full Teflon PTFE construction. KNF liquid pumps are a perfect replacement for many peristaltic pump applications, as they use no tubing, are not subject to changes in flow rate due to peristaltic tubing fatigue or tearing, and are available in all PTFE construction with no metal wetted parts. Because KNF pumps are oil-free, they feature contamination free transfer of air or gases and are an excellent replacement for piston pumps.
Koehler Instrument Company, Inc.
Koehler Instrument Company Inc is a manufacturer of petrochemical instruments and petroleum testing equipment, including viscosity testing equipment, penetration measurement equipment, flash point testing equipment, general test equipment, fuel testing equipment, field test kits for fuels and lubricants, wear and friction testers (tribology machines), water and wastewater meters, automatic colorimeter, infrared TOG-TPH analyzer and chemical reference standards. Koehler Instrument Company Inc manufactures petroleum laboratory instrumentation for chemical and physical test measurements, standards and accessories conforming to the latest ASTM, ISO and related international standards. Koehler Instrument Company Inc is a supplier of certified petroleum standards. 
Viscosity testing instrumentation (viscosity testing equipment, rheology testing equipment)- Koehler Instrument Company Inc is a manufacturer of constant temperature kinematic viscosity baths, Saybolt viscosity bath, high temperature kinematic viscosity baths, ambient laboratory viscometer, temperature controlled laboratory viscometer, miniature immersion laboratory viscometer, automated kinematic viscosity system, Brookfield viscosity air bath, Brookfield viscosity liquid bath, programmable Brookfield viscosity liquid bath, kinematic viscosity bath, digital refrigerated kinematic viscosity bath, vacuum regulator, viscometer cleaning and drying apparatus.
Penetration measurement instrumentation (penetration measuring equipment)- Koehler Instrument Company Inc is a manufacturer of penetrometer, digital penetrometer, penetrometer bath, mechanical grease worker.
Flash point determination instrumentation (flash point testing equipment)- Koehler Instrument Company Inc is a manufacturer of Pensky-Martens closed-cup testers, Pensky-Martens open-cup testers, Cleveland open-cup tester, rapid flash tester closed-cup, and autoignition apparatus.
Instrumentation for tribology- Koehler Instrument Company Inc is a manufacturer of four ball tester, pin on disk tester, multispecimen tester and scratch tester.
Kolmar Technologies, Inc.
Kolmar Technologies, Inc is a manufacturer of the infrared detector products for research and industrial applications. Kolmar Technologies manufactures infrared detectors with integral preamplifiers, HgCdTe and InSb photodiodes, HgCdTe photoconductors, preamplifiers and amplifiers. The detectors are usually incorporated in sciemtific and analytical instruments such as spectrometers, or laser systems. Available as standard products or in custom configurations. Featured products: Kolmar Technologies, Inc is a manufacturer of the KLD series of linear response HgCdTe detectors for FTIR spectroscopy, environmental monitoring and radiometric measurements. The KLD series is an HgCdTe photodiode designed for linear response in the 2 m m to 12 m m wavelength spectral range. In the standard configuration, the detector is packaged in a repumpable metal Dewar with a side-looking anti-reflection coated ZnSe window. Liquid nitrogen hold time exceeds 10 hours. The bandwidth is DC to greater than 2 MHz.
KONIK-TECH (Konik Instruments Inc in the US).
KONIK-TECH (Konik Instruments Inc in the US) is a manufacturer of fast and high resolution gas chromatography systems (HRGC systems), HPLC systems, patented hyphenated HPLC-HRGC systems, combined HRGC-HPLC-DIP quadrupole and TOF mass spectrometers, automatic sample preparation and introduction systems for HRGC, HPLC, GC-MS and LC-MS systems. KONIK-TECH manufactures liquid autosamplers (AS), head space samplers (HS), purge and trap concentrators (P&T), micro solid phase extraction equipment (SPME), microchemical stations, and fraction collectors. KONIK-TECH is a developer and supplier of the Konikrom software for instrument control and data analysis. Featured products: 
HRGC/HPLC/DIP Quadrupole mass detector, modularly retrofittable, for GC, HPLC and DIP. Mass range up to 2000+ amu. The new patented Konik HPLC-HRGC system allows sample preparation and dual separation by HPLC and HRGC in an automated single run, saving most time spent in sample preparayion and increases the accuracy and precision. The patented interface allows the trapping of the analytes in the modified PTV injector of the KONIK HRGC 4000 B at the chosen temperature where the trap is held while a digitally controlled continuos flow of Helium maintains the column flow and eliminates the solvent from the trap. ROBOKROM Autosampler - The Konik Robokrom Autosampler is an automatic system for sample preparation and introduction for HRGC, HPLC, HRGC/HPLC MS. It is totally innovative with capacity to be configured in less than 5 minutes in seven operational modes for its optimized applications: HRGC+HRGC-MS or HPLC+HPLC-MS Autosampler, Static Head Space Autosampler, Dynamic Head Space Autosampler (P&T), SPµE Autosampler, Fraction Collector, µStation Autosampler for Sample Preparation, Thermal Desorber.
The new Konik Robokrom B Series is a powerful Multimode Autosampler that meets the most demanding requirements of sensitivity, performance, accuracy and precision. Can be configured in seven different working modes: GC Autosampler, HPLC Autosampler, Static Head Space, Purge & Trap, Solid Phase MicroExtraction, Thermal Desorption and Fraction Collector. The Robokrom can be expanded with a second arm to a Microchemical Station combining heating, stirring, standards addition, reagents addition, evaporation, dosing, concentration, drying and injecting in a single autosampler.
ColdSeptum Multimode Septum Purge-Less Injector - The ColdSeptum (patent pending) capillary (split/split-less) / packed column multimode injector introduces a forced flow concept, with interchangeable liners of different volumes available. Only the needle tip surface piercing the septum is in contact with the injector chamber eliminating bleeding into the chamber.
PTV (programmed temperature vaporized injector) - Allows the injection of a large sample volume without concentration. Time savings. Temperature programming from –90 to 400C at heating rate up to 10C/min. The Konik PTV allows different packing liners. Allows splitless time and cooling time programming. EPC for carrier gas. Purge-less injector.
Dual FID-FPD Detector - The first dual Flame Photometric and Flame Ionization Detector is already available. A general ionized compounds detector and a selective sulphur and phosphorous trace compounds analysis for positive and negative ions in a single detector. Autozero and EPC for all gases.
MicroTCD Detector - The Konik Micro TCD Detector uses one filament for each cell (sample and reference) and its optimized dead volume is suitable for capillary and megabore columns, and uses the same electrometer power supply.
Kore Technology Limited.
Kore Technology Limited (United Kingdom) is a manufacturer of time-of-flight mass spectrometers: field portable TOF-MS systems for air and gas analysis, TOF-SIMS for surface chemical analysis, BIOTOF-SIMS chemical imaging time-of-flight mass spectrometer for life sciences, TOF mass spectrometry components and electronics (reflectrons, time-of-flight spectrometer power supplies and timing electronics - time to digital converter). Kore Technology Limited manufactures a various modules to assist in building time-of-flight data acquisition systems. Kore Technology Limited specialises in the development and supply of innovative time-of-flight mass analysers to detect and measure ultra-low level contaminants and time-of-flight instrument upgrades (service and upgrade old Kratos TOF-SIMS and VG TOF-SIMS). Kore Technology Limited is a manufacturer of sample handling equipment and stages (the rotating stage and other sample handling products). Kore Technology Limited also manufactures Cassegrain lens (this all-metal reflecting optics lens was originally designed as a long working distance, in-vacuum, on-axis lens yielding sub-micron diameter spot sizes for laser microprobe mass analysers).
Featured products: The MS-200 Portable Mass Spectrometer is a field portable, battery powered TOF mass spectrometer for gas analysis entirely contained in a single case. MS-200's membrane inlet concentrator allows a wide range of gases to be identified and measured from the low p.p.b. range up to percent levels. Automatic mixture analysis software in the MS-200 eliminates the need of a GC interface. The MS-200 uses electron impact ionisation, yielding spectra that correspond to extensive and well established mass spectral databases.
The MS-1000 Compact Secondary Ion Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometer for Surface Analysis is a bench-top scale analyser that identifies the chemistry and molecular structure of the surface of solid samples. MS-1000 is a time-of-flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (TOF-SIMS) and operates in the static mode of SIMS; meaning that it is highly sensitive and analyses only the top most layer of molecules on the sample. The MS-1000 easy to use and has a fast sample turnaround time of 15 minutes. MS-1000 is designed for product quality control and fault diagnosis at or close to the point of manufacture, to use is areas where other surface analysers have proved uneconomical or technically unfeasible.
The MS-2000 BIOTOF-SIMS - An affordable research grade chemical imaging time-of-flight mass spectrometer. MS-2000s are being used to study bio-systems that require high spatial resolution surface analysis, such as self-assembly monolayer systems, locating molecules in cell surfaces and spatially sequencing proteins particularly to build up combinatorial libraries.
Kore Technology Limited is a supplier of Galileo electron multiplier detectors. A wide range of detector options based on both microchannel plates, and on channeltrons. Kore Technology Limited represents Galileo in Europe for both detector types (Galileo Corporation's Scientific Detector and Spectroscopy Products Business acquired by Burle Industries Inc, the successor company to the RCA New Products Division located in Lancaster, PA USA, a major U.S manufacturer of vacuum tube products, including photomultiplier tubes, power tubes, and imaging tubes).
Kore Technology Limited is a licensed reseller of the widely used and highly respected NIST mass spectral library of electron impact (EI) ionisation spectra.
K-Patents is a manufacturer and supplier of the process on-line liquid analyzers for various on-line liquid measurements, such as concentration and liquid density measurement, and digital process refractometers for industrial process control. K-Patents is the instrument company, designs, manufactures and supplies a variety of specialized process analyzers (such as the Black Liquor Analyzer) and digital process refractometers for in-line liquid measurement in sugar and sweeteners, food and beverage, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical and textile industries. These process instruments are enclosed, interfacing with other elements of a control system. The digital K-Patents Process Refractometer provides truly accurate means for measuring liquid concentrations of various mediums. Measuring parameters - concentration (% by weight), liquid density (% solids), refractive index (R.I) and BRIX. K-Patents manufactures the Sanitary Process Refractometer for measuring Brix and concentrations in the pipe line. Easy to install in any pipe size directly or via flow cell, the Sanitary Probe Refractometer provides truly accurate Brix and concentration measurements in tanks, kettles and other vessels. The inline refractometers for all food and beverage processing applications where on-line monitoring and control can help to improve product quality and reduce costs. Typical applications are jams, preserves, sauces, beer wort, pharmaceuticals, sugar molasses, fruit and berries preparation, starch sweeteners (cooling crystallizers). The flush mounted sensor allows the use of scrapers and mixers. The product quality and batch time can be controlled precisely without costly sampling.
K-Patents manufactures process refractometer for measuring various concentrations in the pulp and paper mills, e.g. starch, sizing chemicals and paper additives. The final concentration and quality of the cooked starch can be verified. The starch the size press can be optimized for different paper grades and the best quality for each grade achieved. K-Patents is a manufacturer of the Black Liquor Measurement System for measuring black liquor dry solids % b.w. in kraft chemical pulp mill. The system consists of Black Liquor Analyzer Sensor, Isolation Valve with Retraction device HIMP-2, Steam Wash system, and Indicating transmitter. K-Patents also manufactures the Green Liquor Measurement System for measuring green liquor density or TTA in kraft chemical pulp mill. The system consists of Green Liquor Analyzer Sensor, Isolation Valve with Retraction device HIMP-2, High Pressure Wash system, and Indicating transmitter. K-Patents is a manufacturer of Digital Divert Control System for safe operation of a kraft chemical recovery boiler requires a digital divert control system. K-Patents manufactures the Digital Divert System is built strictly according to BLRBAC's recommended practice and compact process refractometer for measuring the concentration, dry solids or liquid density in paper sizing, cooking control and size press control applications in paper mills.
Kratos Analytical Limited.
Kratos Analytical is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shimadzu Corporation (Japan). Kratos Analytical Limited is a manufacturer of XPS instruments for surface analysis and mass-spectrometry instruments for life sciences (MALDI TOF MS systems for biochemical applications, proteomics, combinatorial chemistry). Kratos Analytical manufactures a family of X-ray photoelectron spectrometers (XPS microanalysis systems) for surface analysis and imaging.
Kromasil (Eka Chemicals, Separation Products).
Separation Products division of Eka Chemicals is a manufacturer of HPLC reagents and Kromasil silica packings for HPLC. Kromasil is a premium, silica-based HPLC packing, developed by Separation Products at Eka Chemicals for analytical up to process scale applications. Kromasil Chiral are new chiral stationary phases, based on Kromasil premium silica. Kromasil silica packings are designed to meet the highest demand in HPLC, SFC and SMB from analytical to process scale. Kromasil HPLC silica consists of perfectly spherical, totally porous particles. They are produced in sizes of 3.5, 5, 7, 10, 13 and 16 µm (larger particles can be produced upon request) and with a narrow particle size distribution for high efficiency, low pressure drop and best total economy in chromatographic purifications. Development, production and marketing of the Kromasil packings are ISO 9001 certified. 
FLEC is a fluorescent and optically pure reagent for the resolution of chiral amino acids, amines and alcohols via diastereomer formation and HPLC. FLEC is developed and patented by Eka Chemicals.
A. Kruss Optronic GmbH.
A. Kruss Optronic GmbH (A. Kruess Werkstaetten fuer Optik, Feinmechanik und Elektronik GmbH) is the German scientific instrument company. A. Kruss Optronic GmbH is a manufacturer of laboratory equipment and scientific instruments, gemmological equipment and instruments. 
Laboratory equipment and scientific instruments: automatic digital melting point analyzer, polarimeters (manual polarimeter and automatic digital polarimeters), refractometers (ABBE refractometers, process refractometers, hand refractometers, gem refractometers, digital refractometers), spectral measuring instruments (spectroscopes, spectrometers, UV and visible spectrophotometers), tensiometers and contact angle measuring instruments (Kruss GmbH), optical microscopes (monocular microscopes, binocular microscopes trinocular microscopes, inverse microscopes, stereo microscopes, stereo zoom microscopes), fiber optic light sources, UV and analysis lamps, thermostats (Peltier thermostat, circulation cooling bath and thermostat without cooling). 
Gemmological equipment and instruments: the field portable Gem Travellabs, diamond grading equipment (diamond detectors, proportionscopes, proportion oculars, dichroscopes, polariscopes, the Mohs hardness testing pins, filters, balances, accessories), optical microscopes (stereo microscopes and stereo zoom microscopes), gem refractometers, spectral measuring instruments (spectroscopes), hand loupes and stereoscopic eyeglass magnifier, stone tweezers and stone holders, UV lamps. The Gem Travellabs if the field portable battery powered gemmological laboratory in case includes microscope, cuvette table with cuvettes, darkfield, cold light source, stone holder, spectroscope with spectroscope holder and scale illumination, polariscope, conoscope, gem refractometer, UV-longwave, UV-shortwave, daylight, bromine naphtalene, diodmethan, Anderson liquid. The Gem Travellabs featured built-in cold light source for the dark field illumination, transmitted and reflected light to illuminate the diamonds and gems, the gem refractometer, the spectroscope and polariscope in a single travel case. Kruss Optronic GmbH also offers digital cameras and the fake-money detectors (lamps with long-wave UV light for the cash note examination and fluorescent penetrant inspection of jewels).
Kruss GmbH.
Kruss GmbH supplies tensiometers and contact angle measuring systems. Kruss GmbH is a supplier of automatic tensiometers to measure static surface tension or interfacial tension by the ring or plate methods, a maximum bubble pressure tensiometer for dynamic surface tension measurements, a drop volume tensiometer for dynamic interfacial tension measurements, instruments to determine dynamic contact angle on single fibers or larger specimens and automatic contact angle goniometers to measure static of dynamic contact angles.
Tensiometers - single fibre tensiometer, processor tensiometer, digital tensiometer, interfacial tensiometer, digital tensiometer, educational tensiometer, spinning drop tensiometer, drop volume tensiometer, bubble pressure tensiometer, drop shape analysis system, universal surface tester, drop volume tensiometer. Contact Angle Measuring Systems - manual contact angle measuring system, automatic contact angle measuring system, drop shape analysis system and universal surface tester.
KSV Instruments Ltd.
KSV Instruments Ltd is the Finnish scientific instrument company dedicated to development and manufacture of specialised instruments for both R&D and routine applications in surface chemistry and Langmuir-film technology, surface tension measuring amd measurement of the wettability of powders and fibres.  KSV Instruments Ltd is a manufacturer of the Langmuir-Blodgett measuring instuments, manual tensiometer, automatic tensiometer, high performance tensiometer and optical contact angle meter, surface potential meter, powder wettability analyser. 
Products: The KSV-SPOT1 surface potential meter is a small computer controlled stand-alone surface potential measuring head. KSV- SPOT1 is based on the non-contact and non-destructive vibrating plate capacitor method. The Sigma 70 high performance tensiometer is a PC controlled fully automatic, surface tension/contact angle meter, for demanding routine and R&D use. The Sigma 701 is an automatic digital tensiometer for routine and QC measurements in industry and research. The Sigma 703 is a manual tensiometer for low work load and educational purposes. The CAM 200 is the video based high performence optical contact angle meter for the determinations of dynamic contact angles, time dependent wettability reactions and determination of surface energies. The LPR-902 powder wettability analyser is an automatic instrument for direct measurement of the wettability of powders and fibres and other finely divided substances. By direct measurement of the initial penetration rate of a liquid into a powder it is possible to obtain a straightforward evaluation of the hydrophilicity or hydrophobicity of the powder surface. The advantage is that there is no need for preparing pellets or tablets or large and smooth surfaces of the material studied to be able to make conventional contact angle measurements. The LPR-902 is suitable for product development and research as well as for quality arrurance and control of finely divided materials and their surface treatment.
Adolf Kuhner AG.
Adolf Kuhner AG is a manufacturer of laboratory shakers and testing equipment for the safety characteristics of dust suspensions.
Large capacity shakers, incubated: Incubation Shaker Cabinet, Stackable Incubator Shaker. Large capacity shakers: Shaker Rack System, Pilot-Shaker. Table top shakers: Lab-Shaker, Lab-Therm, Aqua-Shake, Shaker for Incubator.
Testing equipment for the safety characteristics of dust suspensions. Testing equipment for the safety characteristics of dust layers. Calibration / Software.
Kurt J. Lesker Company.
Kurt J. Lesker Company manufactures high vacuum equipment, ultra high vacuum equipment and thin film deposition systems. Kurt J Lesker Company is a manufacturer of vacuum systems, vacuum chambers, vacuum fluids, vacuum pumps, vacuum components, vacuum valves, traps and filters, sputter sources, sputter targets, evaporation sources, evaporation materials, process instruments, surface sciences products, pressure measurement instrumentation, residual gas analyzers, electrical feedthroughs and motion feedthroughs, sample manipulation equipment, gas liquid management equipment, and system components. Kurt J Lesker Company manufactures a wide range of vacuum systems, vacuum chambers, vacuum pumps, vacuum drying ovens and vacuum components. A variety of vacuum laboratory equipment, small vacuum pumps, glass bell jar systems and a wide range of other vacuum products. Kurt J Lesker Company is a manufacturer of gauges for high vacuum (HV) measurements and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) measurements includes convection gauges, thermocouple gauges, thermocouple tubes, pirani gauges, diaphragm manometers, capacitance manometers, vacuum switches, cold cathode gauges, hot filament ion gauges, multiple gauges, ion gauge tubes. Kurt J Lesker Company manufactures the AccuQuad, a quadrupole RGA (residual gas analyzers), RGA inlet systems, leak detectors, and replacement filaments. The AccuQuad quadrupole RGA's provides analog and histogram mass scans, single gas monitoring and total pressure measurement. Its smart microprocessor control automatically handles all hardware-dependent decisions during measurements, eliminating the guesswork from measurement routines. AccuQuad's built-in RS232 interface and high-level ASCII command set make it easy to integrate into any existing control program. AccuQuad provides complete multiplexing capabilities, monitoring up to eight units from one PC.
Process Instruments: crystal sensors which use the piezo-electric properties of quartz to measure rate of deposition and final film thickness on substrates; and equipment for spectroscopic ellipsometry which uses polarized monochromatic light in multiple wavelengths to investigate bulk solids, thin films, and material roughness. Other process instruments include monitors, controllers, and recorders.
Sample manipulation equipment: a range of devices for moving samples through a vacuum system without breaking vacuum integrity. These include XYZ manipulators, rotary drives, linear positioners, rotary platforms, linear drives, wobble sticks, mechanical hands, rack and pinion transporters, adjustment mechanisms, and complete transfer systems.
Surface Sciences Products: a full range of components and systems for most spectroscopic, spatial, and ellipsometric surface science techniques used today such as the Phoibos electron energy analyzers, ion energy analyzers, photon sources, electron sources, equipment for diffraction techniques, and the Woollam's variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer (VASE).
Gas Liquid Management Products: calibrated leaks, mass flow control devices, liquid valves, liquid nitrogen handling equiment, fluid feedthroughs, compress air handling equipment.
Kurz Instruments, Inc.
Kurz Instruments, Inc is the ISO 9001 quality instrument company manufactures rugged, solid-state thermal convection mass flow meters, portable air velocity meters and flow control valves for use with air, industrial gases, flue gases and ultra-high purity process gases for a wide variety of applications. Kurz Instruments, Inc is a manufacturer of the thermal mass flow meters include single-point insertion mass flow elements, in-line mass flow elements, multi-point insertion mass flow elements, portable air velocity meters and flow control valves. Mass flow elements and flow control valves are used with the "smart" mass flow computers. Kurz Instruments, Inc also manufactures isokinetic air sampling systems, and specialty mass flow systems. 
Featured products: 454FT-Fixed Point Mass Flow Transmitter, K-Bar 2000 Multi-Point Insertion Meter, 2440 Series Portable Air Velocity Meters. Kurz products are used in a wide variety of important applications including process control, air pollution, industrial hygiene, electric power plants, semi-conductor fabrication facilities, heating and ventilation, laboratory measurements, combustion air measurements, to name only a few. CE compliance. Explosion-proof FM, CSA and CENELEC safety approvals.
Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (KEM)
Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co, Ltd (KEM) manufactures scientific instruments, analytical equipment and measuring instruments for laboratory and medical purposes, and environmental protection monitors. Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co, Ltd (KEM) is a manufacturer of automatic potentiometric titrator, Karl Fischer moisture titrator and titration software, density meter - specific gravity meter, portable refractometer - digital Brix meter, thermal measurement instrument (heat stroke prevention meter). Featured products: The Titration software compliant with the FDA’s (The U.S. Food and Drug Administration) 21 CFR Part11 (Electronic Records and Signatures). The Check-Brix RA-250HE Portable Digital Brix Meter is designed for quick and accurate sugar content measurements (BRIX) of fruits, foods, drinks. Sugar content (Brix) is digitally displayed, wide range and high resolution (0.1 Brix%), temperature compensation function, battery operated and reliable waterproof. Applications includes: Brix measurement on fruits and vegetables, Brix measurement on beverages and liquors, Brix measurement on foods, Brix measurement on seasonings.
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