Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Classified catalogue of the manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (spectroscopy instruments, chromatography instruments, gas analysis, elemental analysis, thermal analysis instruments, food analysis instruments, pharmaceutical analysis, water analysis instruments, process analytical instruments, materials testing equipment, petroleum testing instruments), laboratory equipment (sample preparation equipment). Систематический каталог производителей и поставщиков аналитического оборудования (приборы для спектроскопии, хроматографии, анализа газов, элементного анализа, термоанализа, анализа пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализа воды, поточного химического анализа, испытания материалов, контроля нефтепродуктов), лабораторного оборудования (пробоподготовка).
Current edition (since March 13, 1998)- Текущая редакция  (с 13 марта 1998).
Alphabetical catalogue of companies: Алфавитный каталог компаний:
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L - index of alphabetical catalogue in English language. L - индекс алфавитного каталога на русском языке.
The LAARMANN Group (The Netherlands) manufactures industrial and laboratory equipment for sampling, sample preparation and materials testing. The company offers large capacity pulverizing systems including pulverizing mills, high-capacity fine jaw crushers, and robotic systems for sample preparation. Laarmann mnaufactures a broad range of samplers for industrial sampling and laboratory sampling, sample breakers, jaw crushers, grinders, pulverizers, cutting mills, ball mills, rod mills, pressure filters, air drying ovens, sieve machines, laboratory pellet presses. Laarmann mnaufactures flotation machine, abrasion tester, impact tester, bond ball mill, bond rod mill. Laarmann offers container labs for mining industry.
LabChem Inc.
LabChem Inc is a manufacturer of aqueous-based laboratory chemicals and reagents including acids, atomic absorption standards, buffers, indicators, standard solutions and dry chemicals commonly used in laboratories, pilot plants and production facilities. Since 1986, LabChem Inc has been manufacturing over 850 different aqueous solutions (in over 2300 item sizes) for the research, industrial quality control, environmental, water/wastewater markets and pharmaceutical laboratories. LabChem Inc has been ISO-9002 Certified since 1994. LabChem's products consist of aqueous solutions prepared to exact quality standards and certified for use in laboratories performing specified standard methods of analysis.
Labcon North America.
Labcon North America is a manufacturer of quality disposable plastics for laboratories (disposable plastic labware). Labcon North America manufactures a complete line of  research grade disposable labware including SuperClear 15 and 50mL centrifuge tubes and micro centrifuge tubes, pipet tips for all pipettors, micro tubes, Pipet tip rack reloading system, aerosol filter pipet tips, and an assortment of storage systems. All the company's products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 registered facility and are free of nuclease and pyrogen contaminants.
Labconco Corporation.
Labconco Corporation is a manufacturer of biological safety cabinets, clean benches, chemical fume hoods and enclosures, laboratory equipment, apparatus, and accessories. Labconco Corporation has been a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment and apparatus for 80 years. Labconco Corporation manufactures laboratory chemical fume hoods and enclosures, biological safety cabinets, HEPA-filtered safety cabinets, enclosures and clean benches, work stations, carbon-filtered enclosures, non-ventilated enclosures, balance enclosures, laboratory animal enclosures (HEPA filtered enclosures offer allergen protection), glove boxes, blood drawing chairs, laboratory carts and benches, centrifugal sample concentrators and cold traps, evaporation systems, freeze dry systems, vacuum desiccators, density gradient fractionators, digital chloridometer, Kjeldahl nitrogen determination apparatus, fat determination apparatus, crude fiber determination apparatus, laboratory glassware washers, water purification systems.
Labconco Corporation manufactures Kjeldahl nitrogen determination, fat and crude fiber determination equipment and accessories, including open and hooded combination Kjeldahl units, Kjeldahl digestion units, Kjeldahl distillation units, micro digestors, rapid digestors, rapid still, Goldfisch fat extractors for the fat and oil content determination (AOAC method), crude fiber content determination apparatus (AOAC method). Kjeldahl nitrogen determination digestion and distillation apparatus are offered in classical, rapid and micro models. Accessories for Kjeldahl nitrogen determination systems, fat determination and crude fiber determination instruments: classical Kjeldahl replacement glassware, micro digestor accessories, rapid Kjeldahl accessories, Goldfisch fat extractor accessories, crude fiber apparatus accessories.
Labconco Corporation manufactures laboratory water purification systems, companion products and accessories for water purification, including water softener, reverse osmosis systems and polishing stations. Technologies used include carbon filtration, deionization, organic adsorption, ultrafiltration, ultraviolet exposure and microporous filtration. WaterPro water polishing stations produces Type I, Low TOC, and pyrogen-free pure water for the laboratory.
Lab Crafters, Inc.
Lab Crafters is a manufacturer of laboratory furniture and fume hoods. Lab Crafters manufactures steel and stainless steel casework, furniture and fume hoods for the laboratory industry.
Labfit is the Western Australian analytical instrument company, manufacturer of laboratory analytical equipment: carbon and sulphur analysers for mineral ores, soils, coke, coal, using representative sample sizes of up to 5 grams; automated pH and EC analysers for soils, plants, water, for very large batches of samples, up to 120 samples. Labfit also manufacture OEM autosamplers. Simultaneous Carbon and Dual Range Sulphur Determinator- The Labfit CS-2000 combines the latest technology into a truly modern and reliable instrument which is easy to operate and maintain. The software includes powerful statistical and diagnostic functions as well as a comprehensive on-screen instruction manual. The entire instrument, including the Furnace and Autosampler is housed in a single Cabinet with easy access to all instrument components. Three Infra-red Cells to cover a wide range of Carbon and Sulphur. Automatic Sulphur Infra-red Cell selection. Multipoint Calibration over a wide range of Carbon and Sulphur. Interfaced four place Analytical Balance.
Labfit carries a wide range of products for the laboratory market, ranging from fittings and sieves through to full instrumentation systems. Labfit supplies and supports several types of analytical equipment for Elemental Analysis, pH & Conductivity Analysis, Oil Analysis. Labfit supplies and supports several types of Sample Preparation equipment - Digestion Systems, Sampling and Dilution Systems, Heating and Drying Systems, Solvent Extraction, Fibre Extraction. Also supples of Environmental monitoring equipment (Kipp & Zonen, Velp), Equipment for Food Analysis (CEM, Velp), On-Line Analysers (Applikon, Grabner, Phase Technology), Consumables and standards for AA and ICP (Alpha Resources), columns and accessories for GC and HPLC (Chrompack), Consumables and Spare Parts for various elemental analysers, Complete range of Auto Analyser accessories and a range of Connectors and Filters (Gradko).
LabLogic Systems Ltd.
LabLogic Systems Ltd is the scientific instrument company, manufacturer of radio chromatography instrumentation, includes radio HPLC, radio TLC, radio GC analytical equipment and software. LabLogic Systems Ltd is a supplier of Laboratory Information Management Systems sach as LIMS for ADME drug metabolism laboratories.
Analytical equipment for radio gas chromatography - the GC-ram device based on a catalytic reactor closely positioned to the GC column inside the GC oven. The system can be used with capillary GC’s or with packed columns or megabore; carrier gas flow rates can vary between 2 and 40 ml/min.
Analytical equipment for radio HPLC - A series of six interchangeable detectors provides a wide range of count-rate, shielding and detection sensitivities in a single low-cost system. Remote operation, up to 12 feet away from the compact base unit. Detects gamma, positron and high energy beta emitters. Special detector for 14C. Features interchangeable detectors and selectable energy window for optimised low-level counting. Disposable flow cells with user selectable volumes. Digital and analogue outputs. The Beta-RAM flow-through monitor for HPLC eluates combines a proven detection system with the latest computer technology, enabling radio-chromatographers to quantitate radioactivity of the lowest amounts. With bench space limited, the Beta-RAM has been designed to provide the smallest footprint of any flow- through monitor. The Beta-RAM is available in two configurations - the model 2A, primarily intended for use with solid scintillators, or the model 2B which incorporates a mixer module for handling liquid scintillators.
Liquid scintillation handling options are available to enhance the use of the beta-RAM. The splitter/diverter is useful for pre-saving a portion of the eluate for further analysis at a later date. The beta-RAM offers versatility in terms of cell type and volume. Liquid scintillation cells are available in volumes from 20µl to 2.5ml and packed scintillation cells are available in volumes from 20µl to 800µl. Variants are also available for high pressure work and microflow applications.
Analytical equipment for radio TLC - The Bioscan 200 scanner utilises an imaging proportional counter to detect ionising radiation directly and more reliably than densitometry. Quantitation is linear over a dynamic range at least 100 times greater than that of X-ray film. Counting is direct, fast and reliable with automated operation. Detection of all commonly used radio-isotopes is possible with high sensitivity.
LABLynx, Inc.
LABLynx, Inc is a supplier of LABLynx LIMS products and services. LABLynx is a complete LIMS solution for Windows and Intranet environments.
Labnet International, Inc.
Labnet International, Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of scientific instruments, laboratory equipment and lab supplies for life sciences. Manufacturer and distributor of molecular biology equipment, benchtop shakers and rockers, incubators, laboratory centrifuges, liquid handling equipment and laboratory plastics (plasticware). Mini-gel electrophoresis system for low voltage separation of nucleic acids and proteins in both agarose and polyacrylamide gel matrices.
Labomed, Inc.
Labomed, Inc is a manufacturer of visible, UV-Visible spectrophotometers and UV-VIS-NIR (visible-ultraviolet-near infrared) spectrophotometers.
Laboratory Automation Solutions Inc (LAS Inc).
Laboratory Automation Solutions Inc (LAS Inc) is a laboratory operations and information management consulting company serving the analytical testing as well as the forensic and research and development industries. LAS Inc has implemented LIMS programs for large and small DoD laboratories, municipal water treatment facilities, public health laboratories, industrial testing facilities, State and Federal forensic laboratories, and R&D organizations. Laboratory Automation Solutions is a full provider of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), provides instrument interfacing and laboratory process improvement, consulting, education, and training LIMS customizations and implementations. Instrument interfacing to a LIMS database whether or not Laboratory Automation Solutions installed the LIMS.
Lab Solutions, Inc.
Lab Solutions, Inc is the instrument repair specialists. Lab Solutions, Inc specialized in repair and maintenance of analytical instrumentation, Hewlett-Packard GC-MS service and upgrade. Diff Pump System for 5970B - The Diff pump system is a complete package including diffusion pump, diffusion pump controller, vacuum gauge and all necessary hardware and cables to interface your MS. The system is designed to work specifically with HP 5970. MSTATION - Data System for HP MSD 597x - MStation is designed to increase the functionality of the Hewlett-Packard GCD, 5970, 5971, 5972 mass spectrometers. Increased sensitivity, increased throughput (SIM/Scan one injection), precise mass measurement, Chemstation compatible, are some of features which makes this new DACQ system a valuable upgrade for your instruments. Lab Solutions, Inc is a supplier of used chromatography instruments.
Labsphere, Inc.
Labsphere, Inc, a subsidiary of X-rite Incorporated, is a manufacturer and supplier of equipment for diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, includes integrating spheres and custom engineered integrating sphere systems, diffuse reflectance materials, coatings, optical components, spectroscopic instruments, reflectance spectroscopy accessories and reflectance standards. Labsphere specializes in the design and manufacture of integrating spheres, systems and instruments for a variety of electro-optical test and measurement applications, including lamp flux measurement, LED measurement, telecommunications, reflectance and transmittance measurement, and radiance and irradiance applications. Labsphere offers a broad selection of diffuse reflectance materials and coatings for use in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared regions. Labsphere spectroscopic instruments and reflectance spectroscopy accessories provide customers with dependable tools for characterization of the optical properties or chemical properties of materials. Also a broad selection of reflectance spectroscopy accessories designed to operate with most major spectrometers manufactured today. Integrating spheres ranging in sizes from 25 mm to 3 meters in diameter are designed to accommodate a variety of applications, including lamp flux measurement, laser power measurement, uniform light source and reflectance and transmittance measurements.
Labtronics Inc.
Labtronics Inc specializes in the development of scientific software that will assist you in automating your laboratory. Labtronics Inc is a specialists in the development of laboratory instrument interfacing and automation software. A variety of solutions available for data collection and analysis, balance automation, BOD analysis, automated wet chemistry procedures, LIMS interfacing, pipette calibration. Software to automate virtually any laboratory instrument. LimsLink software - connects any instrument to any LIMS. NAP - autoanalyzer software for Technicon and RFA systems. Analyze software - atomic absorption, TOC and colorimetry software. BOD Magic software - automated BOD system. Collect software - connects most instruments to a PC. Ion Magic software - automated pH, ISE, titration system. Titra Magic - automated titration system.
LabVantage Solutions.
LabVantage Solutions (USA) is a software and services company focusing exclusively on LIMS (laboratory information management systems) and other value-add applications for QA/QC and research laboratories supporting a variety of industry segments. LabVantage Solutions is a supplier of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), chromatography data systems, and a broad spectrum of other laboratory automation solutions.
LabWare Inc.
LabWare Inc is a supplier of automation solutions for the laboratories. LabWare Inc supplies the family of laboratory automation products including LIMS, which is a full-featured client server LIMS suitable for R&D; and production environments with an SAP certified interface; features stability, lot and batch management, client contact management and is integrated with Microsoft and SCQ charting capabilities. The LabStation product provides seamless instrument integration to laboratory instruments. LabWare, Inc is a Waters Millennium Partner. LabWare LIMS provides a bi-directional interface with Millennium. The interface provides seamless integration between LabWare LIMS and Millennium32.
Lachat Instruments.
Lachat Instruments (Loveland, CO, USA, a Hach Company Brand) is a manufacturer automated laboratory instruments and associated sample preparation equipment for ion analysis (flow injection analyzers, ion chromatography systems, ion analyzers), and elemental analysis (TOC, TOC-TN analyzers, sample digestion and distillation systems). Lachat Instruments manufactures automated FIA systems (FIA analyzer), ion chromatography system (ion analyzer), TOC-TN analyzers (high temperature combustion TOC-TN analyzers, UV-persulfate TOC analyzer). Lachat Instruments manufactures sample praparation equipment: block sample digestor, micro distillation system, and in-line laboratory sample preparation systems for cyanide measurement, total nitrogen, total phosphorus measurement, phenols, surfactants determination.
LaMotte Company.
LaMotte Company is a manufacturer and supplier of the laboratory and field-portable products designed for the analysis of water, soil and air, such as water testing products, test kits, portable labs and analytical instruments for water analysis (portable colorimeters, turbidimeter, molybdenum meter). LaMotte Company manufactures the field portable colorimeters for measuring a variety of water quality parameters. The SMART colorimeter is complemented by easy to use reagent systems. Several packaging options are available for field use, making SMART colorimeter a “field laboratory”. The new DEHA Kit. Water pollution detection kit- measures 11 key parameters that signal contamination of natural waters by pollution. The choice for environmental studies. Includes handbooks and report forms. LaMotte Company manufactures the smart water analysis kit - this portable lab measures 24 water quality parameters for pollution detection, environmental studies, and industrial water and wastes. The SMART digital colorimeter analyzes test sample color reactions and provides direct readouts for 15 factors. Titration tests performed with LaMotte’s Direct Reading Titrators provide results directly in ppm for 6 additional factors. Digital meters measure pH, conductivity, and TDS. Wastewater portable laboratory - this self-contained lab includes: Critical pH measurements are performed with digital pH meter. A maintenance free, gel-filled combination electrode, and three pH buffers are provided. The Wastewater Lab also includes the dissolved oxygen and chlorine test kits. The Model CCK Corrosion Control Kit is packaged in a portable carrying case for on-site use.
Lamsystems (Ламинарные Системы).
Lamsystems (Miass, Russia) is a manufacturer of biological safety cabinets (Class I, Class II, Class III biosafety cabinets), laminar air flow hoods, PCR cabinets, chemical fume hoods and enclosures. Lamsystems designs and manufactures customized clean room equipment and complete clean rooms.
Lancer USA, Inc.
Lancer USA, Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of washing equipment for the scientific, laboratory, industrial, pharmaceutical and medical communities, is a specialists in washers for cleaning of laboratory glassware, labware and other equipment. Lancer USA, Inc manufactures the broadest range of  washer and dryer models dedicated to the technological marketplace including but not limited to: pharmaceutical  production (24 PCM & PRO models), QA/QC laboratories, general research (over 44 LX & UP models), and petroleum/industrial (12 TI models). Manufactured under ISO 9002 accreditation, Lancer USA, Inc produces washers and dryers to suit any application. LANCER High Performance Washing Systems is the laboratory glassware washers for industrial laboratories, research centers, and hospitals features on board storage of cleaning chemicals and pulsed hot air drying. All models come standard with self diagnostic microprocessor programming, acid rinse capabilities, and deionized water final rinsing. Drying Machines- LABSEC - Independent dryer. Dry objects after washing to free up washing machines rapidly making them available for further washing cycles. Drying done by filtered, turbine hot air through injectors.
PETRO-CHEM Washers - features 316L construction through-out. Pumps, valves and accessories are designed to withstand the rigors of petroleum based contaminants. Pharmaceutical Production Washers: PRO Series - GMP compliant production washers for non-parenteral applications. Available in 4 standard frames with single door, double door, recessed and custom configured features easily configured. PCM Series - GMP compliant production washers for parenteral applications. Available in 4 standard frames with single door, double door, recessed, and custom configured features easily configured. Sequencing Plate Washers - specifically designed to process DNA sequencing plates with customized chambers and insulated racks.
LAR Process Analysers AG.
LAR Process Analysers AG (Berlin, Germany) is a manufacturer of process water analysis instrumentation for the measurement of biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), total organic carbon (TOC), total nitrogen (TNb), as well as the determination of sewage toxicity. LAR Process Analysers AG manufactures continuous water analyzers used for both process control and environmental protection (on-line monitoring of municipal waste, industrial wastes). LAR Process Analysers AG manufactures on-line (inline) total organic carbon analyzers (online TOC analyzers), total inorganic carbon analysers (online TIC analyzers), total nitrogen analyzers (online TN analyzers). LAR Process Analysers AG manufactures process water analyzers for on-line measurement of the biochemical oxygen demand (online BOD analyzers), on-line measurement of the chemical oxygen demand (online COD analyzers). LAR Process Analysers AG also manufactures inline sampling system for continuous water quality monitoring, sewage toxicity control, liquid waste analysis.
Laryee Technology Co., Ltd.
Laryee Technology Co., Ltd. (China) is a manufacturer of materials testing equipment (universal material testing machines, compresson testers, concrete tester, impact testers, extensometers, hardness testers) and metallography sample preparation equipment (polishing machines, grinding/polishing machines).
LAUDA is a manufacturer of thermostating laboratory equipment and measuring equipment for science. The company manufactures circulating water baths, circulation liquid chillers (heating-cooling systems), measuring laboratory instrumentation (viscometers and tensiometers).
LC Resources, Inc.
LC Resources, Inc offer training cources (includes comprehensive HPLC basics, HPLC of small molecules, chromatography of biomolecules, advanced topics in method development, troubleshooting separations and instrumentation, LC-MS, and validation), chromatography software, technical consulting, and laboratory services. Software products include: DryLab, a powerful program that models most chromatographic separation variables for HPLC and temperature programming for gas chromatography; and Chrom Merge, an embedded application that allows chromatograms to be inserted into most Windows applications and edited for high-quality output. Chrom Merge and associated products also facilitate managing chromatographic data and using chromatograms on the Internet. ChromDB software lets you create and maintain Microsoft Access chromatogram databases with ease. Chromatogram Web Builder automatically builds updatable Web sites of chromatograms from AIA/Andi files. Training Pro computer-based training programs for HPLC and GC facilitate rapid comprehension and improved recall with animated graphics, chromatographic simulation, and progress tracking. The HPLC Calculations Assistant and Reference Tools is a “must-have” calculator, utility, and reference tool for all chromatographers. Introduction to CE is an interactive computer-based training program that teaches basics to advanced concepts in capillary electrophoresis.
LEAP Technologies.
LEAP Technologies (Carrboro, NC, USA) is a manufacturer of autosamplers for gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, GC/MS, LC/MS. LEAP Technologies provides front-end automation for gas and liquid chromatography. Also automatic sample purifiers and other laboratory automation systems.
LECO Corporation.
LECO Corporation (St. Joseph, Michigan, USA) is a manufacturer of instrumentation for elemental analysis, metal and inorganic analyses, instrumentation for organic analysis, GC, GC-MS, instrumentation for calorimetry, thermal analysis, metallography, hardness testing, microstructural analysis. LECO Corporation manufactures carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen analyzers for metals, refractories, other inorganic samples, glow discharge spectrometers for bulk and quantitative depth profile analysis. The company also manufactures carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen analyzers for organic samples, foods, feeds, mercury analyzers. LECO Corporation manufactures GC-GC, GC-GC-TOFMS systems, LC-TOFMS systems. The company manufactures calorimeters, thermogravimetric analyzer. LECO Corporation manufactures metallographic sample preparation equipment, automatic hardness testers, microhardness testers, microindentation hardness testers, microscopes, image analysis and management systems, optical accessories.
The Lee Company.
The Lee Company is a manufacturer of miniature fluid control components for aerospace hydraulic and fuel systems, medical and scientific instrumentation (miniature, chemically inert two and three-way solenoid valves, miniature inert fixed and variable volume pumps, miniature static mixing devices and other inert fluid handling components). The Lee Company is a manufacturer of solenoid valves and accessories used in low pressure fluid and gas handling for applications including micro-dispensing, control valves, chemically inert valves and pumps. A miniature Micro-Hydraulic components for aerospace and high pressure hydraulic systems including plugging devices, solenoid valves, restrictors, valves for constant pressure or flow and high pressure safety screens.
Leica Microsystems Inc.
Leica Microsystems Inc is a manufacturer of microscopy equipment: light microscopes, stereomicroscopes, surgical microscopes, confocal microscopes, macroscopes, histology systems, materials sectioning systems, imaging systems, camera systems, sample preparation equipment  and systems.
Kurt J. Lesker Company.
Kurt J. Lesker Company manufactures high vacuum equipment, ultra high vacuum equipment and thin film deposition systems. Kurt J Lesker Company is a manufacturer of vacuum systems, vacuum chambers, vacuum fluids, vacuum pumps, vacuum components, vacuum valves, traps and filters, sputter sources, sputter targets, evaporation sources, evaporation materials, process instruments, surface sciences products, pressure measurement instrumentation, residual gas analyzers, electrical feedthroughs and motion feedthroughs, sample manipulation equipment, gas liquid management equipment, and system components. Kurt J Lesker Company manufactures a wide range of vacuum systems, vacuum chambers, vacuum pumps, vacuum drying ovens and vacuum components. A variety of vacuum laboratory equipment, small vacuum pumps, glass bell jar systems and a wide range of other vacuum products. Kurt J Lesker Company is a manufacturer of gauges for high vacuum (HV) measurements and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) measurements includes convection gauges, thermocouple gauges, thermocouple tubes, pirani gauges, diaphragm manometers, capacitance manometers, vacuum switches, cold cathode gauges, hot filament ion gauges, multiple gauges, ion gauge tubes. Kurt J Lesker Company manufactures the AccuQuad, a quadrupole RGA (residual gas analyzers), RGA inlet systems, leak detectors, and replacement filaments. The AccuQuad quadrupole RGA's provides analog and histogram mass scans, single gas monitoring and total pressure measurement. Its smart microprocessor control automatically handles all hardware-dependent decisions during measurements, eliminating the guesswork from measurement routines. AccuQuad's built-in RS232 interface and high-level ASCII command set make it easy to integrate into any existing control program. AccuQuad provides complete multiplexing capabilities, monitoring up to eight units from one PC.
LI-COR Inc (USA) manufactures instrumentation for environmental, agricultural and ecological research. LI-COR is a manufacturer of photosynthesis measurement instruments, infrared gas analyzers, open path CO2/H2O gas analyzer for making flux measurements, leaf area meters, sensors and calibrators, spectroradiometers, dataloggers, light meters, flow control devices, dew point generators, weather stations. LI-COR manufactures a complete line of infrared gas analyzers for CO2 and H2O measurements includes: CO2/H2O Analyzer, CO2 Analyzer, Open Path CO2/H2O Analyzer, GasHound Model LI-800 CO2 Analyzer. The Gas Hound CO2 Gas Analyzer features very low maintenance. The GasHound 800 is a single path, dual wavelength, non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer for a wide range of applications from agricultural research to industrial process control. Measure CO2 ranges from 0 - 2000 ppm (using the standard 14 cm optical path) or 0 - 20,000 ppm (using the optional 5 cm optical path) with an accuracy of 2% of reading over most of the range.
LI-COR Inc - Biotechnology Division manufactures the NEN Global IR2 DNA Analyzer and NEN Global IR2 DNA Sequencer include a Global Controller and e-Seq software for easy data access by Internet, network, or direct connection.
Linden Cro Mass Spec GmbH.
Linden Cro Mass Spec GmbH is a manufacturer of  the field desorption and field ionization accessories for mass spectrometers (emitters and ion sources). Linden Cro Mass Spec GmbH manufactures emitters for FI/FD MS of Finnigan MAT, JEOL, Kratos, MicroMass / VG. FI / FD Ion Source FDF-700 for all types of mass spectrometers. Emitter Maker to make your own emitters. Micro-Spotwelder for welding FD emitters, DCI-, EI-, and other filaments. Precision Sample Supply for safe and quantitative application of small sample amounts. Femto-Ammeter.
LINOS Photonics GmbH.
LINOS Photonics GmbH is a manufacturer and supplier of optical components and opto-mechanical building systems, crystal optics, cylindrical lenses, plano optics, electro-optic modulators, Pockels cells, Faraday isolators and non-linear crystals. LINOS Photonics GmbH offers products under the well known brand names of Spindler & Hoyer, Steeg & Reuter and Gsenger.
Linseis Messgeraete GmbH.
Linseis Messgeraete GmbH (Germany) is a manufacturer of thermal analysis instruments, calorimetry instruments, thermo-mechanical analyzers, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity analyzers, recording instruments (continuous strip chart recorders, XY recorders, process recorders), and data loggers (temperature, humidity, air velocity dataloggers). Linseis Messgeraete GmbH manufactures a wide array of instruments and systems for thermal analysis, including DSC systems (differential scanning calorimeters, high temperature differential scanning calorimeter), TGA instruments (horizontal and vertical thermal balances, special thermal balance software), DTA systems, STA (simultaneous thermal analysis)- TGA/DSC, TGA/DTA systems, TGA-FTIR system, TGA-MS system, dilatometers (economy dilatometers, research dilatometers - both single push rod and dual push rod versions, four push rod dilatometer, high speed dilatometer, high precision laser dilatometer, plastic dilatometer, custom design dilatometers for special applications). Linseis Messgeraete GmbH manufactures TMA systems (thermo-mechanical analysis system for polymers and resins, dynamic thermomechanical analyser, high temperature thermo mechanical analyzer). Linseis also manufactures instrumentation for analysis of thermo physical properties of materials and heat transfer analysis (instruments for thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat measurements)- thermal conductivity analyzer, thermal conductivity laser flash analyzer. Linseis Messgeraete GmbH also manufactures Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistance analyzer.
Linseis manufactures data loggers - thermometers, data loggers - hygrometers / thermometers and data loggers - digital air velocity instruments. Linseis manufactures a wide range of data loggers to meet the requirements of the transportation, environmental, pharmaceutical, scientific, and educational industries. Linseis offers data loggers for temperature, temperature/humidity, current, voltage and others measurements.
Linseis manufactures continuous line strip-chart recorders, industrial chart recorders (process chart recorders), circular chart recorders, videographic and paperless chart recorders, XY and XYT recorders. Linseis offers chart recorders for temperature, temperature and humidity, current, voltage.
Lloyd Instruments (AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments).
Lloyd Instruments is a manufacturer of materials testing instrumentation (Davenport polymer testing equipment, force measurement test stands, material testing machines and materials testing systems for production, quality control and research applications). Materials Testing Systems: force gauges and load cells, Erichsen force gauges, texture analysis equipment (texture analyzers). The TA500 Texture Analyser for researh and food quality control (meat texture). Features: tests most viscoelastic materials, multiple hardware options available, texture analysis software.
Erichsen Force Gauges- The range spans handheld low force instruments for field use to hydraulic load cells for manufacturing applications. Portable and rugged, battery powered digital force gauges feature calibrated dials for measuring tension or compression. They can be used in tension and compression and are supplied with a number of grips for different test samples.
Springs Tester- The Springs Tester is a fully integrated package, incorporating a standard loadcell with grips, safety fittings and software purpose designed for springs. The Springs Tester operates in both tension and compression modes, with a cycling capability too.
Compression Frame- Lloyd Instruments has an extensive range of packaging test equipment incorporating tensile, compression, friction and impact testing. Unique to Lloyd Instruments is the 1m3 compression frame for large scale compression testing. Custom built compression frames are also available.
Davenport Polymer Testing Instrumentation: Melt Flow Indexers, Melt Viscometers, Friction Testers, Impact Testers and HDT/Vicat Thermoplastics Tester.
Two models of the Melt Flow Indexers for measurement of the melt flow properties of polymers- Model 9 for quality control (test methods- ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238, Method A) and Model 10 for production, quality control and R&D test requirements (test methods- ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238, Methods A and B). Calculates: Melt Flow Index (MFI), Melt Flow Rate (MFR), Melt Volume Rate (MVR), Melt Density and Viscosity.
Melt Viscometer for viscosity testing of PET and other hygroscopic materials.
Friction Tester for accurate measurement of static and kinetic coefficients of friction of plastic films, blown film, coatings and plastic sheet.
Falling Dart Impact Tester for determination of the impact resistance of blown film, plasticised papers and thin flexible sheet.
Vicat HDT Type TPC/3 Thermoplastics Tester- A high precision indentation measurement system determines the Vicat parameters and a range of weights is available for determining the heat deflection temperature of a wide range of materials. The instrument has three testing stations, enabling users to comply with the relevant international UNI, ISO, DIN and ASTM standards which specify a minimum of two stations.
LND Inc.
LND, Inc. (Oceanside, New York, USA) is a manufacturer of nuclear radiation detectors: ionization chambers, Geiger tubes, x-ray proportional counters and neutron detectors.
Logan Instruments Corporation.
Logan Instruments Corporation (USA) is a manufacturer of automated dissolution equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. Logan Instruments Corporation manufactures dissolution testing equipment from basic dissolution systems to fully automated dissolution testing systems, that control every function from tablet insertion to sample analysis. Logan Instruments Corporation is a manufacturer of tablet disintegration testers, basic dissolution equipment, automated dissolution systems, fully-automated HPLC-dissolution system, diffusion cell products, solubility analysis instrumentation. Logan Instruments Corporation offers dissolution development services. Tablet physical property testers.
Featured dissolution products: the LPT-3 automated dissolution tester for USP Apparatus III. The System 900 automated on-line HPLC dissolution system. Products designed to reduce procedural time in dissolution laboratories and for ease of validation. Method development services including IVIVC studies. The System 800 Automated UV Dissolution System, comprises a dissolution tester, a multi-channel peristaltic pump and a UV spectrophotometer. These modules are all controlled by a comprehensive software program running on an IBM-compatible PC to create a closed loop turnkey system.
L & R Manufacturing Company.
L & R Manufacturing Company is a manufacturer of cleaning ultrasonic equipment. L & R Manufacturing Company manufactures ultrasonic cleaning systems, cleaning solutions and accessories.
LT Industries, Inc.
LT Industries is the spectroscopy instrument company, manufacturer and supplier of laboratory, portable at-line and on-line near infrared analyzers (portable, lab and process NIR analysers) for the pharmaceutical industry, food, beverage, chemical and petrochemical industries. The NIR instrument system is a smart, multi-point chemical analyzer with electronic and software ties into the refinery’s distributed control system. The LT PetroScan system for gasoline refinery is a continuous monitor for blending of gasoline from refinery components. The Iso-Chem systems are portable NIR analyzers with remotely triggered testing probes. They are designed to provide confirmatory chemical analysis, in seconds, at-line. The Iso-Pharm NIR analyzer is the pharmaceutical material monitor. The Iso-Pharm, LT Industries’ NIR pharmaceutical analysis system are built for GMP compliance, with cleaning validations and ease-of-use in mind. Iso-Pharm also meets the critical business tests of the increasingly vigorous raw material quarantine world. Also LT Industries Inc is a manufacturer of the FREEDOM NIR raw material analysis probe, the first non-contact probe, which preserves the chemical integrity and safety of the tested product. The FREEDOM system can be used with both the Iso-Pharm and Iso-Chem low-cost NIR analyzers.
L.U.M. GmbH.
LUM GmbH is a manufacturer of laboratory instrumentation for stability and destabilisation classification, tribology, particle characterisation, biotechnology. LUM GmbH manufactures particle separation analyser, particle size distribution analyser, sedimentation analyser (sedimentation, flotation, clarification analyzer), material tester (fracture test equipment, especially for microcapsules). LUM GmbH is a manufacturer of the LUMiFuge series analysers for stability and demixing (sedimentation, flotation, clarification) and particle size distribution of concentrated or diluted disperse systems. LUMiFuge is a microprocessor controlled analytical centrifuge that detects a large variety of demixing phenomena of disperse systems during centrifugation over the hole sample height. Whether sedimentation, flotation or clarification, the LUMiFuge directly measures the stability and demixing of even concentrated suspensions and emulsions. Like to a time-lapse motion picture the LUMiFuge analysis the demixing processes up to 2500 times faster compared to tests under gravity by naked eyes. It processes up to 8 samples simultaneously. LUMiTainer spherical, cellulose based micrcontainers for electron microscopy with elastic permeable membran that can be filled with biological objects. Preparation and Injection Set: device usable to fill spherical microcontainer or similar objects. LUM GmbH is a manufacturer of lab equipment: shaker, vortexer, mixer, thermostats.
LumaSense Technologies Inc.
LumaSense Technologies Inc. (formerly Innova AirTech Instruments A/S) is a manufacturer of portable analytical instruments for gas monitoring and portable measuring instruments for the assessment of thermal comfort. LumaSense Technologies manufactures portable and fixed gas monitors (gas and vapour analyzers, gas analysers) based on the infrared absorption and photoacoustic detection principles (PAS). LumaSense Technologies is a manufacturer of portable instruments and precision sensors for measuring all physical parameters necessary to evaluate heat stress and thermal comfort.
Lumex (St. Petersburg, Russia) is a manufacturer of chromatography and electrophoresis instrumentation (HPLC systems, capillary electrophoresis and electrochromatography systems), optical spectroscopy instrumentation (mercury analyzer systems, portable mercury in air analyzer, GF AAS system, FTIR spectrometers, FTNIR composition analyzers, FT-NIR whole grain analyzers, fluorimeters - luminometers, fluorescence spectrometers). Lumex manufactures field and process water analysis instrumentation (fluorescence instruments for water analysis, oil in water monitors, continuos flow water analysers, electrochemical on-line, in-line water analyzers, water quality monitors, turbidity monitors). Lumex also manufactures biochemistry analyzer. Lumex manufactures of laboratory equipment for sample preparation (microwave sample preparation systems, sample heating blocks). 
Lumex is a manufacturer of radiation control and radiation measurement instrumentation (personal dosimeter, dosimeter kit, radiation measuring system).
Lunaire Limited
Lunaire Limited is a family of companies produces environmental conditioning equipment (temperature controlled and environmental controlled equipment). Lunaire technical prowess encompasses the conditioning of process and / or test atmospheres that are able to simulate nearly any environmental condition including heating, cooling, humidity, dehumidification, altitude, vacuum, and filtration to Class 10 cleanliness. Lunaire Limited’s product lines consists of: Gruenberg Oven, Lunaire Environmental and Tenney Environmental products.
Gruenberg Ovens are available in a variety of configurations to meet any thermal processing requirement. Oven types include bench, laboratory, cabinet, truck-in, conveyor, explosion-resistant, vertical lift, and top-loading. Other products include chilling and cooling tunnels and top-loading freezers. Gruenberg also manufactured of class 100 sterilizers, explosion-proof dryers, isolators and barrier systems, a variety of thermal process systems for biotech, medical devices and diagnostic products. Pharmaceutical ovens, granulation dryers, pharmaceutical sterilizers.
Lunaire is a manufacturer of constant temperature or temperature-humidity cabinets, chambers, rooms, and incubators for a variety of applications. A line of forced air ovens are ideally suited for shelf-life, stability, burn-in, research, and reliability testing; drying, curing, aging; as well as production processes. Temperature / humidity chamber and room applications include steady state and food and drug stability testing; controlled temperature storage; cleanroom and biomedical research; photostability. Air-Jacketed CO2 incubator.
Tenney is a manufacturer of test chambers for burn-in, temperature/humidity cycling, thermal shock, vacuum, thermal vacuum, altitude, ESS, and vibration. Tenney also boasts one of the most comprehensive lines of compact test chambers in the industry. The Junior line for the laboratory or any application where space constraints require a minimal footprint, these chambers can accommodate all your temperature, humidity, and altitude testing requirements. Tenney manufactures also temperature baths, sub-Arctic freezers, and both welded and modular environmental rooms.
Vista Environmental is a manufacturer of field portable environmental simulation instruments (heat stress monitors, portable psychrometers), portable heater-block incubators. WBGT Heat Stress Monitors- Vista's microprocessor-based heat stress monitor measures wet bulb, dry bulb, and globe temperature to calculate heat stress endurance. When used with scientifically accepted heat stress endurance PHEL curves, the instrument can be used to calculate the safe allowable time an individual can work in the measured environment, according to work level intensity. Vista's hand-held psychrometer combines the reliability of digital thermometers, wet bulb/dry bulb with a self-contained, battery-powered, miniature fan to provide both accuracy and convenience. Portable Heater-Block Incubator is specifically designed to meet all the technical requirements of temperature stability and accuracy for fecal coliform analysis and general culturing applications. Designed for field use, the lightweight aluminum heating block assures excellent heat transfer, yet results in a total weight less than 15 pounds. The insulated case and carrying handle provide convenient portability.
Lytron Inc.
Lytron Inc. is a manufacturer of recirculating chillers, ambient cooling systems, stainless steel liquid-to-air heat exchangers, copper liquid-to-air heat exchangers, liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers, compact cold plates, oil coolers, OEM coils, custom cooling systems and heat exchangers. Lytron manufactures a complete line of state-of the art liquid cooling components and systems for some of the most demanding thermal management applications such as laser cooling and electronic cooling. Lytron is a manufacturer of high performance liquid cooling products include recirculating chillers, modular cooling systems, copper and stainless steel tube-fin heat exchangers, aluminum oil coolers, brazed liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers and cold plates. They are used in a wide variety of applications including semiconductor equipment, analytical instruments, medical and industrial lasers, medical diagnostic equipment, telecommunications, machine tools, furnaces, plastics, power supplies, electronic cooling and military devices. Lytron specialize in the design and manufacture of compact cooling products capable of handling heat loads from 10 to 100,000 Watts. Lytron Inc is an ISO9001 registered manufacturer.
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