Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Classified catalogue of the manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (spectroscopy instruments, chromatography instruments, gas analysis, elemental analysis, thermal analysis instruments, food analysis instruments, pharmaceutical analysis, water analysis instruments, process analytical instruments, materials testing equipment, petroleum testing instruments), laboratory equipment (sample preparation equipment). Систематический каталог производителей и поставщиков аналитического оборудования (приборы для спектроскопии, хроматографии, анализа газов, элементного анализа, термоанализа, анализа пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализа воды, поточного химического анализа, испытания материалов, контроля нефтепродуктов), лабораторного оборудования (пробоподготовка).
Current edition (since March 13, 1998)- Текущая редакция  (с 13 марта 1998).
Alphabetical catalogue of companies: Алфавитный каталог компаний:
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M - index of alphabetical catalogue in English language. M - индекс алфавитного каталога на русском языке.
MACHEREY-NAGEL is a manufacturer of chromatography columns, consumables and accessories for GC, GLC, LC, HPLC, TLC, sample preparation for chromatography analysis, solid phase extraction, filtration of the sample. MACHEREY-NAGEL manufactures sample preparation products (SPE cartridges, disposable filters), sample filtration products (filter papers, extraction thimbles, membranes, syringe filters, plates), TLC plates and accessories (glass plates, aluminum plates), capillary GC columns and consumables (seals, vials, caps), HPLC columns packed with Nucleosil sorbents, the patented cartridge column system. The company manufactures a broad range of liquid chromatography adsorbents (spherical silica, angular silica, deactivated phases, chiral phases, polymeric media for biochemical separations) and HPLC columns from sample preparation to production scale. MACHEREY-NAGEL also manufactures consumable products for photometric water analysis and rapid tests (test papers, test strips, colorimetric test kits, titrimetric test kits, microbiological tests).
magnettech GmbH.
Magnettech (Germany) is a manufacturer and supplier of electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometers (EPR spectrometers) for measurement of nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide respectively reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cardiology, vascular biology, biomedical research. EPR spectrometer systems offer measurements of free radicals, transition metal ions, metals and crystal lattice (crystal defects). Magnettech manufactures high sensitive benchtop EPR spectrometers (X-band) and modern modular EPR spectrometers (L-band). The modular EPR devices offer signal resolutions from spectral over spectral-spatial up to 3-dimensional signal resolution or "imaging". Magnettech also is a supplier of high quality finger dewars, accessories and glassware (sample tubes, flatcells, aqueous and tissue cells) for EPR spectrometers.
Major Science.
Major Science (Saratoga, CA, U.S.A.) is a manufacturer of lab equipment and related accessories for biotechnology and life sciences research: fermentation bioreactors, fermentation systems, shaking incubators, recirculating chillers, gel electrophoresis and blotting equipment, gel documentation system, power supply sources, amplification/PCR systems, digital peristaltic pumps, stirring water baths, thermoblock reactors, dry bath incubators, dry bath blocks, shakers.
Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc.
Mallinckrodt Baker Incorporated, is a worldwide manufacturer of laboratory chemicals, biotechnology chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals and specialty industrial chemicals. Mallinckrodt Baker manufactures and markets high purity chemicals under the Mallinckrodt and J.T.Baker brands for the laboratory, biopharmaceutical, microelectronic and industrial markets. Mallinckrodt Baker manufactures high purity solvents, low water solvents for organic synthesis, HPLC solvents, salts, acids, vitamins, sugars, bioreagents, Karl Fischer reagents. Mallinckrodt Baker manufactures process liquid chromatography media, HPLC media, analytical HPLC columns, flash chromatography media, flash chromatography columns, thin layer chromatography plates and sheets (TLC plates), solid phase extraction columns and disks (SPE columns, SPE disks), SPE processors, SPE accessories, electrophoresis gels.
Malvern Instruments Ltd.
Malvern Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory and process particle characterization instrumentation (laser diffraction particle size analyzers for powders, sprays and suspensions). Malvern Instruments manufactures instruments for particle characterization of solids and liquids, slurries and aerosols, as well as zeta potential measurement for analysis of suspensions and emulsions. The Malvern PharmaVision 830 is an image analysis based particle analyzer that allows the collection of particle size and shape distributions from materials that are dispersed as dry powders. Malvern Instruments specialized in the area of particle characterization and rheology and has a global sales and support network. The company offers a wide range of instruments for particle characterization over a size range from nanometers to millimeters. Malvern Instruments manufactures particle characterization equipment for particle size analysis from 1 nm - 3500 micron, a range of laser diffraction systems provides essential information and control through fast, accurate particle size analysis of particulate materials including powders, suspensions, emulsions and liquid droplet sprays. Malvern Instruments manufactures instruments for measurement of sub-micron particle size and Zeta Potential, particle size analysis of high concentration suspensions using acoustic attenuation, determination of size and molecular weight of proteins and other macromolecules using both static and dynamic light scattering. 
Malvern Instruments offers solutions for on-line measurement of all particulate material - both wet and dry (in-line, on-line measurement of emulsions and suspensions, dry powders). Processes for the formation and reduction of dry particulates including air milling, classifying, drying or any pneumatically conveyed material can be monitored with on-line measurement of size using ensemble laser diffraction. Wet production processes involving precipitation, polymerization, and crystallisation will be controllable in real-time using acoustic spectroscopy.
The Malvern PharmaVision 830 perform automated analysis of dry powder blends and dry powder particles as small as 0.5 microns. This is automatic vision system for analysis of the size and shape of dry powder particles. Samples are dispersed on a microscope slide by using the sample preparation device. The preparation device uses compressed air to disperse the sample and to break up agglomerates by forming a particle cloud in a sealed chamber. The cloud settles on the microscope slide in a few seconds, and the whole procedure takes only a few minutes to perform. The sample is placed on a sample tray under a CCD video camera. A linear actuator moves the camera across the sample tray and the camera takes digitized video images. These are segmented into individual particles, whereupon the software makes direct measurements of physical properties such as length, width, volume, roundness, and convexity. The system performs analysis of 20,000 particles in less than 15 minutes, supplied with a NIST reference sample.
With acquisition of Bohlin Instruments, Malvern also offers a wide range of viscometers and rheometers for rheological characterization of materials. Bohlin Instruments is a manufacturer of lab and portable instruments for the measurement of viscosity, elasticity, yield stress, thixotropy, pseudoplasicity, rheopexy, creep compliance, recoverable compliance, retardation times, relaxation function, dynamic moduli, glass transition temperature, melting point, softening point (rheometers, viscometers, melt-flow indexers). Bohlin Instruments manufactures rotational rheometers, high-pressure capillary rheometers for measurements of flow behaviour at very high stresses, and rheometers for asphalt analysis. Bohlin Instruments manufactures portable rotational viscosimeter, a rechargeable battery powered device for completely portable viscosity measurements in the field or on the production floor. Bohlin Instruments manufactures high resolution rotational rheometer, a high performance rheometer system with an extremely wide dynamic range in torque and position sensing (an advanced rheometer and dynamic spectrometer system with the option of DMTA capability - fluids to solids testing). Bohlin Instruments manufactures an advanced controlled stress rheometer for measurements on a wide range of fluids including weakly structured systems. 
Asphalt testing rheometer with automatic sampler and Direct Tension System (BDT)- a complete instrument for evaluating stiffness and failure properties of asphalt binders at low temperatures. BDT results, in conjunction with Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR) data, provide a more complete characterization of the asphalt binder. In addition, BDT data predict the temperature at which thermal cracking would occur in the roadway. Bohlin Instruments manufactures asphalt binder testing equipment specifically designed to perform ASTM D4402 high temperature testing of asphalt binder (features an electrically heated thermal chamber with autotuned PID controller for precise regulation of sample temperatures up to 300°C).
Man-Tech Associates, Inc.
Man-Tech Associates, Inc is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of titration, ion analysis and BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) analysis instrumentation for the analytical laboratory. Man-Tech Associates, Inc manufactures the PC-TitratIon Plus family of titrators. The PC-Ion Plus, PC-Titrate, QC-Titrate and TitraSip systems for ion analysis and / or autotitration. A variety of robotic autosamplers and sample preparation options are also available. The innovative TitraSip module converts the XYZ robotic autosamplers into an automated sample transfer station. This robotic device provides automatic pipetting of samples to the analysis vessel, saving operator time and improving accuracy. It has also increased sample capacity up to 350 samples, and allows for the detection of up to six (6) different analytes in one sample. Typical applications include pH, fluoride, alkalinity, conductivity, hardness, cyanide, sulfide.
MARK-10 Corporation.
MARK-10 Corporation is the test instrument company, manufacturer of mechanical testing instrumentation, force measuring instruments and torque measuring instruments, auxiliary equipment for materials testing. MARK-10 Corporation manufactures force gauges, torque gauges, force and torque indicators, test stands, spring testers, peel testers, torque calibrators, friction testers, auxiliary equipment for materials testing. MARK-10 Corporation manufactures a variety of grips and attachments for material testing instrumentation: wire terminal grip, dual roller grip, miniature component grip, film and paper grips, compression plates, pin vise (Jacobs chuck), rubber tip, wedge grip, parallel jaw grip, Jacobs chucks for STH, bit holder for STH, swivel adapters. Accessories for materials testing equipment (material testing instrumentation).
Markes International Limited.
Markes International Limited (UK) is a specialist manufacturer of analytical thermal desorption instrumentation and associated sampling equipment. Markes International manufactures a broad range of thermal desorption instruments and systems: thermal desorber for single tubes (short flow-path thermal desorption system featured electrically-cooled trap and upgradeable to multi-tube, multi-canister operation, on-line automation sampling, dynamic headspace analysis), multi-tube autosampler for single tube desorbtion unit, fully automated thermal desorption system for sorbent tubes (high throughput thermal desorption system with in-built RFID sample tube tracking technology), cryogen-free canister autosampler for air pollition monitoring, gas purity analysis, fully automated thermal desorption system for continuous air/gas monitoring featured tandem electrically-cooled traps (twin-trap technology), dynamic headspace system (headspace + thermal desorption analytical system). Markes International manufactures equipment for odour profiling of bulk materials at ambient or elevated temperatures, materials safety testing - micro-chamber/thermal extractor apparatus for testing the volatile organic chemicals (VOC) and semi-volatile organic chemicals (SVOC) content of materials (toxic organics emissions, for example formaldehyde emission). The company also manufactures air sampling pumps, calibration accessories, multi-tube conditioner - dry purge unit, sequential tube sampler, thermal desorption sorbent sample tubes, tube accessories, instrument spares. Markes International offers a series of sampling tubes designed for the collection and analysis of gases evolved from thermogravimetric analysis (TGA, TA)- thermal analysis + evolved gas analysis.
Marlow Industries, Inc.
Marlow Industries, Inc is the company specializing in thermal solutions based on thermoelectric cooling technology. Marlow Industries, Inc is a developer and manufacturer of thermoelectric coolers (TEC, thermoelectric cooling modules and subsystems) for the instrumentation technology, military, aerospace, medical, high speed integrated circuits, and telecommunications markets. Application included laboratory instrumentation, analytical instruments and scientific equipment. Typical applications for thermoelectric coolers includes temperature stabilization and cooling for: Infrared sensors (IR), Fiber optic guidance systems, Charged coupled devices (CCD), Thermal reference sources (TRS), Laser diodes, Pump lasers, Refrigerators / freezers, Bio-analytical instrumentation, DNA amplification, High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC).
Martin Christ Gefriertrocknungsanlagen GmbH.
Freeze drying in laboratory and production scale. From the 2kg bench-top unit to the 300kg steam-sterilizable production unit. Martin Christ is one of the leading manufacturers of freeze drying units world-wide, with an experience of more than 50 years and offers an entire program of laboratory, pilot and production plants for all applications. The units comply to international regulations such as FDA and GMP. On request, they can also be supplied with steam sterilization. All units from Christ fulfil highest standards on materials used and functional safety and can be extended for future operations. Modern control electronics simplify user operation and allow the storage of programs, so that processes can be reproduced.
Another business activity since over 15 years is the production of rotational-vacuum-concentrators ("RVC"). The Christ RVC-series is well structured in size and combination with different cooling traps and vacuum pumps. Christ pride themselves on offering full customer support from installation, start-up and training to competent service for the entire operation period of the unit. Rotational Vacuum Concentrators - RVC 2-18 designed for efficient concentration of DNA/RNA-samples, Alpha RVC „IR" with infrared heating, -85°C cooling trap and vacuum pump (Combinatorial Chemistry).
MasCom GmbH.
MasCom GmbH offers mass spectrometer spare parts and service of mass-spectrometers, GC-MS and LC-MS systems. Service, upgrade and technical support available for: MAT 8200, MAT95, TSQ+SSQ700/7000, ITS40, GCQ. The company ready to repair all your defective electronic boards for: MAT 8200, MAT 95xx, MAT 900, TSQ/SSQ 70, TSQ/SSQ 700, TSQ/SSQ 7000, ITD 700, ITS 40, Magnum, GCQ, LCQ Classic. Data Systems for Mass Spectrometers. MasCom GmbH is a supplier of spare parts and accessories for different mass spectrometers, includes: filaments, gaskets, heaters, O-rings, temperature probes, spares for GC/MS coupling, spacers, DCI accessories, electron multipliers, FD accessories, slit systems, FAB accessories, reference inlet parts, high temperature sample rods, sample rods, crucibles, spare parts and accessories for ITD, calibration compounds, electronics for mass spectrometers, electronic boards for mass spectrometer, electronic spare parts. Vacuum part, vacuum pumps, turbo vacuum pumps and accessories, pump oils and fluids, vacuum measuring equipment, KF, ISO, UHV flange components and valves, vacuum safety valves. Featured Products:
The MasCom MS Multiplier - MasCom SEM (Secondary Electron Multiplier) Systems are manufactured at MasCom GmbH in Bremen, Germany and are supplied by leading german mass spectrometer companies as original equipment. MasCom SEM Systems have following advantages: Due to a special treatment of the Cu-Be dynodes MasCom SEM Systems reach a high gain at low H.V. Due to the large dynode area MasCom SEM Systems have a long lifetime. MasCom SEM-systems are subject to very strictly production quality assurance procedures.
Mass Spectrometry International Ltd.
Mass Spectrometry International Limited (MSI, formerly Kratos Analytical, UK) is a manufacturer of double focussing high resolution magnetic sector mass spectrometers. Mass Spectrometry International (MSI) manufactures high performance mass spectrometry instrumentation, data systems and accessories. Mass Spectrometry International also supplies a wide range of spares, accessories and upgrades for older existing mass spectrometry instruments. Featured products: The Autoconcept is a double focussing high resolution magnetic sector mass spectrometer.
The Autoconcept is a high performance mass spectrometer dedicated to the analysis of organic materials to provide accurate mass information. The instrument features a horizontal, E-B geometry mounted on a solid framework with a three point anti-vibration support system, resulting in a highly stable instrument capable of achieving ultimate detection levels in a reproducible and consistent manner. The system can be integrated with the Agilent GC (6890) and variety of Autosamplers (HP7683 or CTC) with control through the MACH 3Xe data system. The data system supports all the major Dioxin and Furan protocols, including EN-1948 and EPA-1613.
MACH 3Xe MS Data System (mass spectrometry data system) - Developed through many years of experience together with its associated DART (data acquisition in real time) system, the current version MACH 3Xe is the stable platform for mass spectrometer control and data acquisition and analysis.
Mass spectrometry accessories - Mass Spectrometry International offer a comprehensive range of accessories for mass spectrometry instruments.
Pre-owned MS Systems - Mass Spectrometry International also refurbish older instruments for resale. Each instrument can be reconfigured to specific requirements. Refurbishment is to the highest standard. The instruments are supplied with full warranties and relocation, installation and commissioning packages are available. These instruments represent a cost-effective approach to high resolution, high performance mass spectrometry.
Mass Spec UK Limited.
Mass Spec UK Limited are purely a service company that concentrates only on quadrupole mass spectrometer systems (quadrupole mass spectrometers, LC-MS and GC-MS instruments). Mass Spec UK Limited provides a number of services to the mass spectrometry industry - installation, servicing and maintenance of GC/MS and LC/MS instruments, spare parts and consumables sales, instrument training, technical support. Mass Spec UK Limited services and maintain a number of quadrupole mass spectrometers, gas chromatographs, liquid chromatographs and auto samplers: Thermo Finnigan (formerly Finigan MASSLAB) Navigator, AQA, MD800, Voyager, Trace MS, Trio 1000, CE Gas Chromatographs, CE Auto samplers, Micromass Platform LC, Platform LCZ, Platform ZMD, Agilent Technologies - HP 5971 MSD, HP 5792 MSD, HP 5973 MSD, HP Gas Chromatographs and HP Auto samplers.
MA Tech Services, Inc.
MA Tech Services offers service and support for process mass spectrometers - gas analyzers (in-line, on-line MS systems for gas analysis): InProcess Instruments GAM 300 mass spectrometer - gas analyzer, Perkin-Elmer MGA 1100 and MGA 1200 gas analyzers (Medical Gas Analyzer and Industrial Gas Analyzer). MA Tech Services is a supplier of spare parts and electronic components for process mass spectrometers - gas analysers. 
MA Tech Services supplies process mass spectrometers - gas analysers manufactured by InProcess Instruments GmbH - GAM 300 process gas mass spectrometer, GAM 500UT process gas spectrometer for ultra pure gas analysis, GAM 400 mobile bench-top mass spectrometer, GIA 522 gas inclusion analyzer for the analysis of micro gas inclusions, LGA 522 lamp gas analyzer for the analysis of lamp fillings, IMU 200 uranium mass spectrometer. InProcess Software for gas analysis by mass-spectrometry.
MA Tech Services not only provides expert field service but also has a fully equipped electronic & mass spectrometer repair shop that enables us to completely refurbish your mass spectrometer. Also software development. Offer custom design and built custom sample systems. Offer sample systems from CBISS. The CBISS Sniffer 8/16 is a wall mounted gas sampling system designed to operate with infra-red & electrochemical point sensors to form an area gas monitoring system. The signal from each sensor is monitored and HI or LO alarm relays are provided for each gas monitored. The Sniffer can be supplied as an 8 or 16 channel system thus with four sensors this could be equivalent to having 32 or 64 point sensors cabled back to a central location.
Matec Instruments Companies Inc. (Matec Applied Sciences).
Matec Applied Sciences is the scientific instrument company, manufacturer of particle characterization instruments (dispersion analysis systems) for both particle size and zeta potential analysis (instuments for on-line, real-time measurement of particle size and zeta potential). Matec Applied Sciences offers colloid characterization expertise, including nanoparticle, emulsion, and colloid analysis. Matec Instrument Companies is a holding company with global market share attributed to the development of the Matec Instruments NDT, Matec Applied Sciences, Matec Crystal Biotech and Matec Micro-Electronic Divisions. Matec is a manufacturer and supplier of Non-Destructive Testing solutions. 
Matec Applied Sciences manufactures the CHDF2000 particle size analyzer - Capillary Hydrodynamic Fractionation device for measurement of complex, multimodal particle size distributions in the size range of 0.010 - 3 microns. The CHDF2000 use a powerful fractionation-based sizing method, capable of measuring the most complex, multimodal size distributions in under 10 minutes, completely independent of particle density. The CHDF2000 can measure particle size distributions with very high resolution because the particles are physically fractionated according to size before detection by the patented Capillary Hydrodynamic Fractionation (CHDF) technique. The CHDF2000 can  be used with an external autosampler for automated analysis.
Matec Applied Sciences manufactures the ESA-9800 Ultrasonic Instrument / Workstation for Electrokinetic Sonic Analysis - measuring Zeta Potential without sample dilution. Using a patented method called Electrokinetic Sonic Amplitude, the ESA-9800 System achieves remarkable electrokinetic measurement results while eliminating the severe limitations and restrictions of the traditional microelectrophoresis technique. With ESA, particle mobility and Zeta Potential can be measured simultaneously with pH, conductivity, and temperature. Samples can even be titrated during the measurement. On-line, real-time measurements available. The ESA-9800 enables you to measure aqueous and non-aqueous dispersions in the concentration range of 0.5% to over 40% by volume of the dispersed phase. Systems of particles up to 50 microns in size can be measured without difficulty. Samples can even be vigorously stirred or mixed so particle settling is never a problem. No optical alignment is required.
Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc.
Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc (formerly Matheson Gas Products) is a manufacturer and supplier of pure gases, specialty gases, calibration mixtures, laboratory gas generators and gas handling lab equipment, safety and industrial hygiene products.
Mayo International.
Mayo International is a manufacturer of of solid sample preparation equipment for food microbiology, food sample homogenization equipment (blender bag systems). Mayo International manufactures bat homogenisers (food sample blenders, paddle homohenizers for microbiological analysis of food stuffs).
McPherson, Inc.
McPherson, Inc is the spectroscopy instrument company, manufacturer and supplier of spectroscopy analytical instruments, multimode (UV, fluorescence or Raman) spectrometer, spectrophotometer, HPLC detectors, light sources and  replacement lamps for spectrophotometers and HPLC detectors, synchrotron radiation scientific instrumentation. McPherson, Inc manufactures turnkey spectroscopy systems includes: calibration and spectral measurement system, multimode spectrometer for transmission, fluorescence or Raman, photoacoustic spectrometer, spectrophotometer for Quality Control in the UV-VIS-IR, vacuum ultra-violet spectrophotometer. McPherson, Inc offers custom manufacturing services.
McPherson, Inc is a maniufacturer of HPLC detectors: Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, HPLC Variable Wavelength Spectrofluorometer, The Multimode Spectrometer, HPLC Chemiluminescence Detector. A broad range of replacement lamps for spectrophotometers and HPLC detectors.
Measurement Technology Laboratories (MTL).
Measurement Technology Laboratories (MTL) is a manufacturer and supplier of Automated Mass Measurement System, PM 2.5 Filter Weighing System, Environmental Weighing Rooms and Liquid Density Standards.
Medecotest (МедЭкоТест).
Medecotest (Moscow, Russia)- is a manufacturer of reagents for water analysis, drinking water testing, surface water testing, soil pollution testing.
Mediana-filter (Медиана-фильтр).
Mediana-filter (Moscow, Russia) is a manufacturer or process water purification equipment, laboratory water purification systems. The company manufactures a range of reverse osmosis water purification systems for analytical and scientific laboratories.
Medicell International.
Medicell International is a manufacturer of filtration products (membranes, including lower molecular weight cut-off membranes, smaller bore tubing and flat sheets). Medicell International manufactures filtration sheets, discs and specialized filtration products such as the Dispodialyzer, Float-a-lyzer and media filters. There is a wide range of cut-off options from microdialysis at 100 daltons to macrofilters with pore sizes of 1000 microns.
Meinhard Glass Products.
Meinhard Glass Products (formerly J E Meinhard Associates, Inc.) is a manufacturer of concentric nebulizers for use in ICP-OES and ICP-MS spectrometry. Meinhard Glass Products manufactures the standard Type A, C and K glass concentric nebulizers for all major ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments. The Direct Injection High Efficiency Nebulizer (DIHEN) is the micro-nebulizer that allows direct nebulization of the sample into the plasma. Meinhard Glass Products also offer other special application nebulizers and can provide customized products to meet all your nebulization needs. 
Meinhard Glass Products is the North American distributors of the SPETEC PERIMAX 12 and Antipuls PERIMAX 16 peristaltic pumps.
The Mellen Company.
The Mellen Company profile: 37 years in high temperature industry manufacturing furnaces, control systems, linear mothion mechanisms, control software and waterjet cutting services. The Mellen Company specialize in crystal growth, small and large pusher furnaces, brazing, annealing, tensil testing. The Mellen Company is a manufacturer of high temperature electrical resistance furnaces, includes crystal growth furnaces, tube furnaces, sintering furnaces and split tube furnaces. Also the small lab furnaces. The Mellen Company manufactures high temperature furnaces to 2000C in air, 2500C in vacuum. Featured products: Sunfire EDG Crystal growth furnaces. Microtherm line of small lab furnaces. Mini-Pusher (6' long pusher furnace).
Melles Griot.
Melles Griot is the optical linstrument company specialized in design, manufacture, and distribution of lasers, optics, optical systems, and accessories. Melles Griot is a manufacturer and distributor of optical elements, opto-mechanical components, helium neon, diode, helium cadmium, and ion laser assemblies, optical tables and breadboards, vibration isolation systems, fiber optic nanopositioning equipment, laser beam measuring instrumentation, and lab accessories. Melles Griot also provides optical coating services and precision optical subsystems. Melles Griot also manufactures custom components and subsystems used by OEM companies (Original Equipment Manufacturers).
Memmert GmbH+Co.KG.
Memmert GmbH + Co KG (Germany) is a manufacturer of constant temperature laboratory equipment (controlled temperature lab equipment): universal laboratory ovens, incubators, cooled incubators, CO2-incubators, water baths, oil baths, sterilisers.
Mercury Instruments GmbH.
Mercury Instruments GmbH is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of laboratory mercury analyzers, process mercury analysers, continious emission monitors for measurement of mercury in air and other gases, mercury cellroom monitoring systems. Mercury Instruments GmbH also manufactures calibration gas generator for mercury analysis. The instruments are designed both for the laboratory and harsh industrial environments, provided measurement of mercury in air and other gases, "cold vapor atomic absoption spectroscopy" (CVAAS) mercury determination in soil, geological samples, waste samples, food and medical samples, on-line determination of mercury in liquids, monitoring of cellroom and cellroom ventilation air, continious emmission monitoring for mercury in stack gases. Portable mercury analyzers.
Met One Instruments Inc.
Met One Instruments Inc is the instrument company specializes in the design and manufacture of meteorological and particulate monitoring instruments. Met One Instruments Inc is a manufacturer of meteorological (weather) and particulate monitoring instruments and systems for ambient air (weather stations, handheld particle counters). Met One Instruments Inc manufactures handheld particle counters for cleanrooms, facilities monitoring, hospitals. Featured products: BAM 1020 Beta Gauge, Ultrasonic Anemometer, Complete Weather Stations for most applications. Met One Instruments offers software for standard and custom meteorological and particulate monitoring systems. Met One Instruments is a systems integrator using instruments, hardware and software, as well as equipment buildings, all manufactured under "one roof".
Metrohm AG.
Metrohm AG (Switzerland) is a manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for electrochemistry and ion analysis. Metrohm specialized in Ion Analysis and Electrochemical Analysis. Supplier of electrochemical analysis instruments, is proficient in the fields of titration, voltammetry and ion chromatography, as well as in the techniques of pH, ion and conductivity measurement and a wide range of sensors for all these methods. Products: Potentiometric Titrators, Karl Fischer Titrators. Conductivity-, Ion- and pH-Meters. Piston Burettes, Titration Stands and Stirrers. Laboratory Automation. Polarographic and Voltammetric Apparatus. Ion Chromatography instrumentation. Special Instruments and Sensors.
Ion Chromatography products- The IC Pump, IC/HPLC Suppressor Module "MSM", IC Autosampler, IC Sample Processor, IC Pump Unit, IC Dialysis Unit and Metrodata for Windows software. Metrosep anion & cation separation columns. The New 761 Compact IC- injection valve, double piston pump, columns, Metrohm suppressor module, high-performance detector, peristaltic pump, data processing - all grouped together in a very small space.
The 732 IC Detector is the conductivity detector specially designed for use in both non-suppressed and chemically suppressed ion chromatography. The detector block is thermostatted to a temperature above ambient (25 to 45 °C) with a temperature stability better than 0.01 °C. The auto zero function allows to compensate for eluent background automatically with both suppressed and non-suppressed eluents. Conductivity ranges from 100 µS/cm to 10 mS/cm with signal amplification up to 2000 times allow to record an ion chromatogram under optimal conditions regardless of the method chosen.
METTEK (Russia) is a manufacturer of time-of-flight mass-spectrometers for continuous (in-line, on-line) gas analysis. METTEK manufactures industrial TOF MS systems for gas analysis, process mass-spectrometer - gas analyzers. The TOF-MS gas analyzers identify any gas components within 1-800 a.m.u. mass range. High rate of TOF MS operation enables to display data on 200 masses within 0.1 sec.
The company also manufactures technological vacuum systems, cryogenic oilless vacuum system, high-voltage power supplies, automatic charging units, high-voltage discharge devices, test-discharge devices.
Mettler-Toledo International Inc.
Mettler-Toledo International is a manufacturer of laboratory equipment (analytical balances, laboratory balances, moisture determination balances, pipettes), lab robotics and instrumentation for general titration, Karl Fischer titration, water analysis, TOC, dissolvent oxygen, CO2 measurement, pH, ion, conductivity measurement, density measurement (portable density meter, lab density meter), melting point determination, dropping point determination, refractometry (portable refractometers - Brix meters, lab refractometer). Mettler-Toledo International manufactures automatic melting point analyzers and modular system for thermo-optical analysis and the determination of boiling point, cloud point, clear point, thaw point, softening point. Mettler-Toledo International manufactures thermal analysis instruments (DSC, TGA, TMA, DMA systems), reaction calorimeters, particle characterization instruments, in-situ mid-infrared based reaction analysis systems. Mettler-Toledo International manufactures lab reactors, automatic equipment for high throughput solid and solution phase synthesis (automatic synthesizers). Mettler-Toledo International manufactures laboratory automation systems, robotic workstations for automated sample preparation, solid phase extraction, SPE, drug discovery, parallel organic synthesis. Mettler-Toledo International also manufactures process analytical instruments: dissolved oxygen, DO monitors, dissolved ozone monitors, dissolved CO2 monitors, pH, conductivity / resistivity monitors, turbidity monitors, in-line total organic carbon sensor, on-line total organic carbon analyzer (portable / process TOC analyzer system). Mettler-Toledo International offers solutions for pure water treatment measurement and control in pharmaceutical industry, semiconductor industry, food and beverage industries.
Michrom BioResources, Inc.
Michrom BioResources, Inc (USA) is a manufacturer and supplier of analytical instrumentation, instrument components and columns for HPLC and LC/MS analysis of biological and pharmaceutical samples. Michrom BioResources offers a full range of HPLC and LC/MS supplies and accessories designed to improve sample preparation and maximize analytical results. Michrom BioResources, Inc manufactures the MAGIC 2002 HPLC System, Ultrafast Microprotein Analyzer, system components and supplies for Ultrafast Microprotein Analyzer, microbore and capillary HPLC columns and supplies, Magic Bullet high throughput columns, trap catridges.
The MAGIC 2002 HPLC System is a fully integrated HPLC system designed with the versatility and flexibility to perform a broad range of isocratic and gradient HPLC and LC/MS applications. Only a simple interchange of Flow Range Kits is required for users to run methods for nanoscale (0.05-2.5 ul/min), capillary (0.1-25 ul/min), microbore (20-1000 ul/min), analytical (100-5000 ul/min), or ballistic (50-5000 ul/min).
The new Ballistic Chromatography Kit is specifically designed for high throughput applications with new, patented tapered bore column, the Michrom Magic Bullet, providing isocratic or gradient separations in as little as 1 minute (inject to inject). The system will accept a wide range of column sizes from 50 um to 10 mm ID and from 10 mm to 250 mm in length. The built-in dual wavelength UV/Vis detector has flow cells to cover the entire gradient flow range. The MAGIC 2002 design allows for the connection of peripheral devices and accessory items that automate sampling, fraction collection and on-line sample preparation. The entire system can be controlled from the MAGIC Elite Software with integrated data acquisition and analysis, or from the MAGIC XCalibur Software for integration with Finnigan/TMQ Mass Spectrometers.
Micro Laser Systems.
Micro Laser Systems is a company manufacturing high performance diode laser systems, diode laser modules, laser optical sub-assemblies, featuring: circular, Gaussian beams, extremely low wavefront error, various beam sizes and shapes, rugged packaging and high reliability.
Micro Measurement Laboratories, Inc.
Micro Measurement Laboratories, Inc is an independent contract testing laboratory specializing in particulate matter contamination and particle size analysis of virtually any material. Micro Measurement Laboratories also supplies PQ-Check Standards, NIST traceable particle size standards and particle count standards designed to monitor instrument accuracy between calibrations (Performance Qualification). 
Lab equipment and supplies for particle testing: Calibration standards for particle instrumentation. Particle Count standards for routine instrument verification. Certified mixed particle standards for your application or for instrument standardization. Certified Clean Bottles (Certified Clean Bottles are available with C of A tested for particles down to 0.3 micron). Ultra clean surfactants. Ultra clean solvents. Ultra clean glassware rinsing apparatus. Ultra clean hardware and supplies for handling your clean parts and components. Cleanroom components designed and / or modified for your specific test station or requirements. Ultra clean testing supplies; low particulate wipers, garments, and ultra clean powder free gloves.
Microanalytics - A MOCON company.
Microanalytics is a wholly owned subsidiary of MOCON. Microanalytics specializes in the detection and quantitation of trace volatile components in complex matrixes by multi-dimensional gas chromatography. Principle applications include aroma analysis and off-odor analysis, and the measurement of impurities in hydrocarbon feed stocks. Microanalytics provides both analytical instruments and contract analytical services. These analytical instruments (chromatography analysers) use multi-dimensional gas chromatography to address specific applications. Featured products:
Aromatrax - The analytical system of choice for all aroma and off-odor studies. Two columns, three detectors and mass spectrometry capability. The olfactory port is ergonomically designed to avoid operator fatigue. The Aromatrax analytical system is a fully integrated multi-dimensional GC with application specific software for aroma profiling and off-odor analysis. Multiple "heart cuts" may be required to completely isolate the olfactory active components. The system may be installed with a bench-top mass spectrometer to provide positive identification of odor components.
Puritrax - The configuration for trace impurity measurements in polychemical feedstock. VCM purity to ASTM standards and oxygenate quantitation. The Puritrax system can be supplied in two configurations. Both include the VapoJect sampler to improve injection precision. Model VCM-150 for vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) purity analysis to ASTM D-5507-99 standards. All required impurity measurements in a single, fast separation. Model OXY-180 for the analysis of trace oxygenates in hydrocarbon feedstock. Eliminates poisoning of expensive catalysts.
VapoJect - Improved precision and accuracy for the injection of liquid gaseous samples. The VapoJect system is available with single or dual channels. The VapoJect improves injection precision for all C2 to C4 liquefied gas samples. Heated transfer lines and sample loops prevent sample loss and the system is totally self contained for operator safety. The VapoJect may be retrofitted to any commercial gas chromatograph.
MicroBioLogics (MBL) develops, produces and distributes microorganism preparations to support quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) programs in diagnostic and industrial microbiology testing laboratories. MicroBioLogics (MBL) is a manufacturer of lyophilized microorganisms for quality control in microbiology laboratories. Specializing in clinical, industrial, food quality, environmental and educational markets, there are over 3,000 items in the product line with more than 500 different lyophilized microorganism strains.
MicroCal Incorporated.
MicroCal Incorporated is the scientific instrument company, manufacturer of microcalorimetry instruments for determination of biomolecular interactions and stability. MicroCal Incorporated manufactures the Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) systems. The ultrasensitive ITC (Isothermal Titration Calorimeter) measures and calculates binding constants in only minutes. Applications include affinity profiles of peptide & protein and peptide & DNA interactions, as well as small-molecule drug and ligand characterization. The ultrasensitive DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) applications include determination of structure and stability of macromolecules and biopharmaceutical formulation studies.
MicroLiter Analytical Supplies, Inc.
MicroLiter Analytical Supplies, Inc is a manufacturer of the MicroLiter plate sampling system for chromatography instruments and supplier of autosampler vials, closures, inserts and microplates for gas and liquid chromatography. MicroLiter Plate Sampling System is the first 96-position blocks and microtiter plates sampling system designed for chromatography. This rigid device allows inserts to be moved outside the 96-well plate to better facilitate all of the steps from sample prep to final analysis. There is less chance of sample loss by eluting, drying and reconstitution of sample for final analysis in one insert. Stable from -100° C to 75° C the patented closure system resists internal pressure build-up resulting in sample loss. Also available for even tighter seals the Teflon-Silicone stoppers that seal on the inside of the insert and also achieve a mechanical seal so heat and pressure build-up in the insert won’t result in sample loss. The MicroLiter Plate Sampling System and custom aluminum plates concentrate heating or cooling around the sample allows use of conventional laboratory robotics for transferring sample. 
MicroLiter Analytical Supplies, Inc is the authorized dealer of LEAP Technologies. MicroLiter Analytical Supplies, Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of consumables for CTC Instruments, screw thread vials and closures for Hewlett-Packard HP7673 ALS, and polyethylene spring inserts. Class 10,000 Cleanroom Packaged Autosampler Vials. HeadSpace Vials.
Micromeritics Instrument Corporation.
Micromeritics Instrument Corporation is the particle measurement instrument company, an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of particle measurement and particle characterization instrumentation (particle analysers). Micromeritics Instrument Corporation manufactures automatic analytical laboratory instruments that measure the physical characteristics of powders and solids, for the scientific, production and process control applications. Particle characteristics measured include: particle size, surface area, pore volume, pore size and pore size disribution, true density, envelope density, T.A.P. density, sizing and counting for particles and bio-cells, chemisorption, TPD/TPR and zeta potential.
Micromeritics Instrument Corporation manufactures a complete line of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment for the particle science and particle technology includes: particle size measurement instruments utilize laser diffraction, sedimentation, and electrozone sensing; physical adsorption and mercury porosimetry instruments determine surface area and porosity; gas pycnometers for material density measurement, chemical adsorption analyzers for determination of the active area of catalysts, metal dispersion and surface energy. Temperature programmed chemisorption (TPD, TPR, TPO) products are included in the chemisorption product line. In addition, a materials analysis laboratory offers contract sample analysis. Products: Particle size analyzers. Physisorption and chemisorption analyzers for reliable surface area determinations, pore structure determinations and active metal dispersions. Mercury porosimeters for pore size distributions, total pore volume, total pore surface area, median pore diameter, and sample densities. Chemisorption analytical instruments for measurement of active surface area. Pycnometry instruments for simple and complex density measurement. Zeta potential analyzer.
Micronic BV (Micronic Systems).
Micronic BV (Micronic Systems) is the Dutch scientific products company, manufacturer and supplier of traceable sampling solutions. Micronic BV is a manufacturer of lab supplies for liquid handling, sample storage and pipetters. The Micronic tips, with a wide range of models, have been developed for a wide range of applications in the field of liquid handling. Filtertips- The filter in the tip prevents cross-contamination and contamination of the pipetter by aerosols. In addition to this, this unique inert hydrophobic filter functions as a liquid block in the event of overpipetting. The Micronic Filtertips are also fully autoclavable so that the tips can be re-sterilized. Micronic supplies the filtertips in gamma-sterilized racks, but can also supply non-sterilized filtertips (either in racks or in bulk packaging).
Midac Corporation.
Midac Corporation (USA) is a manufacturer of laboratory (benchtop) FTIR spectrometers, industrial, process FTIR spectrometer systems, on-line FTIR gas analyzers, open-path FTIR spectrometer systems. Midac Corporation manufactures FTIR spectrometers and application-specific FTIR spectrometer systems: in-line, on-line FTIR gas analyzer systems, process analyzers for moisture in corrosive gases (moisture in gas analysers), open-path air monitioring system for continuous emissions monitoring, remote analysis of stack gases (open-path FTIR CEMS), mobile air monitoring system (long-path FTIR air analyzer).
MIDI, Inc.
MIDI, Inc (Newark, DE, USA) is a microbiological instrument company, developer and manufacturer of the Sherlock Microbial Identification System and the new Sherlock Mycobacteria Identification System. Founded in 1985 by Dr. Myron Sasser, MIDI, Inc is a small biotech company located in Newark, Delaware. MIDI develops, manufactures and sells the Sherlock Microbial Identification System (MIS) worldwide. The Sherlock System identifies aerobic bacteria (including bioterrorism agents), anaerobic bacteria and yeast based on gas chromatographic (GC) analysis of whole cell fatty acid content. In addition, MIDI recently introduced the Sherlock Mycobacteria Identification System, to aid in the identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Bacterial Identification by Fatty Acid Analysis - the Sherlock Microbial Identification System based on gas chromatographic analysis of the whole cell fatty acid content. It identifies aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, yeast and fungi. The microbiology databases consist of data from more than 120,000 analyses of strains obtained from experts and from culture collections. Where possible, 20 or more strains of species or subspecies were analyzed to make the entry. Unknowns are compared to database entries and the identification and quality of the match are reported. 
Sherlock operates exclusively on the Hewlett-Packard Equipment and is fully integrated to work with both the HP 6890 and 5890 series gas chromatographs and HP ChemStation software.
Miele Inc.
Miele Inc is a manufacturer of cleaning systems and washers, include laboratory glassware washers, baskets, inserts and specially formulated detergents. Miele Professional Products Group manufactures a full line of cleaning systems specifically designed for laboratory glassware applications.
Milestone srl.
Milestone srl is the microwave scientific equipment company, manufacturer and supplier of microwave chemistry laboratory systems and mercury analyzers. Milestone is a manufacturer of microwave laboratory systems for microwave digestion, microwave extraction, clean chemistry (ultra-trace cleaning, acid purification), closed vessel microwave digestion, sample evaporation, microwave synthesis, microwave protein hydrolysis, microwave ashing and sulfate ashing, analytical equipment for direct mercury analysis. Milestone Sample preparation line consist of: Ethos, the advanced microwave acid digestion systems for elemental analysis, Ethos SEL, the microwave extraction systems, PYRO, the microwave ashing systems and sulfate ashing systems.
In order to provide analytical chemists with a complex solution for elemental analysis Milestone offers Clean Chemistry line of products: DuoPur - Sub-boiling distillation acids purification systems and TraceClean - for acid's vapor cleaning of laboratory glass and accessories for ICP-MS and ultra-trace analysis.
Mercury Analysers - Milestone's DMA-80 Direct Mercury Analyzer directly analyzes a broad range of solid and liquid samples for trace level mercury. Fully automated processing of 40 samples in 4 hours independent from matrix type. The DMA-80 is fully compliant with US EPA Method 7473 (Mercury in Solids and Solutions by Thermal Decomposition, Amalgamation, and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry).
Millipore Corporation.
Millipore Corporation is a manufacturer of laboratory equipment for water purification, filtration, biotechology and chemical analysis. Products for sample preparation and mobile phase filtration including cut disk and Millex syringe filters, centrifugal devices, and pipette tips. Amicon BioSeparations products. Applied Microbiology products. Equipment for Environmental and Industrial quality control. Filter Holders, Filtration Accessories. Life Science Assays / Blotting Membranes, Membranes, Purification / Sterile Filtration, Sample Preparation. Millipore Corporation manufactures laboratory water purification systems and accessories includes the Simplicity personal ultrapure water system. This small, easy-to-use, portable system is ideal for scientists who require only a few liters of ultrapure water per day. The new generation of Milli-Q ultrapure water systems and the innovative Elix system for analytical-grade water from tap.
MIL-RAM Technology, Inc.
MIL-RAM Technology Inc is the gas detection instrument company, manufacturer of sensors and dependable controllers are designed to monitor and detect hazardous gases, toxic and combustible gases for environmental protection and process controls, as well as oxygen deficiency for personal safety. Mil-Ram Technology, Inc develops its own sensors and designs and packages custom systems using the Tox-Array sensors. There is a sample-draw option for areas that are too hot or too cold to detect gases by diffusion. Also available is a Pyrolyzer for detection of chlorofluoro-carbons (Freons) and other compounds. The D. DAS 1536 (Digital Data Acquisition System) is offered for multi-point systems with capacity of 1536 points.
The Tox-Array sensors will be detect: NH3, AsF5, AsH3, BCl3, BF3, Br2, CO2, CO, Cl2, ClO2, LEL, B2H6, SiH2, Cl2 F2, GeH4, N2H4, H2, HBr, HCl, HCN, HF, H2O2, H2Se, H2S, CH2CI2, HNO3, NO, NO2, NF3, O2, O3, COCI2, PH3, SiH4, SO2, C2HCl3, C2Cl4, H2SO4.
The Tox-Array sensors, developed by Gary Milco at Mil-Ram Technology, are the next generation in the time-proven electrochemical gas detection technology. The chemically selective sensors do not react with air, have no zero drift, are not sensitive to changes in temperature, humidity or pressure eliminating false alarms, and stay awake when gas is absent. Response time is 30 seconds to ninety percent and recovery is less than 15 seconds even when exposed to high gas levels and have over three years no maintenance life for each factory charge.
Minco - Midwest Instrument Company.
Minco - Midwest Instrument Company is a manufacturer of molten metal samplers, laboratory equipment (induction furnace) and supplies for sample preparation, thermocouples and other quality control sensors for the international iron and steel industry. Minco - Midwest Instrument Company manufactures expendable molten metal samplers: generic or customized samplers for applications in all types of steel and iron, including samplers for blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces, degassers, electric arc furnaces, torpedo cars, iron transfer ladles, caster tundishes, molds, iron foundries and anywhere else a representative, homogeneous sample of molten metal is needed. Minco has developed the most complete line of ultra low carbon samplers available, they are capable of accurately representing carbon under 4 ppm. Immersion, aspiration (sucker), and stream samplers are available in all sample mold design configurations. All samplers are available in re-useable configuration, allowing multiple uses of the same immersion tube yielding the most competitive per sample cost. In addition, Minco is a supplier of samplers especially designed for use with laboratory robotics. Minco - Midwest Instrument Company manufactures the Roto Cast 500 induction furnace for induction melting and centrifugal casting to provide a high quality, homogeneous sample suitable for spectrographic or x-ray analysis. Powders and Laboratory Supplies: 3100° F. softening insulating powder as well as insulating exothermic powders for metals and slags. Induction furnace crucibles, analysis standards - C, S, - accelerators, induction furnace crucible covers, combustion tubes.
Mindrum Precision, Inc.
Mindrum Precision, Inc specializing in custom precision machined glass, quartz, and ceramic components and assemblies in prototype, tooling, and production quantities. Mindrum Precision, Inc is manufacturer of precision components, flow cells, hermetic window assemblies, optical windows and motion control dampers. Mindrum Precision, Inc offers custom manufacturing of ultra-precision glass, quartz and ceramic components and assemblies.
MISCO is a manufacturer of laboratory and portable refractometers, includes traditional Brix refractometers, digital Abbe refractometers, and digital fiberoptic refractometer (DFR). MISCO also provides  customer service, technical support, and NIST traceable certified calibrations. Featured products: The portable digital fiberoptic refractometer (DFR) is a precision optical instrument designed to measure the concentration or mixture ratio of water soluble fluids. The digital fiberoptic refractometer (DFR) is able to accurately measure very small changes in the speed light travels through a liquid, so it is well suited for testing a wide variety of solutions such as sugar content or Brix, ethylene glycol and propylene glycol, salinity, alcohol, urine, cutting fluids, brake fluid and many other fluids.
The new MISCO Digital Fiberoptic Refractometer is fast, easy to use, and incorporates the latest fiberoptic sensor technology. The DFR uses the latest fiberoptic sensor technology to measure the refractive index of a fluid. Simply dip the end of the instrument into a liquid solution, press a button, and get a digital readout. The sensor is protected by a sapphire window. Calibration is automatic and does not require the use of special calibration solutions, or tools. The instrument automatically calibrates itself to water and is ready to use in seconds. Multipoint calibration traceable to NIST is available on request for all DFR's. The DFR is built from a high-impact, chemically resistant plastic body. The digital fiberoptic refractometer (DFR) is water resistant and designed to operate in demanding industrial environments.
MKS Instruments, Inc.
MKS Instruments, Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of instruments and integrated subsystems that measure, control, power and monitor critical parameters of semiconductor and other advanced manufacturing process environments.
MKS Materials Delivery Product Group in Methuen, Massachusetts manufactures Mass-Flo gas phase MFCs and advanced products for the precise delivery of gases, vapor, and liquids.
MKS Pressure Measurement & Control Products in Andover, Massachusetts manufactures Baratron process capacitance manometers and gas delivery pressure transducers; upstream and downstream and self-tuning pressure controllers; butterfly and throttling poppet valves; and calibration systems for vacuum-pressure-gas flow rate instruments.
MKS PICO Products in Methuen, Massachusetts manufactures portable mass-spectrometer-based helium leak detectors.
MKS provides sophisticated measurement technologies to monitor and control manufacturing processes in the semiconductor and opto-electronic industries. Spectra Products in Morgan Hill, California and Crewe, U.K. manufactures an innovative range of in situ process monitoring instruments promoted and sold as fully integrated, application-specific packages. Products include component residual gas analyzers (RGAs), analytical equipment, and process RGAs. MKS On-Line Products in Bloomfield, Connecticut, designs and manufactures an advanced range of gas analysis and wafer metrology products based on FTIR spectrometry, as well as complementary analysis and control software.
MKS HPS Products in Boulder, Colorado manufactures HPS vacuum components and valves in a wide variety of standard sizes and configurations; a broad range of high vacuum gauges, including Pirani, convection Pirani, MicroPirani, hot cathode and cold cathode; and Effluent Management Subsystems for manufacturing productivity enhancement, utilizing HPS vacuum pumping line heaters and traps.
MKS ENI Products in Rochester, New York and Colorado Springs, Colorado, manufactures: RF power supplies for semiconductor and other thin film processing applications and for the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) market, and DC power supplies for IC, storage media, flat panel display manufacturing, and other coating applications. The ENI product portfolio also includes impedance matching networks and plasma metrology products.
MKS ASTeX Products in Wilmington, Massachusetts manufactures innovative solutions for plasma, power, and reactive gases. ASTeX's product portfolio includes reactive gas generators, ozone generators and ozone liquid delivery subsystems, and microwave and specialty power generators and subsystems.
The Control & Information Technologies group of MKS enables customers to more completely monitor and analyze, and more precisely control, the process chamber environment by integrating critical process components, technologies and data around the process chamber. TeNTA Products process controllers collect data on the process chamber environment by connecting through D.I.P. Products digital process control network products to the instruments, components and subsystems surrounding the chamber. With the addition of IPC Products' connectivity hardware and software, MKS can enable the distribution of that process data in real time across the factory network.
MKS Telvac Engineering in Telford, U.K. manufactures complex vacuum subsystems and offers design and manufacturing outsourcing to OEMs.
Vacuum, pressure and flow measuring instrumentation: mass flow meters and controllers, vacuum gauges, pressure transducers, pressure control, vacuum valves and hardware, mass spectrometers, primary and secondary calibration standards. Orion Partial Pressure Transducer (PPT) Series Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA). The Orion Compact Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) is designed for the monitoring of pressures less than 10-4 Torr and is typically used for equipment monitoring in loadlock and buffer chambers.
MOCON Inc is the test and measurement instrument company, manufacturer of instrumentation for permeation measurement, instrumentation for headspace and leak detection, film thickness gauging system for paints and coatings, equipment for weighing and sorting for the pharmaceutical industry, automatic visual inspection system for tablets. MOCON Inc provides consulting and development services for companies who develop and manufacture a variety of products.
Instrumentation for permeation measurement - Oxygen Permeation and Transmission Rate Measurement Systems for films and packages. Permeation Test Systems for flavors, aromas and solvents, and odors. Water Vapor Permeation Rate Measurement Systems for films and packages. Water Vapor Permeation Rate Measurement System for moisture barriers. Carbon Dioxide Permeation Rate Measurement Systems for films and packages. High speed water vapor permeation rate measurement system for quality control application.
Instrumentation for headspace and leak detection - Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Combination CO2 / O2 Sealed Package Headspace Analyzers. Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Combination CO2 / O2 On-line Headspace Analyzers. Non-Destructive Leak Detection System for sealed packages. Combination Leak Detection and Burst / Seal Strength Testing System.
Equipment for weighing and sorting - Ultra-High-Speed Pharmaceutical Capsule Weighing and Sorting System. High-Speed Pharmaceutical Tablet Weighing and Sorting System. Automatic Balance System for Capsule or Tablet Weighing and Sorting System.
Molecular BioProducts, Inc.
Molecular BioProducts, Inc (MBP) is a manufacturer of laboratory equipment and supplies for PCR and molecular biology. Economical and time-saving products that enhance results and reduce contamination risk in PCR. Self-Sealing Barrier Tips, PCR Mix-in-a-Tube, Storage and reaction Tubes, PCR Microtubes. Solvent Safe Carbon Filter Pipet Tips for safe and reliable pipetting of strong acids, bases and volatile organic solvents. Surface Decontaminants- Ready-to-use cleaners that safely and easily remove nuclease and nucleic acid contamination from labware. A full line of storage and reaction tubes in a variety of formats.
Molecular Devices Corporation.
Molecular Devices Corporation manufactures microplate instruments and systems for cell analysis: MAXline Microplate Reader Systems- Fluorescence microplate reader systems, Absorbance microplate reader systems. Cell Analysis Systems- The FLUPR fluorometric imaging plate reader systems. Assay reagent kits are available for the FLIPR systems. The CLIPR chemiluminescence imaging plate reader systems. Assay reagent kits are available for the CLIPR systems. The Cytosensor microphysiometer system. Threshold Immunoassay System- The Threshold system includes both an immunoassay workstation, Total DNA reagent kits, and Immunoligand Assay reagent kits. Liquid Handling Systems - Cell and plate washers. Cell harvesters. Supernatant collection system.
Molecular Machines & Industries (MMI).
Molecular Machines & Industries (MMI) manufactures scientific instrumentation for the ultra-sensitive detection of biomolecules in various business fields, such as pharmaceutical high-throughput screening, medical diagnostics, food analysis and environmental analysis as well as life sciences research. The product range spans from bioanalytical consumables, e.g. ultra-sensitive LB8 - microtiter plates, to single molecule counters and assay automation facilities. For a fully automated integration of the LB8 Technology into your assay process MMI offer a complete solution. MMI's product range for these fields of application includes besides the LB8 Counter and the LB8 Plates also liquid handling accessories and process automation equipment.
The LB8 Plate Reader- Single Molecule Counter based on a high throughput surface scan. Measuring principle based on confocal laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy. Detection range from 10-8 mol/l to 10-16 mol/l. High Throughput Screening. Detection of single molecules immobilized on surfaces and in solution. Fully automatic controlled well-to-well positioning of 96, 384 and 1536 LB8- Plates. Compatible interfaces and software drivers for including the plate reader in full automatic screening systems. No need of immersion oil or water.
LB8 Plates- Specially coated glass bottom microtiter plates. Coated surface is characterized by defined Langmuir-Blodgett supramolecular architecture. Special treated glass bottom guarantees a planar sample surface and highest optical performance for molecular interface technologies with no scattering and lowest auto fluorescence. Special coating of the glass plate enables a specific chemical binding of biomolecules, avoids nonspecific binding of biomolecules on the solid phase and allows to free adjust biochemical conditions of the coating. Black frames of the LB8 -Plates consist of a light absorbing material minimizing light scattering and autofluorescence. Available in 96, 384 and 1536 well format. Dimensions oriented at the international SBS-Standard (accomodates stacker requirements, compatible with liquid handling and microtiter plate equipment). Combined application with the LB8 -Plate Reader allows the detection of biomolecules down to the single molecule level.
Mott Corporation.
Mott Corporation is a manufacturer of diverse porous metal products, primarily for use in gas filters, liquid filters, and other filtration and separation applications. Mott Corporation provides porous metal media in a variety of shapes and numerous alloys to meet the requirements of its customers in aerospace, semiconductors, chemicals, medical instrumentation, food and beverage and analytical instrumentation. Products including frits, cups, flow restrictors, inline filters and pump inlet filters for liquid chromatography and gas chromatography instrumentation. Mott Corporation manufactures, engineers, designs, sells and services porous powder metal media and filtration systems, includes porous metal shapes, air bearings and vacuum devices, flow restrictors, gas/liquid contacters and a wide range of filtration products such as precision filter elements, sampling filters, polymer filters, high purity filters and large industrial and instrumentation filters. The Company specializes in the stainless steels and higher corrosion resistant alloys, and avoids the lower melting point materials such as bronze and brass. The principal market for the Company’s products and technology is filtration, but its products have diverse applications in fields such as flow metering, web transport, gas to liquid contacting, venting, wicking, silencing, fluidizing, and many other applications.
MOXTEK is a manufacturer of X-ray components (miniature X-ray tubes, ultra-thin X-ray windows, X-Ray tube controllers, EDXRF detectors) for the analytical and scientific instrument companies. MOXTEK manufactures ultra-thin films, specialty coatings, ultra-low noise electronics, junction field effect transistors (JFET) and preamlifiers, Beryllium and ultra thin polymer X-ray windows, miniature X-ray sources (miniature x-ray tubes) and Si-PIN x-ray detectors for EDXRF spectrometers, WDXRF spectrometers, EDXRF microanalysis instruments (micro-XRF analyzers), XRD instruments. Moxtek manufactures EDXRF detectors Si-PIN X-ray detectors for the energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) instrument manufacturers. Moxtek manufactures low power, miniature X-ray tubes for a variety of applications including handheld and bench top instruments. Moxtek also manufactures X-ray tube controllers.
MR Resources, Inc.
MR Resources, Inc provides the scientific and analytical chemistry communities with a wide variety of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instrumentation, products and services. MR Resources, Inc is a supplier of remanufactured NMR systems, NMR probes, parts, upgrades, and service. MR Resources, Inc supplies the non-magnetic tools and accessories for NMR. A supplier of affordable, high quality, remanufactured NMR spectrometers, which can typically be purchased at 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost of a new system. Other products include NMR spectrometer repairs, service contracts, system moves, and parts for all NMR brands. Also cryogen delivery and fill services for NMR and MRI systems, and a large variety of non-magnetic tools and supplies for NMR and MRI spectrometer systems.
MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Company) Instrument Division.
MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Company) Instrument Division develops and manufactures portable and continuous gas-monitoring instruments for worker protection and environmental monitoring (combustible gases and toxic gases detectors, sensors, monitors), using sensing technologies from electrochemical and infrared to ion mobility spectroscopy. MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Company) Instrument Division also manufactures and supplies medical instrumentation to protect healthcare employees from hazards in the workplace and instruments for monitoring patients. 
Portable instruments are small hand-held units that detect and monitor hazards in the environment, alerting workers of possible trouble. Some portable units are used intermittently to check for combustible gases, toxic gases, and oxygen. Sampling pumps continuously monitor a work shift to determine the exposure to airborne contaminants like asbestos fibers, particulate, coal, or silica. Before entering confined spaces, workers use portables to check for hazardous conditions. The 3-button Passport Personal Alarm - the most popular portable gas detector, can monitor up to 5 different gases with internal sensors, yet it is simple to use. With the optional pump module, you can draw gas samples from confined spaces or remote areas. The Passport PID Organic Vapor Monitor is primarily used for detecting low concentrations of volatile organic compounds, found at soil remediation sites, or while conducting fugitive emissions monitoring. A built-in pump draws the gas through a 10-foot sample line. 
The best way to monitor for dust, fibers, or particulates is to pump the ambient air through a filter or other collection medium. At the end of the work shift or time period, the additional weight of the filter indicates the condition of the ambient air. The compact, lightweight, and quiet sampling pump uses a unique measurement technique to control the air flow precisely. MSA's hand-operated Kwik-Draw Pump is an inexpensive way to make that check with detector tubes that show the gas concentration by the length of chemical stain after a precise gas sample is passed through them. Over 120 different gases and vapors can be quickly checked in this way.
mSPEC Group.
The mSPEC Group of companies (Canadian company) provides services, spares and upgrades for mass-spectrometers and LC-MS analytical systems. The mSPEC Group of Companies offers a complete service, parts and support products to the LCMS industry. The mSPEC Group supplies specialized support for MDS SCIEX / Applied Biosystems mass spectrometers and LC-MS analytical systems.
MS Wil GmbH.
MS Wil GmbH is a supplier of spare parts and accessories for various types of mass spectrometers, repair and upgrade services of mass spectrometry instruments. MS Wil GmbH is a specialists for MS supplies and GC / HPLC accessories. MS Wil GmbH offers MS spare parts, GC supplies and HPLC supplies. Hardware and repairs, upgrades, software solutions. ETP Electron Multipliers for mass spectrometry instruments. Filament Repair service - MS filament and heater repair.
MTEC Photoacoustics, Inc.
MTEC Photoacoustics, Inc is the spectroscopy instrument company, manufacturer of high performance photoacoustic detector accessories for use in FTIR spectrometers. The Model 300 (PAC300) photoacoustic detector increases laboratory productivity by quickly measuring FTIR spectra of solid, semi-solid, and liquid samples in any form without sample preparation. The PAC300's operating modes include depth profiling, photoacoustic absorbance, diffuse reflectance and transmittance with capabilities for both macro and microsamples.
MTEC products are sold through FTIR manufacturers, accessory firms, and directly by MTEC to users. Customers are welcome to send samples to MTEC for demonstration spectra to evaluate FTIR photoacoustic spectroscopy for their needs. MTEC's applications laboratory is well situated for evaluating capabilities of FTIR photoacoustic spectroscopy due to extensive experience with the technique and the presence of both research and QC level FTIR spectrometers. MTEC sells directly to endusers and through all the major FTIR companies and accessory firms in the U.S. and foreign countries. 
MTS Systems Corporation.
MTS Systems Corporation (Electromechanical Division) is the test instrument company, manufacturer of mechanical testing and simulation equipment (material testing machines and software, static and hydraulic equipment for construction materials testing, geomaterial, pavement and structural testing). MTS Systems Corporation specializes in technologies, equipment and services for mechanical testing, simulation, analysis, and factory automation. Electromechanical Division of MTS Systems Corporation provides a comprehensive range of testing solutions for civil engineering needs, from low-force and high-force geomaterial testing systems to fully integrated structural testing laboratories. Testing equipment and complete testing systems for geo materials testing (geomechanics testing equipment), pavement materials testing, construction materials testing and civil structural testing (multi-purpose rock and concrete test system for civil engineering testing). MTS Systems Corporation manufactures integrated mechanical testing systems for both materials science and quality control appliciations: biomechanics and biomaterials testing, compression testing, creep and stress relaxation testing, elastomers and foam testing, electronic components testing, fastener testing, fatigue crack growth testing, fracture toughness of rock, high and low cycle fatigue testing, high-rate testing, indirect tension testing, metals testing, paints and coatings testing, peel, tear and friction testing, plastics testing, tensile testing, thermal-mechanical fatigue testing.
Static Test Systems: Alliance series tabletop systems, floor standing systems, QTest quality control testing systems and Synergie low-force systems. TorsionMaster low torque, high-rotation testing systems. 
Dynamic Test Systems: Floor-standing systems and tabletop systems, Tytron 250 microforce testing systems. High Rate testing systems. Thermal-mechanical fatigue testing systems and 1000 Hz high-cycle fatigue testing systems. Nanoindentation Systems for nanoindentation and nanoscratch testing. Controller Upgrades for static and dynamic testing systems.
Data handling: MultiPurpose TestWare for TestStar controllers, TestWorks 4 universal testing software, Fatigue and fracture testing software, TestWatch remote monitoring software.
Geomechanics: Geomaterials Testing Packages, Rock Mechanics Testing Packages and Soil Mechanics Testing Packages.
Pavement Materials Testing Packages: Uniaxial Testing Packages (Dynamic Modulus, Flexural Fatigue, Indirect Tensile, Creep and Strength, Indirect Tension, Temperature Chamber, Portland Cement Concrete Slab Tester), and Triaxial Testing Packages (Sub-grade Soil Resilient Modulus and Dynamic Triaxial Asphalt).
Construction Materials Testing Packages: Rebar Test Package. Wire Strand Test Package. 3 and 4 Point Bending Beam Fixture Compression Test Package. Concrete Direct Tension Test Package. Indirect Tensile Splitting Test Package.
Civil, Structural & Architectural Testing Products: Large Specimen, High Force Testing Products. High Strength Concrete Applications. Large Scale Testing Laboratory MTS 311 Series. High Force Systems.
Accessories for material testing instrumentation: Alignment products. Biomaterials testing accessories. Cables and hoses. Construction materials testing packages. Controller upgrades. Environmental control. Extensometers Fixtures. Geo materials testing packages. Grips and Grip components. Hydraulic components. Hydraulic power units. Load cells.
Multi-Lambda Scientific Pty Ltd.
The company supplies an extensive range of laboratory glassware, HPLC columns and accessories for HPLC (distributes Kimble-Chase, Macherey-Nagel and ASI products). Product ranges include vials and closures, flasks and funnels, tissue grinders and fritted ware from Kimble-Chase, HPLC columns and accessories, TLC plates and products for Solid Phase extraction from Macherey-Nagel, and Flow splitters, HPLC pumps and replacement parts from ASI. Supplier of Australian designed and made HPLC column Heater/coolers, Solvent recyclers and Infra-red Hydraulic presses. These products have sold extensively throughout Australia.
Multimode Fiber Optics, Inc.
Multimode Fiber Optics, Inc is a manufacturer of fiber optic bundles and cables, transmission and reflectance probes, round to line slit converters for UV, Visible and NIR optical spectroscopy instruments, Raman spectoscopy and fluorimetry instruments, medical equipment, laser delivery systems and sensors.
Myron L Company.
Myron L Company is the water testing instrument company, manufacturer of portable and industrial conductivity and pH measurements instruments for water quality analysis and water purity testing (water quality meters, process in-line conductivity and resistivity monitors, field portable pH-meters and ORP measuring instruments). Myron L Company instruments are used in a variety of applications, including water treatment, metal finishing, agriculture, printing, hemodialysis, electronics and environmental protection. Portable water testing instruments - conductivity meters, resistivity meters, TDS meters, pH-meters, ORP meters, temperature meters, conductivity-TDS-pH-meters, dissolved solids meters. Myron L Company manufactures the AgriMeters for water and soil pH measurement, salinity, conductivity, and fertilizer concentration measurements. Dialysate solution conductivity meter. LITHO-KITS for fountain solution control. Standard solutions and buffers for water testing and analysis. Process (industrial) water testing instruments - conductivity monitors-controllers and resistivity monitors-controllers for the ultrapure water treatment systems, electronic industry, pharmaceutical laboratories, food processing and power plants. Myron L Company manufactures automatic monitor-controller for rinse water. 
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