Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Manufacturers and suppliers of gas purification equipment, gas handling equipment for laboratory use, air purification equipment, pure gas generators (carry gas purifiers, moisture traps, oxygen traps, hydrocarbons traps, inert gas purification furnaces, argon, helium, neon, krypton, xenon purifiers, hydrogen generators, pure nitrogen generators, pure air generators, zero air generators, laboratory oilless compressors, gas flow meters, flow, pressure controllers, pressure regulators for pure gases, gas manifolds, fittings, cylinders). Производители и поставщики лабораторного оборудования для очистки газов, получения чистых газов, газораспределения (фильтры для осушки газов, очистки газов от примесей, трубчатые печи для очистки инертных газов от примесей, генераторы водорода, генераторы чистого азота, оборудование для очистки воздуха от примесей, лабораторные компрессоры, расходомеры для газов, редукторы, регуляторы расхода для  чистых газов, фитинги).
Manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory gas purification systems (gas purifiers) and air purification systems (pure air, zero air generators). Производители и поставщики лабораторных систем очистки газов, очистки воздуха (генераторов чистого воздуха, нулевого воздуха).
International companies index. Международный указатель компаний.
Chromatec (Хроматэк).
Chromatec (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation) is a manufacturer of gas chromatography instrumentation. Chromatec manufactures lab and portable GC systems, GC/MS system, GC inlets, thermodesorbers, pyrolyzer, headspace sampler, accessory equipment for gas chromatography (samplers, hydrogen generator, air compressor, gas purifiers). Chromatec offers data handling system for chromatography.
Chromatograpy Research Supplies, Inc. (CRS)
Chromatograpy Research Supplies, Inc (CRS) is a specialized supplier of consumables and other products for gas and liquid chromatography. Company supplies packed and capillary columns, gas purifiers, gas purification system, ferrules, septa, vials and accessories, injection port liners, and chromatography maintenance accessories. CRS manufactures a wide variety of gas purifiers for use with GC and GC/MS carrier gases- typical contaminants removed are water, oxygen and hydrocarbons, from inert gases such as helium and nitrogen. The specialty purifiers such as the Carbon Dioxide Trap.
Chromosib (Хромосиб).
Chromatec (Omsk, Russia) is a supplier of GC instruments, GC capillary columns, HPLC instruments, HPLC columns, accessories and consumables for chromatography. The company supplies a broad range of capillary columns for gas chromatography and GC/MS (WCOT columns, PLOT columns, chiral columns for gas chromatography). Chromatec supplies gas handling equipment, flow meters, manifolds, gas purifiers, pure gas generators (hydrogen generator, nitrogen generator, air generator). Chromatec also supplies water purification equipment, laboratory water purification systems. Dispensers, pipettes, tips.
domnick hunter limited.
domnick hunter group plc is an international group of companies dedicated to developing and supplying innovative, high quality and cost effective filtration, purification and separation products. The many group operations are divided into two business segments: Industrial Operations, to serve the worldwide compressed air market with a full range of air treatment products. Process Operations, to specialise in the manufacture and supply of filters for the clarification, stabilisation and sterilisation of liquids and gases principally in the pharmaceutical, beverage, food and electronics industries, and also in laboratories.
domnick hunter limited is a manufacturer of a range of on-site gas generation equipment principally for the production of both nitrogen and hydrogen. The NITROX range of laboratory gas generators allows users to produce ultra high purity nitrogen, hydrogen, zero air and CO2-free air on-site for use in a wide range of laboratory applications. MAXIGAS Nitrogen Generators- domnick hunter MAXIGAS nitrogen generators allow users to produce a continuous supply of nitrogen gas from compressed air. Nitrogen can be produced at purity from 97% to 99.999% to suit the application. Nitrogen generators are specifically designed for LC/MS and ICP-OES applications.
Greyhound Chromatography and Allied Chemicals.
Greyhound Chromatography and Allied Chemicals (United Kingdom) is a manufacturer and distributor of chromatography columns, consumables and certified reference standards. The company offers an extensive range of chromatography and life-science products. Greyhound's own range of products includes HPLC columns, GC capillary columns, solid phase extraction columns, certified syringe filters, GC liners, ferrules and septa. Greyhound Chromatography offers the Q-Range, a comprehensive selection of own brand GC capillary columns (over 1000 standard columns available - FSOT columns, metal capillary columns, a full range of PLOT columns), HPLC columns, SPE columns (a complete range of solid phase extraction cartridges) and certified syringe filters (0.20µm and 0.45µm porosities). Greyhound Chromatography also represents all the leading independent manufacturers of chromatography consumables (GC septa, GC liners, syringes, ferrules, HPLC fittings, tubing, vials and caps, gas filters, gas purifiers).
Himelektronika (Химэлектроника).
Himelektronika (Moscow) is a manufacturer of hydrogen generators, nitrogen generators, pure air generators, gas purifiers, water purification system for labs.
J.U.M. Engineering GmbH.
J.U.M. Engineering GmbH is a manufacturer of high temperature FID analyzers (heated FID) includes: total hydrocarbon analyzers, non-methane hydrocarbon analyzers, stack emissions analyzers based on the FID principle, sample handling and gas conditioning instruments, aerosol can leak detectors, process oil in water monitors for detection of diesel oil, jet fuel and oil in water. J.U.M. Engineering GmbH manufactures a whole range of analyzers including wall mount analyzers, portable "All In One" analyzer, FID analyzer is especially designed for the measurement of total hydrocarbons in live hot and wet steam; comes fully equipped to be connected to the steam source via a heated line and 19" rack mount analyzer; ideal for low trace hydrocarbon applications and CEM systems with pressurized sample or existing sample handling.
High Temperature Non-Methane Hydrocarbon FID Analyzer and High Temperature Non-Methane / Non Ethane FID Analyzer. J.U.M. custom fits total hydrocarbon analyzers for nearly every THC application in the industry by using standardized modules from a broad range of more than 15 different basic HFID analyzers. The New Heated Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer with Methane-Only Option- The J.U.M. Engineering Model VE 7-09A Total Hydrocarbon analyzer is a compact, rugged 19" rack mount analysis system using the FID (Flame Ionization Detector) principle.
Oil in Water Monitor FP 605 Series- Model FP 605 reliably detects diesel oil, jet fuel and oil in water. The FP 605 is a continuous, on-line, process or field control monitor which provides oil monitoring in water down to the low ppm range. The FP 605 is used for applications which require oil monitoring in treated and untreated wastewater streams. This could be from industrial wastewater, groundwater, process water, produced water and storm water run-off. 
The Model FP 605 is available either with or withouit sample pump as a Stationary Wall Mount unit or as a Stationary 19" Rack Mount unit or as a Portable Field Analyzer.
Also J.U.M. Engineering manufactures: Heated sample handling systems, Flexible heated sample lines, Heated multi-point sample sequencers, Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Cutter module, Zero Air Generator, Portable Heated PreFilter and Rack Mounted Heated PreFilter, Burner Air Supply and Heated Sample Diluter for use with HFID analyzers in applications with hc-concentrations greater than some 10.000 ppm.
Meta-Chrom (Мета-Хром).
Meta-Chrom (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation) is a manufacturer of automated GC instruments, GC analyzers, process GC system, online NGA system. Meta-Chrom manufactures laboratory GC instruments, GC analyzer systems, process gas chromatograph, natural gas analysis system (NGA system), GC inlets, thermodesorber, pyrolyzer, headspace sampler, data handling system for chromatography. Meta-Chrom manufactures hydrogen generator, nitrogen generator, gas purifiers, air compressor, pure air generator. Meta-Chrom manufactures GC instrument parts, gas handling equipment, digital gas manifold, valves, vacuum gauges and controllers. The company manufactures laboratory reaction systems. Meta-Chrom also manufactures water purification systems.
Nytek Instruments.
Nytek Instruments is a supplier of fluorescence spectrometers and microscopes, Raman spectrometers, Raman microscopy systems, thin film measurement instruments (ellipsometers), ICP-OES systems, glow discharge spectrometers, XRF spectrometers, EDXRF microspectrometer, XRF sulfur in-oil analyzer, UV fluorescence sulfur in-oil analyzer, C, H, N, O, S analyzers. Nytek Instruments supplies optical components and modules, instrument parts, accessories and consumables for chromatography and spectroscopy. The company also supplies pure gas generators, oilless compressors, pure air generators.
OXY-GON Industries, Inc.
OXY-GON Industries, Inc is a manufacturer of vacuum furnaces, inert gas furnaces, and gas purification furnaces. The Model OG-120 is a desktop size purification furnace designed to supply purified inert gases (Argon, Helium, Neon, Xenon and Krypton) for smaller manufacturing production demands or for laboratory needs. It is a self-contained unit which has been designed and manufactured by OXY-GON to purify inert gases to less than 10 parts per million of oxygen or better. In addition to removing oxygen, the OG-120 purifier also removes nitrogen, carbon, and water wapors.
Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd.
Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd is a manufacturer of ultra high purity (UHP) gas generation systems. Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd manufactures laboratory gas generators including nitrogen gas generators (both Membrane Technology & Carbon Molecular Sieve systems), hydrogen gas generators & zero air gas generators suitable to operate most laboratory analytical applications such as LC/MS/MS & GC. 
Gas Generators- Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Zero Air. Peak Laboratory Nitrogen Generators use highly efficient Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) adsorbent to produce a continuous supply of high purity gas (250-3000cc/min). The new HG series hydrogen generators produce 99.99999% pure hydrogen gas from deionized waters with user-adjustable pressure range of 0-150 psi (200-1200cc/min).
Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd manufactures a wide selection of UHP nitrogen, zero air, CO2 removal systems, and air compressors. Peak Zero Air Generators use catalytic oxidation to produce the highest possible purity gas.  These systems have a small oil-less air compressor which passes air through a dryer system and a catalyst to ensure an output of dry hydrocarbon free air.
Perma Pure Inc.
Perma Pure LLC is a manufacturer of gas sample conditioning products such as dryers, humidifiers, filters, coalescers, specialty scrubbers, and complete sampling systems for use in medical, industrial, and scientific applications. Proprietary Nafion tubing dryers selectively remove water from a gas stream without the loss of analytes. Gas sampling systems combine this dryer technology with filters and temperature controls in heated enclosures to provide complete gas sample conditioning by removing particulates, high-boiling liquids, and water vapor without loss of analyte gases such as CO, CO2, HCl, NOx, O2, SO2 and VOC. Desiccant/Membrane (Portable) Dryers.
The Portable Zero-Air generator produces purified air at rates up to 18 liters per minute. Compounds treated include CO, NOX, SOX, water vapor, hydrocarbons, acid vapors, odors, and bacteria. The unit is totally self-contained in a convenient portable case. Portability is enhanced by its lightweight (27 lbs), built-in carrying handle, and self contained design. The Zero-Air generator requires only a connection to standard 110 or 220 VAC power to operate. The internal compressor supplies up to 18 liters per minute of compressed air. The maximum pressure up to 30 psig.
Puregas LLC.
Puregas LLC is a manufacturer of air pressurization systems for the telecommunications industry, compressed air dryers and gas generators for industrial and laboratory applications. Puregas specialized in supplying compressed air dryers and CO2 adsorbers for laboratory research and industrial applications. Puregas manufactures a full line of regenerative air dryers and adsorbers cost-effectively remove moisture, carbon dioxide and other unwanted gases from ordinary compressed air, replacing the need for expensive bottled nitrogen. Puregas adsorbers feature lightweight aluminum construction. Puregas also offers a wide range of accessories to accompany these product lines. Featured products:
Puregas Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryers provide dry air without the constant expense of desiccant. The overcome the many disadvantages of refrigeration dryers including reletively high dew points and heavy, unwieldy contruction. Small, lightweight aluminum construction (sizes from 5 x 8 x 11 inches / 12.7 x 20.3 x 27.9 cm and from 7 pounts / 3.2 kilograms). Ideal from OEM and point-of-use applications. Puregase Air Dryers require no piping for water drainage and can be installed in minutes.
Puregas Heatless Regenerative CO2 adsorbers cost-effectively remove both moisture and carbon dioxide from ordinary compressed air, replacing the need for expensive bottled nitrogen. Produced CO2-free air to less than 2 ppm.
Puregas Model PCME-Series Air Dryer / Carbon Monoxide Extractors are unique devices which remove both moisture and CO from ordinary compressed air. This is done by first drying the feed gas using the pressure swing adsorption method and secondly by oxidizing CO to CO2 using a catalyst. Produced CO-free air to less than 2 PPM.
Puregas Model PHCA- Series Hydrocarbod Adsorbers are unique regenerative devices which remove hydrocarbons from ordinary compressed air. This is done using the pressure swing adsorption method. Hydrocarbon-free air to less than 1 PPM.
Schmidlin Labor + Service AG.
SCHMIDLIN Labor + Service AG (Switzerland) is a manufacturer of laboratory pure gas generators and industrial gas generators (process gas generators). Schmidlin Labor + Service AG manufactures hydrogen generators, nitrogen generators (LC-MS - nitrogen generators (99.5 % N2) and ICP - nitrogen generators (99.99 % N2), also nitrogen generators includes hydrocarbon removal), oxigen generators, hydrogen and oxygen generators, TOC gas generators, air generators, zero air generators and ultra zero air generators, absorbtion dryers, MAXIGAS- pre-treatment dryers, buffer vessels and compressors.
SGT (Scientific Glass Technology).
SGT / Scientific Glass Technology (The Netherlands) is a manufacturer of gas purifiers for gas chromatography, GC/MS and LC/MS. SGT manufactures gas filter cartridge systems and inline gas filters (oxigen traps, moisture traps, hydrocarbon traps) for the analytical labs. SGT manufactures capillary column cutters for GC, CE/CEC. SGT also offers speciality glassware, for example injection liners, empty thermal desorption tubes.
Spectral Lab (Спектральная Лаборатория).
Spectral Lab (Saint Petersburg, Russia) is a manufacturer of optical emission spectrometers for metal analysis, alloy verification, metal sorting (lab and mobile OES metal analyzers), sample preparation equipment, liquid metal samplers, laboratory equipment for inert gas purification (gas purification furnace).
TsvetChrom (ЦветХром).
TsvetChrom (Dzerzhinsk, Russia) manufactures laboratory hydrogen generators, nitrogen generators, nitrogen purifier, pure air generator, water purification systems. TsvetChrom manufactures accessory equipment for gas chromatography (syringes).
Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH.
Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH is the German analytical instrument company, manufacturer and supplier of gas analysis instrumentation and ancillary equipment for gas analysis, calibration systems for gas analyzers, gas chromatograph for process contol, environmental analysis and emission monitoring. Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH manufactures and supplies gas analyzers, gas chromatograph, gas collectors, calibration systems for gas analyzers, inspection stations and test benches, zero and process gas treatment equipment, gas compounding systems. Air sampler and zero air supply for gas chromatography.
Calibration Systems - Series MK5 / MK10 - The Basic System, a gas blending system with one dilution and one span gas module, to be diluted with bottled span gas. Gas Phase Titration- Reaction of External Span Gas Pre-Mixture with Internally Produced Ozone. Vapor Pressure Saturation- Generating Span Gas Using a Fluid Component Stored in the System. MicroCal 5000- The Calibrating System with Integrated Computer Controls and Data Logger for Gas Analyzing Industry. UV-Basis / Measurement of Ozone Concentration- Direct, UV Photometrical Process to Determine Volume Ratios of Ozone in Span Gas. Span Gas Lab / Span gas generation for the simultaneous calibration of several analyzers.
Gas Chromatograph - The Syntec Spectras GC is the perfect gas analyzer for the computerized measuring of hydrocarbons and other gases in the process technology, in labs, and in the environment analyzing industry. PID detector - optional FID, ECD or WLD. Choose between capillary or packed analysis column. Optional preconcentration unit for measurement ranges starting at 50 ppt (detection limit benzene 0.15 ppb).
Air Sampler - Automatic System for Gas and Dust Samples. The microcomputer controlled air sampler, MicroPNS, is a system for the automatic collection of gases and dust particle samples in adsorbent tubes, bubble flasks and gas mice, or on filters. Up to eight samples can be taken.
Zero Air Supply - Compact Zero Gas Unit with Soundproof Housing for up to 50 L/min. Small Units for the Generation of Zero Gas. The catalytic gas purifier removes hydrocarbons (HC) and CO from compressed air.
Data Acquisition - The MSA interface consists of data acquisition hardware, which is placed between the measuring instruments and calibration systems and the PC.
Valco Instruments Company Inc. (VICI)
Valco Instruments Company Inc. (VICI) is a manufacturers of gas analysis instrumentation, trace gas analyzer systems, gas chromatography instrumentation, GC detectors (helium photoionization detector, pulsed discharge detector, TCD detector). Valco Instruments Company is a one of the world leading manufacturers of fittings and valves for gas and liquid chromatography, GC-MS, LC-MS systems. Valco Instruments Company also manufactures a wide range of related products such as pneumatic and electric actuators, valve accessories, tubing and sampling loops, heated enclosures, valve sequence and temperature controllers, digital interfaces, flow controllers, gas purifiers, pressure regulators and combo valves, syringes and syringe accessories. 
Gas chromatography instrumentation - VICI manufactures trace gas analyzers (GC systems for gas purity analysis), GC detectors (electron capture, helium photoionization, and multimode versions of the pulsed discharge detector, thermal conductivity detector), hydrogen removal systems, helium purifier and nitrogen purifier. Pulsed discharge detectors (HID)- non-radioactive pulsed discharge detectors utilize a stable, low powered, pulsed DC discharge in helium as an ionization source. Performance is equal to or better than detectors with conventional radioactive sources. Microvolume thermal conductivity detector- dual filament TCD is a stand-alone unit consisting of the detector housing and a controller with electrometer and temperature controls. The Valco miniature helium purifier (HPM) provides "point-of-use" purification of helium or other noble gases, such as Ar, Ne, Kr, and Xe, to sub-ppm levels of reactive gaseous impurities. The nitrogen purifier (NPM) is similar, purifying nitrogen to sub-ppm levels of gaseous impurities.
Gas analysis instrumentation, trace gas analyzers - Valco trace gas analyzers are complete chromatographic systems designed for routine laboratory or process stream analysis of ppb and low ppm impurities in fixed gases. The system can be configured simply for a single gas, such as impurities in hydrogen, or for a range of different gases, such as impurities in helium, hydrogen, and oxygen. Integrated trace gas analyzer (ITGA) is a turnkey integrated trace gas analyzer designed for totally automated analysis of low ppb impurities in bulk H2, O2, CO, CO2, N2, Ar, and CH4. Digital gas dilution system blends gas streams to produce standards over a wide dilution range, thus eliminating the need for individual cylinder gas mixtures in constructing instrument calibration curves.
Portable toxic gas and oxygen monitors (O2 monitor, CO monitor, H2S monitor, SO2 monitor, NOX monitor, NO2 monitor)- VICI manufactures the complete line of personal portable monitors  which utilize patented GCI electrochemical sensors for the detection of O2 and toxic gases such as CO, H2S, SO2, NOX, and NO2. These battery-powered personal monitors features sensor cable option for remote sampling.
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Analytical and laboratory equipment companies, scientific instrument companies. Производители и поставщики аналитического и лабораторного оборудования.