Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Manufacturers and suppliers of water analysis instruments, water quality testing equipment, drinking water quality monitors, industrial waste water monitors (portable water testers, portable water testing labs, water testing kits, mobile drinking water laboratories, in-line, on-line water quality monitors, process water analyzers, industrial wastewater analyzers, TOC analyzers). Производители и поставщики аналитического оборудования для контроля качества питьевой воды, мониторинга сточных вод  (портативные приборы для контроля качества воды, мобильные лаборатории, промышленные поточные анализаторы питьевой воды, сточных вод, анализаторы общего органического углерода).
Manufacturers and suppliers of mobile laboratories for water analysis, drinking water quality control, air pollution monitoring, emissions control, environmental pollutioin monitoring (mobile analytical labs, mobile environmental labs, mobile water quality testing laboratories). Производители и поставщики мобильных лабораторий для анализа воды, контроля качества воды, мониторинга загрязнения воздуха, контроля промышленных выбросов (мобильных аналитических лабораторий, лабораторий экологического контроля).
International companies index. Международный указатель компаний.
Akvilon (Аквилон).
Akvilon (Moscow, Russia) is a manufacturer of HPLC instruments, IC instruments, electrochemical instruments, UV-visible spectrometers, automatic titrator, flame photometer, moisture analyzer. The company manufactures modular HPLC systems, ion chromatography systems, process IC analyzer, portable ion chromatograph, portable pH-meters and ion meters electrochemical analyzer, automatic titration system, UV-visible spectrophotometers, flame photometer, moisture balance analyzer. The company also manufactures laboratory water purification system. Akvilon offers fully equipped mobile analytical laboratories for air analysis, water analysis, soil analysis. The company also supplies a broad range of laboratory equipment.
B&W Tek, Inc.
B&W Tek, Inc. is a spectroscopy instrument company, manufacturer of array spectrometer modules, miniature spectrometer systems, Raman spectrometers, laser systems and modules, laser components, light sources and sampling accessories for optical spectrometers. B&W Tek manufactures high power lasers systems, laser systems and modules for analytical and scientific instruments, including DPSS (diode pumped solid state) and diode lasers, multi-channel lasers, spectrum stabilized lasers, fiber lasers and amplifiers, fiber coupled lasers, broadband light sources. B&W Tek manufactures compact optical spectrometers (miniature UV, Vis, NIR array spectrofotometers, array spectrofluorometer - oil analyzer), mobile and portable Raman spectrometer systems, process Raman spectrometer, broadband (UV, Visible, Near Infrared) on-line analyzer, and fiber coupled Raman probes for on-line process measurement and control.
Broadband (UV, Visible, Near Infrared) on-line analyzer system features high speed spectra capturing (more than 100 spectras per second), industrial design (NEMA 4X or IP65 enclosure, temperature cooled and regulated). The non-contact systems incorporate a long lifetime light source and a grating based broadband array spectrometer. Various spectrometers can be used to select wavelength ranges between 190 and 2900 nm. An air curtained sampling window, and a temperature regulation system are also included as standard items. These analyzer systems are designed for use in industrial applications as on-line process measurement and control units by measuring sample diffuse reflectance, transmittance, fluorescence, or Raman scattering characteristics.
B&W Tek manufactures high resolution compact, mobile Raman spectrometer, portable benchtop Raman excitation laser, battery operated portable Raman spectrometer. B&W Tek manufactures miniature CCD spectrophotometer for sample transmission and absorption measurements from 190-1050 nm., and CCD spectrofluorometer, both features compact and highly reliable non-moving part design.
Baseline-MOCON, Inc.
Baseline-MOCON, Inc. is a manufacturer of gas analysis instrumentation - process analyzer systems, GC gas purity monitoring systems, air quality testing instuments, toxic gas detection insruments, emissions monitors. Baseline-MOCON is a manufacturer of automated continuous analyzers (VOC analyzers, total hydrocarbon analyzers for environmental analysis, industrial hygiene, process gas analysis, emission monitoring), automated gas chromatographs (process on-line GC systems)- gas purity monitors for the carbonated beverage industry (organic impurities in CO2 monitor, total sulfur in CO2 analyzer), portable PID organic vapor detectors (photoionization toxic gas sensors). Baseline-MOCON manufactures continuous total volatile organic vapor analyzer (PID VOC detector), catalytic and GC methane/non-methane hydrocarbon analyzers, FID total hydrocarbon analyzer. Automatic on-line gas chromatograph can be configured for monitoring methane hydrocarbons, non-methane hydrocarbons, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes (BTEX), trace gas analysis.
Baseline-MOCON manufactures automated gas analyzer systems for trace detection of impurities in specialty gases, monitoring trace organics in specialty gases (monitoring acetaldehyde, BTEX impurities in CO2 for the carbonated beverage industry). Baseline-MOCON manufactures mud logging gas detection systems (mudlogging gas analysers)- FID total hydrocarbon analyzers for monitoring hydrocarbons in drilling fluids and automatic on-line GC system for fast analysis of C1 - C5 hydrocarbons. Baseline-MOCON also offers a variety of complimentary equipment for gas analysis: multipoint samplers, sample conditioners, calibration systems, hydrogen generators, air generators, and data acquisition systems.
Bruker Corporation.
Bruker is a manufacturer of quadrupole, ITD, TOF mass-spectrometers, GC/MS, MS/MS, LC/MS/MS systems, FTIR, FT-NIR, Raman spectrometers, NMR, EPR spectrometers, NMR analyzers, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, portable XRF analyzers, X-ray diffractometers, single crystal diffraction instruments (XRD, SCD systems), spark-OES metal analyzers, combustion elemental analyzers, portable ion mobility spectrometers, portable FTIR analyzers, biological, chemical and nuclear detection instruments. Bruker Scientific Instruments Division (Bruker AXS, Bruker BioSpin, Bruker Daltonics, Bruker Optics) offers a broad range of instruments and solutions for analytical chemistry, life sciences, clinical research, materials research, environmental analysis, forensics, lab automation, process control, quality control.
Bruker Daltonics manufactures MALDI-TOF MS systems, MALDI-TOF/TOF mass-spectrometer systems, ESI/MALDI quadrupole-TOF MS systems, ESI-ITMS systems, ultra high resolution ESI/MALDI-FTMS systems. Bruker Daltonics offers microbial identification system using MALDI-TOF mass-spectrometry. Bruker Daltonics manufactures a broad line of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear detection instruments, such as transportable, mobile MS and GC/MS systems, portable ion mobility spectrometers, portable FTIR spectrometers (portable FTIR analyzers).
Bruker Optics manufactures research FT-IR spectrometers, FT-NIR spectometers, Raman spectrometers, FT-Raman and FT-IR microscopes, process FT-NIR analyzers, time domain low resolution NMR spectrometers (low resolution benchtop NMR analyzers for QC/QA), terahertz spectrometers, imaging spectrograph and scanning monochromator. Bruker Optics manufactures specialized FT-NIR spectrometers for a wide range of NIR applications in QA/QC and process control, FT-NIR spectrometer for in-line process control with non-contact analysis capabilities. Bruker Optics offers high resolution FT-Raman spectrometers for both research and process control solutions, process Raman systems, FT-Raman microscopes for non-destructive analysis of microscopic samples. Bruker Optics manufactures automated infrared detection system for real-time remote sensing of atmospheric compounds.
ChemImage is a manufacturer of spectrometer systems for chemical imaging (molecular spectroscopy + digital imaging = molecular images that detail material morphology, composition, structure, concentration). ChemImage manufactures Raman spectrometer based chemical imaging system for a wide range of researh and industrial applications (Raman chemical imaging + broadband UV-excited fluorescence chemical imaging + laser-excited fluorescence chemical imaging + near-infrared or NIR chemical imaging + visible absorption chemical imaging)- for materials analysis, pharmaceuticals analysis and quality control (blend uniformity and particle sizing of tablets, coating layers chemical identity, percent composition determination of active and inactive ingredients, thickness uniformity and interfacial chemistries of controlled-release systems, ingredient-specific particle sizing of nasal sprays, emulsions, suspensions). Spectrometer system provides the non-invasive pharmaceuticals imaging and analysis through packaging, such as blister packs, glass containers, plastic bags.
ChemImage manufactures macroscopic chemical imaging system for forensic applications, such as determination of forensic samples morphology. 
ChemImage manufactures transportable, mobile fluorescence microscope + Raman spectrometer system for on-site detection and identification of hazardous materials, chemical warfare agents, patogenic organisms in a wide range of solids and liquids. ChemImage is a developer of chemical imaging software that allows simultaneous visualization and manipulation of images and spectra.
Chimavtomatika (Химавтоматика).
Chimavtomatika (Moscow, Russia) is a manufacturer of HPLC instruments, HPLC detectors, ion chromatography instruments, IC columns, flow injection analysis systems (FIA analyzers), GC systems, gas analysis instrumentation, process gas analyzers, portable gas analyzers, mobile labs for air analysis.
Chromatotec Group.
Chromatotec Group (Chromatotec Inc. USA, CHROMATO-SUD, France, Airmotec GmbH, Gemany, Airmotec AG, Switzerland)- manufacturers of gas analyzers (fixed or portable) for on site or on line applications such as air analysis, natural gas analysis, petroleum gases analysis and analysis of pure gases. Sulfur compounds analyser in Natural Gas or GPL is a gas chromatograph with an electrochemical detector. Emission Analysis (total hydrocarbon analysis, solvents, VOC and SF6), Environmental Monitoring (H2S / Mercaptans and VOC in urban air in PPB and sub PPB levels, BXT,  NO2). Manufacturing control (CO, CH4, CO2, permanent gas and sulfur compounds in pure gas). Odorisation control (H2S, mercaptans, THT in natural gas and LPG).
Instrumentation for air analysis: airmoMEDOR for analysis of H2S and Mercaptans, 10 to 1000ppb in waste treatment station, in urban air or in working house, airmoBTX for analysis of BTEX in air in the city, in the country or in working house, airmoVOC for analysis of VOC in air in the city, in the country or in working house. Also specific instruments for Chlorinated or nitrogenous compounds and Total hydrocrabons in air.
Instrumentation for gas analysis: H2S, Mercaptans in natural gas or in liquefied petroleum gases, THT in natural gas or in liquefied petroleum gases, analysis of C6+ and principal gases of natural gas. CHROMACHROM line instruments for analysis of chlorinated compounents, NO2, CH4, formaldehyde, T.H.C, ppb of permanent gas in N2, CO2, O2, Argon and analysis of gaseous components of liquids or solids such as BTEX in sea water and fresh water, toxic VOC in food. CHROMACHROM TCD for analysis of Permanent gases, CHROMABIOGAZ for O2, N2 and othes fermentation gases, CHROMACHROM S for analysis of H2S, COS, Mercaptanes in air. CHROMATRAP for determination of impurities (VOC) in pure gases like N2, CO2, O2 and other gases.
CPM Labfab, Inc.
CPM Labfab, Inc manufactures custom built modular laboratories and fabricates numerous other laboratory products such as Trespa worksurfaces for all lab worksurface needs, Type-1 Thermo-PVC duct fittings for fume ventilation, and complete installation kits for your new fume hood. CPM Labfab, Inc is a manufacturer of custom modular laboratories, countertops and custom surfaces, fumehood installation parts. Features products: 
Pre-fabricated laboratories are an effective way to limit construction periods and reduce project cost. The modular bulidings feature all-steel frame construction in order to lower overall combustibility of the building. Virtually unlimited layout options and custom additions give us the capability to cater to most any demand. Both interior and exterior units are fabricated for even greater customization and cost control. These labs are turn-key, meaning everything needed for your functioning laboratory can be included.
Dexsil Corporation.
Dexsil Corporation is a manufacturer of portable instruments and field test kits for the detection and measurement of environmental contaminants in soil, oil, and water. Product lines: Detection and quantification of water in lubricating oil. Detection of halogens in used lubricating oil. Detection of PCB in dielectric fluid. Detection of total organic chlorine in oil/water mixtures and used antifreeze. Detection and quantification of total base and acid numbers in petroleum products and lubricating oils. On-site detection and quantification of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil. Detection and quantification of concentration of PCB and chlorinated organic compounds in soils and oil matrixes. Detection, quantification and logging of magnetic fields for surveys or detailed engineering studies. Also offers laboratory analysis and consultation.
Dexsil products- PetroFLAG Analysis System for Hydrocarbons in Soil. L2000 PCB/Chloride Analyzer for the analysis of PCBs and other chlorinated organic compounds in soil and transformer oil. Clor-D-Tect Test Kits for analyzing used oil for chlorinated contaminants.Clor-N-Oil PCB Test Kits for analyzing transformer oil for PCBs. The PetroFLAG system provides the user with a complete method for analyzing soil samples for the presence of petroleum hydrocarbons. The procedure takes 15 minutes and up to 20 samples can be run concurrently. The system comes complete with the PetroFLAG meter, balance, timer and all the reagents for your first ten tests.
The L2000 PCB/Chloride Analyzer is a portable instrument used to test for the presence of PCB in soil, in transformer oil and on surfaces. It uses a chloride specific electrode to quantify the concentration of PCB in a sample after the sample has been reacted with a reagent that removes all of the chloride from the organic molecule. The instrument converts the chloride reading into ppm PCB and displays the result on the LCD readout.
HYDROSCOUT is a field portable test that quantifies water concentration in oil over a range of 0-20%, or 0-100%. It's an easy, inexpensive test that can be run by a driver at any pick-up or transfer point during the transportation process.
Field test kits that are quick, easy to use, and afford the user an economical advantage over costly and  time consuming laboratory methods. Kits detect PCB in dielectric fluid and soil, total (chlorine) in  waste oil, total petroleum hydrocarbon in soil, total organic chlorine in oil/water mixture and antifreeze. The Titra-Lube TBN for total base number determination  in lubricating oils and Titra-Lube TAN for total acid number determination in petroleum products and lubricating oils. Both kits can be used in the field or in a laboratory setting.
Dodgen Industries Inc.
Dodgen Industries Inc is a manufacturer of mobile laboratories for on-site air, water, soil, bio-hazard, or pollution monitoring. Dodgen Industries has specialized in designing and building custom vehicles, including fully self-contained mobile laboratories (20' remote air monitoring laboratory, 30' wet chemistry mobile lab). Custom designed and manufactured trucks and trailers for environmental, regulatory, and education applications since 1947. Mobile lab equipped with electricity, AC, water, and gases. Applications include: are, water, soil, haz-mat, environmental and pollution testing, other specialized needs.
EAI Corporation.
EAI Corporation specialized in chemical and biological arms control, chemical agent demilitarization and disposal, environmental restoration and counterterrorism disciplines. EAI Corporation is a manufacturer of mobile analytical laboratories and sampling systems for analytical characterization of hazardous and toxic chemical compounds. EAI offers two basic styles of transportable sampling and analysis laboratories in variable configurations: the MOD-U-LAB, designed for air transportability and the MOB-I-LAB, designed as a vehicle-mounted system. EAI has developed a series of products specifically designed for on-site and mobile analytical support. For site characterization, EAI has developed the AirFlex line of air samplers. These samplers provide an economical and robust means to sample and characterize chemical hazards in air and are available in 4, 8, and 16 tube capacities. Each sampler is computer-controlled with varying degrees of automation.
The AirFlex 4 Sequencing Air Sampler was designed around the existing needs and practices of environmental sampling. Its self-contained programmable capability is particularly well suited to scenarios that require routine or repetitive sampling. The AirFlex 4 incorporates recent advances in interface software and solid state design to provide a versatile, robust, reliable, and convenient sampling instrument which can accommodate solid sorbent tube, colorimetric tube, and bubbler applications.
The MOD-U-LAB is a ruggedized, field-deployable and logistically supportable system that provides data and analysis of fixed-laboratory quality while maintaining the flexibility of both fixed and mobile operations. The utilities required to operate the instrumentation (power and compressed gases) are integral to the system. Current configurations of the laboratory use HP 6890 Gas Chromatograph (GC) as the major analytical component. Other capabilities, including Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Ion Chromatography (IC), and sample collection and preparation modules can be integrated into this modular laboratory system.
The MOB-I-LAB is a highly-mobile, dedicated-purpose laboratory that can support single or multiple instrument setup. Outfitted with a roof-mounted air conditioner/heater, instrument benches, gas cylinder storage, and tool kit, this mobile laboratory is a self-sufficient analytical laboratory system that provides all the amenities of a fixed laboratory site while offering the flexibility for rapid-response operations. The current equipment configuration of the laboratory suite includes HP 6890 Gas Chromatograph and 5973 Mass Selective Detector (MSD). All detector options for the Hewlett-Packard 6890 GC are also available. Other equipment configurations, including Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR), High Performance Liquid Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry (HPLC), and Ion Chromatography (IC) can be integrated into this mobile laboratory system.
E-N-G Mobile Systems, Inc.
E-N-G Mobile Systems, Inc is a manufacturer of mobile laboratories for scientific analysis based on vehicles. E-N-G MobiLab Systems have produced over 600 durable, innovative news and small production vans for customers everywhere. Offer one of the most complete product line in the industry, including full-size and minivans, box-vans and various 4-wheel drive vehicles. Systems delivered range from rack-ready to complete turnkey packages which include electronics, microwave and communications equipment, all installed and checked out.
Fann Instrument Company.
Fann Instrument Company specializes in manufacturing equipment for measuring and controlling various fluid properties and especially the measurement of flow and viscosity. Fann Instrument Company is a manufacturer of test and measurement instruments, accessories, test kits, and portable laboratories for testing drilling fluids, liquids and semi-solid fluids. Fann Instrument Company is a manufacturer and supplier of sophisticated viscometers and rheometers which are used in many industries for the measurement of absolute dynamic viscosity of all types of fluids. Fann Instrument Company also provide reagents, supplies (including Personal Protective Equipment), and replacement parts through a worldwide distribution system. Many of the instruments and test kits are designed to conform to the testing standards of the American Petroleum Institute. Others are designed to meet the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) as well as other technical specification groups.
Horiba is a manufacturer of optical spectroscopy instruments (fluorescence, Raman spectrometers and microscopes, NIR spectrometers, NDIR, FTIR gas analyzers, UV spectroscopic process gas analyzer, ambient ozone monitor, UV fluorescence sulfur in-oil analyzer), electrochemistry instruments, elemental analysis instruments (ICP-OES, glow discharge spectrometers, XRF spectrometers, EDXRF microspectrometer, XRF sulfur in-oil analyzers, C, H, N, O, S analyzers), environmental analysis instruments, emissions measurement instruments (air pollution analyzers, engine exhaust gas analyzers, stack gas analyzers, continuous emission monitoring systems, CEMS), water analysis instruments (handheld water quality meters, process water analyzers, water quality monitors), particle size, particle shape, zeta potential, and surface area analysis instruments (particle size, particle shape analyzers, surface area analyzers, zeta potential analyzers), thin film measurement instruments (ellipsometers). Horiba also manufactures gratings and OEM mini CCD spectrometers.
LaMotte Company.
LaMotte Company is a manufacturer and supplier of the laboratory and field-portable products designed for the analysis of water, soil and air, such as water testing products, test kits, portable labs and analytical instruments for water analysis (portable colorimeters, turbidimeter, molybdenum meter). LaMotte Company manufactures the field portable colorimeters for measuring a variety of water quality parameters. The SMART colorimeter is complemented by easy to use reagent systems. Several packaging options are available for field use, making SMART colorimeter a “field laboratory”. The new DEHA Kit. Water pollution detection kit- measures 11 key parameters that signal contamination of natural waters by pollution. The choice for environmental studies. Includes handbooks and report forms. LaMotte Company manufactures the smart water analysis kit - this portable lab measures 24 water quality parameters for pollution detection, environmental studies, and industrial water and wastes. The SMART digital colorimeter analyzes test sample color reactions and provides direct readouts for 15 factors. Titration tests performed with LaMotte’s Direct Reading Titrators provide results directly in ppm for 6 additional factors. Digital meters measure pH, conductivity, and TDS. Wastewater portable laboratory - this self-contained lab includes: Critical pH measurements are performed with digital pH meter. A maintenance free, gel-filled combination electrode, and three pH buffers are provided. The Wastewater Lab also includes the dissolved oxygen and chlorine test kits. The Model CCK Corrosion Control Kit is packaged in a portable carrying case for on-site use.
Liga (Лига).
Liga (Saratov, Russia) is a manufacturer of mobile laboratories for environmantal analysis (mobile air analysis lab, mobile water and soil analysis lab). The company manufactures laboratory equipment for oil in water measurement (liquid - liquid extractor + oil in water meter). The company also manufactures laboratory furniture, fume hoods.
Polychromix is the American analytical instrument company, manufacturing truly portable (handheld) NIR analyzers, compact, transportable benchtop NIR spectrometers with fiberoptic sample accessory, and portable light sources.
Teledyne Leeman Labs.
Teledyne Leeman Labs is the spectroscopy instrument company, manufacturer of atomic-emission and atomic-adsorption spectrometers for elemental analysis of metals, alloys, oils, and trace mercury analysis. Teledyne Leeman Labs manufactures inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectorometers (ICP OES spectrometers), atomic absorption spectrometers (Zeeman-corrected atomic absorption spectrometers, flame AA spectrometers, furnace and tandem AAS), metal alloy analyzers, mercury analyzers and sample preparation systems for mercury analysis, inorganic standards. Teledyne Leeman Labs manufactures laboratory metal analysis instruments (ICP-OES spectrometers - metal analysers, solid metal analyzer, wear metal analyzer) and the Prodigy-Mobile Lab for real time ICP metals analysis on-site (mobile ICP-OES system for rapid metals analysis at the research site or pollution source, spill sites).
Teledyne Leeman Labs manufactures the Direct Reading Echelle (DRE) ICP spectrometers available in axial, radial and dual view configurations. The Prodigy incorporates an innovative, new, large format, programmable array detector (L-PAD) and an advanced high dispersion Echelle spectrometer. The Profile Wear Metals Analyzer is a fully automated wear metals ICP analyzer capable of sample throughput in excess of 120 samples per hour. The Pulsar is a jet assisted Glow Discharge based metal analyzer.
Teledyne Leeman Labs manufactures integrated and automated systems for the preparation and analysis of samples for mercury. The Hydra Series of Mercury Analysis and Sample Preparation Systems -  Hydra AA is a fully automated cold vapor atomic absorption-based mercury analyzer which provides detection limits on the order of 1 to 2 ppt and addresses a broad range of applications. Hydra AA handles the widest sample range including: water, soil, sludge, blood, tissue and difficult foaming samples. It is compliant with EPA Methods 245.1, 245.5, 245.6, 7470 and 7471B, and with European Standards EN-1483 and EN-13806. Hydra AF Series is a full line of automated atomic fluorescence-based mercury analyzer which provides detection limits of less than 0.5 ppt. Atomic fluorescence detection provides superior detection limits, and wider dynamic range than absorption. The Hydra AF comes in two versions, the Hydra AF and the advanced Hydra AF Gold Plus. The Hydra AF is compliant with EPA Method 245.7 and also with European Standard EN-13506. The Hydra AF Gold Plus meets the demands of U.S. EPA Method 1631. Hydra Prep sample preparation system automates all reagent addition and reaction steps necessary for high precision, high throughput mercury sample preparation. Hydra Prep provides automated sample digestion for high throughput mercury analysis, freeing the analyst to perform other tasks.
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