Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Classified catalogue of the manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (spectroscopy instruments, chromatography instruments, gas analysis, elemental analysis, thermal analysis instruments, food analysis instruments, pharmaceutical analysis, water analysis instruments, process analytical instruments, materials testing equipment, petroleum testing instruments), laboratory equipment (sample preparation equipment). Систематический каталог производителей и поставщиков аналитического оборудования (приборы для спектроскопии, хроматографии, анализа газов, элементного анализа, термоанализа, анализа пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализа воды, поточного химического анализа, испытания материалов, контроля нефтепродуктов), лабораторного оборудования (пробоподготовка).
Current edition (since March 13, 1998)- Текущая редакция  (с 13 марта 1998).
Alphabetical catalogue of companies: Алфавитный каталог компаний:
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N - index of alphabetical catalogue in English language. N - индекс алфавитного каталога на русском языке.
Nabertherm GmbH.
Nabertherm GmbH is a manufacturer of electrically-heated industrial, dental and laboratory kilns and furnaces. Nabertherm GmbH manufactures industrial furnaces and kilns with processing temperatures of between 30 and 2000 °C with 1 to 20,000 litre processing volumes. A part of Nabertherm group of companies, the furnace manufacturer GERO offer a range of high temperature furnaces, up to 3000°C. In addition to 230 standard kilns and furnaces, Nabertherm manufactures a wide range of solutions, designed to meet the individual requirements and wishes of the customers.
Nano Scan Technology.
Nano Scan Technology (scientific instrument company, Russia) is a manufacturer of instrumentation for surface characterization and microanalysis by scannig probe microscopy, optical microscopy, scanning confocal laser microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy. Nano Scan Technology manufactures scannig probe microscope, combined scannig probe microscope + optical  microscope system, sophisticated scannig probe microscope + scanning confocal laser microscope + Raman microscope / fluorescence microscope system, scannig probe microscope + cryo-ultramicrotome system.
NASCO is a manufacturer of the Whirl-Pak sterile sampling products, milk testing equipment (coolers racks and sampling bags) and other sampling equipment (samplers for forage, grain, soil, waste or water treatment, and miscellanous) NASCO manufactures Whirl-Pak Sampling Products including the Whirl-Pak line of sterile, laboratory sample bags hold liquids or solids (manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO9001), Plain Bags, Write-on Bags and accessories. New Stand-Up Sampling Bag, which stands upright by itself, and the new Scoop-Bag which contains a sterile, 2 oz. scoop. Special filter bag, Thio-Bag, for water sampling, surface sampling bag and retain bag for long-term storage. All bags contain patented Puncture Proof Tabs.
NDC Infrared Engineering.
NDC Infrared Engineering is a manufacturer of process analytical and measuring instrumentation for continuous on-line measurement and control of moisture, oil and protein, coatings weight, coating thickness, plastic film thickness, barrier layer. NDC Infrared Engineering is the comprehensive source of on-line continuous process measuring instruments for the paper, plastics, converting, food, tobacco, timber, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. NDC Infrared Engineering manufactures the backscatter sensors for moisture measurement in bulk materials such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, wood products, animal feed, minerals, building materials, explosives and many more. The Infragauge Pro for complete web measurement, scanning and profile display system solution, features s range of sensors for accurate on-line measurement of moisture, coat weight and film thickness in web applications (including sensors for the measurement of thin lacquer coatings on aluminium foils and steel sheet, for accurate measurement of coatings on paper, plastics and textiles or moisture content in paper, non wovens or textiles, for measurement is silicone coating weight on paper, for measurement of plastic film thickness, barrier layers in co-extrusions, resin impregnation in glass fibre and moisture content of paper and non wovens, for the accurate measurement of blown plastic film). The Food Sensor is a backscatter sensor designed specifically for the food industry (moisture, fat and protein are typical measurements), features hygienic design in stainless steel with FOOD SAFE sapphire optical window. The on-line sensor for the measurement of moisture and other parameters in tobacco. The Infralab at-line analyser for accurate, operator independent measurements in a fraction of the  time taken by conventional laboratory wet chemistry analysis (dedicated versions are available for tobacco and food applications). The Liquidata fibre optic probe for the accurate analysis of liquids in line. The Moistrex for the accurate, instantaneous measurement of moisture at line. Slimline scanners made for scanning applications where there is not much space on the plant for installation. Also manufactures narrow bandpass filters, wide bandpass filters, laser diode filters, edge filters, color separation filters, dichroic filters, hot mirrors, cold mirrors, antireflection filters. Also offer remote sample and display unit and calibration check standards.
TM5000E - InfraLab At-Line Analyzer for the Food Industry. InfraLab provides fast, accurate and dependable measurements of moisture, fat and protein. The system uses proven NDC Infrared Engineering measurement technology, a robust sampling system and MS Windows NT software for simple operation. Full networking facilities for easy integration into modern Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) is standard. Multiple measurements on every sample provide statistical confidence limits with each analysis, minimizing the need for replicate testing. Also lnfraLab provides fast, accurate and dependable measurements of moisture, nicotine and sugars at all stages in GLT and Primary processing.
The TM710 tobacco gauge. The TM710 is pre-calibrated for tobacco and can be applied universally throughout leaf and primary processing. From leaf processing of individual grades through cut stem and cut lamina processing, from high to low moistures, the TM710 gauge provides the measure of qaulity.
An advanced on-line multi-constituent infrared gauge. The MM710 near infrared (NIR) backscatter gauge for on-line measurement unlike other IR Sensors, can tolerate changes in lighting, product or ambient temperature and variations in relative humidity (RH).
The Liquidata In-Line Beer Analyzer for in-line measurement of alcohol and original extract. The system comprises a sensor, containing the fiber optic based insertion probe and optics assembly, a control unit and a self-contained dry air purge module. The sensor is directly inserted into the beer main using the supplied retractor assembly and adapter, or a fixed mounting flange. Because all liquid contact areas will withstand a wide range of temperatures, pressures and brewery cleaning procedures, hygiene is assured. Liquidata can be integrated with most blending stations and process control systems.
neoplas control GmbH.
neoplas control GmbH (Germany) is a manufacturer of quantum cascade laser measurement and control system. neoplas control manufactures the Q-MACS, a compact and user-friendly Quantum cascade laser- measurement and control system, has been developed for various applications, like the analysis of plasma processes or the high sensitive trace gas analysis. It combines the benefits of absorption spectroscopic methods in the mid infrared with the favorable properties of quantum cascade lasers and is therefore, in combination with thermoelectrically cooled infrared detectors, well suited for industrial applications, in particular for real-time process control. The Q-MACS is a line of spectroscopy instruments developed by the INP-Greifswald.
Q-MACS Basic - QCL spectrometer for absorption spectroscopy in the mid infrared region. Consisting of laser head, supply and connector cable. Supports QCL-mounts of AlpesLasers and LaserComponents. Software package TDLWintel (Aerodyne Research Inc.) for control and data analysis.
Q-MACS Trace - On-site or mobile system designed for user defined application. Trace gas measurements for environmental studies and high sensitive gas analysis (measurements of concentrations down to the ppb range). Long path cell for increased sensitivity.
Q-MACS Enviro (planned) - Trace gas monitoring analytical system for environmental control and high sensitive gas tracing (monitoring of concentrations down to the ppt range). 3-Channel configuration with measuring, reference and normalization channel. Long path cell for increased measurement sensitivity. 
Q-MACS Process (planned) - Analytical system for monitoring and control of gas and plasma processes. Features 3-Channel configuration with off-board measuring, reference and normalization channel. Thermoelectrically cooled detectors.
Neosyn Laboratories Inc.
Neosyn Laboratories Inc. (New Milford, Connecticut, USA) is a custom manufacturer of high purity organic chemicals, on a semi-micro to bench scale. Neosyn is a full service synthesis laboratory, specializing in the synthesis and purification of organic chemicals. Neosyn Laboratories dedicates itself to small scale preparation of pharmaceutical compounds, drug metabolites, research and custom synthesis of new products, and pure analytical reference standards. Neosyn Laboratories manufactures environmental standards (PCBs, Dioxins) are of 99% purity ( GC/FID ), pharmaceutical precursors (including azetidines) are of 95% purity or higher.
Neptune Research and Development Inc (NResearch Inc.)
Neptune Research and Development Inc (NResearch Inc) is a manufacturer and supplier of miniature solenoid operated pinch and isolation valves. NResearch Inc has over 500 unique solenoid operated pinch and isolation valves available. Patented valve designs feature small size, low power consumption, fast response time and high cycle life. New valves include panel mount, manifold mount, high pressure and valves with position sensor. Neptune Research and Development Inc (NResearch Inc) also offers a line of accessories including inert fittings, connectors and tubing. Products available for OEM requirements.
NETZSCH-Geraetebau GmbH.
NETZSCH-Geraetebau GmbH (the Analyzing & Testing business unit of the NETZSCH Group, Germany) is a one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thermoanalytical and thermophysical instruments. NETZSCH-Geraetebau GmbH is a manufacturer of calorimetry, thermal analysis instruments, thermophysical properties measuring instruments (DSC, TGA, STA, TMA, DMA instruments, dilatometers, laser flash thermal diffusivity meters, thermal conductivity meters), refractory testing equipment. NETZSCH manufactures instruments for thermal analysis, thermal properties measurement, thermal hazard screening: adiabatic reaction calorimeters, differential scanning calorimeters (DSC), high temperature differential scanning calorimeters (HTDSC), differential thermal analysis instruments (DTA systems, differential thermal analyzers), thermogravimetric analysis instruments (TGA systems, thermogravimetric analyzers), simultaneous thermal analysis instrument (STA, TGA-DTA, DSC-DTA systems), evolved gas analysis instruments (TGA-FTIR, TGA-MS systems), pulse thermal analysis instruments (PTA systems). NETZSCH manufactures thermomechanical analysis instruments (TMA systems, thermomechanical analyzers) and dynamic mechanical analysis instruments (DMA systems, dynamic mechanical analyzers), dilatometers, thermal diffusivity measurement instruments, laser flash thermal diffusivity measuring instruments (laser flash analyzers), thermal conductivity measurement instruments. NETZSCH manufactures refractory testing instruments.
New Analytical Systems Ltd.
New Analytical Systems (Byelorussia) is a developer and supplier of the UniChrom chromatography software and data system for gas chromatography and liquid chromatography. The UniChrom chromatography data system is the software and hardware package for the full automation of chromatographic separation and quantitative analysis. Support of well known analytical devices for gas and liquid chromatography: HP-6890, HP-5890, HP-4890, Shimadzu GC-17A, Krystall-2000M, Krystalluks-4000, Tsvett-800 and Staer. The low current amplifiers with range from 5 fA up to 10 mkA built-in the hardware UniChrom  allows to connect directly to the detector of chromatograph and to carry out registration of all components of a mix with concentration from 0,00001 % up to 100 %. The real dynamic range of measurements is 10 000 000. New Analytical Systems offers analytical methods development. UniChrom chromatography software appications: detailed hydrocarbon analysis (DHA) of gasoline and various petroleum fractions (automatic identification of 335 components), research octane number (RON), motor octane number (MON), vapour pressure, density, simulated distillation and distillation.
New Brunswick Scientific Co., Inc.
New Brunswick Scientific is a manufacturer of air samplers (microbiological air samplers), automated cell counting system for mammalian cells and yeast, cell culture bioreactors, centrifuges (high speed centrifiges), microcarrier disks, freezers (ultra-low temperature laboratory freezers), incubators (CO2 incubators), microbiology media preparation system, industrial microbiology equipment and systems, fermentation process control hardware and software, roller drums, shakers, and spinners. New Brunswick Scientific (NBS) manufactures research through production-scale equipment for culture growth, detection and storage, including biological shakers, fermentors, cell culture bioreactors, CO2 incubators, biological air samplers (slit-to-agar biological air samplers), automated plate preparation equipment (agar sterilizer and dish filler) and ultra-low temperature freezers (-86°C ultra low temperature freezers). New Brunswick Scientific also provides a range of contract research services, and has an active used equipment program. 
New Brunswick Scientific is one of the world leading manufacturers of biological shakers (benchtop platform shakers, benchtop and stackable incubated / refrigerated shakers, benchtop incubated water bath shakers, large capacity console model incubated / refrigerated shaker), laboratory and industrial fermentation equipment (autoclavable fermentors - bioreactors, sterilizable-in-place systems, related equipment: bioprocess software, fermentor gas analyzer, chiller, automated cell counter for yeast), cell culture systems (disposable cell culture systems, autoclavable cell culture bioreactors, sterilizable-in-place cell culture systems, auxiliary cell culture equipment: Fibra-Cel microcarrier disks, spinner basket, CO2 incubators, bioprocess hardware and software, fermentor gas analyzer, chiller, automated mammalian cell counter system). NBS also offers dedicated mammalian cell culture systems.
New Focus, Inc.
New Focus, Inc is a manufacturer of photonics and microwave devices and instrument components for both commercial and research applications. New Focus, Inc manufactures tunable lasers, opto-mechanical components, motorized positioners and components, high-performance photodetectors and receivers, optical components, modulators, advanced photonics tools, and high-speed RF opto-electronics.
New Objective, Inc.
New Objective, Inc is a manufacturer of fused-silica and glass sample-delivery needles, hollow tips, emitters, adapters and columns for specialty application of analytical chemistry, especially Electrospray Mass Spectrometry (nano-electrospray) and interfacing Capillary Liquid Chromatography with ESI-MS. 
New Objective, Inc manufactures miniature, hollow tips in a variety of styles from a number of different tubing materials for low-flow rate electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS). The effective, low cost PicoTip adapters to fit the Finnigan LCQ / TSQ, the Bruker Nano-electrospray source, and the Protana A/S nano-electrospray stage. Perfrom on-line electrospray at flow rates from less than 10 nl/min to over 2 ul/min within minutes of installation. The specialized tips use for ESI mass spectrometry, MALDI sample preparation, as pipettes for sample delivery systems, and use as micro-injection devices in cell culture experiments.
New Wave Research.
New Wave Research is a manufacturer of small pulsed Nd:YAG laser systems (compact, proven, cost-effective lasers for the industrial, scientific, and OEM markets). The company has extensive design expertise in pulsed solid state lasers, optics and beam delivery systems. The company's current OEM markets include semiconductor failure analysis, LCD repair, particle image velocimetry (PIV) and mass spectroscopy (laser ablation). The semiconductor product line includes the EzLaze and QuikLaze systems designed for failure analysis, LCD repair and other applications. The scientific product line has expanded to include the new Gemini PIV system designed for flow studies and the new Tempest scientific & OEM Nd:YAG laser.
Laser Ablation Systems: The New Wave Research manufactures laser ablation and fusing systems. The Universal Platform Series Laser Ablation Systems provides flat craters and deep UV absorption for analyzing opaque and transparent materials. The MicroMill Sampler is a micro-machining system used for high-resolution milling to recover sample powder for isotopic analysis. The infrared MIR 10 products provide a versatile method for fusing solids for noble-gas and isotope-ratio mass spectroscopy. The DualWave series combines UV ablation with infrared fusing for in-situ ablation and heating applications.
Nichiryo Co., Ltd.
Nichiryo is a manufacturer of liquid handling products: Automatic Liquid Processing Systems, Pipettes, Dispensers. New Nichipet-EX U/V resistant digital pipette, M7000 Multichannel digital pipette, Compet bottletop dispensers and other pipettes / dispensers sold in 50+ countries. New NSS-II is a fully configurable sample processor workstation. NSP-7000 Multichannel Auto-Sampling System performs high speed 8/12 channel sampling, dispensing and dilution on/between micro-plates and/or micro-tubes. Ideal for PCR, EIA / ELISA, PA / PHA, MIC. RS-232C interface available. Milutor-III low cost autodilutor performs high precision sampling, dispensing and dilution utilizing 50 non-volatile user memories.
Nico 2000 Ltd.
Nico 2000 Ltd (London, UK) is a manufacturer of the ELIT brand electrochemical sensors, pH and ion selective electrodes, and computer based analytical instrumentation for electrochemistry. Nico 2000 Ltd manufactures all solid-state, plug-in ion selective electrodes, multiple electrode heads and "meter-less" multi-channel electrode-computer interfaces for connecting sensor arrays to desk-top and lap-top computers and software for complex, simultaneous data processing and display. Simultaneous on-line measurement of multi-sensor arrays with graphical and tabular output.
NICO2000 supplies pH electrodes which give maximum performance with the ELIT Electrode-Computer Interfaces but are also 100% compatible with all existing pH meters. ELIT Electrode Heads are a practical and cost-effective way of connecting electrodes to measuring systems. They are manufactured from a  robust plastic material fitted with low noise cables and connectors and can be re-used many times with any ELIT 8mm plug-in electrode. The reference element is housed separately from the sensor and either one can be replaced without affecting the other.
Nico 2000 Ltd is a manufacturer of Ion Analysers - ELIT Ammonium Analyser and ELIT Nitrate Analyser.
Providing an information source for theory and practice Ion-Selective Electrode measurements. Includes a 12,000 word Beginners Guide to Ion-Selective Electrode measurements, a 6,000 word Glossary and numerous data sheets on analytical techniques for specific applications.
Nicodom Ltd.
Nicodom Ltd. (Nicodom s.r.o., Praha, Czech Republic, EU) specializes in infrared spectral libraries (FT-IR and FT-NIR spectra databases). Since 1991 Nicodom Ltd. has created high quality collections of infrared and near infrared spectra (FTIR spectral libraries, FTNIR spectral libraries, and Raman spectral libraries). The IR spectral libraries are available for spectrometers Bruker, Nicolet (Thermo Nicolet), Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, Smiths/SensIR, ABB Bomem, Varian, BioRad, Mattson, Midac, Jasco. The company offers spectral databases from Nicodom, Aldrich, Hummel, SBDS - over 140.000 infrared spectra in over 80 IR spectra libraries (Nicodom IR libraries, Nicodom polymers libraries,  Nicodom IR drugs library, Nicodom IR food additives library, Nicodom IR paintings library, Nicodom IR coatings library, Nicodom IR dyes and pigments library, Nicodom IR suspect powders library, Nicodom IR pesticides library, Nicodom IR explosives library, Nicodom hazardous/forensic libraries, Aldrich IR libraries, SBDS IR libraries, Hummel IR polymers libraries, Sadtler IR flavors, fragrances and cosmetic ingredients library, Sadtler IR biochemicals library, Sadtler hazardous and toxic chemicals library, Sadtler IR forensic library, Sadtler IR hazardous chemicals library, Sadtler IR lubricants library, Raman libraries, NIR libraries, such as Nicodom NIR pharmaceuticals library). The Nicodom infrared spectral libraries are available as digital searchable libraries, as books or digital books. The company also offers the Nicodom Kidney Stone Analysis Kit (special purpose spectroscopic software). The Nicodom Kidney Stones Analysis software package has been created by spectroscopists and medical doctors to allow semiautomated analysis of kidney stones using Thermo Nicolet FTIR spectrometers with OMNIC software. Nicodom also manufactures optical components for for FTIR spectrometers: transmission silicon windows and transflectance silicon mirrors for FTIR ATR spectroscopy.
Nico Scientific.
Nico Scientific is a manufacturer of dry ion selective electrodes (solid state ion selective electrodes). The detectION line of ion selective electrodes introduces the utilization of "dry" (solid state) contact replacing conventional liquid electrolytes. This innovative technology offers longer life and greater stability. Company's original conductive medium, integrated with the classic ion selective membrane results in a superior probe, durable and user friendly. Consequently, the  electrode retains all the benifits of traditional membrane sensors while eliminating the limitations of conventional probes. The  line consists of 21 ion selective electrodes. All probes are available in both mono (half cell) and combination design and function with any standard millivoltmeter or ion meter.
Nikon Corporation.
Nicon Corporation is a global manufacturer and supplier of optical products and electronic-optical products (optical and electronic-optical instruments and components). Nicon Group Companies design, manufacture, sales and maintenance of microscopes, lenses for microscopes, special microscopes and related equipment, IC/LCD steppers and component devices for IC/LCD steppers, semiconductor surveying instruments, profile projectors, measuring instruments, inspection equipment, precision laser processing devices, customized industrial equipment, photographic equipment, photographic accessories, cameras, camera lens parts, ophthalmic lenses and related products.
Microscopes: biomedical microscopes (research, clinical, educational and polarizing microscopes, confocal microscope, stereoscopic microscopes, photomicrographic equipment  and digital cameras, micromanipulator system, objectives for microscopes), industrial microscopes (IC inspection microscopes and inspection wafer loaders, metallurgical microscopes, stereoscopic microscopes, photomicrographic equipment and digital cameras), medical image information systems, ophthalmic equipment.
Measuring instruments: video measuring systems, measuring microscopes, profile projectors, autocollimators, accessories for measuring microscopes and profile projectors, surveying instruments.
Precision Instruments and Optical Equipment: opto-electronic devices and optical components, optical communications components.
NIR Technology Systems.
NIR Technology Systems (formerly NIR Technology Australia) is the spectroscopy instrument company, manufacturer of portable, lab and process NIR analyzers (near infrared spectrometers for chemical composition analysis and moisture measurement). NIR Technology Systems manufactures portable, battery powered whole grain NIR analyzer for the farmer market, benchtop whole grain NIR analyzer for grain elevator market, flour mills, stock feed mills and other grain processors, near infrared transmission (NIT) analyzer, fiber optic probe NIR analyzer, alcohol analyser for the food stuff and beverage manufacturing companies. Whole grain analyzers (lab and portable devices) is designed for measurement of protein, moisture and oil in grains and oil seeds. Both instruments is a full spectrum NIR transmission spectrometers with calibrations for protein, moisture and oil in cereal grains including wheat, barley, sorghum, canola. 
Near Infrared Transmission (NIT) analyzer is the NIR spectrometer - analyzer designed for laboratories rather than field use. It is intended for method development of calibrations and experimentation. This analytical instument is suitable for measuring fat, protein and moisture in dairy products, processed meats and processed foods. It is also suitable for measuring alcohol in wine, spirits and beer, as well as sugar content of fruit juice, cough syrup, soft drinks (sodas) and other beverages. The instrument is supplied with a number of different sample cells for handling pastes, liquids and granules. The Alcohol analyzer uses NIR transmission spectroscopy for the analysis for multiple constituents in beverages, including wine, beer, spirits.
Fiber Optic Probe (FOP) analyzer is the NIR spectrometer in a portable carry case uses a fiber optic probe to provide measurement of fat, protein, moisture, oil, alcohol, sugar in any type of sample for which a calibration can be developed. Three different fibre optic probes are available: transmission, reflectance and interactance. This system is being promoted into the food and industrial markets as a portable NIR analyzer suitable for use on the factory floor or in the field.
NIR Technology Systems is predominantly an instrument developer provides solutions to analysis problems. The major technology attributes of the company include: rapid product development, expertise in microprocessor design and implementation to develop self contained analyzers, expertise in visible and NIR spectroscopy, expertise in chemometrics, expertise in fibre optics and fibre optic probe design.
NIST Standard Reference Materials (SRM) Program.
Online Catalog of Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) and Reference Materials (RMs) that are currently available through the NIST Standard Reference Material program. NIST ensures accurate and compatible measurements through the development, certification, and distribution of Standard Reference Materials (SRMs). Approximately 1300 SRMs are currently available for use in; (1) industrial materials production and analysis; (2) environmental analysis; (3) health measurements, and (4) basic measurements in science and metrology. SRMP implements policies and coordinates priorities for the development, production, and certification of SRMs and serves as the main contact point for all NIST reference materials activities interfacing with similar efforts in the private sector, other federal agencies, and other nations. This includes programs with the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry AACC, and the European Economic Community.
Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) and Reference Materials (RMs) that are currently available through the NIST Standard Reference Material program:
Chemical Composition- Ferrous Metals, Non-Ferrous Metals, Microanalysis, High-Purity Materials, Health and Industrial Hygiene, Inorganics, Primary Gas Mixtures, Fossil Fuels, Organics, Food and Agriculture, Geological Materials and Ores, Ceramics and Glasses, Cement, Engine Wear Materials.
Physical Properties- Ion Activity, Polymeric Properties, Thermodynamic Properties, Optical Properties, Radioactivity, Electrical Properties, Metrology, Ceramics and Glasses, X-Ray Spectrometry.
Engineering Materials- Sizing, Surface Finish, Nondestructive Evaluation, Fire Research, Miscellaneous Performance Engineering Materials.
NITON Analyzers.
NITON Analyzers is a manufacturer of lab and portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers and metal analyzers, such as the XLt Series handheld XRF spectrometers, using miniature XRF tube technology. The XLt Series handheld XRF spectrometers provides laboratory quality of results, high speed multielement analysis of samples of any shape and dimension without using special sample preparation technique.
NITON designs and manufactures two product lines: Portable XRF analyzers - state of the art handheld instruments offer high performance analysis of metal alloys for PMI, scrap metal recycling and QA/QC, as well as analysis of soils and sediments, environmental monitoring, lead in paint assessment, geochemical mapping, and much more. Laboratory XRF analyzers - specially designed for harsh industrial conditions, these rugged analyzers offer advanced performance for laboratory and / or production floor environments. NITON alloy analyzers have become the standard for material analysis in applications ranging from scrap metal sorting to petrochemical PMI (positive material identification), to in-house QA/QC of alloy components in manufacturing. NITON analyzers are used by environmental protection agencies worldwide, including all US EPA field offices; military commands, US state and municipal environmental protection and health departments; leading environmental consulting firms; and leading universities and research departments. Key features include: ergonomically designed exterior, high-strength, injection molded plastic housing, fully integrated touch-screen display with advanced user interface, quick-swappable batteries allow for continued use with minimal down time, integrated bar-code scan engine for the fastest data entry, PC interface.
Laboratory XRT 800 Series Analyzer designed for rapid identification and chemistry of metal alloy composition and grade verification for applications including quality control, scrap sorting, positive material identification and failure analysis. Portable XLi / XLt 800 Series Analyzer designed for rapid identification and chemistry of metal alloy composition and grade verification for applications including quality control, scrap sorting, positive material identification and failure analysis. Handheld XL-300 designed for rapid on-site testing of lead-based paint, lead in soil, lead dust and airborne lead. Portable XLi / XLt 700 Series Analyzer designed for multi-element testing of soils, air filters, and thin-film samples. NITON's XLi/XLt 700 Series multi-element analyzers set the industry standard for high performance and portability for XRF analyzers used to perform on-site metal contamination testing. XLi / XLt 500 analyzers designed for the rapid on-site testing of metals for numerous industrial applications including mining, coatings, precious metals, and powder samples. XLt features a miniaturized x-ray tube for efficient excitation of a broad range of elements while minimizing the regulatory requirements most countries place on isotope based instruments.
Portable XLi / XLt 500 PMA - Precious Metals Analyser. Use the XLi / XLt 500 PMA to measure: Au, Ag, Pt, Rh, Ru, Ir, Pd, Cu, Zn, Ni, Co, and Fe. The XLi / XLt 500 PMA uses an Am241 isotope for efficient excitation of all the platinum and gold alloys. The NITON XLi / XLt 500 PMA reports alloy chemistry and grade name to the LCD, stores up to 3000 tests with spectra, and downloads to any PC running MS Windows. 
The Precious Metals Analyser has an alloy grade library of up to 250 alloy names with specifications. The operator may edit, add and delete alloy grades at any time and upload into the NITON via a standard serial port PC connection. Alloy chemistry and grade name is provided within 5 seconds. The separation of two similar gold Karats can easily be achieved in less than a 2-minute test.
Nor-Lake Scientific.
Nor-Lake Scientific is a manufacturer and supplier of environmental rooms, stability chambers and humidity chambers, laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers. Environmental rooms, stability chambers and humidity chambers are available in standard and custom sizes. Company manufactures a complete line of laboratory refrigerators and freezers for general purpose storage, chromatography, blood banking, plasma freezing.
NOVA Instruments.
NOVA Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of quality optical microscopes. NOVA Instruments offers a full range of compound microscopes, education stereo microscopes, stereozoom microscopes, inverted microscopes, epi-fluorescent microscopes, and metallurgical microscopes. Along with many accessories from digital video systems, to light sources, to microscope cases. Nova Instruments is your one stop microscope source.
NOVOCONTROL GmbH is the scientific instrument company, manufacturer and supplier of dielectric spectrometers, impedance spectrometers and temperature control systems. NOVOCONTROL are experts in dielectric spectroscopy, impedance spectroscopy, material characterisation, quality control and laboratory automation. NOVOCONTROL develops and manufactures advanced electronic instrumentation both for dielectric and impedance measurements and temperature control. Key products are the analyzer types ALPHA and BETA, the temperature control systems QUATRO, NOVOCOOL and NOVOTHERM, the data acquisition and evaluation software WinDETA and WinFIT. NOVOCONTROL has become a technology provider for scientific and industrial researchers and can offer a full range of broadband dielectric and impedance spectrometers for material science and research. NOVOCONTROL maintains a fully equipped technical service laboratory, staffed by experts in dielectric spectrometry and offers free trial measurements materials of any kind.
The sensitivity of NOVOCONTROL systems to detect molecular motions is higher than any other analytical method. NOVOCONTROL systems for broadband dielectric spectroscopy (BDS) can determine the fingerprint of various materials. BDS-Systems are powerful tool both in R+D laboratories to develop new materials or improve the properties of existing ones. In QC (quality control) BDS-Systems can determine the consistence of production batches or optimize production process. Areas of application include materials like polymers, resins, ceramics, rubbers, glasses, salts, oils, dispensions.
NSG Precision Cells, Inc.
NSG Precision Cells, Inc is a manufacturer of UV/VIS spectrophotometer cells and accessories for optical spectroscopy. Product lines: Spectrophotometer Cells- Standard Cells, Cylindrical Cells, Micro Cells including Black Masking Cells, Flow Cells, Micro Flow Cells, Water Jacketed Cells, Anaerobic Thumberg Cells, Tandem (Divided) Cells, Demountable Cells, Graded Seal Cells with Quartz to Pyrex Tube, High or Low Temperature Cells.
Fluorimeter Scattering Cells- Standard Fluorimeter Cells, Scattering Tube Cells, Micro Cells, Flow Cells, Micro Flow Cells, Water Jacketed Cells, Anaerobic Thumberg Cells, Tandem (Divided) Cells, Graded Seal Cells, Cryogenics Cells, Triangle Cells.
Other Cells and Accessories- LC Cells, Gel Boat and Electrophoresis Cells, Dye Laser Cells, Laser Absorption Cells, Flow Channel Square Cells, Spacers, Fluorescence Flow Cell Accessories (cell washers, cell racks).
NSI Environmental Solutions Inc.
NSI Environmental Solutions Inc manufactures and distributes over 2000 laboratory chemicals, reagents and standards, including certified chemical standards for organic and  inorganic environmental analysis. Products: Standardized solutions for chemical testing. Acids, bases, buffers and titrants. Trace metals standards for AA and ICP. Certified quality control samples for wastewater and drinking  water testing. An expansive line of soil and solid matrix quality control samples. Analytical standards for petroleum product analysis such as total sulfur and nitrogen standards for refinery product analysis. Custom formulation and certification services.
NuAire, Inc.
NuAire Incorporated manufactures biological safety cabinets, CO2 water-jacketed incubators, laminar airflow laboratory equipment, ultralow temperature laboratory freezers, and variety of complementary lab products and systems. NuAire Inc is a manufacturer of Airegard airflow workstations, animal facility workstations, incubators, biological safety cabinets, ultralow freezer systems, polypropylene laboratory products, custom products and accessories.
Nu Instruments Ltd.
Nu Instruments Ltd (England) is a manufacturer of multi-collector magnetic sector mass spectrometers with ICP ion source (high resolution ICP-MS systems). Nu Instruments manufactures a range of high performance mass spectrometers for elemental analysis. These analytical instruments combine the ionization efficiency of an ICP source with the high precision and accuracy in isotope ratio measurement offered by a magnetic sector analyzer. Also manufactures glow discharge mass spectrometers for elemental analysis.
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