Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Classified catalogue of the manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (spectroscopy instruments, chromatography instruments, gas analysis, elemental analysis, thermal analysis instruments, food analysis instruments, pharmaceutical analysis, water analysis instruments, process analytical instruments, materials testing equipment, petroleum testing instruments), laboratory equipment (sample preparation equipment). Систематический каталог производителей и поставщиков аналитического оборудования (приборы для спектроскопии, хроматографии, анализа газов, элементного анализа, термоанализа, анализа пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализа воды, поточного химического анализа, испытания материалов, контроля нефтепродуктов), лабораторного оборудования (пробоподготовка).
Current edition (since March 13, 1998)- Текущая редакция  (с 13 марта 1998).
Alphabetical catalogue of companies: Алфавитный каталог компаний:
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P - index of alphabetical catalogue in English language. P - индекс алфавитного каталога на русском языке.
Pagani Geotechnical Equipment.
Pagani Geotechnical Equipment is a manufacturer and supplier of the field portable geotechnical equipment and geophysical equipment for in-situ tests and measutements (penetrometers, piezometers, extensometers, pressure cells, settlement gauges, tilt sensors, thermometers, readout units). Pagani Geotechnical Equipment manufactures the TG 63 penetrometers (Automatic Anchoring System), DPH, DPSH dynamic penetrometrs for the measurement efficiency of beating device, piezocone, electrical cone, georesistivimeter, magnetometer and other geotechnical and geophysical equipment. Pagani Geotechnical Equipment manufactures accessories for every kind of  penetrometer.
Palintest Ltd.
Palintest Ltd (England) is a manufacturer of water testing equipment: photometer and comparator instruments, test kits and reagent systems for environmental analysis, drinking water quality testing, swimming pool testing. Products: Palintest Range of Photometers and Accessories. Comparators and Discs. Palintest Pocket Kits. Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). Tubetests Reagent System. Single Parameter Instruments. Chlorination Products. Lead and Copper Monitoring. Boiler and Cooling Water Testing (Tablet Count and Drop Count Kits). Soil Test Kits. The applications for these products include: raw water analysis, drinking water monitoring, swimming pool and spa management, boiler water testing, cooling water checking, agricultural and horticultural use.
Pall Gelman Laboratory.
Pall Gelman Laboratory is a manufacturer and supplier of filtration and separations products for the laboratory (analytical chemistry, life sciences, environmental sampling, microbiological analysis). Pall Gelman is a manufacturer of the Laboratory Filtration and Separations products for diagnosis of disease, tissue culture and cell growth, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) sample preparation, and biotechnology. Pall Gelman membranes are also used in laboratories for a variety of environmental tests, including microbiological analysis, ambient air monitoring, and the evaluation of hazardous wastes.
Palm Instruments.
Palm Instruments BV is the analytical instrument company, developer and manufacturer of electrochemical sensors and portable handheld electrochemical instruments. Palm Instruments provides developers of electrochemical sensors with portable, batterypowered and fully programmable electronic devices. This device can be modified according to specifications given by users. Such electrochemical sensors can be used outside dedicated laboratories. Product lines: PalmSens is a portable electrochemical instrument or potentiostat. It is used as an interface for electrochemical sensors and as field deployable voltammetric analyzer. It provides all important voltammetric and amperometric methods for analysis by means of electrochemical sensors.
Features products: PalmSens is a batterypowered, handheld electrochemical interface or potentiostat. PalmSens can be used with virtually all amperometric and voltammetric sensors. These sensors have been developed for many different applications. The PalmSens instrument is used for sensors or cells with two or three electrodes. The wide dynamic range allows application of micro- as well as macroelectrodes. The response time of the instrument is short enough to apply fast techniques as square wave voltammetry. Its noise level is low enough to measure dc-currents with a resolution of a picoamp.
The instrument is controlled by a Pocket PC. The Pocket PC software provides easy control of PalmSens. All relevant parameters can be edited. The measured curves as well as the calibration are graphically displayed. The software allows determination by means of standard addition or using a calibration curve. The instrument has connections for control of external equipment like valves or a stirrer. PalmSens is expandable with an optional module. This provides the possibility to adjust the instrument for specific electrochemical sensors but also to develop a complete integrated analytical instrument with flow control.
PANalytical B.V.
PANalytical (Netherlands, formerly Philips Analytical) is one of the leading manufacturers of X-ray diffractometry and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry instrumentation worldwide, with more than half-century experience in this field. PANalytical manufactures a complete range of XRD and XRF instrumentation: X-ray fluorescence spectrometers with wave-length dispersion (classical X-ray fluorescent spectrometers, XRF systems), energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (ED-XRF spectrometers, EDXRF analyzers), X-ray diffraction instruments (X-ray diffractometers, XRD systems), automated analytical systems, accessory equipment for X-ray diffraction analysis and X-ray fluorescence analysis. PANalytical also manufactures X-Ray tubes for X-ray spectrometers and X-ray diffractometers.
Analytical X-Ray Systems delivers and supports the complete model range of X-ray analytical and research instruments manufactured by PANalytical without any exceptions. The company provides service and application method support for X-ray diffractometry and spectrometry instrumentation.
Panreac Quimica SA.
Panreac Quimica SA is a manufacturer and supplier of quality chemicals for laboratory, research and production, including ACS reagents, high purity solvents for HPLC, fine chemicals, food chemicals, culture media for microbiology, products for histology.
Parallax Research, Inc.
Parallax Research is a manufacturer of X-ray microanalysis instruments (X-ray microspectrometers), X-ray optics and X-ray components for scanning electron microscopes, transmission electron microscopes, electron probe microanalyzers, Auger microanalyzers. Parallax Research manufactures wavelength dispersive microspectrometers (WDS), energy dispersive microspectrometers (EDS) and WDS + EDS microanalysis package for SEM and TEM systems, electron probe microanalyzers (EPMA), Auger microanalyzers. The company specializes in low energy (light elements) X-ray microanalysis. Parallax Research manufactures attachable low-energy X-ray optic for energy dispersive microspectrometers. Parallax Research also manufactures proportional counters for use in X-ray microanalysis instruments and XRF spectrometers, components for interfacing X-ray microanalysis instruments to SEM systems.
Parameter Generation & Control, Inc. (PGC)
Parameter Generation and Control Inc (PGC) is a manufacturer of stability chambers, stability rooms, and environmental chambers. Parameter Generation and Control Inc (PGC) manufactures climate control systems includes: temperature and relative humidity reach-in chambers; temperature and relative humidity conditioning units; walk-in rooms; specialty temperature and humidity chambers- relative humidity calibration chamber and textile conditioning unit. 
Parameter Generation & Control (PGC) specializes in environmental chambers by providing precise relative humidity and temperature control with walk-in rooms, reach-in chambers, and relative humidity generators to serve existing structures. These include: stability chambers and stability rooms for exceeding ICH guidelines within the pharmaceutical industries. Temperature and humidity generating units for mini-environments within the semiconductor industry. TAPPI rooms for the paper industry. Temperature and humidity calibration chambers utilizing chilled mirror technology. Environmental rooms and chambers for stress testing of products within various industries.
Parker Hannifin Corporation Instrumentation Group.
The Parker Hannifin Corporation Instrumentation Group is a manufacturer of critical flow components for process instrumentation, ultra high purity, medical and analytical applications. The Parker Hannifin Corporation Instrumentation Group offer a wide range of products for instrumentation applications. The Parker Hannifin Corporation Instrumentation Group is a manufacturer of single and double ferrule compression fittings, specialty ultra high purity fittings, ball, plug, needle, check, relief and metering valves, packless bellows and diaphragm valves, teflon fittings, valves, regulators, and pumps, de-ionized water and nitrogen spray guns, miniature digital and analog solenoid valves, multi-solenoid manifolds, in-line filters, CGA couplers.
Featured products: Pneutronics proportional valves, high and low flow mass flow controllers, solenoid valves, plastic solenoid valves, manifold assemblies; Teflon solenoid valves in 2 way, 3 way and manifold  configurations, stainless steel valves for vacuum service, elastomer diaphragm valves and the Series 3 and 4 valves for low cost applications. Veriflo Division valves and regulators including the 3-way Nova Series diaphragm valves and an automatic ChangeOver System which allows uninterrupted gas flow from two sources (banks or cylinders). Parker A-LOK tube fittings and Sanitary Adapters, metering, check, toggle, and miniature ball valves, miniature actuators for miniature actuated ball valves, and filters.
Parr Instrument Company.
Parr Instrument Company is the calorimeter instrument company, manufacturer of laboratory instruments for calorimetry sciences and for fuels testing. Parr Instrument Company manufactures a complete line of the oxygen combustion bomb calorimeters for the determination of the heat of combustion in solid fuels, liquid fuels and refuse derived fuels. Parr Instrument Company is a manufacturer of laboratory apparatus for conducting chemical reactions and tests under heat and pressure. Parr Instrument Company manufactures laboratory reactors and pressure vessels used at elevated temperatures and pressures in the catalytic hydrogenation, organic synthesis and polymerization processes. Parr Instrument Company is a manufacturer of sample preparation equipment used in the acid digestion process in either microwave or convection ovens for trace metal analysis. Parr Instrument Company manufactures a complete line of pressure vessels designed specifically for preparing laboratory samples for chemical analysis (acid digestion bombs).
Calorimeters: automatic isoperibol calorimeters, compensated jacket calorimeter, plain oxygen bomb calorimeter, semimicro calorimeter (calorimeter for laboratories working with limited sample sizes), solution calorimeter (calorimeter for laboratories who wish to measure enthalpy changes produced by chemical reactions in solution). Expanded calorimeter systems. Related laboratory instrumentation and accessory equipment: proximate interface (data handling device for the proximate analysis of a coal sample), calorimetric thermometer, calorimeter water handling system (water recirculating system), oxygen bombs, calorimeter accessories. Applications include calorific measurements for coal and coke; fuel oil, both heavy and light varieties; gasoline, all motor fuel and aviation types jet fuels; combustible wastes and refuse disposal; foodstuffs and supplements for human nutrition; forage crops and supplements for animal nutrition; building materials; explosives and heat powders; rocket fuels and related propellants; thermodynamic studies of combustible materials; energy balance studies in ecology. In addition to the above general uses, calorimeters can be used for standard ASTM and International test methods: ASTM D240-02 - standard test method of hydrocarbon fuels by the bomb calorimeter. ASTM D5865-04 - standard test method for gross calorific value of coal and coke. ASTM D4809-00 - standard test method for heat of combustion of liquid hydrocarbon fuels by the bomb calorimeter. ASTM D5468-02 - standard test method for gross calorific and ash value of waste materials. ASTM E711-87 - standard test method for gross calorific value of refuse-derived fuel by the bomb calorimeter. ISO 1928-1995 (E) - determination of gross calorific value of solid mineral fuels by the bomb calorimeter method, and calculation of net calorific value. BS 1016-105:1992 - methods for analysis and testing of coal and coke, part 5, gross calorific value of coal and coke. DIN 51 900, - determination of calorific values and calculation of heat values with the bomb calorimeter procedure with isothermal jacket.
Laboratory reactors and pressure vessels: Low pressure glass and metal reactors. High pressure stirred reactors and pressure vessels: benchtop reactors, floor stand reactors, high pressure reactors, micro reactors, compact laboratory reactors, multiple reactor system, stirred and non-stirred pressure vessels. Reactor options: controllers, magnetic stirring drives. Laboratory reactor systems (complete laboratory and pilot plant reactor systems): continuous flow stirred tank reactor systems, continuous flow tubular reactor systems. Reactor support systems.
Sample preparation equipment: General purpose acid digestion bombs, microwave acid digestion bombs, oxygen digestion bombs. Cell disruption bombs.
Hydrogenation equipment: shaker type hydrogenation apparatus.
Particle Sizing Systems.
Particle Sizing Systems is the scientific instrument company, designer and manufacturer of particle sizing instruments for materials science, USP quality assurance, contamination control and on-line process monitoring. Particle Sizing Systems offer a complete line of particle size analyzers: The NICOMP 380/DLS Submicron Particle Sizer that uses Dynamic Light Scattering with a size range of 0.003 to 5 microns with unique modular options: AutodilutionPAT., Auto-sampler, high-power laser diodes, multi-angle option, and Zeta-Potential accessory. The AccuSizer 780/SPOS Single Particle Optical Sizer (SPOS, 0.5 to 2500 microns) is an instrument that can count and size particles above 0.5 microns, one at a time.
AutodilutionPAT- This patented feature eliminates the need for manual dilution of concentrated samples. Autodilution makes particle size analysis quick and easy. It is the enabling technology for online and batch sampling.
Nicomp 380 Submicron Particle Sizer- The Nicomp 380 is a powerful instrument designed to determine the size distribution of colloidal suspensions and dispersions by dynamic light scattering. It is also the central platform of a family of modular components that enables you to analyze the complete spectrum of colloidal (< 3 microns) particles.
AccuSizer 780 Single Particle Optical Sizer- The AccuSizer is the first fully automated high resolution particle sizing instrument in its class. It uses the principle of light obscuration to count and size particles one at a time. The dynamic range varies depending on the size of the sensor being used. The 780 provides the true particle size determination, it makes no assumptions about the shape of the distribution. Instead it builds the particle size distribution one particle at a time.
Nicomp ZLS Zeta Potential Analyzer- PSS now offers a new Zeta Potential instrument for the field of colloidal chemistry.
On-line / In-line Particle Sizing- On-line particle sizing using the Nicomp 380 or AccuSizer 780 can be accomplished by using a simple valve system controlled electrically or pneumatically by a computer, capturing fresh sample from a process reactor or pipe. The sample is automatically diluted and quickly analyzed.
PDR-Chiral, Inc.
PDR-Chiral Inc is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of diode laser-based polarimeters used for the measurement of optically active compounds and chiral detector for HPLC. The PDR chiral detector is a sensitive, stable, easy-to-use advanced laser polarimeter useful for quantitating enantiomers and enantiomeric ratios. The new advanced laser polarimeter can be used for laboratory or on-line measurement of a sample's optical activity. The low noise, opto-electronic design results in a detection limit of 25-microdegrees, making the instrument the chiral detection leader in sensitivity, stability and convenience. The use of a custom-designed, 670 nm diode laser source eliminates anomalies normally seen with chiral detectors based on continuous spectrum light sources. The advanced laser polarimeter is commonly used in conjunction with high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), HPLC-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), flow injection analysis (FIA) and supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC). It can also be used as an in-line monitor for preparative-scale chromatography, simulated moving bed chromatography (SMB) and process-scale production control. 
The advanced laser polarimeter's 2-level, bi-modal internal calibration feature can be used to determine specific rotation and enantiomeric ratios, self-validate chromatograms. The PDR Chiral Detector is compatible with all HPLC systems. The detector requires a 0-1 volt analog input channel and 3 contact closures (autozero + 2 calibration levels) for fully automatic operation. Custom options are available. When installed in an HPLC system and used in conjunction with a UV detector for mass determination, the PDR Chiral Detector provides information on the enantiomeric ratio, purity and specific rotation of samples. Using this technique, the identity and purity of enantiomers can be determined without a chiral separation. A detection limit of 1 % or better can be achieved for most co-eluting enantiomers.
Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd.
Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd is a manufacturer of ultra high purity (UHP) gas generation systems. Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd manufactures laboratory gas generators including nitrogen gas generators (both Membrane Technology & Carbon Molecular Sieve systems), hydrogen gas generators & zero air gas generators suitable to operate most laboratory analytical applications such as LC/MS/MS & GC. 
Gas Generators- Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Zero Air. Peak Laboratory Nitrogen Generators use highly efficient Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) adsorbent to produce a continuous supply of high purity gas (250-3000cc/min). The new HG series hydrogen generators produce 99.99999% pure hydrogen gas from deionized waters with user-adjustable pressure range of 0-150 psi (200-1200cc/min).
Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd manufactures a wide selection of UHP nitrogen, zero air, CO2 removal systems, and air compressors. Peak Zero Air Generators use catalytic oxidation to produce the highest possible purity gas.  These systems have a small oil-less air compressor which passes air through a dryer system and a catalyst to ensure an output of dry hydrocarbon free air.
Percival Scientific Inc.
Percival Scientific Inc is the environmental control company, manufacturer of the controlled environment equipment: over 50 different models of plant growth chambers, biological incubators and special application chambers. Percival Scientific Inc manufactures several lines of plant growth chambers, biological incubators, environmental control rooms, dew formation chambers, and various special application chambers including: plant tissue culture, arabidopsis, seed germination and emergence cases. The company also manufactures chamber accessories and offers a variety of optional accessories to meet specific customer needs. Also supplies reconditioned units (chambers and incubators).
PERICHROM (France) is a manufacturer of gas chromatographs and peripheral equipment for gas chromatography. PERICHROM manufactures a complete range of chromatography instruments and ancillary equipment: Automatic sampler which fits any gas chromatograph, software for data acquisition from any GC or HPLC, automatic static headspace and dynamic headspace. Automatic liquid sampler and automatic headspace sampler are adaptable on all gas chromatographs with vertical injectors. They are proposed with a specific mounting kit according to each gas chromatograph model. A fully programmable injector offering large volume injection and direct thermal desorption is quickly and easily installed on most GC systems. The FPD flame photometric detector is also offered as a stand alone detector connectable on various GC systems. Manufacturing of columns (packed, widebore and capillary). Also supply standard chromatographic accessories such as syringes, filters, septa, ferrules, insert, and also cylinder pressure regulators and Hydrogen generators.
The gas chromatograph is a dual column chromatograph offering electronic pressure control and a complete choice of very performing detectors. Also available a compact, transportable model for routine gas analysis. Chromatograph PERI 1200 is a compact and transportable, single or dual packed or widebore injector, TCD detector (WX or W2X), electronic pressure control, manual or automatic sampling valve with sample loop, automatic backflush valve, WINILAB software system for data acquisition. 
Services - PERICHROM maintains other former brand like GIRA, GIRDEL, INTERSMAT and DELSI Instruments.
PerkinElmer Inc.
PerkinElmer (USA) is a manufacturer of atomic absorption spectrometers, inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometers (ICP-OES systems, ICP-AES systems), inductively coupled plasma mass-spectrometers (ICP-MS systems), CHNS/O systems, UV, UV/Visible spectrometers, FT-IR, FT-NIR, Raman spectrometers, microscopes and imaging systems, fluorescence spectrometers, GC instruments, GC/MS systems, HPLC instruments, UHPLC instruments, LC/MS systems, thermal analysis instruments (STA, DMA, TGA-FTIR, TGA-MS systems), calorimeters (DSC systems). PerkinElmer also manufactures lab automation systems, automated liquid handling equipment, lab robotics, microplate readers, high throughput screening systems, neonatal screening systems, prenatal screening systems, clinical diagnostics systems, radiometric detectors (luminescence counters, gamma counters, beta counters, liquid scintillation spectrometer, flow scintillation analyzers). PerkinElmer also offers software, data handling systems for chromatography and spectroscopy, LIMS.
Perma Pure Inc.
Perma Pure LLC is a manufacturer of gas sample conditioning products such as dryers, humidifiers, filters, coalescers, specialty scrubbers, and complete sampling systems for use in medical, industrial, and scientific applications. Proprietary Nafion tubing dryers selectively remove water from a gas stream without the loss of analytes. Gas sampling systems combine this dryer technology with filters and temperature controls in heated enclosures to provide complete gas sample conditioning by removing particulates, high-boiling liquids, and water vapor without loss of analyte gases such as CO, CO2, HCl, NOx, O2, SO2 and VOC. Desiccant/Membrane (Portable) Dryers.
The Portable Zero-Air generator produces purified air at rates up to 18 liters per minute. Compounds treated include CO, NOX, SOX, water vapor, hydrocarbons, acid vapors, odors, and bacteria. The unit is totally self-contained in a convenient portable case. Portability is enhanced by its lightweight (27 lbs), built-in carrying handle, and self contained design. The Zero-Air generator requires only a connection to standard 110 or 220 VAC power to operate. The internal compressor supplies up to 18 liters per minute of compressed air. The maximum pressure up to 30 psig.
Perten Instruments AB.
Perten Instruments is a manufacturer and suppliers of the quality control instruments for feed, food, flour, and grain including: falling number, near infrared filter and near infrared whole grain analyzers, glutomatic gluten analyzer, single kernel characterization system and laboratory mills. Products: 
The Falling Number System - provides the international standard method for determination of alpha-amylase activity in grain and flour. The Glutomatic System - provides the world standard test for gluten quantity and quality in wheat. A rapid and accurate quality test on wheat whole meal and flour. The Single Kernel Characterization System 4100 - is the unique instrument for hardness classification and determination of uniformity in grain. The Diode Array 7200 System - is the second generation Diode Array based NIR Analyzer. A full-spectrum instrument for 3-second multiparameter analysis without the need for sample preparation. The Inframatic System - Near Infrared analyzers in the grain, flour and food industry for determination of protein, moisture, hardness, ash, fat. Laboratory Mills - A range of laboratory mills for correct and convenient sample preparation for most tests used in the grain industry.
Petrolab Company.
Petrolab Company is a supplier of petroleum testing instruments (petrochemical test instruments), including: Grabner Instruments and Petrotest, for vapor pressure, flashpoint, distillation, viscosity, FTIR, density and color. Product lines: Petroleum Test Equipment- Flashpoint and Flammability Testers, Vapor Pressure and Vapor / Liquid Ratio Testers, Penetrometers and Benchtop Tensile Testers / Asphalt (Bitumen) Testers, Color Analysis, Viscosity Baths and Accessories, Reference Standards, Gasoline and Hydrocarbon Sampling, Additional Test Equipment and Accessories.
Petrochemical instrumentation, including Grabner vapor pressure, miniflash, V/L ratio and oxygenates in fuel testers, flashpoint, distillation, viscosity baths, corrosion, penetrometer, autoignition, Brookfield cold cabinets, pour-cloud-and-freezing point, CFPP, oxidation, ductility, aniline, gum content, Reid vapor pressure, carbon residue, foaming characteristics, salts-in-crude oil, Noack, liquid dispensers, asphalt testers, conductivity of jet fuels, ASTM thermometers and hydrometers, on-line vapor pressure, mini-densitometer, and total hydrocarbons in water or soil. 
IROX Portable FTIR for Liquids and Octane- IROX is a portable gasoline analyzer based on the ASTM approved method of IR absorption measurement in the mid-IR range of 2 to 115 microns. IROX was developed to monitor oxygenates and aromatics in fuels, and utilizes FTIR and correlation technology to identify and quantify the mass and volume percent of specific oxygenates. A built-in densitometer measures the density of fuel during the rinsing and filling cycle of the instrument. The analytical method offered by this tester is fast, reliable and simple enough to be used by nontechnical field personnel. The portability and the battery powered option are very useful for on site analysis of gasoline. All measured values are stored in an internal memory for later documentation. Minicon THC for Detection of Total Hydrocarbons in Water and Soil.
Petrolab Company offers a comprehensive selection of products for the petroleum, chemical, environmental, food, flavors, fragrances, pharmaceuticals, packaging, plastic, paints and coating industries. Petrolab Company supplies fully automated instrumentation for on-line vapor pressure measurement, viscosity measurement and comprehensive sample conditioning components. Petrolab Company supplies laboratory instrumentation for vapor pressure (EPA referee analyzer), viscosity, flash point, density, color, penetration measurements, material testing, gasoline and diesel fuel properties determination (including RVP, octane, cetane and dye measurements).
Petrolaser (St. Petersburg, Russia) is a manufacturer of laboratory instrumentation, veterinary and medical equipment. Petrolaser manufactures laser medical equipment (laser therapy devices), veterinary and foodstuff testing equipment (projectional trichinelloscope, helminthologic device, projectional microscope, UV-cabinet for food quality control - luminoscope), analytical instruments (portable ionometer / pH-meter, portable nitrate meter, laboratory pH-meter).
Petroleum Analyzer Company L. P. (PAC)
Petroleum Analyser Company L P (formerly Varlen Instruments Inc) combined  the leading manufacturers of petroleum test equipment - Alcor Petroleum Instruments, ISL, Walter Herzog GmbH, PetroSpec and Precision Scientific Petroleum Instruments into a single manufacturing, marketing, and service organization. PAC Petroleum Analyzer Company is a Roper Industries Inc company. Petroleum Analyzer Company (PAC) is a supplier of petroleum testing equipment, manufactured by Alcor, Herzog, ISL, PetroSpec and Precision Scientific Petroleum Instruments. Petroleum Analyzer Company offer assortment of automatic, semiautomatic and manual instruments for laboratory and online petroleum testing available from PAC companies. 
PAC offer a full range of instruments and calibration samples for determining many of the following properties- Distillation, Flash Point, Viscosity, Pour Point, Cloud Point, Freezing Point, Cold Filter Plugging Point, Vapor Pressure, Penetration, Softening Point, Salt in Crude Oil, Saybolt and ASTM Color, Oxygenates in gasoline, Octane number, Benzene, Aromatics, Olefins, Saturates, Napthalenes, Density, VOC, Thermal Oxidation, Carbon Residue, Cetane number, and many more.
The PetroSpec line of petroleum analyzers are the first real-time, on-line instruments that measure the properties of diesel fuel/gasoline/turbine fuel and other liquids quickly, accurately, and require no special training or calibration maintenance. Laboratory scale products manufactured by PetroSpec include; GS series for determination of octane, oxygenates, benzene, aromatics, olefins, saturates and other properties in gasoline. DT series for red dye and ASTM color in diesel fuel. JT series for red dye and Saybolt color in aviation fuel in cooperation with Alcor. JFT series for aromatics and other properties in aviation fuel and CET series for cetane and other properties in diesel fuels. The GS 1000 is a multi-function analyzer designed for the fast and accurate compositional analysis of gasoline. It utilizes sophisticated mid-infrared technology to differentiate and quantify the individual fuel components, including oxygenates, benzene, total aromatics, olefins, and saturates. The GS 1000 also determines the fuel's Research Octane Number (RON), Motor Octane Number (MON), and (R+M)/2 value.
PetroMetrix, Ltd.
PetroMetriX Ltd. (Israel) is a manufacturer and supplier of process analyzers based on Near Infrared (NIR) technology for the petroleum and petrochemical industries. The Beacon-2000 II NIR Analyzer for refineries, petrochemical plants and pipeline companies. Intrinsically safe, low cost sample probes, combined with unique fibre optic technology, allow the measurement of physical and chemical properties even in hazardous and remote locations. The Beacon Lab System is a free-standing, comprehensive and high-performance petroleum analyzer, capable of simultaneously measuring multiple hydrocarbon properties, under laboratory conditions. It is used for both Quality Assurance testing and model development to support the Beacon 2000-II On-Line System. The sample system itself is highly flexible - handling extremely volatile liquids such as light Naphtha as well as heavy distillates such as Heavy Gas Oil.
Petrotech Analytical Corp. Ltd.
Petrotech Analytical is a supplier of petroleum testing equipment, portable instruments and complete mobile labs for gasoline analysis, diesel fuel analysis. Petrotech Analytical supplies a whole range of petroleum testing instruments and complementary laboratory equipment. The company supplies laboratory apparatus for petroleum distillation, crude oil distillation, determination of evaporation loss, aniline point testing, flash point testing, cloud point, pour point, freeze point, cold filter plugging point testing, softening point testing, demulsibility, oxidation, penetration testing, vapor pressure, viscosity measurements. Petrotech Analytical supplies portable FTIR gasoline analyzer, FTIR diesel fuel analyzer, Pensky-Martens closed-cup flash point tester, Reid vapor pressure analyzers (Reid vapor pressure testers), viscosity analyzer. Petrotech Analytical supplies mobile gasoline and diesel fuel testing laboratories (mobile gasoline analysis and diesel fuel analysis labs). Petrotech Analytical supplies elemental analyzers, total sulphur analyzers, UV fluorescence sulfur-in-oil analyzers, XRF suphur-in-oil analyzers (X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for the analysis of sulfur in fuels, petroleum, crude oil). The company supplies asphalt binder analyzer, reometer system for low-temperature asphalt binder test (low thermal cracking testing).
Petrotest Instruments GmbH & CO KG.
Petrotest Instruments GmbH is a manufacturer and supplier of petroleum testing instrumentation for quality control of mineral oil products such as: 
crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas, liquid fuels, lubricating oil, lubricating grease, bitumen. Petrotest products are made in accordance with international standards (ASTM, IP, DIN).
Pfaltz & Bauer.
Pfaltz & Bauer manufactures and supplies a wide range chemical products for laboratory, manufacturing, and research. Pfaltz & Bauer is a manufacturer and supplier of biochemicals, reagents, chemical standards, chiral compounds, fine chemicals, fine organics, flavors and fragrances, fluorochemicals, hard to find chemicals, inorganic compounds, inorganics, laboratory chemicals, natural chemicals, organic chemicals, organometallics, peptides, pharmaceutical standards, rare chemicals, solvents, specialty reagents, stable isotopes, stains and dyes, unique chemicals. Custom quantities and semi-bulk quantities available. Supply Product Specification sheets and Certificates of Analysis, as well as MSDS's (Material Safety Data Sheets) with every order.
PFC, Inc. (Precision Ferrites and Ceramics)
PFC, Inc (Precision Ferrites and Ceramics)- Advanced Ceramics, Laser Diode, Optoelectronic, Metallized And Brazed Divisions manufactures components for emission, transmission, sensing of light, lasers, detectors and imaging devices. Optical elements and assemblies. Machining of oxide and non-oxide ceramic materials, brazing of ceramic to metal in vacuum, inert and reducing atmospheres, metallization of ceramics.
Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology, Inc.
Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of vacuum pumps, vacuum measuring instruments, vacuum hardware, vacuum systems, leak detectors, quadrupole mass spectrometers for gas analysis. Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology is a one of the world's largest manufacturers of turbopumps: turbomolecular-drag pumps, split flow turbopumps, magnetic coupling rotary vane pumps and Roots pumps. Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology is the worldwide representative for Balzers Instruments featuring gas analyzers, mass spectrometers, compact vacuum gauges and leak detectors.
Quadrupole mass spectrometers for gas analysis and process monitoring, including MS gas analyzer (mass range 1-200 amu) for corrosive and explosive gas monitoring, for exhaust monitoring of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) processes, process control during production and service/maintenance of CDV tools. The compact system monitors all key functions including purge gas flow and ensures that the scrubber is functioning properly and removing all contaminents. Qualitative analysis of all gases. MS gas analyzer features low detection limit even for condesable gases and temperature controlled gas inlet.
Phoenix Controls Corporation.
Phoenix Controls Corporation is a manufacturer of precision airflow control systems for use in critical room environments such as laboratories, pressurized rooms in healthcare facilities, animal research centers and cleanrooms. These systems utilize innovative electronic venturi valve technology to provide the precise control of airflow and the achievement of maximum safety through fume hood containment and room pressurization. 
Phoenix Controls products: Accel II Airflow Control Valves, Usage Based Controls (UBC), Celeris Laboratory Airflow Control System, Isolation Rooms and Other Pressurized Health Care Environments.
Featured products: Celeris Laboratory Airflow Control System - Celeris is a microprocessor-based airflow control system for research laboratories and other critical room environments. Provides effective integration and all the benefits of Usage Based Controls. Celeris provides a BACnet ASHRAE Standard 135-1995 compatible interface for Class 3 devices, providing a cost-effective, high-performance integration solution. The system is also compatible with Modbus interfaces. Via an innovative point address mapping utility - Accel-Map Celeris can substantially reduce the time to commission system integration. Celeris offers single-source control capabilities in laboratory spaces and other critical environments. The system airflow controller handles both airflow and temperature control, thus eliminating the need for multiple controllers in a space, and reducing cost and coordination efforts.
Photon Systems.
Photon Systems manufactures a new type of deep ultraviolet laser intended for use in a wide array of commercial and industrial applications, such as UV Raman spectroscopy, capillary electrophoresis with laser induced native fluorescence, liquid chromatography with LIF, forensics, fiber gratings and other applications. These lasers are presently being developed in two basic models based on the emission media constituents: helium-silver (HeAg) and neon-copper (NeCu). The Model HeAg60 emits at a single wavelength at 224.3nm. The Model NeCu60 can be made to emit simultaneously or independently at four primary wavelengths at 248.6nm, 259.9nm, 260.0nm and 270.3nm.
Photon Technology International.
Photon Technology International is a manufacturer of fluorescence spectroscopy systems (fluorescence research instrumentation) and electro-optical components for analytical and scientific instruments. Photon Technology International manufactires a complete fluorescence systems - turn-key instruments for a wide variety of applications, from steady state and time-domain fluorescence to ratio fluorescence microscopy and quantitative ratio fluorescence imaging. Photon Technology International is a manufacturer of steady state spectrofluorometers, fluorescence lifetime spectrometers, ratio fluorescence spectrometers, quantitative ratio fluorescence imaging systems. The Optical Building Blocks family of optical components consists of arc lamp systems, PMT housings, ICCD cameras, nitrogen and dye lasers, monochromators, sample compartments, optical choppers and microscope photometers.
Photonic Science Limited.
Photonic Science Limited is a high technology manufacturer of scientific detector systems covering the range of visible to x-ray detection. These detectors cover the colour spectrum from x-ray to NIR and the fields of synchrotron detection, microscopy, non-destructive testing and miniature cameras for aviation and night vision / surveillance. The camera technology offered is wide ranging, from intensified cameras for temporal imaging to integration of charge in the CCD 'Slow Scan' techniques, with systems offering both high resolution and high dynamic range (12 and 16 bits). Novel technology is used to provide solutions to applications, hence Photonic Science manufacture a cooled 3 chip colour camera that integrates on chip for microscopy, but also monochrome systems with fibre optic inputs bonded to CCDs which can have a range of input sizes and be used either as a visible detector or coated with scintillators for VUV, and x-ray detection.
Photonis, formerly Philips Photonics (Brive, France), is a manufacturer and distributor of electronic-optical components and sensors. Photonis designs and manufactures photon detection components: photomultiplier tubes (PMT), image intensifiers (proximity and inverter tubes), streak tubes, neutrons detectors and gamma detectors, electron multipliers (classic electron multipliers and single channel electron multipliers - SCEM), and microchannel plates (MCP).
Photonis designs and manufactures of electron multipliers and detectors for mass-spectrometry instrumentation (the different devices for mass spectrometry are operating using electron multiplier or single channel multiplier as detectors). For the mass-spectrometer replacement market, Photonis offers a range of open (windowless) electron mutipliers. Whatever your detection needs, Photonis has the answer: either a standard already designed electron multiplier, or a full custom design. Photonis' single-channel electron multipliers (SCEM's) are widely used in the mass spectrometer designs of leading manufacturers. Photonis uses several proprietary lead-glass compositions developed in close co-operation with the Philips glass laboratories in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. For new mass spectrometer designs, PHOTONIS can make a customised SCEM and mount. High Voltage power supplies.
Photonis is a manufacturer of radioactivity detecting and measuring instrumentation (a part of company is specialised in Neutron and gamma detectors). The nuclear instrumentation division manufacture nuclear detectors, such as: neutron detectors (fission chambers for in-core or out-of-core use, boron lined proportional counters) and gamma detectors (gamma ionization chambers).
Photovolt Instruments.
Photovolt Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of moisture analyzers and instruments for the measurement of color and appearance characteristics. Photovolt Instruments Inc manufactures the Aquatest 2010 Karl Fischer coulometric moisture titration system and the Model 577 color, opacity, brightness, and reflectance meter. These instruments are used to measure moisture content and the appearance characteristics of materials. Instruments are used in many industries including: pharmaceuticals, biomedical, plastics, chemical, petrochemical, utilities, food & beverage, transportation, aerospace, paint & varnish, packaging, cosmetics, pulp & paper, and textiles. Technologies include Karl Fischer coulometry, reflectometry, colorimetry, and methods conforming to ASTM and TAPPI standards for various appearance characteristics. 
Photovolt products for quality control and testing in industrial applications: Aquatest 2010 Karl Fischer coulometric titrator (and associated reagents), a device which measures trace amounts of water in liquid, solids and plastic materials. Optional vaporizer analyzes challenging materials, like lyophilized proteins, pharmaceutical powders or biomedical, pharmaceutical and plastic industry solids. Model 577 Reflection Meter, an instrument to measure color, brightness and opacity in paper, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The Model 577 has applications that conform to ASTM and TAPPI standards.
Photron Pty. Ltd.
Photron Pty. Ltd. is the atomic absorbtion lamps manufacturer. Photron Pty. Ltd. specializes in research, development and manufacture of high quality light sources used in analytical spectroscopy. Photron manufactures high quality light sources: Hollow Cathode Lamps with fast warm-up times and an extended shelf life guaranteed for 5 years from the date of manufacture. Photron can supply you with an extensive range of hollow cathode lamps and many types of deuterium arc lamps as well: standard 37 mm hollow cathode lamps, standard 37 mm coded hollow cathode lamps, standard 37mm multi-element hollow cathode lamps, standard 37 mm super lamps, PE type 51 mm hollow cathode lamps, PE type 51 mm coded hollow cathode lamps, PE type 51mm multi-element hollow cathode lamps, PE type 51mm super lamps, deuterium arc lamps, adapters and power supply, graphite tubes.
Featured products: Super Lamps provide a simple and efficient equivalent to EDLS with a wider range of elements and considerable reduction in cost. Deuterium Arc Lamps and coded lamps for some instruments allows all users of spectroscopic instruments a complete range of high quality lamps. The design for all lamps produced are based on actual use and experience with atomic absorption, UV-visible spectrophometers and other spectroscopic instruments. Constant development of alloys, intermetallic species and cathode surface technology ensures the analyst of the best possible line source for AAS. Photron Pty. Ltd. is certified to the ISO9002 quality standard.
Physical Electronics Inc.
Physical Electronics USA, a subsidiary of ULVAC-PHI, is a manufacturer and supplier of surface analysis instrumentation for research and industrial applications. Physical Electronics Inc provides a complete line of scientific and analytical instruments for surface analysis including: AES, ESCA, TOF-SIMS and D-SIMS based instrumentation. Physical Electronics is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of surface analysis instrumentation which utilizes the Auger, ESCA/XPS, Dynamic SIMS and TOF-SIMS techniques.
Pickering Laboratories, Inc.
Pickering Laboratories, Inc (now part LCTech GmbH, Dorfen, Germany) is a manufacturer and supplier of HPLC columns, reagents, and post-column derivatizers for high-performance liquid chromatography that provides capability of special chromatographic analysis using almost any standard HPLC equipment. Pickering Laboratories, Inc (Pickering Labs) is a manufacturer of stand-alone column heaters and reactors. Pickering Laboratories, Inc (Pickering Labs) offers methods, columns, eluants, reagents for post-column derivatization of amino acids, carbamate and glyphosate pesticides; aminoglycoside antibiotics, polyether antibiotics, biogenic amines, micotoxines and other toxines. Every product and method backed by qualified technical support, from chemistry to hardware. Multi-Residue mycotoxin analysis - single run analysis of deoxynivalenol, aflatoxins, ochratoxin A, zearalenone and fumonisin by HPLC and post-column derivatization. Pickering Laboratories manufactures the aflatoxin and ochratoxin immunoaffinity sample preparation columns.
Picometrics (France) is a manufacturer of laser induced fluorescence instrumentation, such as laser induced fluorescence detector for HPLC, capillary LC and capillary electrophoresis systems. Picometrics manufactures the ZETALIF laser induced fluorescence detector for analysis of fluorescent samples in low volumes. The ZETALIF laser induced fluorescence detector can be used with virtually all separation techniques, including capillary electrophoresis, CEC, HPLC, Capillary LC, micro HPLC. The construction makes the instrument especially well-suited for on-column detection on a capillary, but allows to connect, to the outlet end of the separation column, a standard HPLC analytical flowcell.
picoSpin, LLC.
picoSpin, LLC. (Boulder, CO, USA) is a manufacturer of compact low resolution NMR spectroscopy instruments for composition analysis and process control (monitoring concentrations, mixing conditions, detecting impurities). picoSpin manufactures desktop miniature low resolution NMR spectrometer (laboratory / process 45 MHz proton NMR spectrometer). The picoSpin-45 proton NMR spectrometer featured temperature-controlled permanent magnet and maintenance-free operation without the need for liquid cryogens. Liquid samples are simply injected into an internal capillary via front-panel fittings, and only 20 microliters of sample fluid is needed to obtain a spectrum. NMR data is generated in the industry-standard JCAMP-DX format for compatibility with standard NMR data analysis packages. Applications for proton NMR spectrometer: edible oils composition analysis, oxidation and shelf-life analysis, soluble fat and water content determination, pharmaceuticals analysis, fatty acid methyl ester biofuels composition analysis, petroleum, LNG analysis.
PID Analyzers LLC.
PID Analyzers LLC (formerly HNU Process Analyzers, LLC) manufactires field portable, laboratory and process online analytical instruments for monitoring of VOC's in Air, Water and Process Streams. HNU Process Analyzers, LLC is a manufactirer of field portable analytical instrumentation, continuous monitoring instruments, field portable and process gas chromatographs.
Laboratory analytical instruments and portable instruments for environmental monitoring: field portable gas chromatograph, portable photoionization detectors for the measurement of VOC in air. A line of battery operated, handheld meters for the measurement of pH, NH3, F, NO3, S, Ag, CN, Cl, dissolved O2, and conductivity. Portable pH-meter / Ion meter, Dissolved O2 Meter, and pH-meter / Conductivity meter.
Analytical instruments for gas chromatography: The Model 301-A compact and transportable automatic GC with choice of PID and 5 other detectors (FUV, TCD, FID, FPD, ECD) for continuous monitoring for PEL, leaks, stacks, process- interfaces with process control computers. The Model 501-A Process GC with remote diagnostics, remote control, choice of PID and 5 other detectors (FUV, TCD, FID, FPD, ECD) for continuous monitoring for PEL, leaks, stacks, process- interfaces with process control computers. An automated, multi-point continuous GC monitor can monitor 10 or 20 sample points. For use at the process fenceline or for area monitoring. The Model 311 Portable GC that has temperature programming and Peakworks for Windows software for industrial hygiene, process evaluations, manufacturing, fence line monitoring. The microprocessor controlled HNU Model 311 D portable Gas Chromatograph has a dual detector capability, chosen from four interchangeable detectors - Photoionization (PID), Flame Ionization (FID), Electron Capture, (ECD) or Far-UltraViolet Absorbance (FUVAD). Also the PID Model 52 Ultra-sensitive photoionisation GC detector, can be added to any laboratory GC. PID Model 321 compact Lab GC with temperature programming and Peakworks for Windows software. Also the HNU Model 650 sparging system for analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in water.
PIKE Technologies Inc.
PIKE Technologies Inc is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of optical spectroscopy accessories and optical systems enhancing performance and extending use of commercial FTIR spectrometers. PIKE Technologies Inc manufactures a wide range of Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR), Diffuse Reflectance (DRIFT), Specular Reflectance and Transmittance accessories are available. These products replace traditional techniques used in infrared analysis and provide reliable alternatives to liquid cells, KBr disks and pellets. This new generation of sampling devices is easy to use, and to maintain, which results in better productivity and cost savings. PIKE products are available for direct analysis of liquids, powders, pliable solids and other organic materials. ValuLine offers an inexpensive, manual set of the basic accessories designed for routine use. Research grade products built for more demanding applications and a full range of automated systems for unattended analysis and QC/QA work are also available. A dedicated group of products is designed to assist in analysis of chemical composition of silicon wafers and electronic storage media. PIKE Technologies accessories fit all FTIR spectrometers.
PILODIST GmbH is the laboratory and process technology company. PILODIST GmbH manufactures laboratory and process technology eqiupment for applications in industry, research, teaching, laboratories, small production, simulation and scale up. Extensive product range for distillation, extraction, absorbtion, reaction. PILODIST GmbH manufactures units according the ASTM Standards: ASTM D-2892, ASTM D-1160, ASTM D-5236, ASTM D-86, ASTM D-5001, ASTM D-6079. Production of tailor-made systems. Integration of products into existing processes. Complete engineering for thermal processes and pilot plants. Efficient and accurate construction according highest quality criteria. Scale-up capabilities. Competent advice for different applications. After-sales service including installation, commissioning and maintenance.
Products include Curie Point Pyrolyser CPP for GC/FTIR and GC/MS applications features excatly reproducible temperature of pyrolysis, “shock” heating-up within milliseconds, wide temperature range by means of ferromagnetic filaments or tubes from 300 to approx.1000°C, high durability because of minor wear and tear and attachable to any gas-chromatograph.
Piramoon Technologies Inc.
Piramoon Technologies Inc (FIBERLite Centrifuge, Inc) is a manufacturer of centrifuge rotors made from carbon fiber composite materials. Piramoon Technologies, Inc designs, manufactures,and supports carbon fiber centrifuge rotors using proprietary technology and advanced composite materials. FIBERLite offers a variety of Ultra, High Speed & Super Speed, Low Speed and Tabletop rotors for bioresearch, biotechnology, and clinical laboratory applications. The FIBERLite rotors are half the weight of metallic equivalents, corrosion resistant, almost twice as fast in acceleration/deceleration, safe to handle and operate, compatible with all major centrifuges (Sorvall/Beckman), backed by a lifetime warranty. FIBERLite sells its products directly and through a number of distributors worldwide, including ISC BioExpress, VWR International, Fisher Scientific, and Tekniscience Inc. Introducing the worlds first composite fiber clinical centrifuge features 1/3 the price of the comparable tabletop centrifuges. Accessories: Bottles & Tubes, Adapters, O-Ring Refresher Kit, FIBERStand, FIBERClene, FIBERFuge 3K Accessories.
Plas-Labs is a manufacturer of clear acrylic glove boxes, compact glove boxes, controlled atmosphere (anaerobic) chambers, nitrogen dry boxes, closed-loop containment isolators, UV (PCR) chambers, fume hoods, and desiccators. Plas-Labs also manufactures a complete line of animal research equipment including: germ-free isolators, autoclavable isolation units, portable isolation units, and surgical/examination tables. Plas-Labs also specialize in custom fabricated research chambers to suit the individual researcher's needs.
Plastiques GOSSELIN.
Plastiques GOSSELIN is a manufacturer and supplier of single use plastic laboratory products. Plastiques GOSSELIN manufactures a wide range of single use plastic products for sampling and analysis including petri dishes, containers (flip lid containers), bottles, including a new range of PET bottles, tubes and plugs, buckets, pots, vats, ladels, dippers, pipettes, bags for stomacher blenders, bags and blisters for sampling and sample transport, waste bags, and a wide range of customized products.
Polar Tech Industries, Inc.
Polar Tech Industries, Inc is a manufacturer of protective packaging systems for temperature and time sensitive shipments. Polar Tech Industries, Inc manufactures insulated containers (dry-ice containers), refrigerants (gel refrigerant packs, rigid cell bricks, blanket wrap coolant), temperature monitoring (freeze indicators, temperature tags, recorders, indicators) and specialty packaging products.
Polychromix is the American analytical instrument company, manufacturing truly portable (handheld) NIR analyzers, compact, transportable benchtop NIR spectrometers with fiberoptic sample accessory, and portable light sources.
Polymer Laboratories Ltd.
Polymer Laboratories Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of analytical instrumentation, software and consumables for the characterization of polymer systems by HPLC and GPC. Polymer Laboratories Ltd develops high technology polymer products for liquid chromatography, bioscience, clinical diagnostic and pharmaceutical applications. Polymer Laboratories Ltd manufactures instrumentation for polymer analysis, high performance liquid chromatography and bioprocess chromatography, resins for peptide synthesis, solid phase and solution phase synthesis, OEM clinical and diagnostic equipment for particles and DNA isolation. Product lines: 
PL-GPC 120 - Integrated Medium Temperature GPC/SEC System, PL-GPC 220 - Integrated High Temperature GPC/SEC System, PL XT-20 - Rapid HTGPC Polymer Screening System, PL RS-20 - Rapid Polymer Screening System, PL-SP 260 - Sample Preparation System. PL-ELS 1000 - Evaporative Light Scattering Detector, PL-ELS 1000µ - Microbore Evaporative Light Scattering Detector, PL-PSDA - Particle Size Distribution Analyser, Cirrus - GPC Software, PL-LC1120 - Isocratic HPLC/GPC Pump, PL-LC1150 - Quaternary Gradient HPLC Pump, PL-LC1200 - Variable UV/Vis Detector.
OligoPore - Organic GPC Columns (for Oligomeric Fingerprinting), PLgel - Organic GPC Columns, PLgel MiniMIX - Narrow Bore GPC/SEC Columns, PL HFIPgel - Columns for Applications using Hexafluoroisopropanol as Eluent, PLgel LS Columns - Columns for Light Scattering/Viscosity, PL aquagel-OH - Aqueous SEC Columns. PL-Polymer Standards - Polymer Calibrants, EasiCal - Pre-prepared Polymer Calibrants, PLRP-S - Reversed Phase HPLC Columns/Media, PL Hi-Plex - Sugar Analysis HPLC Columns, PL-SAX - Strong Anion Exchange Columns/Media, PL-SCX - Strong Cation Exchange Columns/Media.
Features products: PL-PSDA Particle Size Distribution Analyser: The PL-PSDA is an integrated, automated system for the rapid determination of particle size distribution of colloidal dispersions. The PL-PSDA measures complex particle size distributions with high precision and accuracy.
PL-ELS 1000µ Evaporative Light Scattering Detector: To allow accurate detection of a wide range of compounds, Polymer Laboratories has launched the PL-ELS 1000µ Evaporative Light Scattering Detector for microbore and capillary LC. Based on PL's ELSD technology, the design of the PL-ELS 1000µ has been optimized for operation at low eluent flow rates, from 5µl/min to 500µl/min.
PL-GPC 220 Integrated GPC/SEC System: Polymer Laboratories' PL-GPC 220 integrated GPC/SEC system has been developed from PL's highly successful PL-GPC210 instrument. The PL-GPC 220 provides full PC control and unbeatable reproducibility for any GPC/SEC application, across the entire operating range. The PL-GPC 220 is designed to run almost all polymer, solvent and temperature combinations, with full automation, from 30 to 220°C.
PL XT-20 Rapid HTGPC Polymer Screening System: The PL XT-20 is a sophisticated, fully featured, totally automated rapid high temperature GPC polymer screening system (2-5 mins/sample) incorporating sample preparation, injection, high temperature oven, high speed GPC columns and a high sensitivity ELSD detector. PL RS-20 Rapid Polymer Screening System: The PL RS-20 is an automated, rapid, ambient temperature GPC screening system for up to 96 polymer samples with throughputs as fast as 2-5 mins/sample.
Polymer Standards Service (PSS) GmbH.
Polymer Standards Service (PSS) GmbH is the scientific instrument company, manufacturer and supplier of complete analytical system for size exclusion - gel permeation chromatography, SEC - GPC standards, columns, software, copolymers, deuterated polymers. Polymer Standards Service (PSS) GmbH also provides sample testing services, custom synthesis and consulting services. Polymer Standards Service (PSS) GmbH is offering GPC / SEC analytical and preparative columns applicable for all solvents. All PSS GPC-columns are filled with spherical, macroporous cross linked, pressure and pH resistant polymer gels. A special fitting adapter with integrated diffusor is well constructed for optimal sample injection. PSS GPC/SEC Data Stations- The PSS WINGPC Data Station was designed as an answer to the specific requirements in gel permeation chromatography. WINGPC Software. Hyphenated GPC Methods.
Complete Systems- Validated GPC Instruments from the Experts. Are some GPC System Configurations already installed by PSS- conventional, analytical GPC systems with single or multiple detectors, conventional in-process GPC systems with automatic sample preparation, analytical GPC systems with viscometry and / or light-scattering detection, analytical GPC systems for molar mass and chemical composition determination, preparative GPC systems with fraction collectors and / or extensive valve switching, analytical GPC systems with FTIR, NMR and / or MALDI interfaces, micro-bore GPC systems with MS interfaces, 2-dimensional LC-GPC systems for deformulation of complex samples. Scanref- The Scanning Interferometric Refractometer features measuring dn, dn/dc and the concentration distribution of polymers. The ScanRef is an outstanding detector for the determination of specific refractive index increments of polymer solutions and therefore a very useful tool in combination with a light scattering detector.
Polyscience Corp.
Polyscience Corporation is a manufacturer of laboratory temperature control equipment and industrial temperature control equipment (industrial chillers, heat exchangers, recirculating chillers, refrigerating-heating circulators and heating circulators, immersion circulators, Flow-Thru coolers, lab water baths). Polyscience Corporation produces a comprehensive line of temperature control products including chillers, heating and refrigerated circulators, water baths, and industrial water coolers for the laser, laboratory, plastics, EDM, semiconductor, biotechnology, and chemical industries, as well as many other related technologies. PolyScience also provides turnkey, OEM and, private label manufacturing services. Polarimeters - The SR-6 Polarimeter from PolyScience is a manual polarimeter for quality control, teaching and general polarimetry measurement. Rugged and compact, the SR-6 is simple to use, easy to view and accurate to 0.1 of rotation.
Polysciences Inc.
Polysciences Inc is a manufacturer of polymers and monomers, microspheres, biochemicals and products for microscopy and histology. For special applications, Polysciences Inc can synthesize materials for your needs. Polysciences Inc offers microscopy and histology products, polymers and monomers, microspheres, biochemicals, custom manufacturing and synthesis. Microscopy / histology online catalog including chemicals and accessories for use in light microscopy, histology, confocal microscopy, transmission and scanning electron microscopy, and scanning probe microscopy.
Polytec GmbH.
Polytec GmbH (Waldbronn, Germany) is a manufacturer of optical measurement and analytical equipment (modular diode array NIR spectrometer systems and components, laser surface velocimeters, laser vibrometers, microscope-based systems to measure the dynamics and topography of microsystems and micro-electromechanical systems, MEMS, dynamic stress and strain measuring instruments, surface metrology instruments, 3-D profilometers for surface characterization, HDD media tester, optical surface analyzer for nano-defect and topography measurements of HDD media). Polytec GmbH manufactures modular NIR spectrometer systems for online process control and laboratory measurement. The modular NIR spectrometer system includes sensor head (remote reflection sensor head, contact reflection sensor head, transmission sensor head, immersion probe) + diode array NIR spectrometer and software.
Polytec PI, Inc.
PI and Polytec have split into PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. and Polytec, Inc.
Porous Materials, Inc. (PMI)
Porous Materials, Inc (PMI) is the scientific instrument company, manufacturer of laboratory instrumentation for measurement of bulk density, porosity, pore diameter, pore volume, pore size distribution, surface area, liquid permeability, gas permeability, density, and integrity (porometers, gas permeameters, liquid permeameters, porosimeters, sorptometers, gas pycnometers). Porous Materials, Inc (PMI) also provides consulting services and contract testing services. Featured product: The PMI Gas Pycnometer provides the user with a reliable measure of absolute density. The Gas Pycnometer performs a fully-automated, non-destructive test that allows the user control of the number of test iterations, and thus test length and accuracy. Gas Pycnometer is ideal for both quality control and R&D. Applications for the Gas Pycnometer span many industries ranging from automotive to non-wovens to pharmaceuticals. Specific uses include the measurement of absolute density of casting materials and ceramic components in the automotive industry, density of electrode components in the battery industry, and void volume analysis in the pharmaceutical industry.
The PMI Aquapore offers an alternative to mercury porosimetry for hydrophobic samples. The Aquapore performs a wide array of tests including bulk density, pore size distribution, mean pore size, and total pore volume. The PMI BET Sorptometer accurately measures total surface area (via single and multi-point methods, and adsorption and desorption isotherms), mean pore size, pore size distribution, pore volume, and pore structure. The PMI Liquid Permeameter for fast and accurate measurements of liquid permeability. The PMI Gas Permeameter for fast and accurate measurement of gas permeability. 
The PMI Capillary Flow Porometer provides fully automated through-pore analysis including bubble point, pore size distribution, mean pore size, gas, liquid, and Frazier permeability, hydro-head, and integrity.
postnova analytics.
postnova analytics (formerly FFFractionation) is a manufacturer of field-flow fractionation (FFF) instruments which provide high resolution separation and size analysis of sample species in the range of 10,000 Daltons or a few nanometers up to 100 microns. Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF) systems for separation and size characterization of biological, environmental and industrial macromolecular to particulate samples in the MW range of 10,000 to 20 million Daltons, size range of a few nanometers to 100 microns. FFFractionation provides three different models of particle fractionators:
F-1000 Series Universal Fractionators - Universally Applicable.
S101 Series Colloid/Particle Analyzers - For Highest Resolution.
T100 Series Polymer Fractionators - Extending MW Analysis to the Millions.
postnova analytics (formerly FFFractionation) is a manufacturer of High resolution asymmetric Focus Flow FFF system, the SedFFF colloid / particle analyzers, ThFFF polymerfractionators, and SPLITT fractionators for preparative scale separation. The latest applications include separation of protein and protein aggregates, separation and quantitation of the sub-classes of lipoprotein species, resolution of bimodal latex populations, and analysis of the microgel content in polymer matrices. SPLITT (split flow thin cells) systems for preparative fractionation of micron sized particles, including removal of over- or under-sized particles, and preparation of narrow size cuts.
P&P Optica Inc.
P&P Optica Inc is the spectroscopy instrument company, manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic cables and bundles, custom interference filters and optical elements, Raman imaging spectrometer system. P&P Optica Inc provides contract services in opto-mechanical design, alignment and assembly of optical systems. Applications include spectroscopy, biomedical instrumentation, non-invasive testing, laser beam delivery, industrial process control and lighting. P&P Optica manufactures a series of CCD based spectrometers, including: high performance spectrometers, multichannel spectrometers and imaging spectrometers all based on the unique technology of volume phase holographic (VPH) gratings. These systems offer non-scanning design to acquire the entire spectrum at the same time. The spectrometers features a wide dynamic range, good spectral resolution and overall performance for either laboratory or industrial applications.
PP Systems.
PP Systems (USA) is a manufacturer of plant science instrumentation, portable photosynthesis meters, CO2 and H2O NDIR infrared gas analyzers. PP Systems specializes in measurement of photosynthesis, soil respiration, CO2 & H2O gas analysis and vegetation reflectance. PP Systems manufactures instruments for photosynthesis, CO2/H2O Infra-Red gas analysis, soil respiration, porometry and vegetation reflectance. PP Systems manufactures the UniSpec field portable spectrometer for measurements of reflectance, transmittance and absorbance. A wide range of detectors available from 190-1100nm (UV / VIS / NIR) depending on the application. The UniSpec Spectral Analysis System is a portable, compact, rugged, and weatherproof instrument with high resolution and stability. Modular foreoptic system for measurement on a wide variety of leaf types, including fine needles.
Praxair, Inc.
Praxair is one of the world largest manufacturers of specialty gases and gas handling equipment. Praxair is a manufacturer and supplier of ultra pure instrument and process gases, benchtop gas generators, cryogens, and liquid products, including high accuracy traceable gaseous and liquid calibration mixtures for environmental, petrochemical, medical, scientific, industrial, laboratory, safety and hygiene, laser, electronics, and bio-tech applications. A full range of high pressure cylinders, smaller transportable containers, is complemented with a full line of regulators, manifolds, delivery systems and safety products. Praxair offers a comprehensive, high-quality product line of certified-zero and pure gases and over fifty packaging options.
Precision Detectors, Inc.
Precision Detectors, Inc is a manufacturer of light scattering detectors. Precision Detectors, Inc. manufactures analytical instruments based on using multiple laser light scattering technologies simultaneously for the analysis of synthetic and natural polymers and biomolecules. The detector systems determine molecular weights and sizes of polymers, proteins, polysaccharides, dendrimers and other macromolecules in solution, accurately and conveniently. They are used in batch measurements, and as "flow-mode" detectors for SEC / GPC / HPLC systems and as on-line process control instruments. PD2000 multi-detector instruments include: PD2020 light scattering for absolute molecular weights (Mw, Mn, Mz) and size (Rg, Rh) of polymers, proteins, polysaccharides and other macromolecules, PDQELS dynamic light scattering detector, RI and UV. PD2010 high temperature light scattering detector operates at up to 250C.
Precision Electronic Glass (PEG).
Precision Electronic Glass (PEG) is the precision glass and quartz manufacturing company. Precision Electronic Glass (PEG) is a specialists in precision glass and quartz operations. Precision Electronic Glass (PEG) is a manufacturer of precision bore tubing, ultra precise components for sophisticated devices, glass components for X-ray tubes, ozone tube dielectrics, infra-red detectors, photomultipliers and subassemblies fabricated to OEM specifications. High quality grinding and polishing operations, glass-to-metal, glass-to-glass sealing, flexible cutting  and end finishing capabilities allow virtually unlimited design options. Also manufactures instrument components and subassemblies such as ICP torches, injectors, flowmeters, columns, and glass envelopes.
Precision Glassblowing.
Precision Glassblowing is a manufacturer and supplier of consumables and acessories for ICP-OES spectrometers and ICP-MS systems. Consumable products and accessories for ICP spectrometry: Torches and torch accessories. Spray chambers, including cyclonic, water-cooled and HF resistant models. Nebulizers, including concentric, high-solids and HF resistant models, and a new evolution of nebulizers that provide higher intensities, stability and sensitivity. Precision Glassblowing is a manufacturer and supplier of semiconductor furnace tubes and boats. Condensers and distillation and extraction apparatus. General laboratory apparatus. Specialty scientific glassware.
Premier Lab Supply.
Premier Lab Supply is a manufacturer and distributor of XRF sample preparation consumables (press pellet supplies, binders and grinding additives, fluxes for sample fusion, thin films, liquid sample cells and sample cups for X-Ray fluorescence spectrometers). Premier Lab Supply provides a unique Platinum Re-Fabrication Service where can turn your metal back into new for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. Premier Lab Supply consumables include XRF liquid sample cells, thin film sample support materials along with a comprehensive line of products and accessories for press pelletizing or fusion applications. Featured products: Premier Lab Supply manufactures the liquid sample cups for X-Ray fluorescence spectroscopy analysis. Sample cups for X-Ray fluorescence spectrometers includes 47 mm X-Ray Sample Cups for ARL, Horiba, 32 mm X-Ray Sample Cups for Asoma, Jordan Valley, Kevex, Spectrace, 32 mm X-Ray Sample Cups for Oxford analyzers (Oxford LabX-3000). Consumables for sample pressing and pelletizing - Premier Aluminum Caps for producing XRF and OES Pellets. These affordable caps have a straight wall, lubricous coated feature design that easily collapses under pressure to reinforce the resultant pellet with reinforced aluminum on all sides not withstanding of sample surfaced to be analyzed.
Choice of Fluxes manufactured by Sigma Chemicals Pty Ltd - Sigma Fluxes offer a simple method of sample solution preparation for coarse refractory materials such as iron, ore, slag’s and other materials which are often resistant to acid attack. An effective method of disintegrating the sample matrix to reproducible form for accurate results. Lithium Tetraborate, Lithium Metaborate or a blending of the two will dissolve almost anything when bonded with oxygen. These pre-fused lithium borate have uniform composition at the particle level eliminating the potential for separation during handling and mixing.
Pressure Products Industries, Inc.
Pressure Products Industries, Inc is a manufacturer of diaphragm compressors, fuel cell refuelling compressors, laboratory agitated reactors, magnetic mixers, supercritical fluid systems, custom reactors, pressure vessels, and other process equipment. Pressure Products Industries, Inc (PPI) is a supplier of fully integrated standard and custom systems for supercritical fluid extraction. Since 1954, Pressure Products Industries, Inc has been serving the chemical, petrochemical, industrial gas, pharmaceutical, and related industries with expertly engineered equipment for gases and liquids under pressure. Company's diaphragm compressor, stirred reactor, and magnetic mixer equipment is installed in research facilities, pilot plants and production sites worldwide.
Diaphragm Compressors - for cylinder filling, fuel cell technology, or transfer of high purity or dangerous gases under pressure, without contamination or leakage. PPI's line of diaphragm compressors includes laboratory and production scale models, single and multi-stage models, with displacements to 400 cfm (680 m3/hr) and pressures to 30,000 psi (2000 bar). A variety of head closure designs, power-frames, accessories, and materials of construction allow PPI to match a diaphragm compressor to most process parameters. Hydrogen compressors, fluorine compressors, oxygen compressors, hazardous gases compressors. Fuel Cell Refueling Compressors - PPI diaphragm compressors for high purity hydrogen service are currently operating world wide in a variety of production applications.
Agitated Laboratory Reactors - Pre-engineered stirred reactors for polymerization, catalyst screening and hydrogenation; or custom-designed reactors tailored to your specifications. Available in vessel sizes from 50 to 8000 mL with your choice of agitation, heating, control, and the like. 
Custom Reactors and Pressure Vessels - PC Series 5, 10, and 20 gallon stirred reactors for pilot plant and small scale production applications. Custom designed stirred reactors and non-stirred pressure vessels for many applications with sizes from 10 mL to 4000 L and pressure ratings to 150,000 psi (10,000 bar). Tubular, single-ended, and double-ended styles.
Dyna/Mag Magnetic Mixers - Powerful, leak free and easy to maintain magnetic mixers for research, pilot plant, and production applications. The PPI Dyna/Mag magnetic mixer is ideally suited for continuous stirred reactors (CSTR) and batch reactors where mixing and agitation must be contamination-free and leakage cannot be tolerated. The Dyna/Mag mixer is available in several models, offering power up to 25 hp with operating ratings up to 6,000 psi (41 MPa) and 650°F (343°C).
Supercritical Fluid Systems - PPI supplies standard supercritical fluid systems from R&D through pilot plant scale. Components include extraction vessel, separator, high-pressure pump, and complete recycle capability. Among the available standard systems are a 4-liter R&D unit, and a Process Development Unit (PDU). PPI can also engineer and manufacture a system based on your application and specifications.
Other Process Equipment - High pressure valves and fittings, rupture port sleeves, electrodes, check valves, large port valves, gage isolators, threading and coning tools, production quantities of custom- designed items such as double ball check valves. PPI also offers high-pressure polyethylene and urea processing equipment for pressurized processes such as low-density polyethylene, urea, or coal liquefaction.
Pribor (НПО Прибор).
Pribor (Moscow, Russia) is a manufacturer of portable gas analyzers, detectors for hazardous gases in air. The company manufactures a family of portable gas analyzers for air pollution monitoring. The company also offer customize portable gas analyzers for air safety control.
Princeton Applied Research.
Princeton Applied Research is a manufacturer of electrochemical instrumentation and instruments for materials characterization and corrosion measurement. Princeton Applied Research manufactures multi-purpose potentiostats and galvanostats, multiple potentiostat and galvanostat system, analog multi-purpose potentiostats and galvanostats, polarography and analytical voltammetry instruments, ancillary equipment and accessories for electrochemistry, and electrochemical software.
The QCA917 system for Simultaneous Weight / Resonant Frequency and Electrochemical Measurements- Track potential, current and frequency or admittance intensity. Sensitive enough to measure weight changes in a monolayer. Quantify elastic and viscous changes in your system. Well-type and dip-type crystal holders.
Static Mercury Drop Electrode- Renewable mercury electrode surface for higher sensitivity and greater operating convenience than the traditional dropping mercury electrode (DME). Converts to Hanging Mercury Drop Mode (HMDE) or traditional DME mode with flip of a switch. Manual or automated contol of purge time, drop size, drop dispensing and dislodgement.
The Systems Approach to Rotating Electrodes and a variety of electrode assemblies for a wide range of experiments, including: high-precision corrosion measurements, ultra-trace analytical determinations, automated Levich plots, Hydrodynamically-modulated voltammetry, Cyclic stripping voltammetry. Also Dual-phase analog lock-in amplifier with two independent line frequency rejection filters, Frequency Response Detector designed for EIS experiments, Power Boosters compatible with Electrochemistry PowerSuite software.
PALS1000 - Solid matter nanometer-sized void detection system for non-destructive characterization of materials. Probe free volume along polymer systems. Study defects in metals, alloys, and non-metal composites, investigate ceramics and amorphous materials and characterize oxide layer in semiconductors. Measurement of barrier properties of protective coatings.
Princeton Gamma-Tech.
Princeton Gamma-Tech Instruments, Inc. (USA) is a manufacturer nuclear detector systems and X-ray detector systems (gamma-ray and x-ray detectors, radiation area monitoring instruments, spectroscopic analyzers). Princeton Gamma-Tech manufactures a full line of germanium, silicon, and NaI detectors for nuclear spectroscopy, research, and industry. PGT also manufactures detector arrays to maximize count rate while preserving high spectral resolution. PGT offers a full suite of instrumentation and detectors for spectroscopic area monitoring. The expanding line of detector options include arrays of small, distributed detector networks and larger, single point detector systems. Analytical data with complete spectroscopic support is available in realtime to support industrial, security or process monitoring applications. OEM detector modules, leveraging NaI and LaBr for gamma and 3He for neutron detection, give end users a customizable, spectroscopic radiation detection component to include in existing sensor networks or area monitoring applications. Princeton Gamma-Tech (PGT) manufactures the portable SAM Defender, a new nuclear radiation isotope identifier. Several modes of operation, a variety of detector options, and features like GPS positioning, intuitive menu and color display, and a rugged IP65 enclosure design set a new bar for portable rad/nuke identification. Princeton Gamma-Tech (PGT) manufactures the SAHARA III Peltier-cooled Silicon Drift Detector which offers users an active detector area of 100 mm2.
Process Instruments, Inc.
Process Instruments Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial Raman systems without moving parts, optimized for fiber-optic coupling in process control application. Process Instruments Inc manufactures stable, high-performance, and affordable fiber-coupled Raman analytical system based on proprietary frequency-stabilized, narrow linewidth, diode-laser and spectrograph technology. Raman systems incorporating TE-cooled CCD detection and low noise. Frequency-stabilized, narrow linewidth laser sources for any wavelength from 640 to 980 nm. For additional stability both laser and spectrograph can be temperature controlled. The rugged, stainless steel remote Raman probe can be used as either a hand held probe or in a permanent process control installation. The spectrograph is compatible with most commercial Raman fiber-optic probes (Visionex, EIC) and the fiber-coupled input can be multiplexed.
 The PI-200 Raman instrument can be used in the laboratory or on-line for process control. The instrument incorporates a frequency-stabilized, narrow-linewidth diode laser; (Pat No. 6,100,975) a temperature-controlled, optically fast ( f/2.0) fiber-coupled spectrograph; (Pat No. 6,028,67) very low noise Andor CCD camera TE-cooled to -60 oC; data acquisition and analysis software. The software can be combined with GRAMS/32* for real-time chemometrics and process control applications. This Raman instrument design offers very high signal levels while retaining high resolution (~ 4 to 5 cm -1 depending upon excitation wavelength). Patented optical design allows full (6.6 mm) height coverage of the 1024 x 256 pixel EEV30-11 CCD chip and wide fiber array input (60 X 100 micron diameter fibers) while retaining a straight fiber array image and good resolution. The system includes a fiber-coupled probe with laser band-pass and elastic light rejection (~10 -8) filtering. With the 1200 grooves/mm grating, the spectral coverage is ~ 2100 cm-1 at 785 nm excitation. The grating is adjustable to allow use with excitation from 488 to 860 nm. The spectra can be exported in SPC or ascii formats.
Process Instruments, Inc. manufactures frequency-stabilized, high power laser (Patent No. 6,100,975) for laboratory, research, and OEM Raman Instrumentation. The laser eliminates mode hopping and delivers up to 300 mW of power coupled to a fiber with a narrow linewidth and long lifetime. Excellent frequency and intensity stability. No ASE filtering or optical isolation required for most applications. The laser is powered with a DC power supply.
ProLab Resources.
ProLab Resources (USA) is a supplier of data systems and integration products for mass spectrometers, GC-MS and LC-MS systems, gas chromatography instruments (GC instruments) and liquid chromatography instruments (LC instruments). In addition, ProLab Resources offers laboratory information and network consulting services to laboratories seeking to utilize today's emerging technologies to improve laboratory productivity.
ProLab Resources' products include multitasking, PC-based instrument controllers and software designed to automate a variety of commercial GC, HPLC, and MS instruments (HP, Finnigan, Extrel) as well as processing workstations for distributed information access. ProLab Resources' EXTEND software products are targeted to Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Agilent ChemStation data system users. EXTEND is a targeted set of software enhancements that "layer" over existing ChemStation software to improve its productivity and performance. 
Vector/Two and EnviroLink data systems fully automate all popular GC-LC/MS instruments in research and environemntal labs, respectively, by replacing the original data systems with modern, networkable, multitasking PCs. Multi-instrument capability automates up to four instruments on a single PC. Both systems provide consistent GUI to all instrument models and a single data and reporting format. EnviroLink includes enhanced HP EnviroQuant software and / or direct data port to HP ChemServer.
Proscan Special Instruments.
Proscan Special Instruments (Minsk, Belarus) is a manufacturer of optical spectroscopy instrumentation (UV, Visible, NIR spectrometers) and electro-optical components for scientific instruments (digital cameras). Proscan Special Instruments manufactures UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometers, IR spectrometer, and Visible-NIR lifetime luminescence spectrometer (time-resolved fluorescence spectrometer for visible and NIR spectral ranges). Proscan Special Instruments manufactures IR digital cameras, Visible, UV-Visible digital cameras, UV-Vis-NIR CCD cameras.
PRO Scientific, Inc.
PRO Scientific Inc is a manufacturer of laboratory homogenizers, generators, chamber assemblies for hazardous samples, cryogenic homogenizing equipment, and accessories for homogenizing equipment. PRO Scientific Inc specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of high speed homogenizing equipment. PRO Scientific Inc manufactures a broad range of homogenizers from hand-held laboratory homogenizer to programmable homogenizers and benchtop homogenizer for the industrial market. Featured products: PRO QUICK CONNECT Rotor Stator Generators. PRO SAFETY SEAL Chamber Assemblies for Hazardous Samples. The PRO300 generator for the cryogenic milling of soil and sediment samples in a sealed assembly.
P S Analytical Ltd.
P S Analytical Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of analytical instuments (elemental analysers), for the analysis of mercury, arsenic, selenium, antimony, tellurium and bismuth at ultra trace levels. P S Analytical specializes in the design and manufacture of instruments for elemental analysis, from individual analysers to automated systems tailored to customer requirements. Manufactures and supplies complete automated systems for the ultra-trace determination of Hg, As, Se, Sb, Te and Bi. These analytical instruments are mainly based on atomic fluorescence spectrometry. Featured products:
The Millennium systems have the ability to detect in widely varying sample concentrations, from a single part per trillion to more than ten parts per million, without the need for instrument adjustment and carryover from one sample to another. Can be coupled to capillary GC and HPLC for the speciation of mercury and hydride forming elements respectively. Continuous On-Line Mercury Analysers. The on-line mercury analyser provided continuous mercury analysis of either liquid or gaseous sample streams from ppt to ppm levels.
Pulse Instrumentation (1992) Ltd.
Pulse Instrumentation Ltd is a supplier of consumable products, spare parts and accessories for continuous flow analyzers and segmented flow analyzers (FIA and SFA analysers). Pulse Instrumentation Ltd is your alternate source for quality continuous-flow analytical equipment, consumables and repair parts for the Technicon Instruments AutoAnalyzer. Pulse Instrumentation Ltd have the facilities to do all your continuous flow instrument service as well as remanufacturing facilities to refurbish your instruments to original manufacturer's specifications.
Online catalogue offer choice of Pump Tubing, Chart Paper and Recorder Ink, Dialyzer Plates and Assemblies, Filters, Fittings and Connectors, Flowcells, Glassware, Lamps, Membranes, Parts for Heating Bath, Peristaltic Pumps, Phototubes, Sample Cups, Sampler II and IV, SCIC, Colorimeter Software, Stream Dividers, Transmission Tubing.
Puregas LLC.
Puregas LLC is a manufacturer of air pressurization systems for the telecommunications industry, compressed air dryers and gas generators for industrial and laboratory applications. Puregas specialized in supplying compressed air dryers and CO2 adsorbers for laboratory research and industrial applications. Puregas manufactures a full line of regenerative air dryers and adsorbers cost-effectively remove moisture, carbon dioxide and other unwanted gases from ordinary compressed air, replacing the need for expensive bottled nitrogen. Puregas adsorbers feature lightweight aluminum construction. Puregas also offers a wide range of accessories to accompany these product lines. Featured products:
Puregas Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryers provide dry air without the constant expense of desiccant. The overcome the many disadvantages of refrigeration dryers including reletively high dew points and heavy, unwieldy contruction. Small, lightweight aluminum construction (sizes from 5 x 8 x 11 inches / 12.7 x 20.3 x 27.9 cm and from 7 pounts / 3.2 kilograms). Ideal from OEM and point-of-use applications. Puregase Air Dryers require no piping for water drainage and can be installed in minutes.
Puregas Heatless Regenerative CO2 adsorbers cost-effectively remove both moisture and carbon dioxide from ordinary compressed air, replacing the need for expensive bottled nitrogen. Produced CO2-free air to less than 2 ppm.
Puregas Model PCME-Series Air Dryer / Carbon Monoxide Extractors are unique devices which remove both moisture and CO from ordinary compressed air. This is done by first drying the feed gas using the pressure swing adsorption method and secondly by oxidizing CO to CO2 using a catalyst. Produced CO-free air to less than 2 PPM.
Puregas Model PHCA- Series Hydrocarbod Adsorbers are unique regenerative devices which remove hydrocarbons from ordinary compressed air. This is done using the pressure swing adsorption method. Hydrocarbon-free air to less than 1 PPM.
Purification Technologies, Inc. (PTI)
Purification Technologies, Inc (PTI) manufactures high purity solvents (acetonitrile, N,N-dimethyl formamide and methanol) using proprietary, non-distillation processes. Bulk Purification- PTI's processes target specific impurities or types of impurities and efficiently remove them to part per million and even part per billion and lower concentrations. The purity and trace level characterization associated with laboratory reagents is now available in tankwagon quantities from PTI. Ultra Low Water - PTI's proprietary systems are particularly efficient for removing trace water. Moisture is reduced from hundreds of parts per million to less than 10. Some systems reduce water to the limits of detection by conventional Karl Fisher analysis. Contamination Free Delivery of solvents. 
Custom Fabrication - Purification Technologies, Inc (PTI) designs and builds its own purification systems at its facility in Chester, CT and have wide experience constructing container dispense systems, manifolds and related systems.
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