Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Classified catalogue of the manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (spectroscopy instruments, chromatography instruments, gas analysis, elemental analysis, thermal analysis instruments, food analysis instruments, pharmaceutical analysis, water analysis instruments, process analytical instruments, materials testing equipment, petroleum testing instruments), laboratory equipment (sample preparation equipment). Систематический каталог производителей и поставщиков аналитического оборудования (приборы для спектроскопии, хроматографии, анализа газов, элементного анализа, термоанализа, анализа пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализа воды, поточного химического анализа, испытания материалов, контроля нефтепродуктов), лабораторного оборудования (пробоподготовка).
Current edition (since March 13, 1998)- Текущая редакция  (с 13 марта 1998).
Alphabetical catalogue of companies: Алфавитный каталог компаний:
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R - index of alphabetical catalogue in English language. R - индекс алфавитного каталога на русском языке.
Radiometer Analytical S.A.
Radiometer Analytical SA is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of multipurpose and dedicated potentiometric titrators, coulometric Karl Fischer titration system, pH meters, ion and conductivity meters, portable dissolved oxygen meter. Radiometer Analytical SA is a manufacturer and supplier of  electrochemical instrumentation for impedance studies including the new potentiostats/ galvanostats for corrosion studies. Radiometer Analytical manufactures a polarographic analyzer for trace organics analysis. Product lines: MeterLab - reliable pH, ion and conductivity measurements. TitraLab - dedicated to titration and automation. TraceLab- the intelligent approach to trace analysis. VoltaLab - versatile instrumentation for electrochemistry.
Radwag is the European (Poland) instrument company, manufacturer of laboratory and industrial (process) digital weighing equipment, and moisture measuring instruments (balances, scales, moisture analyzers). Radwag manufactures a variety of precision digital balances (over 200 various balances), includes analytical balances, precision laboratory balances, moisture analyzers (moisture balances), industrial (process) scales for monitoring of packed goods and control of mass on production line, for confectionary, food, meet, and pharmaceutical industry. Radwag offer integrated system of counting units. Manufactures laboratory moisture analyzers (laboratory moisture balances) for fast moisture determination. Radwag have ISO9001:200 sertificate for his production.
rame-hart instrument co.
rame-hart instrument co. is the scientific instrument company, manufacturer of surface science instrumentation: goniometer with video system and manual contact angle goniometer. rame-hart instrument manufactures the RHI 2001 Imaging System, features an advanced mathematical analysis of the true drop profile using a 5th order polynomial ensuring measurement accuracy from less than 1 degree to 179 degrees.
Raytest Isotopenmessgeraete GmbH.
Raytest Isotopenmessgeraete GmbH (Straubenhardt, Germany) is a manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for radiochromatography and bio-imaging, for measuring nuclear radiation of TLC plates. Raytest Isotopenmessgeraete GmbH manufactures radiochromatography instruments and radiochromatography software for radioactive liquid chromatography, radioactive thin layer chromatography, radioactive gas chromatography and radioactive capillary electrophoreses. Products: Radioactive gas detector for beta and gamma emitter. Radioactive HPLC flow monitor for beta emitter. Radioactive HPLC flow monitor for gamma and positron emitter. Radioactive TLC analyzer for beta emitter. Radioactive TLC analyzer. Radiochromatography Flow cells- solid scintillator flow cell and liquid scintillator flow cell. Also gel documentation system, chemiluminescence cooled CCD camera, fluorescence cooled CCD camera and bio-imaging analyzer.
R-Biopharm Rhone Ltd (formerly RDT - Rhone Diagnostics Technologies.)
R-Biopharm Rhone Ltd (formerly RDT - Rhone Diagnostics Technologies) is a manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic test kits and immunoaffinity columns for fast sample purification and analysis of mycotoxins (aflatoxines, zearalenone, DON and others). R-Biopharm Rhone Ltd manufactures a wide range of tests for analysis of mycotoxins, microorganisms and food adulterants.
Reagecon is a manufacturer and supplier of standards, reagents and electrodes for applications in the analytical chemistry, molecular biology and clinical chemistry markets. Reagecon manufactures a comprehensive range of reagents and sensors targeting both the process and laboratory electrochemical test markets. Reagecon is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory and process electrodes together with electrochemical monitoring and control system. Reagecon product range includes: reagents and electrodes for the measurement of pH, Conductivity, Redox, and Specific Ions. Most of products are fully traceable to a primary standard, and are manufactured in an ISO9000 and ILAB (NAMAS) accredited environment. A wide range of colourmetric development Reagents and Standards for use on on-line chemical Analysers. A wide range of Standards, Controls and Calibrators for AA / ICP, CO2 Measurements, Total Organic and Inorganic Carbon and Turbidity. Additionally Reagecon manufacture an extensive range of Analytical Volumetric Solutions (ready to use).
Reagecon also offer LaMotte Company's Water Quality Testing Products. Test Methods- Colourimetric and Titrimetric. Individual Test Kits- Alkalinity to Zinc. Smart Colourimeter incorporating 40 Pre- programmed tests and 25 end-user entered tests. Specialty Products: Air quality sampling and measurement equipment. Aquaculture and Aquarium Testing Products. Enviromental Science Equipment. Pool and Spa Water Test Equipment. Soil Testing Products. Water Conditioning Testing Products. Waterway Monitoring Equipment.
Reagents, Inc.
Reagents, Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory chemicals and chemical solutions (standard and custom buffers, normalities, molarities, and mixtures). Reagents, Inc manufactures and distributes a full line of fine chemicals and chemical solutions. Reagents, Inc is a distributor of EM Science, Spectrum, Mallinckrodt, Ricca and many other fine chemicals manufacturers. Reagents, Inc specializing in custom solutions and packaging, private labeling. Reagents, Inc is an ISO-9002 certified company. Full traceability documentation for ISO-9000 requirements. Container labels meet all OSHA requirements.
REET Corporation.
REET Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of inert solenoid valves and valve manifolds, pumps for gases and liquids, metering pumps and pressure transducers. REET Corporation specialize in custom manufacturing. REET Corporation manufactures two-way and three-way inert solenoid valves, two through eight station solenoid inert valve manifolds, solenoid operated pinch valves, two-way and three-way general purpose stainless steel, brass and plastic solenoid valves, inert miniature pumps, brushless DC pumps for gases and liquids, precision metering pumps, stainless steel pressure transducers.
Regis Technologies, Inc.
Regis Technologies, Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of chromatography products including high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns for specialty separations and conventional use, ultrapure derivatization reagents for GC and HPLC, ion pair reagents and buffers for HPLC. Regis Technologies, Inc manufactures conventional HPLC column line, the Rexchrom, offers a wide variety of phases that are not only reversible in flow direction, but are also highly reproducible, rugged and dependable, and specialty HPLC columns:
Chiral Stationary Phases - Regis developed an entire line of Pirkle-Concept Chiral Stationary Phases. The Pirkle-Chiral columns are available in a variety of particle sizes and column lengths and can be used for analytical work as well as preparative separations. Chiral HPLC Application Guide II, contains over 350 chiral applications. 
RAM Direct Injection - Direct Injection of Analytes in Serum/Plasma using HPLC - Regis' RAM Concept allows direct injection of serum or plasma onto the Semi Permeable Surface (SPS) and Pinkerton Internal Surface Reversed Phase (ISRP) columns, without prior sample preparation or cleanup. This allows for high speed sample processing and excellent sensitivity. Regis' RAM Application guide contains over 50 applications of drugs and drug metabolites in plasma and serum.
Ion Pair Reagents/Buffers: Regis Technologies, Inc manufactures ultrapure Ion Pair reagents and buffers on-site. Both anionic and cationic ion pairing reagents in pentyl, hexyl, heptyl, octyl, and dodecyl chain lengths. The Regis S- and Q-Series can easily be used at wavelengths less than 210nm due to their exceptional purity and quality. The sulfonates (S-Series) are supplied as both bulk sodium salts and concentrates. The Quatenary Amines (Q-Series) are supplied as concentrates.
Derivatization Reagents: Regis Technologies, Inc manufactures a full line of high purity derivatization reagents for use in both GC and HPLC applications. The GC Derivatization Line includes Silylation, Acylation and Alkylation reagents, Chiral derivatization reagents, GC accessories, and derivatization grade solvents. The HPLC Derivatization Line includes Chromotags, Fluorotags and Achiral derivatization reagents.
Remspec Corporation.
Remspec Corporation is the spectroscopy instrument company, manufacturer and supplier of high performance fiber-optic spectroscopy systems for reaction monitoring and rapid chemical analysis, that operate in the mid-infrared, and probes for fiber optic infrared (FTIR, NIR and Raman) spectroscopy. Remspec Corporation manufactures and supplies turnkey analytical systems for reaction and process monitoring and in situ analysis of solids, liquids, gases, and coatings. Portable, laboratory, and pilot plant analytical systems are available.
The VERAX™ reaction monitoring system turns Raman spectroscopy into a truly in-situ technique, allowing you to carry out Raman analysis in real time as a reaction evolves. The VERAX™ spectrometer has a range of 250–1940 cm-1, uses a 785 nm diode laser and a TE-cooled CCD array detector, and comes with a fiber-optic probe from the RamanProbe™ range. You can use the VERAX™ inside a conventional lab-scale reaction vessel or your choice of ALR (Automated Laboratory Reactor) to generate real-time data on the reactions and chemical changes that are taking place - all without perturbing the process to remove samples. Reactor modifications are kept to a minimum - often avoided completely - since RamanProbes™ are compact enough to fit into many existing reactor ports and can collect data through the walls of glass reactors. For the ultimate in spectroscopic reaction monitoring, VERAX™ and ReactionView™ can be run side by side to give synchronized Raman and mid-IR spectra as a reaction proceeds. Both the probes fit easily into standard reactors and can be customized to fit almost any specialized port or inlet. 
VizRaman™ software is the Raman version of Remspec's successful VizIR™ package, and provides the same simple but powerful interface for setting up and running reaction monitoring experiments. Parameters such as Exposure Time are set on the main control panel, then either a single spectrum or a set of successive spectra are collected. The display includes a true 3D display of spectra as they are collected. An optional second window can be added to show the most recent single spectrum, or a trend line of the height of a selected peak versus time. All of the individual spectra, and the calculated trendlines, are stored for later detailed analysis. 
Remspec Corporation also manufactures and supplies high performance NIR and NIR / FT Raman probes. Remspec Corporation offers a range of different fiber-optic sampling probes depending on the system to be studied. In addition to fully integrated turnkey systems, Remspec Corporation supply modular systems that can be coupled to almost any FTIR spectrometer. The Interferometer light source - a choice of standard interferometer light source that is rugged and portable or a rugged transportable system with a sample compartment. The units come with a computer and data collection and analysis spectroscopy software. ATR probes, liquid transmission probes, gas transmission probes, reflectance probes.
Renggli AG.
E. Renggli AG (Rotkreuz, Switzerland) is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory furniture and the SALVIS-LAB laboratory equipment. The Renggli Company is the exclusive distributor of the products manufactured under the world renowned brand Salvis Lab. With the renowned „Salvis Lab" trademark, Renggli develops and produces the well-known drying and vacuum ovens as well CO2 incubators. Product lines: Fixed and mobile laboratory furniture. Salvis-Lab line of microprocessor based, controlled temperature laboratory ovens (mechanical convection, gravity convection and vacuum ovens), laboratory glassware drying cabinets, and CO2 incubators for industrial, pharmaceutical and general laboratory applications. The Renggli Company is a supplier of laboratory apparatuses from manufacturers of well-known brands.
Features products: The RL7 Lab Equipment System - modular, flexible and mobile laboratory furniture. With the RL7 lab furniture system, you enjoy complete freedom from room-related limitations. A ceiling grid, covering the entire room, carries all installations including walls, ventilation, lighting, gas, power and water. What is more, tables, cabinets, shelving and the fume cupboard are all mobile. The Thermocenter forced air drying oven and the Vacucenter vacuum drying oven. The Biocenter 2001 - the top-line CO2 incubator. The only incubator worldwide with no openings in the interior - absolute sterility guaranteed. All fluids are supplied via the patented sensor module. An automatic disinfection at 85C, all internal parts removable and capable of beig autoclaved - patented. Lab Glassware Drying Cabinet Renggli DR 300 and the Automatic Lab Glass Cleaning Machine WA 400 / WA 900 Series, Pipette Cleaner and cleaning reagents. The Salvis Lab Glassware Drying Cabinet type TSG 154. This Salvis Lab Drying Cabinet is adapted in capacity to the Miele G 7783 lab glassware cleaning machine and allows for using Miele wash baskets. Very short drying cycles due to optimal heat register placing and powerful air circulation design.
Renishaw plc.
Renishaw plc specialized in automated metrology, manufactures products for automation of CMM and CNC machine tool operations, calibration, encoder, scanning and spectroscopy systems. The Renishaw Group's products: CMM probe systems, machine tool probe systems, calibration products, encoder products, laser scale systems, scanning products and spectroscopy products.
Renishaw plc has developed a low cost, ultra-fast 2-D imaging Raman microscope for spectral analysis of materials. Two versions are available, a standard laboratory model using a conventional microscope for viewing and an industrial model for more general use where a monitor screen displays the Raman images and spectra. System 100 compact Raman spectrometer uses dedicated fibre optic probes which enable sampling at up to 100m distance. Raman spectra can be acquired from sample sizes 1µm to more than 150mm. Renishaw has established a Raman gemological and mineralogical materials database, the first library of Raman spectra to be commercially available. It contains nearly 1,000 entries of over 500 different minerals and gems and can be used for the identification of unknown samples. The Raman microscope which uses ultra-violet (u.v) light rather than the more usual visible light excitation of other instruments in the range. The resultant Raman "scattering" occurs at a shorter wavelength than most fluorescence and is not masked by it.
The spectrograph uses specially developed laser-blocking filters and a single diffraction grating to give unprecedented throughput and signal-to-noise values. In addition to biochemistry applications, materials science - direct measurement of the hydrogen content of hard carbon films, and forensic science - detection of explosives on fabrics, have already benefited from the system's increased sensitivity. New accessories include an UV enhanced CCD camera. Сompact diode laser designed as a source for optical spectroscopy. 
Renishaw plc manufactures the DLC (diamond-like-coating) analyser, using Raman spectroscopy, for quality control purposes in the production of hard disk drives. Using Renishaw's unique PASS software, the analyser can be semi-automated to give a simple pass / fail message, in addition to full operating parameters for process development.
Renishaw manufactures a wide range of spectroscopy products, including Raman microscopes, compact process monitoring spectrometers, structural and chemical analysers for scanning electron microscopes, diode lasers, and state-of-the-art cooled CCD detectors, for end-user and OEM applications. The primary products are the inVia Raman microscopes and the RA series of Raman analysers, which exploit the Raman effect to identify and characterise the chemistry and structure of materials in a non-contacting, non-destructive manner. The Raman effect occurs when laser light is shone on a material; light is scattered, a tiny fraction of which is shifted in frequency as atoms in the material vibrate. Analysis of the frequency shifts (spectrum) of the light reveals the characteristic vibration frequencies of the atoms and hence the chemical composition and structure of the material. Particles as small as 1 micrometre can be uniquely identified. The capabilities of the instruments have been expanded to include a wider range of lasers, enhanced optical filtering systems, many new accessories, increased automation and improved software, making the instruments even easier to use.
Resource Technology Corporation (RTC).
Resource Technology Corporation (RTC) is a manufacturer and supplier of natural matrix solid waste reference materials, and certified reference materials for water quality control, formulated according to the US EPA WP, DMRQA and WP specifications. Resource Technology Corporation (RTC) is a supplier of reference materials from Europe's three major producers - pure and matrix reference materials from BAM (Germany), EC-JRC-IRMM (Belgium) and LGC (UK). Metals in sludges, metals in soils, metals in ashes, metals in others matrixes. Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) standards, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and semi-volatiles organic pollutantes.
Restek Corporation.
Restek Corporation is a maniufacturer and supplier of consumable products, columns and accessories for chromatography: GC columns (fused silica capillary columns, MXT, PLOT and packed columns), silcosteel air sampling canisters, reference standards, HPLC and GC accessories, also instrumentation for sample preparation and air monitoring. Restek Corporation manufactures a full line of innovative fused silica and stainless steel capillary, packed, micropacked, and PLOT GC columns, bonded phase HPLC columns and accessories, GC accessories including deactivated glass and fused silica lined stainless steel inlet liners, low bleed septa, method development software, sample preparation disks and accessories, air monitoring canisters and accessories, and chemical standards including environmental, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, explosives, FAMEs and inorganics. Restek Corporation offers a complete Passive Air Sampling Kit that incorporates all of the necessary hardware for successful passive air sample collection using SilcoCan canisters. These kits are great for 8, 12, 24 or 48 hour grab sampling, and are easy to assemble for field sampling and disassemble for cleaning.
RETSCH is a manufacturer of equipment for sample preparation, equipment for particle sizing and analysis. RETSCH offer an extensive range of laboratory equipment for sample preparation and analyzing technology. Crushers and mills for coarse, fine and ultrafine grinding appropriate to the specific materials, as well as machines for representative sampling and sample division. Particle sizing equipment: test sieves, sieve shaker, photo sedimentometer, software for particle size analysis and instruments for drying, feeding and cleaning. Sieving machines or particle measuring equipment for precise grain size determination and special apparatus for even material feed, gentle drying and intensive cleaning. Sample divider. This instruments are used from routine preparation operations in the laboratory to the development of high-tech materials and applications in environmental technology.
REOLOGICA Instruments AB. / REOLOGICA Instruments, Inc.
REOLOGICA Instruments AB is the Swedish instrument company, manufacturer of materials characterization instrumentation, rheological instruments: rheometers, viscometers, dynamic shear rheometers (DSR) for asphalt testing according to AASHTO TP5. Products: StressTech rheometer, StressTech DMA (dynamic mechanical rheometer system), StressTech HR (high resolution) rheometer, ViscoTech DSR (the research grade asphalt dynamic shear rheometer), ViscoTech QC (quality control) rheometer, SpecTech and SpecTech DSR. DSR QC Asphalt - Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR) designed application specific for quality control of asphalt according to AASHTO TP5. Accessories for rheometers and viscometers.
The RigoTech - Muscle Texture Analyzer. RigoTech is a unique analytical instrument for measuring shortening and isometric tension of meat in relation to rigor development and tenderness. Developed in conjunction with the Swedish Meat Research Institute, the instrument is used to determine the optimum cooling conditions for meat tenderness.
The DYNALYSER - Complete Rheological Characterization System. DYNALYSER performs steady, transient, and dynamic shear measurements using parallel plate, cone and plate, couette, rectangular torsion, dynamic tension, and other fixtures. For precise control of sample temperature, the instrument offers an environmental control system with a novel, indirect heated and cooled oven. The oven is designed for testing polymer melts, solid, and fluid materials. 
Resonance Systems Ltd. (Резонансные Системы).
Resonance Systems Ltd. (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation) is a manufacturer of NMR spectrometers. Resonance Systems manufactures mobile NMR analyzer (mobile low resolution NMR spectrometer), laboratory NMR analyzer (desktop low resolution NMR spectrometer), research grady NMR spectrometer (high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer).
Rhosonics is a manufacturer of in-line analyzers for liquids, based on ultrasonic wave propagation (inline ultrasonic concentration meters, density analyzers and other instruments for automated testing of materials). Rhosonics manufactures ultrasonic in-line analyzers, sensors, and probes for analysis of concentration, density or composition of liquids, emulsions and slurries.
Ricca Chemical Company.
Ricca Chemical Company is a manufacturer of chemical testing solutions (laboratory reagents and analytical standards). Ricca Chemical Company also offer private-label, contract packaging, blending, and filling services in addition to standard product line. Ricca Chemical Company manufactures: standardized acids, bases and titrants, pH reference buffers, conductivity / TDS standards, AA and ICP standards, water analysis reagents (EPA, ASTM, and APHA testing), chemical indicators, ion selective electrode (ISE) reagents, ion chromatography standards, USP reagents, In-Vitro diagnostic reagents. Products custom manufactured to your specifications and schedule.
Richard Scientific, Inc.
Richard Scientific, Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of preparative and process scale liquid chromatography equipment, flash chromatography system and components, HPLC equipment. Richard Scientific mnaufactures and supplies preparative liquid chromatography systems, process scale liquid chromatography systems, solvent delivery systems for HPLC, flash chromatography system and axial compression preparative columns.
Richardson Electronics Ltd.
Richardson Electronics Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of electro-optical products, including hollow cathode lamps for atomic absorption spectrometers, deuterium lamps for spectrometers and spectrophotometers, power grid tubes for induction coupled plasma generators, photo tubes and photomultipliers, X-ray tubes for both diffraction and fluorescence spectorometry equipment, ionization gauge tubes, microwave tubes, microwave generators and accessories. Richardson Electronics Ltd manufactures a full range of radiation detectors. Replacement components are available for Spectrophotometry, Atomic Absorption, Liquid Chromatography, Radiation Detection and X-Ray Analysis. Richardson Electronics Ltd manufactures and supplies an extensive line of Lamps and Bulbs for various applications in Industrial, Broadcast, Medical and Analytical Laboratory equipment. The full line of Cathodeon manufactured Deuterium Lamps and Hollow Cathode Lamps for Spectroscopy and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry.
Richardson Electronics offers direct replacements of many of the XRD and XRF X-Ray tubes (included manufactured by Varian, AEG, Siemens, Enraf-Nonius, Seifert, ATPS and Toshiba). Also end and side window X-Ray Proportional Counters, Position Sensitive Detectors, BF3 and He3 Neutron Proportional Detectors, Ionization Chambers and Fission Counters as well as the more common Geiger Mueller Tubes.
Rigaku International Corporation.
Rigaku Corporation (Japan) and its subsidiary companies manufactures X-ray spectrometers (WDXRF, EDXRF instruments), X-ray diffractometers (single crystal X-ray diffraction instruments, protein and small molecule XRD systems), small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) instruments, thermal analysis instruments, and lab automation products (laboratory robotics). Rigaku manufactures bench top total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) spectrometer, performs elemental analysis down to PPB levels, energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) elemental analyzers, in-line X-ray transmission sulfur analyzer (process, on-line XRT sulfur gauge for crude oil, marine bunker fuel and blending operations). Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. division in Austin, Texas USA is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and supporting EDXRF benchtop spectrometers - elemental analyzers as well as at-line, on-line, real-time process control elemental analysis instrumentation (provides both elemental analysis + thickness and composition measurement of multi-layer thin films). The company manufactures the semiconductor metrology instrumentation. Rigaku specializes in manufacturing XRF, XRD and XRR metrology tools to measure critical process parameters like thin film: thickness, composition, roughness, density, porosity, and crystal structure. Rigaku manufactures process TXRF and VPD-TXRF tools for contamination measurement, including in-line X-ray metal film monitor designed for high-throughput, product-wafer measurements. Rigaku manufactures X-ray optics, X-ray generators and detectors for scientific instruments, including microfocus rotating anode X-ray generator, X-ray sources for macro-molecular crystallography, low-noise CCD imaging detectors. Rigaku Corporation also manufactures X-ray stress analyzer for materials science.
Rigaku Corporation manufactures a complete range of protein crystallography instruments, small molecule crystallography instruments, including modular and expandable protein crystal imaging and analysis system. Rigaku Corporation manufactures a complete suite of laboratory automation products for protein crystallography, including protein crystal growth integrated storage, retrieval, and imaging systems and crystal scoring software.
Rigaku Corporation manufactures thermal analysis instruments: thermogravimetric analysis - differential thermal analysis instruments (humidity-controlled, high temperature TG-DTA system), differential scanning calorimetry instruments (DSC systems, differential scanning calorimeters), thermomechanical analysis instruments (humidity-controlled thermomechanical analyzer, high temperature thermomechanical analyzer, options for TMA instruments). Rigaku also offers evolved gas analysis (EGA) solutions: temperature programmed desorption systems, TG-DTA-GC-MS system, TG-DTA-mass-spectrometer system.
R K Manufacturing, Incorporated.
R K Manufacturing Incorporated is a manufacturer of pipettes and pipette tips, repetitive dispensers and microtiter plates. R K Manufacturing Incorporated manufactures the Ritips (Repetitive Dispensing Tips) for Ripette repetitive dispenser, compatible with Eppendorf Repeater Pipetter, direct replacement for Eppendorf Combitips. Ripette Repetitive Dispenser / Pipetter- Compatible with Eppendorf Repeater Pipetter, use with Ripette repetitive dispenser. Rivette Cuvette Cartridge- Compatible with the Cobas Mira S and Cobas Mira Plus Instruments. The 96-deep well Riplate is available is polypropylene and polystyrene. The Riplate features the same footprint as all standar 96 well microtiter plates and is compatible with commonly used 8 and 12 channel pipetters.
RKI Instruments, Inc.
RKI Instruments, Inc manufactures, services, and distributes gas detection products ranging from personal single gas units to complex multi-point continuous monitoring systems. RKI Instruments, Inc is the North American subsidiary of Riken Keiki Co, one of the world's largest manufacturers of fixed and portable gas detection instruments and sensors. RKI also developes and manufactures a line of gas detection instruments and accessories to complement the Riken product line. RKI Instruments, Inc manufactures and supplies portable analytical instruments including models for simultaneously monitoring up to 6 gases with internal sampling pump, LEL and PPM ranges for flammables and widest combination of gases (O2, CO, H2S, NH3, AsH3, CO2, Cl2, F2, HF, HCl, NO2, O3, PH3, SiH4, SO2). Fixed Monitoring Systems with variety of controllers and detector heads. Gas detectors based on many sensor technologies, including catalytic combustion, thermal conductivity, electrochemical, infra-red, paper tape, pyrolization, metal oxide and other.
Robinx is a manufacturer of continuous MS inlets and accessories for continuous mass spectrometry. Robinx is specialized in Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry (MIMS) and Rotating Ball Inlet Mass Spectrometry (ROBIN-MS). Robinx offers a membrane inlet with a small sample cell, a flow through membrane inlet for a sample stream and a plug-in membrane inlet for fermentor monitoring.
Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry (MIMS) is an established method for continuous mass spectrometric monitoring of gaseous or liquid reaction mixtures. In MIMS the sample is separated from the vacuum of the mass spectrometer by a thin polymer membrane. Gases and organic volatiles diffuse from the sample into the mass spectrometer. Polar compounds such as glycerol are not detectable with MIMS.
Robinx offers a rotating ball inlet with a small sample cells and a flow through rotating ball inlet for a sample stream. The Rotating Ball Inlet (ROBIN) is a new mechanical device for continuous introduction of sample into a mass spectrometer invented at the Physical Biochemistry Group, Odense University, Denmark. A ball immersed in the sample is pressed against a polymer gasket surrounding an aperture in the wall of the vacuum chamber. Rotation of the ball causes sample situated in microscopic cavities in the surface of the ball to be dragged past the gasket into the vacuum where it evaporates (patent pending). ROBIN-MS has potential applications in reaction kinetics (stopped flow mass spectrometry), in conjunction with chromatography (LC/MS), in fermentor monitoring and in many other fields.
Rocklabs is the geochemistry equipment company, manufacturer of sample preparation equipment and machines (ring mills, pulverisers, crushers, rotating sample dividers, mechanised sample preparation systems), and supplier of analytical reference materials (analytical standards) for the mining industry. Rocklabs manufactures sample pulverisers (ring mills, swing mills, vibratory mills, ring & puck mills, vibrating cup mill) and crushers (hydraulic crusher, Boyd crusher, swing jaw crusher). Bench top ring mill for XRF/XRD. Standard ring mill features removable head/bowls/barrel from 1 gram to 1500 grams. Continuous flow ring mill for samples from 1 kg to 25 kg or more. Rotating sample dividers (two sizes available) - The smaller size is designed to be placed on a work bench but can be used in conjuction with the Rocklabs continuous ring mill (CRM). Featured products:
Boyd Crusher & Rotating Sample Divider - The Rocklabs RSD (Rotating Sample Divider) has been designed to be used alongside the Boyd Crusher for ‘one step’crushing and splitting. The sample is loaded onto the Boyd, then, in one simple operation, it is crushed, conveyed to the RSD via a vibratory feeder, then split into the preset proportions of your choice.
Smart GeoPrep - This is an automated version of the very successful Boyd/RSD COMBO. When using “Smart Geoprep “ the operator chooses an optimum weight for the split that will be produced. For example, when using a ring or puck Mill, there is an optimum amount for pulverising, not too high a weight so the sample is pulverised finely, not to small a weight so the pulverised sample is representative of the original material. The operator weighs each sample (this can be recorded in a LIMS) and loads it into the Boyd crusher. The sample material falls onto a small belt conveyer that takes it to the RSD. The speed of the belt is controlled by a PLC so that small samples travel slowly, to ensure a high quality split through the RSD.
Mechanised Sample Preparation Systems - A Mechanised System is a combination of two or more machines and devices so that a process of sample preparation can be carried out without any operator action. Mechanised Systems are normally more complex than COMBOS or may have a different construction to a COMBO, e.g machines built in a tower layout, so a sample can travel vertically from one machine to another.
Automated Sample Preparation Systems - Rocklabs Automated Systems are based on the concept of a sample flowing through a process, not a series of batch events. The overall aim is simplicity of design and construction to minimise construction costs and running costs and enable the system to be operated by existing laboratory technicians and maintained by existing plant fitters.
Roenalytic GmbH (now Roentgenanalytik Systeme GmbH & Co. KG.)
Roentgenanalytik Systeme GmbH & Co. KG (Germany, until October 2008 known as Roentgenanalytik Messtechnik GmbH) is a manufacturer of X-ray fluorescence analyzers (X-ray fluorescence instrument company). Roentgenanalytik Systeme GmbH & Co. KG manufactures X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for coating thickness and composition measurement, microanalysis, determination of precious metals, fast, non-destructive and accurate Karat-measurement of precious metals and finished jewellery. Roentgenanalytik Systeme GmbH manufactures XRF precious metals analyzer - X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for fast, non-destructive and accurate Karat-measurement of precious metals and finished jewellery (noble metals analyzer, XRF gold analyzer features sample positioning by a video system and a sample stage). The company manufactures a family of micro-XRF analyzers for small parts and inclusions spot analysis, materials and coatings elemental mapping, ROHS/WEEE measurements (micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometers with beam concentration by capillary optics, possible spot sizes range from 20 µm to 300 µm). Roentgenanalytik Systeme GmbH manufactures XRF sediment core analyzer - a micro beam X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer designed specifically for the measurement of the elemental distribution of layered sediment cores.
Rotex Inc.
Rotex Inc specializes in the development of screening equipment and technology for the process industries. Rotex Inc is a manufacturer of automated particle size analyzers (sieve analysis) and particle separation equipment includes: gyratory and vibratory screeners and sifters for dry applications, liquid-solid separators for wet applications, vibratory feeders and conveyors. Rotex Inc manufactures the GRADEX 2000 Particle Size Analyzer. The GRADEX 2000 is a patented PC-controlled device which fully automates the sieve analysis process. Automatic Sample Feeder enables staging up to seven samples for uninterrupted testing. Gradex Windows software offers the user easy setup and operation of the GRADEX 2000. Results can then be automatically printed or viewed in the standard GRADEX format or in customized reports created to meet specific formatting requirements.
Rubotherm GmbH.
Rubotherm GmbH (Rubotherm Prazisionsmebtechnik) is the scientific instrument company manufactures gravimetric measuring instruments. Rubotherm GmbH id a manufacturer of magnetic suspension balances for sorption measurements, density measurements and thermogravimetry. The exceptional feature of these instruments lies in measuring samples or probes which are freely suspended. Due to gravity, technically important free suspension can only be achieved using controlled electromagnetic fields. Devices based on this principle are known as magnetic suspension couplings or magnetic suspension bearings. 
Applications included high pressure density measurement, high pressure sorption measurement and gravimetry in highly aggressive atmospheres. Magnetic suspension balances allow force and mass changes acting on samples under controlled environments (pressure, temperature, aggressive atmospheres) to be measured with utmost precision. By means of these measurements it is possible to determine very accurately and directly transport quantities and state quantities (sorption, diffusion, surface, tension, density), to study chemical reactions (corrosion, decomposition, pyrolysis) and to investigate production techniques (polymerisation, coating, drying). Also instruments for sorption measuring - particle and surface characterization.
Rudolph Research Analytical.
Rudolph Research Analytical (USA) is a manufacturer and supplier of polarimeters, saccharimeters, automatic refractometers and density meters. Rudolph Research Analytical manufactures a full line of polarimeters, saccharimeters, cells, calibration standards and accessories for polarimeters and saccharimeters. The AUTOPOL 880 and IIS Automatic Saccharimeters designed for use in the cane, beet and sugar related industries. The AUTOPOL 880 is a dual wavelength microprocessor based saccharimeter capable of measuring at both 589 nm and 880 nm. The 880 nm ICUMSA Approved near infrared wavelength allows measurement of dark sugar factory juices. The AUTOPOL 880 Purity Option allows simultaneous measurement and display of PURITY, BRIX and POL. The AUTOPOL 1, 2 and 6 wavelength models designed for use in the pharmaceutical essential oil, chemical, food, beverage and related industries. Rudolph Research Analytical manufactures high precision automatic refractometers and density meters for research laboratory and quality control applications.
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