Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Classified catalogue of the manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (spectroscopy instruments, chromatography instruments, gas analysis, elemental analysis, thermal analysis instruments, food analysis instruments, pharmaceutical analysis, water analysis instruments, process analytical instruments, materials testing equipment, petroleum testing instruments), laboratory equipment (sample preparation equipment). Систематический каталог производителей и поставщиков аналитического оборудования (приборы для спектроскопии, хроматографии, анализа газов, элементного анализа, термоанализа, анализа пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализа воды, поточного химического анализа, испытания материалов, контроля нефтепродуктов), лабораторного оборудования (пробоподготовка).
Current edition (since March 13, 1998)- Текущая редакция  (с 13 марта 1998).
Alphabetical catalogue of companies: Алфавитный каталог компаний:
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S - index of alphabetical catalogue in English language. S - индекс алфавитного каталога на русском языке.
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics - LabPure.
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics (formerly Norton Performance Plastics Corporation) is a business unit of Saint-Gobain Ceramics & Plastics Inc, a subsidiary of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is a manufacturer of plastic fluid handling hoses and tubes, machined and molded fluoropolymers, and medical-grade silicones, release liners, PTFE coated fabrics and tapes, membranes, foam seals, gaskets and bonding tapes, precision bearings, spring energized seals, radomes, composites for aerospace. 
Laboratory supplies includes: Chemware fluoropolymer high performance labware. Protection Films and Tapes. Fluid Handling products- Fittings and Valves, Heat Transfer, Sampling and Fluoropolymer Tubing. Gaskets from Polyurethane and PVC, Micro-porous PTFE membranes, Seals from PTFE, Silicone and other Elastomers. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics markets trusted brands such as: Tygon, Sil-Med, Synflex, Chemfluor, Zitex, Thermalbond, Norton, CHR, CHEMFAB, Normount, Furon, Rulon, Norglide, Chemware, Sanitech, PureFit and Pharmed.
Salare, Inc.
Salare Inc. (formerly Labguard Corporation) is a manufacturer of fume hoods and laminar flow exhaust equipment used in ducted, non-ducted and non-ventilated applications where there's a need to control fumes and / or particles. Salare provides both standard and custom-manufactured fume hoods of all sizes to accommodate many applications and installations, including bench-top, free-standing, mobile, and drive-in. The company specializes in custom fabrication of non-corrosive polypropylene equipment including process stations, laboratory tables, roof ventilation systems and many special designs.
Samplex Ltd.
Samplex Ltd manufactures a range of sampling, sample division and laboratory testing equipment including the IL 50 grab sampler for in-process applications. Another product developed by Samplex is the Insectomat insect detector for wheat. Samplex Ltd manufactures automated truck sampling systems, In-line sampling and sample transfer systems, pellet durability testing - laboratory and in-line, insect detection equipment, moisture testing equipment, handheld sampling probes, sieves. Installers of bulk grain and feed sampling systems.
Sampling Systems.
Sampling Systems is a manufacturer of liquid and gas samplers for volatile organics and ambient air samplers (all sampler manufactured according to EPA, OSHA and NESHAP regulations). Sampling Systems manufactures the automated multi-sorbent tube archival air sampler, multi port ambient air sampling valve, sample coolers, head space sampler, carbon filters; liquid samplers: fixed volume, fixed volume with sample preparation, automatic fixed volume, inline, two way, three way, large particulate, portable; gas samplers: piggy back cylinder, single valve 6 port switching, single valve 3 way, gas decade flow splitter; sampling pumps - submersible deep well, submersible self packing deep well.
Sampling Systems designs and manufactures a complete line of liquid samplers, gas and ambient air samplers and sample coolers. These systems sample toxic and / or volatile organic chemicals and process streams and prevent the escape of emissions into the atmosphere. The Sampling System unit performs these tasks while obtaining representative and contamination-free samples safely. Automated Multi-sorbent Tube Air Sampler (AMTAS) is an automated archival air sampler which was designed for use aboard the space shuttle and space station. The AMTAS will collect up to 16 different samples at pre-determined intervals and archive the samples for analysis at a later date when the unit is desorbed. The Piggy Back Gas Cylinder provides a method of meeting DOT requirements without fractionating the sample.
Sanda Corporation.
Sanda Corporation manufactures thermometric titration instruments. Sanda Corporation manufactures three different models of titrators: the QC manual thermo-titrator, the FACTS (Fully Automated Computerized Titration System) multi-titrator and the FloTrol process analytical titration system. The QC is a manually operated digital electronic instrument; the FACTS system contains many of the components of the QC titator, but is controlled by computer with software written on the Labview platform;  the FloTrol is the on-line analytical system which is designed individually for each project. The F.A.C.T.S. system includes a single buret and control module with four application channels that can be used for thermometric, pH, conductometric, and optical applications. SandaWin SW fully exploits the capabilities of SANDA F.A.C.T.S. for more sensitivity, precision and accuracy. Auto-sampler also available with 12, 16 and 24 position carousels, titration head and data cable. 
Sartorius is one of the world leading manufacturers and suppliers of weighing and separation products. Sartorius is a manufacturer and supplier of analytical balances, laboratory balances, moisture analyzers (moisture measuring balances), industrial scales, paint-mixing scales, laboratory filtration equipment and process filtration equipment, hydrodynamic bearings.
Schambeck SFD GmbH.
Schambeck SFD GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of chromatography equipment and supplies, manufacturer of HPLC columns, refractive index detectors and spare parts for high performance liquid chromatograpy. Schambeck SFD GmbH manufactures Refractive-Index-Detectors for Sugar and Polymer Analysis and GPC-Software. Schambeck SFD GmbH offer multiple RI-Detectors like analytical, preparative, analytical and preparative all in one, analytical with built-in TALLS ( two angle Laser-Light-Scattering, 15°- and 90° angle) in the houseing of "RI 2000-F" and a new small and low-cost RI-Detector, "RI 2000".
Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron AG.
Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron AG is a manufacturer of high quality test equipment for the pharmaceutical industries: tablet testing systems (weight, thickness, diameter and hardness), and cap torque measuring systems. Tablet Hardness Tester, Tablet Testing Systems and Cap Torque Analyzer. Tablet Hardness Tester - The new 8M is capable of measuring sample thickness, diameter and hardness. Tablet Testing Systems - The Autotest 4 is capable of testing a wider variety of tablet shapes than any other instrument on the market. Practically any imaginable design, including oblong, diamond, hexagon and other special shapes, are automatically brought to the correct position by the transport system (patent applied for) and fed to the measuring station. Capsule Option. The new DR. SCHLEUNIGER Pharmatron Model ATW tablet tester was developed to test large tablets and other bulky samples. Quickly and accurately measure weight, thickness, diameter and hardness of detergent or effervescent tablets and similar large compressions. Cap Torque Analyzer - The TM 200 is a torque-measuring device specially designed to work on bottle caps. The exact determination, especially of the opening torque, is a quality-defining factor. Use of the TM 200 provides reliable assurance and documentation that caps have been closed with the appropriate amount of torque. Even child-resistant caps requiring downward force during the opening operation can be tested.
Schmidlin Labor + Service AG.
SCHMIDLIN Labor + Service AG (Switzerland) is a manufacturer of laboratory pure gas generators and industrial gas generators (process gas generators). Schmidlin Labor + Service AG manufactures hydrogen generators, nitrogen generators (LC-MS - nitrogen generators (99.5 % N2) and ICP - nitrogen generators (99.99 % N2), also nitrogen generators includes hydrocarbon removal), oxigen generators, hydrogen and oxygen generators, TOC gas generators, air generators, zero air generators and ultra zero air generators, absorbtion dryers, MAXIGAS- pre-treatment dryers, buffer vessels and compressors.
schmidlin-DBS AG.
World wide distributor of laboratory gas-generators manufactured by Schmidlin Labor + Service AG.
Schmidt & Haensch.
Schmidt & Haensch (Germany) is a manufaturer of sugar laboratory saccharimeters and other sugar laboratory instruments. Schmidt & Haensch is a manufacturer of opto-electronic measurements instruments: polarimeters (saccharimeters) and refractometers. Schmidt & Haensch manufactures laboratory and process control instrumentation includes refractometers for laboratory and process applications and a full range of Automatic Circle Polarimeters. Featured product: the Saccharomat is a fully automatic sugar polarimeter with quartz wedge compensation.
Sciencetech Inc.
Sciencetech, Inc. is a manufacturer of modular spectroscopic systems, light sources, detection systems, monochromators and spectrometers, accessories, far infrared interferometer. Sciencetech have been manufacturing custom spectrometers using its line of modular optical spectroscopy components for over 20 years. These custom modular spectrometers are designed to meet specific application requirements where standard “off the shelf” instruments are not suitable. Sciencetech modular spectrophotometer systems are assembled with Sciencetech monochromators, light sources and detectors. The fast and simple upgradability lets the user transform a simple single beam UV/VIS spectrophotometer into a diffuse reflectance system, or into a dual beam UV/VIS/IR, or even use the components to assemble a high performance fluorometer. Sciencetech line of Modular Instrumentation Systems includes high dispersion spectrographic illumination system, high power density spectral illumination system, solar simulator, spectral fiber illumination system, photo-corrosion system, modular spectrophotometer, raman spectroscopy, scanning spectrophotometer systems, fluorometer systems, colorimetry system, spectroradiometer system for spectral characterization.
Featured products: Solar Simulators - Sciencetech Solar Simulators are powerful light sources used to create artificial sunlight. They are scientifically calibrated with special air mass filters to reproduce the sun's solar spectrum and are typically used in scientific research, photo-biology, biomedical, solar cell testing, and cosmetic testing applications. Far-Infrared THz FTIR - Far-Infrared or Terahertz (THz) light is the electromagnetic region between microwave and infrared light. Sciencetech has developed a modular FTIR spectrum analyzer and spectrometer to explore spectral properties this region.
ScienTemp Corporation.
ScienTemp Corporation is a manufacturer of CFC-free, low-temperature lab freezers, lab refrigerators and accessories for temperature ranges from -20C to -85C. ScienTemp Corporation manufactures moderate cold freezers, ultra-cold freezers, blood plasma freezers, research freezers, explosion-proof freezers. ScienTemp freezers are sutable for a variety of medical, scientific, industrial and commercial application.
Scientific Analysis Instruments Ltd. (SAI)
Scientific Analysis Instruments Limited (SAI) is a manufacturer and supplier of mass spectrometry instruments and software. Scientific Analysis Instruments is a manufacturer of MALDI-ToF mass spectrometers and ToF based GC-MS system. Scientific Analysis Instruments Limited (SAI) is part of a group of companies providing products and services to the chemical and environmental industry - Scientific Analysis Laboratories Ltd (SAL). The company owns one of the largest groups of contract environmental laboratories in the UK with facilities in Manchester, Glasgow, Essex,Cambridge and Reading. The group also includes an environmental consultancy company. Scientific Analysis Instruments Limited (SAI) founded in 1995, is staffed by experienced scientists and engineers who have specialist knowledge in the design and construction of mass spectrometers.
Scientific Analysis Instruments Limited (SAI) manufactures Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation Time of Flight Mass Spectrometers (MALDI-ToF-MS). Products include a range of MALDI-ToF (High power ToF-ToF and Benchtop ToF-MS) and GC/ToF-MS instruments as well as delayed extraction upgrade kits and other mass spectrometry consultancy projects.
Scientific Glass Engineering (SGE) is now SGE Analytical Science.
Scientific Industries, Inc.
Scientific Industries manufactures sample mixing lab equipment including Vortex family of mixers, a benchtop refrigerated / heated rotator, rocker and magnetic stirrer. The TurboMix attachment for cell disruption of yeast, bacteria, plant and animal tissue. The Roto-Shake Genie is a versatile 5-in-1 mixer combining a platform / tilt, shaker, rocker and rotator - mixes tubes 5 different ways, rocks tubes, trays.
Scientific Instrument Services Inc. (SIS)
Scientific Instrument Services Inc (SIS) offers supplies and services for mass spectrometers, GC-MS systems, gas chromatographs and liquid chromatographs. Scientific Instrument Services Inc (S.I.S.) specializes in products for mass spectrometers, gas chromatographs, supplies, accessories and related equipment. S.I.S services include mass spectrometer filament repair, gold gasket fabrication, and scientific instrument parts repair and manufacture. Supply a wide variety of products for mass spectrometers and gas chromatographs. MS and GC software. Sample introduction systems for gas chromatography and GC-MS, such as automated thermal desorbtion system and cryo focusing device.
The PC Controlled Automated Short Path Thermal Desorption System is designed for the continuous and unattended thermal extraction of volatile and semi-volatile organics from solid, liquid and gas samples. This system permits the direct thermal desorption of sampler into the GC injection port for subsequent analysis. It is intended for direct "Short-Path" analyte injection into Hewlett-Packard GC and GC/MS systems. Both the Purge & Trap technique and Direct Thermal Extraction technique can be used for the analysis of volatile as well as semi-volatile samples. The AutoDesorb System is the automated sampling version of the patented SIS Short Path Thermal Desorption System for the identification and quantification of volatile organics in gas, liquid and solid matrix samples. It is designed for the automatic and unattended pickup, injection and thermal extraction of volatile and semi-volatile organics from solid, liquid and gas samples for analysis by GC and GC/MS. The PC controlled Micro Cryo-Trap for cryo trapping volatiles at the front of a GC column at temperatures down to -180C, for use with purge and trap, thermal desorption, headspace and direct gas injection techniques.
Mass Spectrometry Software: NIST 98 Database and Software- New release of the NIST/EPS/NIH Mass Spectra  Library and software. Includes Deconvolution and MS Interpreter modules. SIMION 3D Version 7.0 - Industry standard PC software to study and design Ion Optics in both 2D and 3D. Online Exact Mass Calculator to determine the exact masses and isotopic abundances of chemical compounds. Mass Spectrum Generator- Just key in the masses and isotopic abundances to generate a mass spectrum graph.
Scientific Instruments, Inc.
Scientific Instruments, Inc. is a manufacturer of cryogenic temperature measuring devices (cryogenic temperature sensors) and cryogenic equipment. Scientific Instruments manufactures laboratory instrumentation and temperature sensing products for cryogenic applications. Scientific Instruments, Inc. is a manufacturer of temperature indicators & controllers; cryogenic temperature sensors; aircraft temperature sensors; fuel tank measuring system (LNG fuel tank measurement system); tank gauging system.
Scientific Resources, Inc.
Scientific Resources, Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of consumable products for HPLC, GC and Capillary Electrophoresis. Autoinjector vials for GC and HPLC. MicroSOLV Capillary Electrophoresis products: capillaries, buffers, CE accessories, chemicals. Capillaries for CE - untreated capillaries, deactivated capillaries, PEG capillaries, sulfonic capillaries, CE-200HS capillaries, Cyclo-100 capillaries, polyacrylamide gel filled capillaries. Filtration products: Titan Filtration Systems. Polypropylene filters, regenerated cellulose filters, benchmate compatible robotic filters.
Scientific Specialties Service, Inc.
Scientific Specialties Service, Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of precleaned and certified glass and plastics bottles, vials, jars, and teflon lined caps. All products washed to EPA protocol. Scientific Specialties Service, Inc manufactures and supplies a complete line of safety-coated sample containers and chromatography vials and accessories.
Scientific Systems, Inc. (SSI)
Scientific Systems, Inc (SSI) is one of the world leading manufacturers of HPLC instrumentation and quality components for the analytical instrument industry. Scientific Systems, Inc (SSI) specializes is the design and manufacture of laboratory fluid handling equipment, high pressure fittings and pumps for HPLC. Scientific Systems, Inc (SSI) is a manufacturer of HPLC pumps, check valves, isolation valves, pulse dampers, HPLC column hardware, tube cutter, back pressure regulator, solvent debubblers, solvent filters, couplings, crosses and tees, HPLC column oven, prime purge valve. Scientific Systems, Inc (SSI) manufactures a complete line of high performance pumps and fluid path components for liquid chromatography and precision metering applications. Featured products: a line of pumps for microHPLC (0.001 - 5 ml/min), preparative liquid chromatography (100 ml/min, up to 4,000 psi) and HPLC pumps with integrated quaternary low pressure gradients. A wide range of positive displacement piston pumps, for laboratory, metering and process applications (pressure ratings up to 18,000 p.s.i., flow rates from 1 µl to 300 ml/min). Scientific Systems, Inc (SSI) offers custom manufacturing - specialized pumps can be designed for your particular application. An ISO 9001 certified manufacturer.
SciLabware Limited.
SciLabware Limited (UK) is a manufacturer of scientific glassware and reusable plastic labware. SciLabware Limited manufactures Azlon reusable plastic labware (plastic bottles, wash bottles, measuring cylinders, jugs, beakers), Pyrex laboratory glassware (borosilicate beakers, bottles, flasks, funnels, distillation apparatus, dishes, test tubes), Quickfit laboratory glassware (ground glass jointed ware), MBL volumetric classware (volumetric flasks, pipettes, burettes).
Scintrex Trace Corporation.
Scintrex Trace Corporation (formerly IDS Intelligent Detection Systems) is a manufacturer of intelligent sensory systems include analytical and security instrumentation for detection of explosives and narcotics. IDS offers over 70 different sensor and detection products worldwide- for public safety and security, law enforcement, power generation control systems and worker safety alert devices, geophysical instrumentation, environmental monitoring, geophysical surveys and mapping, mineral exploration, petroleum exploration, industrial process control and medical diagnostic applications. The Analytical and Security Division of IDS manufactures portable narcotics and explosives detectors (handheld portable drug detector and handheld portable explosives detector), walktrough gas chromatography - ion mobility spectrometry explosive detection systems and vehicle bomb detection systems.
The NDS-2000 Handheld Portable Drug Detector- The NDS-2000 is self-contained and lightweight (less than 5,5 kg. with battery) and comes in a fully equipped, rugged carrying case. The NDS-2000 can detect and identify minute traces of cocaine, heroin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), methamphetamine and other narcotics of interest, making it a valuable partner in critical drug detection scenarios. 
EVD-3000 Handheld Portable Explosives Detector- The EVD-3000 is the handheld portable explosives trace detector capable of detecting plastic and high-vapour pressure explosives including taggants. The EVD-3000 detects both residues and vapours, letting you conduct non- invasive searches of luggage, mail, vehicles, documents and containers. EVD-3000 can detect and identify minute traces of C-4, TNT dynamite, PETN, Semtex, EGDN, DMNB, RDX, EGMN and nitroglycerine. The EVD-3000 is self-contained and lightweight (less than 7 lbs.) and comes in a fully equipped, rugged carrying case.
Orion and Orion Plus Explosives Detectors- GC/IMS (gas chromatography/ion mobility spectrometry) systems for airports. The Orion/OrionPLUS Explosives Detection Systems, based on IDS' patented GC/IMS (gas chromatography / ion mobility spectrometry) dual technology process can detect and identify traces of specific explosives from a wide range of compounds that could be present in a sample. Orion PLUS detects the full range of ICAO taggants. Explosives detection capability- PETN, RDX, AN, TNT, EGDN, and NG, ICAO taggants: EGDN, DMNB, O-MNT, P-MNT (OrionPLUS).
Scott Specialty Gases.
Scott Specialty Gases is a manufacturer and supplier of specialty gas products (specialty gases and gas handling equipment). Scott Specialty Gases manufactures a diverse range of specialty gases including high-purity research gases, calibration standards, custom gas mixtures, electronic gases and medical gases. Scott Specialty Gases also offers high quality gas handling equipment and custom gas delivery systems, as well as high-pressure, compressed gas cylinders. Gas Handling Equipment - regulators, flow measurement gauges, filtration, valves, gauges and gas distribution systems.
SCP Science.
SCP Science is a manufacturer and supplier of analytical standards, consumable products and reagents for inorganic analysis. SCP Science specializes in the production of accurately calibrated inorganic solutions. SCP Science offers a complete range of products designed to assist in putting your samples into solution, powder, or pellet form - from large volume crushers to micro-digestion systems. SCP Science a manufacturer and distributor of ICP and AA standards, matrix modifiers, titrants, buffers, BOD, IC and other specialty reagents. 
Product lines: XRF spectroscopy - films, cells, Alucaps, fluxes, reference standards. Atomic absorbtion spectroscopy - AA supplies, AA standards, Hollow Cathode Lamp (precious metals excluded), EDL Lamp, Graphite Furnace Tubes. ICP spectrometry - glass / quartzware, supplies and accessories. Sample preparation-  Laboratory mills, grinders, pulverizers, presses. Kjeldahl analysis - digestion, distillation.
S.D.Fine-Chem Ltd.
SD Fine-Chem Ltd (India) is the chemical company, manufacturer of laboratory chemicals. S.D.Fine-Chem Ltd manufactures a range of chemicals from routine analytical reagents to high speciality chemicals like HPLC solvents and biochemicals. SD Fine-Chem Ltd is a supplier of laboratory glassware and plasticware.
Seedburo Equipment Company.
Seedburo Equipment Company is a manufacturer and distributor of grain sampling, sample handling and dividing equipment, testing and grading equipment for the grain, feed and seed industries. Seedburo Equipment Company manufactures and distribute grain moisture testers (moisture meters) and grain protein testers, grain grading equipment and rice grading equipment, seed counters, treaters and grain analysis equipment, sample handling equipment, grain sampling equipment, probes, dividers, bags, envelopes, sample containers and pans, grain cleaners, sieve shakers, sizers, and shellers, bin level switches, germinators and accessories, threshers and planters, thermometers and other instrumentation, safety equipment, lab mills, hullers, pearlers, and other lab equipment, such as balances and scales.
The manufacturing division of Seedburo Equipment Company, the GAMET Manufacturing Inc, produces and distributes world-wide, an extensive line of mechanical sampling systems. In addition, GAMET manufactures Grain Dividers, Pellet Durability Tester, the Apollo line of automatic truck and rail car probe samplers. Seedburo Equipment Company exclusively distribute many lines of equipment to the agricultural industries. Some of these products are the Chopin line of flour, milling, and testing equipment, Count-A-Pak Seed Counters, Burrows Moisture Testers, Computer Grain Scales, Ohaus Grading Scales, S/J Grading and Inspection Viewers and Inspection Stations, Germinators and numerous others items for quality control of grain, flour, semolina. Seedburo offers an extensive line of research equipment for seed companies and production facilities- Seed Counters, Germinators, Vacuum Counting Station, Sample Dividers, Probes & Triers, Scales & Balances, Threshers & Combines.
Sensorex is the electrochemistry instrument company, manufacturer of electrochemical sensors and electrodes for pH, REDOX, ORP, conductivity, resistivity and dissolved oxygen measurements in the lab and industry. Sensorex manufactures pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen sensors and electrodes for portable, laboratory and industrial process applications.
Featured products: Self cleaning pH electrodes, Toroidal conductivity, Galvanic dissolved oxygen and other specialty sensors and electrodes. Process pH electrodes - flat surface electrodes, in-line mounted, side stream mounted, submersion mounted, insertion (wet tap) and fluoride resistant electrodes.
Sentron Europe b.v.
Sentron Europe manufactures pH measuring systems based on ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) technology and pressure sensor chips. Sentron Europe is a manufacturer of pH meters, solid state pH sensors and probes. All Sentron pH measuring systems are based on the high-tech Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) solid state pH sensor. Sentron Europe manufactures benchtop and handheld pH Meters and ISFET-based probes for use in the lab, in the field or at the production line. These instruments can handle a virtually unlimited number of tasks ranging from single sample measurements to multi-point datalogging for process monitoring, quality control or research work. 
Three families of ISFET pH probes are available for pH measurements under different circumstances: The Red-Line series is a range of non-glass, virtually unbreakable ISFET pH probes, providing faster, safer and more reliable measurements. The Red-Line probes are available in five different shapes. Although all suitable for general pH testing, each is designed for specific applications. The Hot-Line series is a range of high temperature rated ISFET pH probes. In this series there are three different shapes of the probe available. The Stream-Line series of ISFET pH probes incorporate a flow type reference system, offering solutions for a wide variety of applications.
Separation Methods Technologies Incorporated (SMT, Inc.)
Separation Methods Technologies Incorporated (SMT, Inc) is a manufacturer and supplier of the quality bulk packing material (a wide selection of silica sizes of various pore dimensions, for various chromatographic applications). Separation Methods Technologies Incorporated (SMT, Inc) manufacture Quick-Sep columns for fast analysis of pharmaceuticals. Separation Methods Technologies Incorporated also synthesize mixed phases for special applications and manufacture chiral columns for separations of enantiomers. Normal and Reverse-phase Columns- Available in all lengths, and a variety of I.D. dimensions including preparative and process scale sizes. Ion Exchange and Specialty Columns such as: Aminopropyl (NH2), Cyanopropyl (CN), DIOLS (OH), Phenyl, DEAE, SAX, WAX, SCX, WCX, and TSK columns. SMT manufactures columns for USP methods including: UPSL7 and USPL1. Also available as L3, L8, L9, L10, L11, L13, L14, L20, L26, L27, and other unclassified phases, such as C12 and C30.
Separation Systems Inc.
Separation Systems Inc develops and manufactures standard and custom GC applications for the Petrochemical and Chemical industries. Separation Systems Inc manufactures GC analyzers for simulated distillation, including software for all ASTM calculation. Detailed hydrocarbon analysis, refinery gas analysis in less time, trace level oxygenates, natural gas, and geochemical analyzers for exploration and production samples. Custom-made GCs for special applications. Other software products such as natural gas calculations and chromatograph editor. For custom applications, Separation Systems Inc designs complete gas chromatography systems according to the customer's specific requirements. All instruments are extensively tested with a customer specified testing sample.
Sepiatec GmbH.
Sepiatec GmbH is a manufacturer of high performance liquid chromatography systems coupling HPLC with SPE, multi-step preparative chromatography and parallel HPLC systems - automation chromatography instrumentation for high throughput analysis and high throughput purification in combinatorial chemistry, drug development. Sepiatec manufactures Sepmatix - an 8 fold parallel HPLC System for analytical and semi-preparative applications to enhance the throughput, and Sepbox - a combination of HPLC and SPE to fully automate the separation of complex mixtures like natural product extracts. Sepbox chromatography systems for purification of drug substances and fractionation of natural products features automated coupling of preparative HPLC and solid phase extraction (SPE) that leads to easy access of pure compounds in a buffer-free organic environment.
Sepiatec's Sepbox concept is based on a patented combination of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) together with solid phase extraction (SPE). With this platform technology a large number of samples can be efficiently processed. Up to 600 samples for HTS can be obtained with a maximum of purity and more than 90% recovery rate using 2-dimensional separation, both for polar and non-polar substances. For highly polar substances an optional polar setup can be integrated.
Using the Sepmatix parallel HPLC system, eight samples can be processed simultaneously to increase throughput. Samples are separated on an arrangement of eight columns using one single pump. The flow of this pump is controlled and spread on the individual columns by the Sepmatix FlowControl, a patented active splitter module for measurement and regulation of the actual flow. The integrated Sepmatix 8x Autosampler is able to inject eight samples in parallel. Detection of all eight lines is done by one multiplexed PDA-Detector. With the preparative Sepmatix, an 8-fold fully automated separation and fractionation into either 96 standard well plates or deep well plates is possible.
The integrated Sepmatix 8x Autosampler is able to inject eight samples in parallel either from shallow or deepwell microtiterplates. The high level of automation permits the continuous processing of 10 deep well plates or 30 shallow well plates. Detection is based on a multiplexed PDA-Detector where the light of a deuterium UV light source is split into individual beams by separating the fiber bundle into eight individual channels. A special version for chiral column screening applications allows to inject one sample into all eight lines for comparison. This special version can also inject from a vial rack, containing up to 40 vials (1,5 ml). Typical flow rates of the analytical Sepmatix are between 0.25 up to 2.5 ml per column.
Sepragen Corporation.
Sepragen Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of biopurification chromatography systems for a wide range of industries. Development of large-scale chromatography with radial flow chromatography process. Equipment and instrumentation to biotechnology companies for use in scale-up and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Sepragen develops and licenses separation and purification processes using patented SuperFlo, and Wedge radial flow chromatography columns and Quantasep computer controlled process chromatography workstations for use in the biopharmaceutical, food and beverage and waste management industries. Sepragen Corporation manufactures a complete line of products for process large-scale liquid chromatography. Sepragen Corporation also sell patented resins along with a new patented process column line for axial flow chromatography.
SeQuant AB.
SeQuant AB is the chromatography instrument company, manufacturer of equipment and accessories for ion chromatography. SeQuant is a company specializing in instrumentation and consumables for chromatography, in particular ion separations. SeQuant AB manufactures separation column suppressor systems, continuous suppressor regeneration eluent supply, sample preparation equipment for ion chromatography. Chemiluminescence detector, heterogeneous chemiluminescence detector and high quality reagents for chemiluminescence. Membrane reactors, dialysis cells for sample preparation.
Featured products for Ion Chromatography - The membrane suppressor for anion chromatography, SAMS. The SAMS anion suppressor system is a chemically regenerated membrane suppressor capable of converting suppressed mode anion chromatographic eluents to their corresponding acids. 
The SeQuant Continuous Regeneration System - CARS. Gradient elution and the use of highly alkaline eluents is an easy task when using SeQuant CARS.
Post-Column Reaction Equipment included: Mixing Devices, Phase Separators, Reactors and Delay Coils, Membrane Devices.
Chromatography Accessories included: Tubing, Kynar Luer Fittings, Kynar Flexible Tube Fittings, HPLC Fittings and Filters.
Sercon Ltd.
Sercon (UK) is a manufacturer of stable isotope mass spectrometers and sample preparation systems for isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS instrumentation). Sercon are dedicated to the design, manufacture and support of isotope ratio mass spectrometers (IRMS) and their associated sample preparation systems. Sercon is a manufacturer and supplier of spare parts and consumables for isotope ratio mass spectrometry instrumentation, includes stable isotope labeled compounds. Sercon specialises in providing users of IRMS systems and elemental analysers with quality service, consumables and spare parts. The maintenance, service and repair of all Europa Scientific and PDZ systems. Consumables, quartz glassware and chemical reagents are available for all common elemental analyzers. Sercon Ltd also specialises in upgrading and re-manufacturing isotope ratio mass spectrometers (IRMS systems).
Sercon manufactures a family of stable isotope mass spectrometers: continuous flow and dual inlet isotope ratio mass spectrometers, 13C and 15N analyzers, automated breath carbon analyser. Sercon manufactures a broad range of sample preparation systems for stable isotope mass spectrometers - elemental analyzers: gaseous, solid and liquid samples preparation systems, gas chromatographic interface - GC combustion / pyrolysis system, cryogenic gas purification and concentration system, TOC-Cryoprep device for high precision 13C analysis from dissolved carbon, high temperature elemental analyzer system, carbonate acid preparation system, water equilibration system, and customized samples preparation devices.
Sercon are the specialists for upgrades on Europa Scientific and PDZ Europa instruments. Sercon offers the Reference Gas Injection upgrade. Reference gas injection is an automated method of introducing reference gas directly to the ion source or into the carrier gas stream (optional). Sercon offers stand-alone modules that can supply any number of reference gases to the IRMS. Each Reference Gas Injection module will be individually designed for the customers system to ensure ease of use and interfacing. Older systems such as the Tracermass may need a dedicated interface box and new software (also available from Sercon). Upgrades for VG, Micromass 903, Finnigan 251, Tracermass IRMS systems.
Refurbished IRMS systems: In addition to new systems, Sercon also offer a range of preowned, refurbished IRMS instruments. All are totally re-manufactured back to new specification and offered with a 12-month warranty.
Sercon provide consumables and spares for a wide range of elemental analyzers and IRMS systems manufactured by Carlo Erba, CE Instruments, Costech, Elementar, Europa Scientific, Eurovector, Exeter, PDZ Europa, Perkin Elmer, Thermo Finnigan.
Sercon is a manufacturer and supplier of isotopically labeled compounds and gases. A full range of stable isotope labeled compounds (13C, 17O, 18O, 15N compounds, deuterated compounds) and gases is available along with a range of metal stable isotopes. Custom synthesis.
Setaram Instrumentation.
Setaram Instrumentation (Caluire, France) is a manufacturer of instrumentation for thermal analysis, features an extremely large temperature range. The applications fields of these instruments are in the study and specification of materials, as varied and different as polymers, organics and pharmaceutical substances, food and biological products, minerals and ceramics, metals and metallurgical products. Setaram Inc manufactures a complete line of thermal analysis products covering the widest range from -196C to 2400C, including DSC, DTA, pressure DSC, simultaneous TGA-DTA, simultaneous TGA-DSC, TMA, vertical dilatometers and ultra high sensitive microcalorimeters for thermal stability and mixing studies. Labsys - low cost series of multi-module thermal anlyzers (DSC, DTA, TG, TG/DTA, TG/DSC, TMA). High temperature and large volume thermal analyzers. Setsoft thermal analysis software.
Seward Ltd.
Seward Ltd is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of medical, surgical and laboratory equipment and supplies. Seward Ltd is a manufacturer of the Stomacher Lab System - integrated system for fast and efficient processing of laboratory samples for microboilogical analysis. Seward Ltd manufactures a complete range of Stomacher lab blender homogenizers with the complementary disposable bags and accessories for sample preparation. The Stomacher uses a unique mechanical action in which contoured paddles apply pressure to the sample bag, effectively washing out deep seated organisms. Bacteria is extracted from most food samples in only 30 seconds.
SGE Analytical Science.
SGE Analytical Science (formerly Scientific Glass Engineering) is a manufacturer of chromatography syringes, capillary columns and accessories for gas chromatography, HPLC columns and accessories, and chromatography consumables. SGE Analytical Science is one of the leading manufacturers of calillary columns and accesories for gas chromatography. SGE Analytical Science manufactured syringes are now used by all leading GC instrument makers. Chromatography components such as capillary columns, valves, ferrules and gas filters are also used extensively by instrument manufacturers. 
Product lines: Instrument Specific Consumables. General GC Consumables. Capillary Columns. Analytical Syringes. HPLC Products. Products: capillary GC columns and accessories, capillary injectors and splitters, ferrules, septa, gas filters, injection liners, micro volume syringes, glass lined metal tubing, jet separators, multidimensional system for GC, HPLC columns and accessories. Also the ETP electron multipliers.
Featured products: The ProteCol column has been developed to produce excellent peak shapes and high efficiencies in Capillary HPLC analysis and LC/MS applications. ProteCol columns integrate connecting tubing and column into a single unit, producing a 'no dead volume' system. The ProteCol system is as easy to operate as a conventional LC system. Connection to LC/MS is simple and quick and all columns are individually tested. Inert 3 micron silica particles packed in fused silica lined PEEK tubing (PEEKsil) columns give excellent peak shapes even for highly polar basic molecules. The optimized design of the ProteCol column system results in perfect peak symmetry and plate efficiencies in the order of 90%. The ProteCol column system endfitting is a sealed unit that achieves optimal flow characteristics. Connection errors are eliminated as the column, endfitting, frit and connecting tubing are totally integrated. The low flow rate associated with these capillary LC columns makes them ideal for particle beam and electrospray LC/MS detectors.
SGT (Scientific Glass Technology).
SGT / Scientific Glass Technology (The Netherlands) is a manufacturer of gas purifiers for gas chromatography, GC/MS and LC/MS. SGT manufactures gas filter cartridge systems and inline gas filters (oxigen traps, moisture traps, hydrocarbon traps) for the analytical labs. SGT manufactures capillary column cutters for GC, CE/CEC. SGT also offers speciality glassware, for example injection liners, empty thermal desorption tubes.
Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc.
Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc is a manufacturer of constant temperature laboratory equipment: incubators, CO2 incubators, shaking general purpose incubators, low temperature and BOD incubators. Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc manufactures the Bactron anaerobic chambers, humidity test cabinets, warming and solution cabinets, water baths, laboratory ovens, clean room ovens, vacuum ovens, and hybridization ovens. 
The SHEL LAB family of products includes the Bactron anaerobic chamber, CO2 incubators, forced air and gravity convection ovens, environmental chambers (humidity test cabinets, refrigerated humidity test cabinets), general purpose incubators, hybridization ovens, low temperature incubators (B.O.D. incubators), shaking incubators, vacuum ovens, and water baths.
Shanghai SK Petroleum & Chemical Equipment Corporation Ltd.
Shanghai SK Petroleum & Chemical Equipment Corporation Ltd (Shenkai) is a manufacturer of petroleum exploration instruments, petroleum machinery, and petroleum testing equipment. Shenkai manufactures a broad range of analytical instruments and laboratory apparatus for motor fuel testing, LPG, lubricating oil and grease testing. Shenkai manufactures gasoline octane number testers, NIR gasoline analyzer, open-cup flash point and fire point testers, closed-cup flash point testers, sulfur in oil analyzers (XRF sulfur-in-oil analyzer, sulfur in dark petroleum products analyzer), kinematic viscosity testers, capillary viscometers, distillation apparatus, density meters, colorimeters, solidification point testers, pour and cloud point testers, cold filter plugging point testers, acid number and acidity testers, ash content testers, mechanical impurities testers, demulsibility testers, cone penetration testers and dropping point testers for grease, foaming characteristics testers for lubricating oil, softening point tester for bitumen, water content testers for crude oil and petroleum products. Shenkai manufactures benchtop NMR spectrometer for crude oil analysis (NMR crude oil analyzer).
Shimadzu Corporation.
Shimadzu Corporation (Japan) is a manufacturer of analytical equipment (GC, LC systems, GC/MS, LC/MS systems, portable ion chromatography systems, optical spectroscopy, X-Ray spectroscopy systems, elemental analyzers, thermal analyzers), laboratory equipment (electronic laboratory balances, analytical balances, moisture determination balances - balance moisture analyzers), measuring equipment (calorimeters, moisture meters, viscometers, rheometers, particle size analyzers, force gauges, specific gravity meters), scientific equipment (XRF spectrometers, X-ray diffractometers, surface analysis instruments: scanning electron microscopes, scanning probe microscopes), materials testing equipment (material testing machines, hardness testers).
Shimadzu Corporation manufactures a broad range of chromatography equipment, instruments, systems: gas chromatography instruments and GC-MS systems, application specific GC systems - NGA, TOG analyzers (natural gas analyzers, transformer oil gas analyzers), GC columns and accessories for gas chromatography (autosampler, pyrolizer, Purge and Trap sampler - VOC concentrator), liquid chromatography instruments and LC-MS systems, HPLC systems (analytical, bioinert, drug discovery HPLC systems, preparative HPLC systems), LC components (solvent delivery systems, pumps, injectors, sample prepation systems, HPLC detectors, column ovens), LC columns and accessories for liquid chromatography, field portable ion analyzers (transportable, mobile ion chromatography systems), densitometers for TLC plates and gel scanning, data analysis systems for chromatography. 
Shimadzu Corporation manufactures a broad range of elemental analysis and spectroscopy equipment, instruments, systems: TC, TN, TIC, TOC analyzers (total carbon analysers, total nitrogen analyzers, total inorganic carbon analysers, total organic carbon analyzers), atomic-absorption spectrometers (flame and graphite furnace AAS instruments), spark optical emission spectrometers for metal analysis and alloy identification (OES metal analyzers), ICP spectrometers, FT-IR spectrometers and FTIR microscopes (FT-IR microanalysis systems), UV-visible spectrophotometers, fluorescence spectrometers, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry systems, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and X-ray diffractometry instruments and systems (X-ray fluorescence spectrometers and X-ray diffractometers), optical components (holographic gratings), consumable products, parts and accessories for spectroscopy and elemental analysis. Manufactures analytical instruments for environmental analysis: ambient air analyzers, toxic gas analyzers, water quality analyzers (oil in water analyzer).
Shimadzu Corporation manufactures scanning electron microscopes (SEM systems), analytical scanning electron microscopes (SEM-EDX combined microanalysis system), scanning probe electron microscopes (SPM systems), electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA), and energy dispersive micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (micro-EDXRF spectrometer system).
Shimadzu Corporation is a manufacturer of particle characterization instruments and systems, laser diffraction particle size analyzers, calorimetry instruments and thermal analysis systems (differential scanning calorimeters, thermoanalysis system, TGA-DSC systems), materials science insruments and materials testing equipment (capillary rheometers, Mooney viscometers, universal material testing machines, concrete compression testing machines, fatigue testing machines, universal material testers, impact testers, hardness testers, tensile testers, microhardness testers, microtensile testers).
Shimadzu Corporation is a manufacturer of electronic laboratory balances, analytical micro balances, moisture balances (moisture analyzers), toploading balances, portable electronic balances, high-precision platform balances, piece counting balances, specific gravity measurement kits, specific gravity meters, animal balances. Shimadzu Corporation also is a manufacturer of vacuum equipment (turbo molecular vacuum pumps and MS helium leak detectors).
Showa Denko K.K. - Shodex HPLC products.
Showa Denko K K (Japan) is a manufacturer of the Shodex HPLC packed columns, consumable products and instruments. Shodex is a trade name for the HPLC products manufactured by Showa Denko K.K., Tokyo, Japan. Shodex packed columns and consumables for HPLC: Normal and Reversed Phase Columns, Ion Exchange Chromatography Columns, Affinity and Chiral Chromatography Columns, Columns for Saccharides and Organic Acids Analysis, GPC and GFC (Aqueous GPC) Columns, Ion Chromatography Columns, Packing Materials, Calibration Standards and Filters. HPLC detectors - Refractive Index, Chemiluminescence, Optical Rotation, Electrochemical, UV detector, Conductivity, Wyatt DAWN, Wyatt mini DAWN, Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (Eurosep DDL31).
Refractive Index Detectors Shodex RI-71, 72, 74 - The series of refractive index detectors from Shodex. The new RI-71 features a soft keypad, digital display, improved auto zero, offset function, reduced maintenance and several other enhancements over previous, highly successful models. For the use with downsizing GPC columns, RI-74 is suited because of its small flow cell volume. For semi-preparative applications, RI-72 is the ideal detectors.
Electrochemical detector Shodex EC-1 has a sliding housing for the flow cell unit enables easy operation, easy maintenance and compact dimensions and a torque-handle mechanism ensures that flow cell is held at the appropriate pressure. Problems created by inappropriate pressure are thus eliminated.
Chemiluminescence detector Shodex CL-2 has been especially designed for ultra high-sensitive HPLC analysis using a novel single photon counting system. The current detection limit for the CL-2 is at the attomole level which is significantly more sensitive than conventional detectors such as UV-VIS, RI and fluorescence.
Shrader Analytical & Consulting Laboratories Inc.
Shrader Analytical & Consulting Laboratories Inc is a full service mass spectrometry laboratory capable of GC/MS, LC/MS, and Direct Insertion Probe. Each offering different ionization techniques. Shrader Analytical & Consulting Laboratories Inc also offers a mass spectrometer data system called The Shrader System. PC-Windows based mass spectrometer data system which includes data acquisition and data reduction. This data system can completely control a mass spectrometer through tuning, calibration and acquisition. A full line of data reduction capabilities completes The Shrader System. Laboratory services including non-routine analytical work.
Siemens Process Analytics.
SIEMENS AG Process Automation and Instrumentation Division (Siemens Process Analytics) manufactures process gas chromatography instrumentation, process gas analyzers, process liquid analysers and instruments for automotive emission measurement. RGC 202 edition II Gas chromatograph for process and laboratory with temperature programming. PGC 302 edition II Explosion-proof 2-channel process gas chromatograph. PGC 302 edition II - The natural gas analyzer. The PGC 302 edition II for advanced chemical applications. SGC 3000 Compact explosion-proof process chromatograph. Process Gas Analyzers - Rack mounting gas analyzers. Total Hydrocarbon Analyzers. ULTRAMAT Series Gas Analyzers for IR-active Components, Multi Component Gas Analyzers, Gas analyzers for IR active components in field houses. ULTRAMAT / OXYMAT 6E Combination of Oxygen and NDIR Gas Analyzers. OXYMAT Series Oxygen Analyzers. Process Liquid Analyzers for dissolved oxygen measurement, conductivity measurement, redox measurement and pH-measurements. Equipment for automotive emission measurement- OPACIMAT Smokemeter, SIBENCH- NDIR bench for exhaust tester.
Sierra Instruments Inc.
Sierra Instruments Inc is a manufacturer of mass flow controllers. Mass flow controllers features on-board display and setpoint control, eliminating the need for separate power and readout electronics. Sierra’s Top-Trak flow monitor directly measures the mass flow rate of gases in any range from 0-10 SCCM to 0-50 SLM. Complete with built-in display and power supply, it serves a wide range of inert gas flow applications including process control, flow research, instrument OEMs, gas panels, and flow calibration. This device offers you Tiltable LCD display of mass flow rate in SCCM or SLM, OEM transducer configuration, Portable battery pack, Superb performance: 1.5% accuracy; 0.5% repeatability; two-second response time.
Sigma Laborzentrifugen GmbH.
Sigma Laborzentrifugen GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges worldwide. Sigma Laborzentrifugen GmbH provides a full range of laboratory centrifuges starting from high-speed microcentrifuges up to high-volume floor standing centrifuges. The SIGMA centrifuges product range: SIGMA microcentrifuges, Versatile SIGMA centrifuges, Versatile high capacity SIGMA laboratory centrifuges, High speed refrigerated SIGMA centrifuges and High capacity floor standing refrigerated SIGMA centrifuge.
Sigrist-Photometer AG.
Sigrist-Photometer AG is a global supplier of process photometers, fluorometers and turbidimeters for continuous monitoring of safety, purity and quality optimization and control of your process steps. Sigrist-Photometer AG has developed a number of systems for eliminating the effects of window contamination under specific measurement conditions (differential measurement method; dichromatic method; color compensation). Features instruments: The DualScat Ex In-Line Turbidimeter for flammable atmospheres. Provides dual-beam measurement for compensation of coloration and window fouling. Single- or dual-angle measurement with one sensor head. Easy installation using in-line housing. Protection class EEx d II. The new Visibility Monitor VisGuard - SIGRIST has redeveloped their visibility monitors following the scattered light principle from scratch. The new VisGuard is the first instrument for this application offering local sampling in the tunnel or sample extraction up to several 100 meters with its two versions In-situ and Extractive. Product lines:
Process photometers- Ozone Meter, UV Absorption/DOC Monitor, Absorptiometers for the visible wavelength range, hinged, bypass and in-line.
Process fluorometers- Oil Trace Monitors for mineral oils, bypass, hinged and in-line, Oil Trace Monitor for mineral oils, with free-fall flow cell.
Dust monitors: Dust Emission Measuring System, Black Smoke Monitor for light oil fired boilers, VisGuard Extractive Visibility Monitor and VisGuard In-situ Visibility Monitor.
Process turbidimeters (for liquids)- Turbidimeters VIS, hinged, bypass and in-line, Precision Turbidimeter VIS, hinged, in-line, DualScat In-Line Turbidimeter and DualScat Ex In-Line Turbidimeter for flammable atmospheres, LabScat Dual-Angle Lab Turbidimeter, WTM500 On-line Turbidimeter (ISO 7027).
Particle monitors- On-line Particle Monitor.
Product monitors- RAMS In-line Product Monitor.
Silk Scientific, Inc.
Silk Scientific, Inc is the scientific software company. The UN-SCAN-IT software allows you to automatically convert hard copy graphs to ASCII data at Full Scanner Resolution. UN-SCAN-IT works with any full page scanner, hand scanner, or other image input device to digitize strip charts, instrumental output, old graphs, published graphs, etc. In addition to the many digitizing features, UN-SCAN-IT also integrates peak areas, smooths data, takes derivatives, re-scales graphs, and exports (x,y) ASCII data for use in other software programs.
The UN-SCAN-IT gel software turns your scanner into a high speed densitometer and allows you to automatically analyze gel images at Full Scanner Resolution. UN-SCAN-IT gel works with any full page scanner, hand scanner, or other image input device to digitize electrophoresis gels. In addition to the gel analysis features, UN-SCAN-IT gel also contains all the (x,y) digitizing and graphing features of regular UN-SCAN-IT. The digitized gel and (x,y) data can be exported into a most other software programs.
Simex (Симекс).
Simex (Novosibirsk, Russia) is a manufacturer of FT-IR spectroscopy and microspectroscopy instrumentation. Simex manufactures FTIR spectrometer and FTIR microscope systems (FTIR microspectrometers).
Simport Plastics Limited.
Simport Plastics Limited is a manufacturer of disposable plasticware (plastic labware) for the laboratory. Simport Plastics Limited manufactures and supplies a complete line of disposable plastic labware.
Skalar Inc.
Skalar Inc is the Dutch analytical instrument company, manufacturer of analyzers for the laboratory and process industry. Skalar manufactures a range of analyzers (automatic wet chemistry analyzer, carbon & nitrogen analyzers, protein - nitrogen analyzer, robotic analyzer, spectral fluorescent analyzer, toxicity analyzer, on-line analyzers of drinking water, waste water, boiler water) for the environmental, pharmaceutical, agricultural, detergent, food and beverage laboratory. The Skalar range of in-line analyzers is used in the control of water treatment, measuring oils, phosphates, nitrogen, cyanides, phenols, chlorophyll.
Products: the Skalar AquaPRO - dedicated nutrient / environmental analyser. SanPLUS flow analyzer - automated ion analyzer for all wet chemistry applications. SP100 robotic analyzer - automated BOD (US EPA accepted), COD, conductivity, color, all titrations, features sample preparation. TOC analyzer with high temperature combustion and IR detection. TOC analyzer with low temperature, UV persulfate digestion and IR detection. Solid carbon analyzer with its own IR detection. Nitrogen Analyzer for both liquid and solid samples. SA 9000 continuous on-line process analyser.
The FLUO IMAGER analyzer, an on-line analyzer for the measurement of oil in water. The FLUO IMAGER uses a Spectral Fluorescence Signatures (SFS) technique and is able to determine, against a reference library of various SFS's of different types of oils, not only the type, but also the concentration of each particular oil in a water sample. The method is quick and easy and does not involve time and labor intensive extraction techniques giving detection limits in the low ppm levels. This is due to the fact that the FLUO IMAGER uses direct fluorescence measurements. The Tox Tracer Analyzer for rapid determination of toxicity in food and environmental samples, using bioluminescence.
SKC Inc.
SKC Inc (USA) is a manufacturer of air sampling products. SKC Inc manufactures a complete line of air sampling equipment, instruments and media including personal sampling pumps, sorbent tubes, filters, bags, passive samplers, calibrators, and direct-reading  instruments. 
Air Sampling Pumps - A complete line of air sample pumps and constant flow air samplers for industrial hygiene, safety, environmental, occupational health and indoor air quality applications.
Calibrators, battery chargers and sample pump accessories - Primary standard calibrators, soap film flowmeters, rotameters, and smart chargers.
Sorbent Tubes - Sorbent sample tubes and accessories for industrial hygiene, environmental and indoor air quality applications. Portable Pyrolyzer.
Gas Sample Bags (Tedlar and Teflon Bags) - Gas sample bags made of impermeable Tedlar and Teflon film for collecting gas and vapor samples in air.
Sample bag accessories - the Vac-U-Chamber, and Vac-U-Tube.
Canisters for the passive collection of ambient VOCs from 0.01 to 100 ppb over a period of time suitable for EPA Methods TO-14A and TO-15.
Filters and Accessories - Glass fiber, Mixed Cellulose Ester (MCE), Teflon (PTFE), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and Quartz, filters and filter accessories including filter supports, filter cassette blanks, and filter cassette holders.
Particulate Samplers - Cyclones, IOM, and other dust samplers and dust monitors for collecting respirable, inhalable and total particulate samples.
Impingers - Glass and teflon impringers for collecting airborne hazards into a liquid medium.
Bioaerosol Samplers including the BioSampler, Air-O-Cell cassette, BioCassette, BioStage, and Sterile Swab kit.
Passive Samplers and Diffusive Badges - Validated passive samplers for reliable diffusive sampling of many organic vapors, pesticides and herbicides.
Color Detector Tubes - Gas detector and grab sample tubes and pumps, color detector tubes, long-duration detector tubes, dosimiter tubes and direct-reading gas and vapor monitors.
Reference and Training Materials - useful software for industrial hygienists, safety professionals, and environmental scientists and free step-by-step procedures for various sample techniques.
Air Sampling Guides - SKC guides to air sampling methods. This includes the OSHA, NIOSH, ASTM, Air Sampling Guide, the EPA Air Sampling Guide , the HSE Air Sampling Guide , and the Passive (Diffusive) Air Sampling Guide. SKC supplies all of your needs for sampling and monitoring chemical hazards following OSHA, EPA, NIOSH, ASTM, and HSE air sampling methods in the industrial and workplace environment.
SKC Inc supplies portable instruments: monitor with PID, gas detectors and gas monitors, noise dosimeters and sound level meters, particulate monitors, heat stress monitors, temperature monitors, humidity meters, moisture monitors, light (lux), portable emission analyzer.
Skyray Instrument.
Skyray Instrument (China) is a manufacturer of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (EDXRF spectrometers), wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (WDXRF spectrometers), ICP-AES system, spark OES metal analyzer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, CS analyzer. Skyray Instrument manufactures lab and portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for elemental composition analysis, metal analysis, plating thickness measurement, jewellery alloys and precious metals analysis, RoHS / WEEE compliance testing. Skyray Instrument offers XRF spectrometers designed for RoHS substance detection (Cd, Pb, Cr, Hg, Br), element composition analysis, precious metals testing and plating thickness measurement. Skyray Instrument manufactures XRF spectrometers (XRF analyzers) specially designed for jewelry and precious metal analysis (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd), plating thickness analysis (plating thickness measurements of jewelry coatings). Skyray Instrument manufactures WDXRF spectrometer specially designed for cement, steel, and mine production quality control, features excellent performance for light elements as Na, Al, K, Ca, Mg, Si, P. Skyray Instrument manufactures process, on-line XRF spectrometer. The company also manufactures ICP-OES system, spark OES metal analyzer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, CS analyzer.
Smiths Detection.
Smiths Detection (formerly Barringer Technologies Inc) is a manufacturer of specialized analytical instrumentation for security, law enforcement and other applications. Portable and hand-held narcotics and explosives detectors. The IONSCAN Product Line of Drug and Explosive Detectors based on Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) includes the IONSCAN Model 400B device for trace narcotic and explosive detection. The SABRE 2000 hand held detector can detect and identify up to 30 substances in a few seconds, and can analyze both vapor and trace particulate samples.
Drug Detection- Cocaine, Heroin, THC (Cannabis) Methamphetamine, and others.
Explosive Detection- RDX, PETN, TNT, Semtex, NG, HMX, Ammonium Nitrate and others.
Chemical Weapon Detection- Nerve and blister agents.
The new GC-IONSCAN is a fully transportable field screening instrument that combines the IONSCAN's ease of use, speed of analysis and sensitivity with the additional separation capabilities of a Gas Chromatograph.
Smiths Detection, one of the four operating divisions of Smiths Group plc, has extended the range of its detection technologies through the acquisition of Cyrano Sciences, Inc. Cyrano is an early stage technology company that has developed miniature sensors to detect and identify chemical vapours. The products will be used principally in the defence sector and in counter terrorism. Cyrano has successfully developed miniature sensors using conductive polymer films deposited on a ceramic substrate. This next generation technology complements Smiths Detection’s ion mobility spectrometry, the core technology currently employed in its range of trace detection products.
Smolenskoe SKTB SPU (Смоленское СКТБ СПУ).
Smolenskoe SKTB SPU (Smolensk, Russia) is a manufacturer of constant temperature laboratory equipment, sterilization equipment, environmental testing equipment (thermal testing chambers). The company manufactures laboratory muffle furnaces, laboratory ovens, incubators, sterilizing ovens (sterilizing chambers), drying ovens (drying chambers), hot-cold environmental chambers, climatic chamber. Also manufactures laboratory bakery equipment.
SOLAR (Byelorussia)- analytical instrument company, manufacturer of optical spectrometry instrumentation (photometers, UV-visible spectrophotometers, fluorimeters - luminometers, spectrofluorimeters) and clinical electrophoresis instrumentation (electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, densitometer).
SOLAR TII (Minsk, Belarus) is a manufacturer of analytical and scientific instruments (laser induced optical emission spectrometer, fluorescence / Raman microanalysis system), optical components and systems (monochromators, optical parametric oscillators, spectrographs), solid-state tunable lasers. SOLAR TII manufactures atomic emission spectrometer system (laser elemental analyzer) for laser induced breakdown spectroscopy or LIBS. Laser elemental analyser is a fully automated laser induced optical emission spectrometry system for materials surface elemental analysis permitting both composition and coating layers thickness measurements. SOLAR TII manufactures laser fluorescence / Raman microanalysis system (scanning confocal microscope + laser luminescence / Raman spectrometer).
Solo Analytical Services.
Solo Analytical Services started in 1990 to offer enviromental, drug and research labs with service and support with emphasis on the customer needs. Solo Analytical Services is backed with over 20 years of service, training, and schooling on various models of mass spectrometers, gas chromatographs and other services offered. Also supported by other independent service organizations to provide technical assistance, parts, and back up if ever needed.
SOLTEC is a manufacturer of ultrasound equipment and systems for a wide variety of applications. SOLTEC Srl is an Italian company specialized in producing SONICA ultrasonic cleaners from 1.9 to 90 liters for dental surgeries, hospitals, chemical laboratories, manufacturing industries, the jewellery industry, the defence and aerospace industry. Product lines: Ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic generators, special ultrasonic transducers from 20 to 50 Khz. Special ultrasonic cleaners on request. Features products: The new SONICA EP ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic generator incorporates a special ultrasonic oscillator using Sweep System Technology.
Sonaer Ultrasonics.
Sonaer Ultrasonics designs and manufacturers ultrasonic equipment for research, laboratories, new product development and various industries requiring ultrasonic energy. Ultrasonic products- atomizers, nebulizers, liquid processors, including portable battery powered cell disruptors, nozzles for making small particles from liquids and enhanced processing. From conception to final design, Sonaer's ultrasonic atomizer nozzles, nebulizers and processing equipment can be used in a wide verity of applications of converting liquids to sprays, mixing dissimilar liquids, controlled coating of chemicals, fabricating metal spheres and other uses that require ultrasonic properties. Sonaer's product line is made up of flow through atomizers, high operating temperature atomizers, titaniun tip liquid processors, portable battery operated ultrasonics and micron particle generators. If corrosive chemicals are used, Sonaer makes specially coated equipment for virtually any application. Sonaer Ultrasonics makes nebulizers for creating micron particles from various corrosive chemicals. Some of these chemicals may contain other elements such as dissolved metals. The nebulizers can be ordered with either a stainless steel nebulizing crystal or kynar coated. The containment cell comes in PVC, aluminum, kynar coated aluminum and stainless steel.
Portable Battery Operated Ultrasonic Processors- Two types of portable ultrasonic processors available. The integrated probe tip and generator or the separated probe and generator. Each device comes with a six inch, 25 kilohertz titanium alloy tip, excellent for deep narrow vessels. Sonaer's ultrasonic equipment that is not only portable and light weight, but has the latest technological features such as automatic tuning, automatic power increase with loading, over load protection, variable stroke control, surface mount technology, solid state ON/OFF activation and aerospace titanium tip. The Sonozap battery operated processors is an execellent choice for portable applications. With the high stroke displacement of the titanium tip, this instrument is capable of cutting tissue, homogenizing, emulsifying liquids and is very efficient in disrupting cells for analysis. 
Sonics & Materials Inc.
Sonics & Materials Inc is a manufacturer of plastics assembly equipment and ultrasonic liquid processing equipment (ultrasonic liquid processors for dispersing, blending, cleaning, atomizing and reducing particles as well as expediting chemical reactions). Sonics & Materials Inc manufactures the ultrasonic equipment for procesing of a wide range of organic and inorganic materials from microliters to liters. Typical applications include: sample preparation, cell lysing, disaggregation, homogenization, particle size reduction, soil testing, acceleration of chemical reactions, degassing. Sonics & Materials Inc manufactures the ultrasonic atomizer for continuous or intermittent atomization of low viscosity liquids from microliters to liters. 
Sonics & Materials Inc manufactures the ultrasonic, vibration, spin, hot plate and heat staking equipment for the welding, joining and fastening of thermoplastic components, textiles and other synthetic materials.
Sonntek Inc.
Sonntek Inc is a supplier of HPLC systems and modules (autosamplers, pumps, and detectors), spare parts for HPLC systems and devices. Sonntek Inc is a supplier of isocratic and gradient pumps for analytical, preparative and micro liquid chromatography. Sonntek Inc is a supplier of UV absorption, diode array, refractive index, fluorescence, chiral, and amperometric detectors for HPLC systems. Autosamplers, including the ENDURANCE, designed for 96-well microplates, but suitable for vials. A large variety of Deuterium (D2), Tungsten (W), Xenon (Xe) and Mercury (Hg) lamps from a single ordering source. 
Sonntek Inc is a supplier of lamps for HPLC instruments manufactured by Alltech, Aminco, Applied Biosystems, Kratos, Perkin-Elmer, BAS, Bausch & Lomb, Milton-Roy, Spectronic, Altex and Beckman, Bio-Rad, Camag, Cary, Cole-Parmer, Varian, Dionex, DuPont, Fisher, Gilford, Gilson, Hach, Hewlett-Packard, EM Science, Hitachi, E. Merck, IBM, Isco, Jasco, Knauer, Linear, McPherson, Michrom/Bioresources, Perkin-Elmer, PerSeptive Biosystems, Amersham, Pharmacia, LKB, Rainin and Scientific Systems (SSI), Shimadzu, Thermo Separations Products, including LDC, Linear and Spectra-Physics Products, Waters.
SOTAX AG is a manufacturer of laboratory instrumentation for tablet dissolution testing and test instruments for tablet disintegration and friability testing, powder flowability testing, implants, suppositories and soft gelatin capsules tests. SOTAX AG manufactures manual dissolution instruments, automated dissolution systems, media preparation equipment, flow through dissolution systems for USP 4 Method, software, disintegration, friability and flowability testing equipment. Tablet dissolution systems - fully automated test systems for on-line UV/VIS or HPLC and for off-line fraction collection. Dissolution instruments follow a modular design concept so that upgrades from a manual system to any level of automation is always possible.
South Bay Technology, Inc.
South Bay Technology, Inc is a manufacturer of specimen preparation equipment and supplies for metallography, crystallography and electron microscopy. Since 1964 South Bay Technology, Inc manufactures specimen preparation equipment. South Bay Technology, Inc is a manufacturer of laboratory equipment for cutting and sectioning, lapping and polishing, crystal orientation, TEM sample preparation, metallographic supplies. South Bay Technology, Inc manufactures wire saws, diamond wheel saws, polishing machines, lapping machines, grinding machines, ion milling systems, plasma cleaners, ion beam sputter deposition, chromium coaters, RF plasma Etchers, RIE (reactive ion etchers), laue back reflections systems, goniometers and other equipment for precision specimen preparation.
Spark Holland Instrumenten.
Spark Holland Instrumenten (The Netherlands) is one of the leading companies in the field of HPLC sample handling technology. Spark Holland Instrumenten manufacture of sample handling instruments for HPLC including various autosamplers and automated sample preparation systems. Spark's Sample preparation systems division designs and manufactures fully automated systems for sample preparation. Features product: the Prospekt, is a Dedicated System for Automated Hyphenated SPE - fully automated sample preparation systems for HPLC, GC and LC-MS based on hyphenated solid phase extraction technology. UHPLC pumps and integrated systems.
A complete line of autosamplers for HPLC and LC-MS, including the new Endurance, a very fast autosampler that can handle virtually any micro titer plate. The Spark's Endurance autosampler is designed for well plates. Robotic micro plate feeder for extended sample capacity on the Endurance autosampler. Midas- autosampler with integrated column oven, programmable injection volumes, reagent addition capability and sample tray cooling. Triathlon- is the most advanced member of the Spark Holland family of autosamplers, featuring micro-sample handling, reagent addition and inert sampling with PEEK or fused silica needles. A wide range of sample vials may be used and peltier cooling is available for the sample tray. Mistral- high performance column thermostat for HPLC.
Specac Inc.
Specac Inc is a manufacturer of sampling accessories for infrared spectroscopy, optical components for FTIR spectrometers, process cells optics, custom accessories, UV/Vis accessories, XRF sample preparation equipment (presses). Products includes the Golden Gate diamond ATR system, polarizers, and windows for spectroscopy, manual hydraulic presses and dies for XRF sample preparation.
SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH.
SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH (Berlin, Germany) is a manufacturer of specialized spectrometer systems for surface microanalysis and imaging (surface spectroscopy and microscopy systems). SPECS Surface Nano Analysis manufactures electron spectrometers, fully automated ESCA system, secondary ion mass spectrometry + secondary neutral mass spectrometry system (SIMS + SNMS system), X-ray  photoelectron spectrometer (ultra high resolution XPS analyzer), Auger spectrometer (AES system), electron energy loss spectrometer (EELS system), low energy electron microscopy + photoelectron emission microscopy system (LEEM + PEEM system), low energy electron diffraction analyzer (LEED surface analyzer), photoemission spectrometer, time-of-flight spectrometer, scanning tunneling spectroscopy and microscopy system (STM system). SPECS GmbH manufactures a line of high resolution hemispherical energy analyzers for electron and ion spectroscopy, non-contact atomic force microscopy instrumentation (NC-AFM system), the Joule-Thomson scanning tunneling microscope. SPECS GmbH offers customized systems combining thin film preparation (MBE) with spectroscopic and microscopic options. The company also manufactures a variety of sources for deposition, excitation and charge neutralization as well as analyzers, monochromators, detectors.
Spectra Analysis, Inc.
Spectra Analysis (formerly Bourne Scientific) is a manufacturer of the InfraRed Chromatograph (IRC) configured as an HPLC-IR, GPC-IR, GC-IR and SFC-IR analytical system. InfraRed Chromatograph is a FTIR spectrometer - chromatographic detector providing both real-time chromatographic and spectral data analysis (as well as GC-MS or LC-MS system).
GC-IRC system for gas chromatography - infrared spectroscopy: the Infrared Chromatograph (IRC) system is a complete FTIR detector for chromatography and provides full FTIR spectra of the eluent stream from a GC column. It is a capillary GC detector, including FTIR spectrometer, data station for driving the FTIR and processing spectral data, and the vacuum interface for depositing and scanning the sample during chromatographic separation.
HPLC-IRC and GPC-IRC systems for liquid chromatography - infrared spectroscopy and gel permeation chromatography - infrared spectroscopy: the IRC configurations for HPLC, GPC, and SFC (supercritical fluid chromatography) systems. The IRC (InfraRed Chromatograph) is a real-time direct-deposition interface to FT-IR spectrometer. It uses an ultrasonic nebulizer, desolvation tube, and vacuum chamber to evaporate the solvent from the LC stream. The sample residue then deposits onto a moving ZnSe window. There is also a configuration as a non-volatile residue analyzer, the DIRA for quantitative and qualitiative determination of non-volatile residues in volatile solvents.
Spectra Hardware Inc.
Spectra Hardware Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of plasma spectroscopy products, software, and instrumentation. Products and services: 
Analytical instruments for laboratory analysis - retrofited, remanufactured, and used spectrometers, multi-element upgrades for Specrtra Span DC Plasma spectrometers and Leeman Labs Simultaneous ICP, sample introduction equipment, peristaltic pumps and tubing. 
DC Plasma spectrometer consumables - graphite electrodes, graphite discs, tungsten electrodes.
IDAC 360 Interfaced Data Acquisition and Control. Custom electronic development, OEM programming, instrumentation services.
Spectral Instruments.
pectral Instruments, Inc. (USA) is a manufacturer of cooled CCD-based camera systems for scientific imaging applications from astronomy to preclinical drug discovery.
Spectratek Inc.
Spectratek Inc provides repair, training and consulting services for HP - Agilent, Finnigan - Thermoquest, Varian, LC/MS, GC/MS systems and peripherals.
Spectro Analytical Instruments.
Spectro Analytical Instruments (a member of the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division) is a manufacturer of ark spectrometers, arc/spark spectrometers, ICP spectrometers, X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers. Spectro Analytical Instruments manufactures of portable metal analyzers (hand-held alloy sorters), mobile and laboratory metal analyzers: portable ark spectrometer - metal analyzer (hand-held OES alloy tester), portable XRF spectrometer - metal analyzer (hand-held XRF alloy tester, alloy sorter), mobile arc/spark spectrometer - metal analyzer (mobile OES alloy sorter), laboratory arc/spark spectrometers (stationary OES metal analyzers). Spectro Analytical Instruments manufactures ICP spectrometers, benchtop XRF spectrometers, precious metal analyzers.
Spectrocell Inc.
Spectrocell Inc is a manufacturer of accessories and consumable products for the optical spectroscopy and mass-spectrometry. Company profile: Spectrocell Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of spectrophotometer cells and cuvettes. Spectrocell Inc supplies directly to the end user as well as OEM and major laboratory supply companies. Spectrocell also manufactures cuvettes for automated chemistry and diagnostics, as well as plastic disposable cells and special custom cells. Product lines: spectrophotometer cells, cuvettes, flow cells, disposable cells, IR Cells, optical components, UV cells, cell stirrers, screw top cells, fluorimeter cells, gas-filled cells.
Products: Standard Rectangular Cells, Micro & Semi Micro Cells, Fluorimeter Cells, Cylindrical Cells, Miscellaneous VIS Cells, FUV Cells and NIR Cells. The Most Commonly Used Cells. Flow Cells, Plastic Disposable Cells and Cuvettes for Automated Chemistry Analyzers. Microplates, Accessories, Gas Filled Cells, Custom and Prototype Cells. Also Electronic Stirring Systems.
Spectrogon is manufacturer of optical components and X-ray components functioning from the very short wavelengths in the X-ray region to 20000 nm in the infrared. The optical product line is based on interference and / or diffraction for controlling light, primarily in measurement applications. Spectrogon specializes in the design and manufacture of holographic diffraction gratings, optical interference filters, and optical thin film coatings. The diffraction grating product line includes: holographic gratings for spectroscopic and laser instrument applications. Spectrogon also manufactures X-ray and V-UV Ion Etched gratings for synchrotron and beamline applications. The thin film coatings product line includes: optical filters for the infrared, visible, and UV spectral regions. Narrow and broad bandpass filters, shortwave and longwave -pass filters, neutral density filters and dichroic beamsplitters.
Spectro Incorporated.
Spectro Incorporated is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of industrial tribology systems, industrial fuel analysis laboratory, instruments for predictive maintenance, oil and fuel analysis and quality control. Spectro Incorporated manufactures the turnkey systems for condition monitoring of machines through oil analysis. These systems consist of all the instrumentation and software required for analysis of wear particles, contaminants, additives and physical properties of lubricants and hydraulic fluids. Spectro Incorporated manufactures the Spectro family of optical emission spectrometers includes compact, rugged, transportable oil analysis spectrometer. Spectro Incorporated is a manufacturer of Spectroil M Family of Oil and Fuel Analysis Spectrometers, LaserNet Fines Particle Counter and Particle Shape Classifier, Automatic Sample Processor for LNF-C (Sample Changer), Rotrode Filter Spectroscopy Device, Fuel Sniffer (Fuel Dilution Meter), Analytical Ferrography Laboratory, High Speed Viscometer, Turnkey Oil Analysis Laboratory, Spectroil M/R Robotic, COAST (Customized Oil Analysis Software for Tribology). Spectroil M Oil & Fuel Analysis Spectrometers designed for the analysis of wear metals, contaminants, and additives in lubricants or gas turbine fuels. FTIR spectrometer systems for fuel and oil quality testing, fuel dilution testing.
spectromat Massenspektrometer GmbH.
spectromat Massenspektrometer GmbH (Germany) is a mass-specnrometers service company specializes in MAT Thermal Isotope Mass Spectrometers. spectromat Massenspektrometer GmbH offers hardware and software for MAT Isotope Mass Spectrometers. spectromat Massenspektrometer GmbH provides complete solutions for servicing your MS instrument, diagnostics, repair service and preventive service on MAT 260/261/262 Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometers. Upgrades of MAT 260, 261 and 262 MS using state-of-the-art, high performance components. Upgrades of mass spectrometers with newly designed vacuum components. Upgrades of mass spectrometers with new pumping systems. Modification of standard electronics and vacuum components according to customer specification. On-site customer training courses covering hardware and software topics of MAT 260, 261 and 262 mass spectrometers. Software modifications and development according to customer specification. Development of customized mass spectrometers and components. Stock of important spare parts. General Spare Parts for MAT 26x.
Spectron (Russia) is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of X-Ray spectroctroscopy instrumentation (X-Ray fluorescence spectrometers). Spectron manufactures XRF spectrometers and ED-XRF spectrometers for industry and science. Light elements (Al, Mg) may be measured under vacuum.
Spectronics Corporation.
Spectronics Corporation is a manufacturer of ultraviolet equipment and fluorescent materials. Spectronics Corporation supplies over 1,000 diverse products for the laboratory, biotechnology, industrial, electronics, semiconductor, X-ray, financial, automotive, HVAC/R and other markets. Spectronics Corporation manufactures ultraviolet lamps, viewing cabinets, UV photodoc systems for TLC and electrophoresis. Custom OEM UV light sources, UV transilluminators, UV EPROM erasers, UV magnifiers, blacklights for NDE, UV grid lamps, UV pencil lamps and power supplies.
Spectrum Solutions Inc.
Spectrum Solutions Inc specializes in manufacturing custom electronics for mass spectrometers. Spectrum Solutions Inc is a manufacturer of multiple output power supplies for lens stack control and various types of ionization source controllers. Spectrum Solutions Inc manufactures filament controllers, electrospray source controllers, glow discharge source controllers. Spectrum Solutions Inc also build custom power supplies.
Spellman High Voltage Corporation.
Spellman High Voltage Corporation has purchased the assets of Del High Voltage Corp. based in Valhalla, New York. including the Del, Bertan High Voltage and DynaRad Corp brands. Spellman High Voltage Electronics is an independent manufacturer of high voltage power supplies, DC-DC converters and power systems for medical and industrial applications, semiconductor manufacturing, scientific instrumentation, telecommunications, X-ray and automatic test equipment. Spellman High Voltage Electronics specializes in providing custom designs to suit customers' unique requirements. 
Spellman High Voltage Corporation is headquartered in the U.S. and has facilities in the U.K., Japan, China and Mexico that provide design, manufacturing and service to company's customers throughout the world.
SPEX CertiPrep Inc.
SPEX CertiPrep is a manufacturer of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) and calibration standards for spectroscopy and chromatography. The company offers a full range of organic and inorganic CRMs for ICP, ICP-MS, IC, AA, GC, GC-MS, HPLC, ISE, XRF, and XRD. SPEX CertiPrep accredited by A2LA for both Organic and Inorganic CRMs under ISO 17025:2005 and ISO Guide 34-2000. The company also manufactures дaboratory equipment and supplies for sample processing that includes pulverizing, blending, pressing, pelletizing and fusion equipment (grinders, mills, mortars and pestles, presses, fusion equipment) and liquid sample handling supplies for X-ray Fluorescence analysis (XRF) analysis. Also offesr XRF accessories: dies, XRF cells, caps and films, fusion fluxers.
SPEX CertiPrep introduces a series of brand new calibration standards for ILM 0.5.2 and ILM 0.5.3. Also a new ICP-OES instrument calibration and verification kit, ICV-3, comprised of ICV-3 and PLSB7-2X. A new Certified Reference Material Kits for analyzing Extractable Metals from plastic toys based on ASTM F963-07 - Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety. This is a voluntary U.S. standard applicable to toys distributed in the U.S and employs test procedures for analyzing lead and other extractable metals in plastic toys.
The SPEX CertiPrep Handbook of Sample Preparation and Handling is the source for helpful advice for the preparation of samples for inorganic analysis. Among the topics covered are grinding and pelletizing techniques, contamination sources and their control, fusion fluxing, and sample digestion. Their uses cover many different fields of spectroscopy: XRF, XRD, ICP, ICPMS, AA, DCP, IR, UV-VIS, and the applications range from forensics to geology.
Spurlock Services.
Spurlock Services provides installation, service and repair of mass spectrometers. The company provides service and support of laboratory instrumentation and automation, primarily focused on Finnigan and Hewlett-Packard mass spectrometers.
SRI Instruments.
SRI Instruments manufactures a compact, transportable gas chromatographs with EPC, external detectors for gas chromatography, liquid chromatographs and PeakSimple data system for gas and liquid chromatography.
SRI Gas Chromatographs family - Model 8610C Gas Chromatograph (featuring EPC for all system gases), Model 8610D Gas Chromatograph Dual oven GC (perfect for "two-GC's-in-one" and multidimensional applications, where the two ovens are completely and independently temperature-programmable), Model 310 Gas Chromatograph- smallest high temperature GC. Model 410 Rackmount Gas Chromatograph for industrial gas sampling applications, fits shelf-equipped 19-inch rack , features multiple detector capability and optional gas sampling valve. The Model 410 is a compact, rack-mountable GC which offers the performance of a full-sized laboratory instrument. It can mount up to four detectors, a single On-column, Heated Flash Vaporization, Split/Splitless or PTV injector, and a gas sampling valve. The column oven will accommodate 4-inch capillary or packed columns. All gases are controlled by electronic pressure controllers (EPC), and the carrier gas pressure is programmable. With the built-in PeakSimple data system, all that is needed to connect the GC to your computer is a serial or USB cable, depending on the data system option selected.
Model 110 Detector/Virtual Oven GC- Compact detector mounting platform or GC.
GC Detectors - Choose from 14 rugged types.
GC Injectors - Choose from 15 sample introduction options.
Popular GC Configurations - Choose from 15 pre-configured GC Models for common applications. SRI has pre-configured a number of GCs for popular applications such as: Capillary FID GC (the basic general purpose GC), Breath Analyzer GC (for medical research and diagnosis), BTEX and Environmental GC (does most EPA series 8000 methods), TO-14 GC (for EPA air monitoring methods), BTU Gas Analyzer GC (for BTU content of natural gas), Multiple Gas Analyzer #1 GC (for fixed gases and light hydrocarbons), Multiple Gas #1 + Sulfur Gas GC (for H2S, SO2, fixed gases and C1-C20 hydrocarbons), Multiple Gas Analyzer #2 GC ( for fixed gases and hydrocarbons to C20), Mud-logging GC (for total hydrocarbons plus detailed C1-C6 content), Method 25 (methane / non-methane hydrocarbons), Sulfur GC (low level sulfur gases), Explosives GC (nitro-aromatic and nitramine explosives in the field), Educational TCD GC (for general academic uses) and Educational FID GC (for advanced academic uses), Gas-less™ Educational GC (for academic situations where no gas is available). Most of the above GC configurations can be operated without gas if the optional Hydrogen Generator is installed.
Gas-less GCs Unique gas chromatographs which operate on air from a built-in internal air compressor. No other gases are required for operation.
Accessories - Installation kits, built-in internal hydrogen generator, air compressor, vacuum pump interface, leak detectors, columns, methanizer.
HPLC Systems - Binary gradient pump, UV detectors and RI detector.
Chromatography Data Systems - A low cost single channel data system and affordable 4 channel data system. PeakSimple software for chromatography.
Services - Training, GC rentals, data system host PC's. Reconditioned Instruments.
SS Scientific Limited.
SS Scientific Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of spare parts and accessories for mass spectrometers and associated products for the vacuum analytical market. SS Scientific Limited supplies high quality spare parts compatible with the original manufacturers equivalent, but improved where possible to ease assembly and reduce cost. The company operates from premises in Hellingly, East Sussex serving customers mainly in the UK and mainland Europe. SS Scientific Limited offers a personalised service. SS Scientific has a wide range of spare parts for all types of scientific vacuum and process instruments (mass spectrometers, gauges), the range includes ion sources, electron multipliers, feedthroughs, vacuum valves, ceramic spacers, service screw kits. SS Scientific has facilities in-house to build precision assemblies (quadrupole filters, ion sources and filaments). The product range:
Detector Technology Inc - SS Scientific is the exclusive European Business Development Manager for the DeTech range of electron multiplier detectors (used in a variety of vacuum instrumentation).
Scientific Instrument Services Inc - SS Scientific is the strategic European Representative of  the renowned world leaders in supplies and service for mass spectrometers and associated equipment.
Mechanical Assemblies - SS Scientific has facilities in-house to build precision assemblies, for example, quadrupole filters, ion sources and filaments.
Spare Parts - SS Scientific has a wide range of spare parts for all types of scientific vacuum and process instruments (mass spectrometers, gauges), the range includes ion sources, electron multipliers, feedthroughs, vacuum valves, ceramic spacers, service screw kits.
Stable Micro Systems Ltd.
Stable Micro Systems Ltd is a manufacturer of texture analysis instruments, powder characterisation equipment and material testing machines for the quality control and materials science. Stable Micro Systems Ltd manufactures texture analysers measuring hardness, brittleness, fracturability, adhesiveness, elasticity, bloom strength, and powder flow analyser (a major accessory to the texture analyser) measuring flow characteristics of powders and granular material. Texture analysis provides quantifiable, repeatable and accurate data on the physical properties of food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical products. It is now an established procedure in research, and a valuable tool in the quest for improved quality control methods. Measurements that yield both fundamental and empirical product characteristics are well developed and wide ranging imitative test procedures are becoming increasingly important.
Powder Flow Analyser - Stable Micro Systems use the test frame and vertical drive system provided by the texture analyser test frame, and add the additional rotational drive and software functionality to form the powder flow analyser. Powder Flow Analysers can be purchased as completely new working systems, or you can take your existing texture analyser and attach the powder flow analyser.
Standmat (Центр стандартных образцов и высокочистых веществ).
Standard materials and pure substances centre (Saint Petersburg, Russia) is a manufacturer of certified reference materials (CRM) for water analysis, food stuff analysis, chemical industry, petrochemistry.
Stanford Research Systems.
Stanford Research Systems (SRS) is a manufacturer of test and measurement instruments, scientific instruments, time and frequency instruments, vacuum instruments. SRS Product Categories: Test and Measurement Instruments - FFT Spectrum Analyzers; Synthesized Function Generators; LCR Meters; Thermocouple Monitors; Dual Channel Programmable Filters. Scientific Instruments - Digital Delay Generators; Lock-In Amplifiers; Gated Integrators / Boxcar Averagers; High Voltage Power Supplies; Optical Chopper; Photon Counters; Preamplifiers; Small Instrumentation Modules, Quartz Crystal Microbalance. Time and Frequency Instruments - Time Interval and Frequency Counters; LORAN-C Frequency Standards; Benchtop Rubidium Frequency Standards; Rubidium Oscillators; Ovenized Crystal Oscillators. Vacuum Instruments- Residual Gas Analyzers; Closed Ion Source Gas Analyzers; High Pressure Sampling Systems; Ion Gauge Controllers; Ion Gauges; Pirani Gauge, Partial Pressure Monitor for RGA.
OptiMelt MPA100 - Automated Melting Point System features accurate measurements of melting point & melting range, automatic and visual determination, PID-controlled temperature ramping, digital movie of each melt, stand-alone operation and computer control (by USB), conforms to Pharmacopeia and GLP, printer output. OptiMelt provides a fast and accurate means of automatically determining the melting points and melting ranges of chemical substances. OptiMelt is the only melting point apparatus that can also be used as a general-purpose digital thermometer and timer. In between melting point determinations, OptiMelt may be used with a Pt RTD to measure and log temperatures around the lab. Three built-in timers are also available to keep track of timed events during experiments. 
SRS manufactures gas analysis instruments. Stanford Research Systems offers a complete line of scientific and engineering test and measurement instrumentation, including: lock-in amplifiers, FFT spectrum analyzers, dynamic signal analyzers, time interval counters, boxcar averagers, rubidium atomic clock, preamplifiers, function generators, digital delay generators, LCR meters, frequency standards, power supplies, programmable filters, photon counters, multichannel scalers, optical choppers, 10 MHz oscillators, thermocouple monitors, residual gas analyzers (RGA), closed ion source (CIS) analyzers, process monitoring systems (PPR), ion gauge controller. Vacuum Products and Residual Gas Analyzers product lines: Residual Gas Analyzers - Residual Gas Analyzers, Closed Ion Source Gas Analyzers, PPR Series Vacuum Process Monitoring Systems and QMS Series Quadrupole Mass Sampler Systems. Ion Gauge Controllers - IGC100 Ion Gauge Controller, SRS Bayard-Alpert Gauges and SRS Pirani Gauges.
QMS Series gas analyzers offer efficient, cost effective solutions for gas analysis and monitoring in vacuum or atmospheric pressure processes. These mass spectrometers simplify the task of on-line process monitoring, leak detection, troubleshooting and analysis of gas species. The QMS system continuously samples gas at low flow rates (several milliliters per minute) making the instrument ideal for on-line analysis. The inlet can be equipped to sample at pressures from above atmospheric to as low as 10 mbar. Data is acquired continuously, as opposed to batch sampling which is employed by gas chromatographs. An advanced quadrupole mass spectrometer design, coupled with state-of-the-art pumping technology, allows the entire system to be packaged in a small, transportable system. The QMS systems are supported with a real-time software package that runs on IBM compatible PCs. The intuitive graphical user interface allows measurements to be made quickly and easily. Data is captured and displayed in real-time or scheduled for acquisition at specified time intervals. Features include analog and histogram modes, pressure vs. time scans, leak detection, audio and visual alarms, relay output options and comprehensive on-line help.
Star Instruments, Inc.
Star Instruments, Inc is a manufacturer of water analysis instrumentation. TOC analyzers for the laboratory water analysis and process monitoring. VOC analyser. Turbidity monitor. Laboratory TOC analyzer with both high-temp combustion and UV-persulfate methods. UV-Persulphate / Elevated Temperature Continuous TOC Analyzer for automatic TOC analysis. Dual Infrared Analyzers. The Star Turbidity module was designed to validate the new, more stringent turbidity monitoring requirements for DBPR filtration compliance. Both EPA & standard methods techniques are available. The StarVOC analyzer provides automatic, on-line analysis of total & speciated volatile organic compounds for compliance with TCEQ/USEPA & other local emission regulations.
Starna Cells Inc.
The Starna Group manufactures and distributes quality optics for UV, visible and IR analytical instruments, includes cuvettes for spectrophotometers, fluorometers and colorimeters, NIST Traceable reference sets for the calibration and validation of UV and visible spectrophotometers. Starna Cells Inc is a manufacturer of spectrophotometer cells (a full range of cells for spectrophotometers, fluorometers and colorimeters), reference cells and filter glass for UV-VIS instrument certification. Starna Cells Inc manufactures quality cells for applications in UV/Vis spectroscopy, fluorescence, colorimetry and laser applications with volumes starting at 5µl and light paths from 0.01 mm to 100 mm as well as optics which are manufactured to specification. Starna Cells Inc is a manufacturer of flow cells for spectrophotometers - a variety of cells for use with flow streams, sippers, tablet dissolution and many special applications. Starna Cells Inc manufactures reference materials and cells - reference cells and filter glass for UV/VIS instrument certification. NIST traceable with full documentation.
StellarNet Inc.
StellarNet Inc is a manufacturer of spectroscopy instrumentation - miniature fiber optic spectrometers, industrial process probes, optical fibers, light source accessories. Also SpectraWiz software for process control and quality control. StellarNet Inc manufactures analytical instrumentation measuring light wavelength absorbance, transmission, reflection, color, emission, irradiance, and fluorescence. StellarNet Inc manufactures a line of rugged, modular, portable, miniature spectrometers and software can be used for remote sensing and process applications in the factory or field. Measurements for ranges in the ultraviolet (UV 190-400nm), Visible color (VIS 350-850nm), short-wave Near Infrared (NIR 500-1000nm), and Near Infrared - InGaAs detectors (NIR 900-2200nm) are easily performed by the portable EPP2000 (high speed parallel & USB-2) or ISA2000 (Multi-Channel Box) fiber optic spectrometers. Up to 8 EPP2000 spectrometers may be daisy chained thru a digital IEEE1284 parallel or USB-2 port. Up to 8 ISA2000 spectrometers may be installed in the industrial rackmount, or 4 in the portable spectro box.  These instruments easily handle process applications requiring simultaneous multi-beam configurations.
CCD and Photo Diode Array spectrograph optics have no moving parts or detector sockets. Spectrometers are designed to be vibration tolerant and use thermal stabilization suitable for process applications. The EPP2000C spectrometer has no mirrors. It uses an aberration corrected holographic concave grating for superb imaging while minimizing stray light. This instrument covers the UV and VIS ranges in one unit (190-850nm) with high grating efficiency at both ends of the spectrum using miniature UV-VIS light sources. This improves the signal to noise in spectroscopy measurements by providing the highest possible reference. When configured as a spectroradiometer, the SpectraWiz software easily measures the absolute intensity and chromaticity of LED.
The PORTA-LIBS-2000 field portable laser elemental analyzer - The PORTA-LIBS-2000 it the portable fiber optic spectrometry instrument for laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). The PORTA-LIBS-2000 instrument integrates portable spectrometers made by StellarNet (Tampa, Florida) and Kigres’ (Hilton Head, SC) nanosecond pulsed, Nd:YAG NIR Laser that delivers 6 MegaWatts to create a plasma. Portable high resolution EPP2000 spectrometers are integrated with a high intensity pulsed laser, and sample chamber, to permit UVVIS-NIR spectral analysis of unknown samples. The portable instrument case is just 18 x 14 x 7 inches and operates via 12 volt adapter or battery. Detection requirements determine the number of required spectrometer channels. Up to 8 high resolution spectrometers can be attached via USB-2 computer interface with 0.1 or 0.2nm resolution. The SpectraWiz software provides element identification via spectral database for qualitative measurements. Samples can be quickly measured and saved to log-file. Options allow customization of spectral search algorithms. Custom compound element libraries can be created or searched.
Sterilin Limited.
Sterilin Limited (UK) is a manufacturer of single use plastic labware (laboratory disposable plastics). Sterilin Limited manufactures single use plastic Petri dishes, sample containers, pipettes, inoculating loops, needles, spreaders, food sample swabs, swab rinse kits, multiwell plates, tubes, vials. Sterilin Limited also offers an extensive range of tissue culture plastics from standard flasks and dishes to the advanced glass based products for live cell imaging.
St. John Associates, Inc.
St John Associates, Inc (USA) is a manufacturer of fluorometers, luminometers, thermocyclers, peptide flask shakers, thermal cyclers and cation exchange resin columns. St. John Associates, Inc manufactures sensitive, reliable instruments and precision cation exchange resins at reasonable prices. Products: The FLUORO-TEC Filter Fluorometers provide a cost effective and versatile means of implementing fluorescence-based techniques in the analysis of discrete samples, in liquid chromatography detection (as HPLC detector), and in flow injection analysis (continuous-flow or bubble-segmented). It also performs well as a nephelometer. The LUMI-TEC is a highly sensitive, compact photometer designed specifically for the measurement of bioluminescence and chemiluminescence. The St. John Associates flask shakers are solidly built, continuous-duty devices designed for the agitation of solid phase peptide synthesis flasks and other similar glassware. Columns, resin for amino acid analysis - Hand-polished, narrow bore stainless steel columns and polystyrene resins. St. John Associates' packs each of its cation exchange columns with 8% crosslinked sulfonated polystyrene resins. These columns support high-resolution separations of amino acids, ammonia, amino sugars, organic acids, primary amines and related compounds. St. John Associates' Cation Exchange Resins include 8% crosslinked, fully solufonated polystyrene resins particularly suited for use with 1.8mm to 4.6mm high-efficiency columns. St. John Associates resins make an ideal replacement for Beckman's AA-10, Spherogel, Durrum or Dionex DC4A resins and BioRad's Aminex A7 and Aminex A8 resins.
Strategic Diagnostics Incorporated (SDI).
Strategic Diagnostics Incorporated (SDI) specializes in the development, manufacture and commercialization of immunoassay tests for food, agricultural, water quality, medical, and industrial chemical industries. Strategic Diagnostics Incorporated (SDI) manufactures the GMO4 test kit for detecting genetically modified food ingredients. Strategic Diagnostics Incorporated (SDI) is a manufacturer of detection kits (immunoassay test kits) for pesticide and industrial contaminants, bacterial contamination, toxic by-products of water chlorination and polymers used for water clarification. The SDI RaPID Assay and EnviroGard pesticide test kits are being extensively used by water quality researchers, resource managers, regulators and drinking water system operators for surface and groundwater monitoring, drinking water source and supply management and chemical fate and transport studies. The SDI test for Total THM is a fast, easy and inexpensive test which detects THMs at levels much lower than EPA regulations and correlates well with standard EPA laboratory methods.
Custom development, large-scale production, purification, and labeling of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and associated immunoreagents.
StressTel Corporation.
StressTel Corporation manufactures a complete range of ultrasonic based thickness gauges, ultrasonic flaw detectors, transducers and bolt stress measurement instruments for a wide range of industrial applications. StressTel thickness gauges allow one-sided measurement of metal and plastic components. StressTel Corporation manufactures corrosion gauges with dual element transducers measure remaining wall thickness of pipelines, tanks and other industrial structures exposed to corrosive and erosive conditions. Precision gauges with single element transducers measure thickness of finish-machined and formed parts. StressTel bolt stress measurement instruments ultrasonically measure the elongation of installed bolts and fasteners. Ultrasonic measurement of bolt elongation determines the true bolt stress and is often used when traditional methods are limited by unpredictable operational variables such as friction and lubricant.
Thickness Gauges - StressTel thickness gauges allow one-sided measurement of metal and plastic components. Corrosion gauges with dual element transducers measure remaining wall thickness of pipelines, tanks and other industrial structures exposed to corrosive and erosive conditions. Precision gauges with single element transducers measure thickness of finish-machined and formed parts. Both types of gauges are available in several versions letting you choose the right tool for your job without paying for features you do not need.
StressTel manufactures a complete line of precision transducers designed for a variety of applications - from Precision and Corrosion Thickness Measurement, to Flaw Detection, to Bolt Strain Measurement. 
StressTel leads the market in ultrasonic bolting extensometers with the BoltMike III. The StressTel BoltMike III Ultrasonic Bolt Extensometer measures strain in critical bolts per ASTM E1685-00 providing necessary data on clamp load and induced stress in tensioned fasteners. Based on customer input, the BoltMike III includes many features not found in competitive systems. Features like a large, easy-to-read display; preloaded bolt grade material constants for rapid calibration and setup; and automatic temperature compensation for fast, repeatable, and accurate fastener tension measurements. StressTel's StressWare data collection and analysis software is included with each BoltMike III to interface data to your PC and provide quick and easy report generation.
The HardChecker hardness tester - In compliance with ASTM Standard A956-00, the HardChecker is the portable hardness tester of choice for industrial settings. The microprocessor controlled HardChecker operates on the LEEB rebound principle providing an immediate readout of hardness in a variety of user selectable scales. With automatic compensation for orientation, the HardChecker eliminates the potential for error found in other portable gauges.
Structure Probe, Inc.
Structure Probe, Inc is the microscope laboratory supplies and equipment company. Structure Probe, Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of sample preparation equipment, consumable supplies and accessories for the microscopy and microanalysis laboratories.
Struers is a manufacturer of equipment, instruments, systems for materials science, materialography, metallography. Struers manufactures materials testing instrumentation (microhardness testers) and laboratory equipment for materialographic specimen preparation (semi-automatic and automatic equipment for metallographic specimen preparation). Struers is one of the world's leading manufacturers of equipment and consumables for materialographic sample preparation. Struers covers the entire range of equipment and consumables for materialographic specimen preparation, from uncomplicated, manual machines to fully automated solid sample preparation systems.
Sumitomo Cryogenics Group.
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (SHI)- an integrated manufacturer of industrial machinery, ships, bridges & steel structure, equipment for environmental protection, including recycling, power transmission equipment, plastic molding machines, laser processing systems, particle accelerators, material handling systems. SHI Cryogenics Group, a global manufacturer that includes the Cryogenics Division of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. and the former APD Cryogenics, delivers innovative solutions to the semiconductor, research, optical coating, and medical industries. Sumitomo Cryogenics Group is a manufacturer of scientific and process cryogenic equipment, such as cryocoolers, pulse tube, sterling cooler and helium free superconducting magnet. Sumitomo Cryogenics Group offers an extensive range of 4K GM cryocoolers for the semiconductor, analytical and MRI markets.
SUN-SRi (formerly Sun International).
SUN-SRi (formerly Sun International) designs, manufactures, distributes and sells a variety of laboratory products including autosampler syringes, vials and caps; syringe filters and membranes; dissolution vessels, flasks, cannulae; micro-titerplates, sealing matts and other high quality glass and plastic supplies. These products are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications and subjected to rigorous quality control standards during production, as well as prior to shipment. SUN-SRi manufactures and supplies autosampler vials and sample preparation products for chromatography (HPLC and GC) applications. SUN-SRi is a manufacturer and supplier of chromatography autosampler vials including glass and plastic vials, limited volume inserts, closures and septa compatible with most major HPLC and GC autosamplers. The new MicroStem vial offers a great solution for sample volumes up to 0.70mL. LVI Vials offer the convienence of a standard 12x32mm autosampler vial with a limited volume insert sealed in the vial. VOA Vials. SUN-SRi is a manufacturer and supplier of consumable products for sample preparation such as membrane filters, volumetric glassware, syringes. SUN-SRi is a manufacturer and supplier of dissolution testing accessories such as cannulae, dissolution filters, test vessels. SUN-SRi offers a selection of well plates and microplates from Greiner for the biotechnology, research, industrial or diagnostic laboratory. An ISO 9002 certified company.
Supercool AB.
Supercool AB is a manufacturer and OEM supplier of thermoelectric refrigeration equipment.  Supercool AB manufactures cooling medical and laboratory equipment. Supercool AB is a manufacturer and marketer of thermoelectric cooling assemblies in air, liquid and coldplate configurations.
Surface Measurement Systems (SMS).
Surface Measurement Systems (SMS) is a manufacturer of scientific instrumentation for the surface characterisation of materials, especially the interaction of vapours with solid materials (a range of instruments for vapour sorption studies with materials and options for organic vapours, video microscopy and in situ spectroscopy). Surface Measurement Systems (SMS) is a manufacturer of instrumentation for the surface characterisation of materials by Dynamic Vapour Soprtion (DVS). The Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) systems for particulate characterisation. Also an ambient, non-contact topographical Surface Profile Imaging (SPI) system.
Vapour Generator Series: The VGI series is a range of custom built accessories that allow the user to accurately and precisely control the temperature and humidity of the sample area. Using SMS developed technology the VGI series side steps condensation problems encountered with stand-alone humidity generators enabling precise data on solvent-adsorbate interactions to be collected.
Dynamic Vapour Sorption: The DVS is now a well-established gravimetric technique, using SMS developed technology to facilitate the rapid collection of vapour sorption isotherms on a range of sample sizes with unrivalled sensitivity.
Inverse Gas Chromatography: Unique to SMS, the IGC is a gas phase technique using pulses of solvent vapour to probe the surface and bulk properties of particulate and fibrous materials. Fine-tuning the probe molecules enables a wealth of fundamental physico-chemical properties to be elucidated including powder surface energies, acid/base/polar functionality of surfaces, diffusion kinetics, solubility parameters etc.
Swagelok Company.
Swagelok Company is a manufacturer of fluid system components includes chromatography fittings and accessories. Swagelok Company manufactures a broad range of chromatographic fittings and accessories for chromatography, including: tubes, pipes, weld fittings, ferrules and nuts, quick-connect couplings, stainless steel  hose, plastic hose, and rubber hose, also needle valves, ball valves, check valves, plug valves, and relief valves. Materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, special alloys, and plastics.
SY-LAB GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory instruments for microbiology and particle measurement, cryogenic lab equipment. SY-LAB GmbH manufactures microbiology analysis instruments and cryogenic laboratory equipment. SY-LAB Microbiological Product Group manufactures fast microbial analyzers (screening), bacteria identification devices and accessories. 
Featured products: the BacTrac 4000 Series Microbial Growth Analyzer and MicroTax MT Series Micro-Organism Identification System.
Cryogenic products included the computer controlled freezers as well as inventory control systems and liquid nitrogen level controllers. 
SY-LAB GmbH is a distributor  of Micromeritics USA (particle measurement instrumentation) and Sonics & Materials USA (ultrasonic equipment).
Sympatec GmbH.
Sympatec GmbH is a manufacturer of particle size and particle shape analyzers using laser light diffraction and ultrasonic techniques (ultrasonic extinction) for laboratory and process on-line applications. Laboratory and process instruments for particle size and shape analysis, from 1 nm to10 mm, using laser diffraction, image analysis, photon cross correlation, ultrasonic extinction. Dispersing systems for dry dispersion of powders and wet dispersion of emulsions and suspensions. Also nebulizers, sprays and inhalers. Sympatec GmbH manufactures the HELOS laser system for particle size and shape analysis of dry powders, suspensions, sprays, aerosols and emulsions, to size range 0.1 to 8,750 microns. Devices for spray applications complete the large variety of dispersing systems- SPRAY-SIZER and INHALER-ADAPTER for pump sprays and propellant gas sprays, and inhalers, open completely new applications for the characterisation of pharmaceutical sprays, for example. ROPRON for sampling bulk flow of dry powders, in-line. OPUS ultrasonic extinction technique for in-process particle size distribution measurement of concentrated slurries. OPUS (On-line Particle size analysis by Ultrasonic Spectrometry) is a new method for analysing particle size distribution and particle concentration in suspensions and emulsions of any type. Combining a rugged design with a broad measuring range for particle size (0.1 µm - 3000 µm) and unique features at high particle concentrations (up to 70 Vol. %), OPUS is especially suited for on-line applications. QA-Standards and Reference Materials.
Synoptics Ltd.
Synoptics Ltd (The Company is based in Cambridge, UK and Maryland, USA) develops and manufactures innovative scientific instruments and systems that exploit digital imaging technology for a range of disciplines. Synoptics has a range of products it sells directly to customers from three divisions positioned in three distinct market areas:
Syngene - produces equipment for life scientists to image and analyse electrophoresis gels used for DNA and protein analysis.
Syncroscopy - provides systems which apply digital imaging techniques to microscopy applications, such as life and material sciences.
Synbiosis - produces equipment for microbiologists to automate microbial colony counting.
Synoptics Health - focuses on imaging techniques within the clinical environment.
Products: Instrumentation and software for bio-imaging and gel documentation. Software for optical microscopy, Auto-Montage 3D imaging for optical microscopy, Z-Stepper automated focal series image capture accessory, Measurement Module for 2D and 3D image analysis, GeneGenius gel electrophoresis documentation and analysis system, GeneTools gel analysis software, MultiGenius chemiluminescence analyzer, GeneCam low cost gel documentation and analysis, AcQuis image documentation and databasing systems, ProtoCOL automated colony counter for microbiology, ProtoCOL spiral plate reader, ProtoCOL inhibition zone sizer for antibiotic potency.
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