Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Classified catalogue of the manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (spectroscopy instruments, chromatography instruments, gas analysis, elemental analysis, thermal analysis instruments, food analysis instruments, pharmaceutical analysis, water analysis instruments, process analytical instruments, materials testing equipment, petroleum testing instruments), laboratory equipment (sample preparation equipment). Систематический каталог производителей и поставщиков аналитического оборудования (приборы для спектроскопии, хроматографии, анализа газов, элементного анализа, термоанализа, анализа пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализа воды, поточного химического анализа, испытания материалов, контроля нефтепродуктов), лабораторного оборудования (пробоподготовка).
Current edition (since March 13, 1998)- Текущая редакция  (с 13 марта 1998).
Alphabetical catalogue of companies: Алфавитный каталог компаний:
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T - index of alphabetical catalogue in English language. T - индекс алфавитного каталога на русском языке.
TA Instruments, Inc.
TA Instruments Incorporated is the scientific instrument company, manufacturer and supplier of thermal analysis instruments and rheology instruments.
Thermal analysis products includes the traditional techniques (DSC, DTA, TGA, TMA, DMA, and DEA), automated DSC and TGA systems, several specialized techniques (micro-thermal analysis, pressure DSC, photo-calorimetry, simultaneous DSC-TGA and TGA-mass spectrometry), plus three variable heating rate techniques (modulated DSC, high resolution TGA and modulated TGA).
The rheology products includes the controlled stress and controlled rate rheometers, asphalt rheometers, compressional rheometer, dynamic mechanical analyzer, quality control rheometer and rheology software.
Taylor-Wharton / RDF-Cryogenics.
The Taylor-Wharton's (one of Harsco companies) RDF-Cryogenics division manufactures liquid nitrogen refrigerators, dewars and freezers. Taylor-Wharton / RDF-Cryogenics is a manufacturer of cryogenic storage equipment, including refrigerators, dewars and freezers, vapor shippers and controllers.
The Taylor-Wharton's Gas Equipment Division is a producer of gas containment equipment, offering the complete network of products and manufacturing capabilities for the gas equipment industry. Products: Fluid and gas cylinders for specialty, laboratory, petrochemical, and electronic gas handling systems. Carbon steel, mechanically polished, electropolished, nickel plated, stainless steel, nickel, and monel cylinders available in DOT and non-DOT specifications.
tec5 AG.
tec5 AG (Germany) is a spectroscopy instrument company, specialized in the developement and production of innovative optical sensor systems, operating OEM electronics for detector arrays or spectral sensors and OEM spectrometer systems. tec5 manufactures a wide range of products for the optical spectroscopy from single OEM components like preamplifier boards for detector arrays up to complete OEM Spectrometer Systems for a wide range of applications and demands. Also tec5 is distribution partner of Carl Zeiss for spectrometer modules in Germany. 
Product lines: UV/VIS spectrometers, NIR spectrometers, optical spectroscopy, operating electronics for diode arrays, optical multiplexers, process measurement systems, On Line Analysis, customer specific OEM measurement systems, portable optical sensors. Features products: MultiSpec spectrometer systems in 19" technology with various electronic platforms for UV/VIS and NIR based on diode array technology, customer specific high-quality OEM spectrometer systems.
Custom Designed Systems such as: Compact measurement device, CompactSpec UV-VIS for on-line concentration determination in liquids. Portable spectrometer system, HandySpec VIS, a high-quality hand-held device for spectral analysis, allows the performance of exact transmission measurements in liquids.
Tecan is the scientific instrument (life sciences) company, specializes in the development, production and distribution of liquid handling and detection systems for the discovery of pharmaceutical substances, as well as for genomics, proteomics, and clinical diagnostics. Tecan is a manufacturer of robotics workstations, robotic sample processors, microplate readers, microplate washers, blot processors, microplate data processing software, microplate fluorometers, microplate dispensers. TECAN manufactures microplate fluorometer featuring absorbance and fluorescence capability.
Techne (UK) Limited.
Techne (UK) Limited is the laboratory equipment company, manufacturer of constant temperature laboratory equipment. Techne (UK) Limited manufactures a complete range of temperature controlled equipment: water baths, dri-block heaters, cell culture equipment and molecular biology equipment including hybridisation incubators and thermal cyclers. Techne (UK) Limited is a manufacturer of sample concentrators.
Technical Manufacturing Corporation
Technical Manufacturing Corporation (TMC) designs and manufactures a complete line of vibration isolation products. Technical Manufacturing Corporation (TMC) is a manufacturer of standard optical tables, vibration isolation laboratory tables, vibration isolation table-top platforms, floor platforms and sub-floor platforms. Optical tops, breadboards and supports. A broad array of accessories. Technical Manufacturing Corporation also manufactures custom vibration isolation products. Acoustic enclosures. Options and accessories: rounded corners, Alpha-Numeric grid, overhead shelf, laser shelves, enclosures, earthquake restraint system, breadboard leveler, laser ports, special materials, joined tables.
TechniKrom, Inc.
TechniKrom (now Asahi Kasei Bioprocess, Inc., Glenview, IL, USA) provides engineering solutions and equipment for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes requiring HPLC, LPLC, buffer preparation, peptide synthesizers, solid phase synthesis reactors, and fermentation to attain lowest production cost. Significant reduction in manufacturing costs is acheived by utilizing fully automatable processes (unattended 24 hours, day in, day out) only permitted by the innovative use of precise feedback and control available on all equipment. This equipment is also portable and modular which permits flexible facility layouts minimizing required GMP floorspace while enabling expansions or relocation. Systems are available in sizes ranging from benchtop to process scale.
Product lines: Automated Chromatography Systems - from Benchtop to Process Scale. Buffer Preparation Systems. Dynamic Axial Compression LC Columns. Automated Process Scale Peptide Synthesizers. Dynamic Axial Compression Reactors for Solid Phase Synthesis. Process Scale and Lab Scale Fermentation Units. Chromatography Supplies - Laboratory to Process Scale. Also Method Development and Contract Purification Service.
Technosklo Ltd.
Technosklo Ltd (Drzkov) is the biggest producer of laboratory glass (glassware) in Czech Republic. Technosklo is a manufacturer of laboratory glassware (scientific glass) includes: pipettes, burettes, automatic burettes, beakers, distillers, condensers, laboratory funnels. An ISO 9001 sertified manufacturer offers competitive prices. The basic production raw material are tubes made of chemically very resistant borosilicate glass, conforming to international standard ISO 3585 denoted according to this standard as 3.3 (equivalent is PYREX 7740 glass, DURAN 8330 glass). Furthermore tubes and capillaries of the sodium-magnesium-aluminum-silica glass are applied. Product lines: 
Laboratory Glassware- pipettes (transfer, graduated, automatic, capillary, constricted, other), burettes, automatic burettes, dosing devices, beakers, funnels, distilling glass apparatuses, tubes, distiller. Technical Glass- chandelier arms, shaped tubes (precise diameter), textile machines spare parts, decorative glasses and bottles, paper weight from crystal glass, water pipes.
Tecnotest S.a.s.
Tecnotest S.a.s. (Modena, Italia. Founded in 1968 as Cementprova Tecnotest) is the manufacturer of machinery and equipment for materials testing both in-situ and in the laboratory. Tecnotest provides equipment for construction materials testing, soil and rocks testing, asphalt, pavement road surface and airfield pavement testing. Tecnotest manufactures test machines, testing and measuring instruments (asphalt testers, concrete testers, soil testers, steel testers, moisture testers, permeameters, penetrometers) for soil characterization, soil and rock testing, asphalt and bitumen testing, pavement road surface testing, cement and mortar testing, concrete testing, steel testing. Tecnotest manufactures mobile equipment for coring and drilling (drilling machines), soil sampling devices, sample preparation equipment (augers, sample crushers, grinders, mills, laboratory sieves, coring machines, cutting off machines, lapping machines, saws). Tecnotest manufactures a complete range of soil penetrometers: static penetrometers, dynamic penetrometers and static/dynamic penetrometers. Also general laboratory equipment and instruments (baths, centrifuges, ovens, stills, thermometers, thermohygrometers, temperature recorders), labware. Field portable testing equipment and mobile laboratories for soil characterization, soil and rock testing, asphalt and pavement road surface testing.
Soil characterization, soil and rock testing equipment: consolidation tests equipment, consolidation bench, consolidation cells, cutting - off machine, C.B.R. moulds and accessories, C.B.R. testing machines, direct shear annular apparatus, direct shear on rocks tester, dry density / moisture relationship tester, gasometer, porcelain glassware, hydrometer method, in situ C.B.R. test equipment, in situ density meter, laboratory coring machine, lapping machine, load proving rings, flakiness index grid sieves, load ring penetrometer, micro-coring machines, Mohs hardness testers, moisture tester, oedometers, particle density testers, permeameters (permeability testers), pocket penetrometers, “Point load” tester, power augers, Proctor/C.B.R. compaction test instruments and accessories, Proctor penetrometer, Burton type profile gauge, relative density meters, rock classification hammer, sample extruders, equipment for sand equivalent test, scratch hardness test, sedimentation test equipment, shear meters, shrinkage limit testers, slake durability apparatus, soil classification, soil surveys and sampling equipment, tilt testers, equipment for triaxial tests on rock, triaxial cells, triaxial load frames, unconfined compression testers.
Asphalt testing equipment, pavement road surface testing equipment: Bacon bomb sampler, ball and ring apparatus, Benkelman beam, binder analysers, bitumen extractor, Cleveland apparatus, cut back distiller, ductilometer, Duriez compression test set, float test apparatus, Fraas tester, gyratory compactor, Kumagawa extractor, load rings, Marshall compactor, Marshall testing machine, muffle furnaces, penetrometer, permeameter for bitumen, Pensky-Martens flash point tester, plate bearing test equipment, polished stone value apparatus, proving rings, pycnometers, reflux extractor, rolling thin film oven, sand patch apparatus, skid resistance tester, steady flow centrifuge, travelling beam device, Cannon-Fenske viscometers, Engler viscometers, Redwood viscometers, Saybolt viscometers.
Cement and mortar testing equipment: air content meter, air entraiment meter, calorimeter, compression testers, compression & flexure testers, curing cabinet, bulk density meter, gasometer, dropping ball test equipment, flow tables, Gillmore test equipment, Le Chatelier flask, Le Chatelier mould and bath, length comparator, Marsh cone, Marsh viscometer, mixers, moulds, muffle ovens, penetration value meter, sand content meter, Vicat apparatus.
Concrete testing equipment: Abrams cones, air entrainment meters, capping equipment, cement content meter, concrete testers, concrete test hammer, consistency tester, corrosion mapping system, crack width gauges tests equipment, curing tanks, deflectometers, extensimeter - deformeter, field test kit for chlorides, flow tables, grinding machines, load tests equipment, load cells testing machine, load cells, loft deflection test equipment, microcoring device, micro-covermeter, compression testing machine, special (flexure) concrete testing machines, combined compression- flexure testing machines, moisture tester, moulds, penetrometers, permeability testers, poker vibrators, ultrasonic concrete tester, samples curing equipment, saws, Ve-Be consistometer, vibrating tables, Windsor penetrometer, workability tester, yield buckets tester.
Steel testing equipment (for mechanical tests on steel): universal testing machines- wire strands, alternate folding testing machine, bending and straightening test machine, calibration load cell, pendulum strenghth testers (Charpy's test method), cut off machine, extensometer, machine for tensile and compression test, machines for tensile test (600 kN, 1000 kN), tracing machine, graph recorder, set for steel testing at low temperature. The Eurotronic data acquisition and processing device for compressive, flexural, tensile tests and calibration using standard and completely automatic machines.
Tedia Company, Inc.
Tedia Company, Incorporated is the solvent company that specializes in production of high purity solvents to meet your specific manufacturing, research, and analytical needs. Tedia Company, Incorporated is a manufacturer of high purity solvents, laboratory reagents and pure chemicals for the laboratory and manufacturing use. Tedia Company, Inc is a manufacturer of high purity chemicals since 1975. Tedia Company, Inc manufactures a full line of high purity solvents. Product lines: high purity solvents; high purty acids; laboratory reagents and chemicals.
Tedia Company, Inc offers 138 high purity solvents: 22 ABSOLV, 27 ANHYDROSOLV, 8 bio, 7 GC, 54 HPLC/SPECTRO, 19 Pesticide, and 1 Purge & Trap solvents. The 100% of Tedia high purity solvents are produced in-house at company's facility in Fairfield, Ohio.
Tekran Inc.
Tekran Inc is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of laboratory, field portable and process mercury analyzers (continuous monitoring of mercury), calibrators and accessories for mercury analysis. Tekran Inc manufactures a full line of analytical instrumentation for the measurement of ultra-trace amounts of mercury in ambient air, water, and virtually any combustion source). Analytical equipment for mercury analysis:
The Series 2600 Automated Water Analysis System- modular, fully automated total mercury analytical system is Method 1631 compliant.
The Model 2500 Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometry (CVAFS) Mercury Detector has an absolute detection limit of <0.1 pg of mercury.
The Model 2505 Saturated Mercury Vapor Calibration Unit allows calibration of any low level gas phase measurement system.
The Model 2537A Ambient Mercury Vapor Analyzer provides continuous ambient monitoring of total gaseous mercury (TGM) with a detection limit of < 0.1 ng/m3 (25 PPQ vol). The analyzer is suitable for laboratory, field or mobile use and is designed to integrate easily into existing monitoring networks.
The Tekran Model 1130 Mercury Speciation Unit provides the Model 2537A Mercury Vapor Analyzer with the ability to simultaneously monitor elemental and reactive gaseous mercury (RGM) in ambient air.
Speciating Mercury Continuous Emissions Monitor (CEM) - The Series 3300 can measure total, elemental and ionic mercury in virtually any combustion source. The system is sensitive enough to measure levels at any coal fired power plant and is immune to the interferences that plague conventional mercury CEM systems.
Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation.
Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation (formerly Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc - API) is a manufacturer and supplier of instruments for measuring pollutants in the atmosphere (ambient monitoring) and in the emissions of various industrial processes (source emissions monitoring). Enviromental analyzers for ozone, oxides of nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, air pollution monitors, stack monitoring and CEM analyzers. Product lines: Analyzers for ambient and stack levels of carbon monoxide. Analyzers for oxides of nitrogen and ammonia. Analyzers for ambient and industrial levels of ozone. Analyzers for Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, TRS. Calibrators and zero air sources.
Teledyne Analytical Instruments.
Teledyne Analytical Instruments offers scientific solutions for chemical analysis problems. Teledyne Analytical Instruments is a manufacturer of gas and liquid analytical instrumentation, electrochemical sensors, analyzers, and custom analytical systems for process control, air separation, medical life support systems, and automotive emissions test equipment. Teledyne Analytical Instruments manufactures electrochemical sensors, oxygen analyzers (trace, percent, portable, online oxygen analysers); flue gas and emission monitoring analyzers and systems, process photometric analyzers (UV, VIS, NIR, IR process photometric analysers), carbon monoxide and flammable gas analyzers, trace hydrogen and thermal conductivity gas analyzers, hydrocarbon analyzers, nitrogen oxide emissions monitoring, sensors and detectors. Series IR7000 Non-dispersive Infrared Gas Analyzers. Portable gas analyzers. Teledyne Analytical Instruments offers a wide selection of options and custom systems to support your special needs.
Teledyne Hastings Instruments.
Teledyne Hastings Instruments is the control instrument company, manufacturer of vacuum measuring and control instruments, and flow measuring and control instruments. Teledyne Hastings Instruments manufactures a complete line of vacuum instruments and flow instruments for the precise measurement and control of vacuum and gas flows. Flow Instruments: The current Models HFM Mass Flow meter and HFC Mass Flow Controller represent the culmination of more than 55 year’s experience in manufacturing quality mass flow instruments. Vacuum Instruments: One of the most versatile Hastings vacuum products is the Model 2002 Dual Vacuum Sensor. All Hastings vacuum instruments use precision sensing devices to provide maximum accuracy.
Teledyne Hastings Instruments operates within the Teledyne Instruments Group, a group of specialty instrumentation companies providing analytical and measurement devices to monitor critical manufacturing processes, improve productivity, facilitate energy exploration and protect the environment.
Teledyne Isco, Inc.
Teledyne Isco is a manufacturer of equipment for water pollution monitoring and science. Water and wastewater monitoring - Teledyne Isco manufactures rugged, reliable in-plant and field-portable instruments for monitoring water quality and pollution. Isco environmental products include refrigerated and portable automatic wastewater samplers; open-channel flow meters with acoustic-doppler area velocity, ultrasonic, bubbler, and submerged probe measurement technologies; software for comprehensive flow data handling and analysis. Communication options including GSM cellular modem, 2-way radio, and Modbus provide information delivery solutions for a wide range of site and project requirements. Equipment for science - Teledyne Isco manufactures programmable, precision syringe pumps used in a broad range of demanding fluid delivery applications, preparative liquid chromatography equipment including separation systems and media for high-productivity organic purification for medicinal and organic chemists; protein purification instruments including the BioOptix multichannel system; and Foxy and Retriever brand fraction collectors. Teledyne Isco manufactures density gradient fractionation systems that automate the preparation of gradient tubes for ultracentrifugation, and the fractionation and UV scanning of separated zones after the spin.
Teledyne Leeman Labs.
Teledyne Leeman Labs is the spectroscopy instrument company, manufacturer of atomic-emission and atomic-adsorption spectrometers for elemental analysis of metals, alloys, oils, and trace mercury analysis. Teledyne Leeman Labs manufactures inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectorometers (ICP OES spectrometers), atomic absorption spectrometers (Zeeman-corrected atomic absorption spectrometers, flame AA spectrometers, furnace and tandem AAS), metal alloy analyzers, mercury analyzers and sample preparation systems for mercury analysis, inorganic standards. Teledyne Leeman Labs manufactures laboratory metal analysis instruments (ICP-OES spectrometers - metal analysers, solid metal analyzer, wear metal analyzer) and the Prodigy-Mobile Lab for real time ICP metals analysis on-site (rapid metals analysis at the research site or pollution source, spill sites).
Teledyne Leeman Labs manufactures the Direct Reading Echelle (DRE) ICP spectrometers available in axial, radial and dual view configurations. The Prodigy incorporates an innovative, new, large format, programmable array detector (L-PAD) and an advanced high dispersion Echelle spectrometer. The Profile HT/HP Wear Metals Analyzer is a fully automated wear metals ICP analyzer capable of sample throughput in excess of 120 samples per hour. The Pulsar is a jet assisted Glow Discharge based metal analyzer.
Teledyne Leeman Labs manufactures integrated and automated systems for the preparation and analysis of samples for mercury. The Hydra Series of Mercury Analysis and Sample Preparation Systems -  Hydra AA is a fully automated cold vapor atomic absorption-based mercury analyzer which provides detection limits on the order of 1 to 2 ppt and addresses a broad range of applications. Hydra AA handles the widest sample range including: water, soil, sludge, blood, tissue and difficult foaming samples. It is compliant with EPA Methods 245.1, 245.5, 245.6, 7470 and 7471B, and with European Standards EN-1483 and EN-13806. Hydra AF Series is a full line of automated atomic fluorescence-based mercury analyzer which provides detection limits of less than 0.5 ppt. Atomic fluorescence detection provides superior detection limits, and wider dynamic range than absorption. The Hydra AF comes in two versions, the Hydra AF and the advanced Hydra AF Gold Plus. The Hydra AF is compliant with EPA Method 245.7 and also with European Standard EN-13506. The Hydra AF Gold Plus meets the demands of U.S. EPA Method 1631. Hydra Prep sample preparation system automates all reagent addition and reaction steps necessary for high precision, high throughput mercury sample preparation. Hydra Prep provides automated sample digestion for high throughput mercury analysis, freeing the analyst to perform other tasks.
Teledyne Tekmar.
Teledyne Tekmar (formerly Tekmar-Dohrmann, Mason, Ohio, USA) is a one of the world's leading manufacturers of gas chromatography sample introduction systems, automated total organic carbon analyzers (TOC analysers) and nitrogen analyzers. Teledyne Tekmar is a manufacturer of purge & trap concentrators and autosamplers for air and water analysis, static headspace analyzers, total organic carbon analysers, total nitrogen analysers. Teledyne Tekmar offer a full range of analytical solutions for sample preparation such as purge and trap, static headspace, solid phase extraction, and ambient air concentrators. Products: Accelerated Purge and Trap Sample Concentrator, UV-Persulfate TOC Analyzer, Combustion TOC/TN Analyzers, Multi-Matrix Vial Autosampler, Vial Autosampler, On-line Purge and Trap Interface, Guardian Foam Sensor, Headspace Autosampler, AUTOCan Canister Autosampler/Concentrator, High Throughput Interface, Purge and Trap Autosampler, TOC Boat Sampler.
Sample handling products for GC and GC-MS: Concentrator - Thermal Desorber for the analysis of trace volatile organic compounds by concentrating analytes onto a trap that is heated and backflushed to a gas chromatograph. Automation is available for tubes, canisters and Tedlar bags. The AUTOCan Canister Autosampler / Concentrator is a sixteen position autosampler for analysis of volatile organic compounds for air samples collected in SUMMA canisters or Tedlar bags. AUTOCan also has a built-in concentrating trap. AEROCan automatically adds internal standard, performs a leak check and measures the pressure of the sample container.
Teqcom Industries.
Teqcom Industries is a manufacturer of ultra pure liquid handling components and gas handling components (fittings, valves, sprayers, pumps and custom manifolds). Teqcom Industries manufactures a large family of fluoroplastic fluid components are designed for transporting ultra-pure and difficult to handle liquids and gases. Standard and custom liquid handling and gas handling products in PTFE, PFA, PVDF, PP, PVC.
Termex (Термэкс).
Termex (Tomsk, Russia) is a manufacturer of constant temperature laboratory equipment (water baths, circulating cooling and heating water baths), petroleum testing equipment, density measuring instruments (density meters) temperature measuring instruments (digital thermometers and data loggers).
TESSEK Ltd (Czechia, Prague) is the chromatography sorbent company, manufacturer of HPLC columns and HPLC sorbents for both analytical LC and large scale separations. TESSEK Ltd manufactures HPLC columns and HPLC sorbents based on an inorganic matrix (silicagel, SEPARON SGX) and an organic copolymer (copolymer of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate and ethylene glycol dimethacrylate, SEPARON HEMA) respectively. TESSEK Ltd is a manufacturer of sorbents and factory packed columns for HPLC, SPE produced on base of SGX silicagel and HEMA polymer base TESSEK SEPARON for SEC, IEC, AFC.
TESSEK Ltd offer both bulk sorbents and packed columns made from CGC compact glass, SS, PEEK and titanium. The TESSEK SEPARON SGX sorbents are based on a totally porous, spherical silica. The sorbent is prepared by an original technology, ensuring high batch-to-batch reproducibility. It features high sorption capacity, good mechanical strength, enhanced chemical stability and a wide pore size distribution. The average pore diameter is around 8 nm (special macroporous sorbents for size exclusion chromatography have pore diameter 20, 50 and 100 nm respectively), the average surface area 500 m2/g and the pore volume 1 ml/g. The modified sorbents are stable in acidic and neutral medium. The SEPARON SGX sorbents are available in various particle sizes ranging from 3 to 60 µm and various modifications suitable for normal, reverse phase and ion chromatography respectively. The TESSEK SEPARON HEMA sorbents are based on a rigid macroporous and hydrophilic polymer matrix. HEMA sorbents are available in various particle sizes ranging from 7 to 60 µm and with exclusion limits ranging from 40 to 2000 kDa. The HEMA-S matrix modification enhances the rigidity of the sorbent, while the HEMA-BIO matrix modification yields a highly hydrophilic sorbent. Further modifications yield sorbents suitable for ion chromatography or reversed phase chromatography. Matrices with activated supports (e.g. containing epoxy or vinylsulpho groups) for additional "custom made" modifications are also available. HPLC Columns includes: Stainless steel columns, plastic (PEEK) columns, titanium columns and compact glass cartridges of original construction are packed with these sorbents. Plastic cartridges made from medical grade PP are packed with macroparticulate sorbents for solid phase extraction (SPE). Titanium columns posses high biochemical inertness similar to that of PEEK columns; in addition they exhibit high mechanical strength and withstand high pressure.
TESSEK Ltd also manufactures sample preparation devices: the DORCUS - Vacuum Manifold for SPE separations and the APION - Dry Mineralizer for sample pretreatment before HPLC and AAS. Dry Mode Mineralizer APION is an automatic laboratory apparatus for preparation of test samples of organic materials for following analysis by a physical method such as AAS, polarography etc. The device is designed for simultaneous mineralization of 12 samples, the whole time of mineralization ranges from 8 to 20 hours and the apparatus needs no attendance.
Testing Machines Inc.
Testing Machines Inc. is the materials science instrument company, manufacturer of materials testing instrumentation. Testing Machines Inc. is a manufacturer of computerized material testing instruments for a wide range of industries. The TMI Group of Companies manufactures equipment and instruments to test and measure the physical properties of materials including pulp and paper, film, foil, ink, coatings, nonwovens, plastic, rubber, textile, adhesives, ceramic, metal and corrugated materials. Instruments are available to test and measure more than 50 properties including adhesion, abrasion, friction, compression, tensile strength, impact, internal bond, softness and thickness. Melt flow indexer and fall dart tester. TestLink software is available for the acquisition, display, analysis and storage of test data. Preventative Maintenance and Calibration Service is available worldwide to provide calibration of test equipment at the customers site to avoid costly downtime.
TEWS Elektronik.
TEWS Elektronik is the microwave instrument company, manufacturer of microwave moisture measuring systems (laboratory, portable and process microwave moisture analyzers). The patented measuring method from TEWS Elektronik enables an accurate moisture measurement independent on surface structure, density and colour of the measured materials. The physical principle of the TEWS instruments is based on the patented microvave resonance technique. There are some important advantages in comparisation with other methods: very fast measurement (< 1sec), very accurate by the high selectivity on water, independent of density and weight, non-destructive (very small microwave power of < 10mW), independent of the colour, the structure and influences of surface of the product, determination of the core moisture without grinding, long-term stable and in a wide range sortindependent calibration, no influence of ions and salts. Microwaves penetrate the whole product. So the whole physical bound water will be detected - the core and the surface water. Microwave moisture analysers can be used for the control of process steps like mixing, pressing, moistening and drying and for quality control. Products:
Laboratory microwave miosture analyzers (moisture measuring devices): Standard Laboratory Instrument - Microwave Moisture Measuring Device MW 3300. The MW 3300 is well suited for moisture measurements in products and raw materials from Chemistry, Pharmacy, Food and Feed Industry, Natural Products, Sweet Stuff Industry and Construction Industry. Compact Laboratory Instrument - Microwave Moisture Measuring Device MW 3150. The compact Laboratory Measuring Device MW 3150 is provided for the mobile use in the laboratory and production. The fast and reliable determination of the moisture of your samples will be facilitated by simply handling. The patented microwave measuring method enables the accurate moisture measurement independent on surface structure, density and colour of the samples. The MW 3150 is well suited for determination of the moisture content of many products and raw materials from ranges at Chemistry, Pharmacy, Food- and Feed Industry, Nature Products, Sweet Stuff Industry and Construction Industry. The instruments can be used for routine measurements and under at line process conditions (MW 3150) or as stand alone instruments including an data evaluation software and an own graphical sreen (MW 3300). Tews-Elektronik offers different laboratory sensors (called applicators) to fit the customers needs as best as possible.
On-line microwave moisture analyzers (moisture measuring devices): There are two different instruments for process control available. The MW 3260 with a planar sensor will be integrated into the production stream directly. The possibility to use different planar sensors leads to a higher accuracy of the measurement. The bypass system MW 3200 takes samples via a system of valves automatically for a batch measurement of the production stream.
Special moisture measurement solutions (moisture measuring devices) for tobacco industry, coffee, cocoa and wood industries: Mobile Microwave Moisture Measuring Instrument MW 1000, Microwave Moisture and Density Profile Measuring System MW 3220, Microwave Moisture and Density Integral Measuring System MW 3230, and Cigar Applicator. The Mobile Microwave Moisture Measuring Instrument MW 1000 is created for the laboratory and in the process for the fast determination of the moisture content in the food stuff industry, in animal food, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and in the paper and wood industry. A further application of the MW 1000 is the fast measurement of building material and floor pavement.
The Microwave Moisture and Density Profile Measuring System MW 3220 with Hopper is well suited for for the quality control of all kinds of cigarettes, with or without filter. The protocol contains time, date, ambient temperature, Cigarette brand and maker, min./max. and mean value of the moisture and density data. The Microwave Moisture and Density Measuring System MW 3230 with Hopper is well suited for all kinds of cigarettes, with or without filter. The protocol contains time, date, Cigarette brand and maker, ambient temperature min./max. and mean value of the moisture and density data.
Eccentric Cigar Applicator- This special applicator was made for cigars in the laboratory. By turning around the applicator from position A to B you can measure different moisture ranges of cigars. The speciality of this sensor is the eccentric hole and therefor a changing influence of  the product moisture to the measuring field.
Texas Sampling Inc.
Texas Sampling, Inc is a manufacturer of custom closed loop sampling systems designed for use in industrial environments. Texas Sampling Inc manufactures the closed loop manual continuous liquid sampler, LPG liquid sampler, LPG gas sampler, powder sampler, TSI3 fixed volume sample system, bottles, caps and septas.
Thar Technologies, Inc.
Thar Process, Inc. (formerly Thar Technologies, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, USA) delivers environmentally friendly supercritical fluid solutions to the pharmaceutical, foods, chemicals and electronics industries. Thar Process, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of lab to process scale systems, R&D, process development and toll processing services, making Thar your single-point-of-access for supercritical fluid technology. Thar Process, Inc. is a manufacturer of supercritical fluid extraction systems, supercritical fluid chromatography systems, phase equilibrium analyzer. Thar Technologies, Inc specialize in designing and manufacturing systems and equipment for supercritical fluid applications. Thar Process, Inc. manufactures a complete range of equipment such as the Smart pumps with sapphire pistons, "Finger Tight" vessels, back pressure regulators and actuators, cyclone separators, high pressure stirrers, variable volume view cells and chromatographic columns for supercritical fluid chromatography.
Range of products includes pilot to plant scale SFE and SFC systems. Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography instrumentation - The Super Prep Series has production capability from gram to kilogram quantities. The pilot scale Prep SFC-200 system is capable of producing gram to kilogram quantities of separated material. The System is completely automated for continuous operation and requires minimal supervision. Prep SFC-2000 accommodates column sizes from 20mm to 100mm and has liquid CO2 flow rate of up to 200 grams per minute. Thar Designs can provide complete systems ranging from 3 ml to 1,000 liter capacity for pressures up to 10,000 psia (680 Atm). These systems are modular in their design and are available in bench-top to skid mounted configurations. That Designs can provide turnkey solutions to produce powders with desired size and morphology using RESS or GAS process.
The Grieve Corporation.
The Grieve Corporation is the designers and manufacturers of industrial and laboratory ovens and furnaces since 1949. The Grieve Corporation provides custom design of special equipment plus a complete line of standard products. Grieve offers complete custom design and manufacturing services. 
Special Ovens and Furnaces: Clean Room and Pharmaceutical Ovens - Class 100 Clean Room Bench, Class 100 Clean Room Cabinet, Class 100 Clean Room Truck, is a systems to meet the rigid specifications of Clean Room, Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical Environments. Inert Atmosphere Ovens.
Available "Clean Room" construction includes: Continuously welded seams with or without rounded inside corners for easy cleaning. White epoxy or #4 brushed stainless steel exteriors. Sealing flanges and doors on both sides for pass through operation from room to room. Door interlock systems with electric locks, pilot lights and timing/temperature interlocks. HEPA filtration of intake, exhaust and recirculated air flow with DOP validation ports and pressure gauges with alarms. Programming and recording temperature controls. Automatic depyrogenation cycles. Pressurizing blowers and powered forced exhausters with motorized dampers for drying and cooling cycles.
Inert Atmosphere Ovens include: Gas tight interior construction; a gas tight door seal, adjustable offset hinges and positive latching door hardware; inert atmosphere inlet with pressure regulator and flow meter; outlet with pressure reliefl; air jacket on inner walls for accelerated cooling. Available Options include: Automatic atmosphere purge controls. Blowers to draw cooling air through jacket on inner walls. Modulating dampers to control rate of cooling. Programming and recording temperature controls.
The Lee Company.
The Lee Company is a manufacturer of miniature fluid control components for aerospace hydraulic and fuel systems, medical and scientific instrumentation (miniature, chemically inert two and three-way solenoid valves, miniature inert fixed and variable volume pumps, miniature static mixing devices and other inert fluid handling components). The Lee Company is a manufacturer of solenoid valves and accessories used in low pressure fluid and gas handling for applications including micro-dispensing, control valves, chemically inert valves and pumps. A miniature Micro-Hydraulic components for aerospace and high pressure hydraulic systems including plugging devices, solenoid valves, restrictors, valves for constant pressure or flow and high pressure safety screens.
The Monitor Instruments Company.
The Monitor Instruments Company (USA, formerly The Monitor Group) is a mass-spectrometry instrument company focusing on development of cycloidal mass spectrometer technology. The company’s modern CMS designs offer exceptional stability and sensitivity, making them ideal chemical monitors. The company currently manufactures a series of linear cycloidal mass spectrometers that are used to monitor chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and in sophisticated clinical applications, worldwide. Products Series 3000L Laboratory Mass Spectrometer (Lab & Field  Mass Spectrometer), Series 3000I Industrial Mass Spectormeter (Fixed Location Mass Spectrometer, enclosure: steel cabinet, NEMA type; optional hazardous location cabinets), and Series 3000C Clinical Mass Spectrometer (Automated Isotope Ratio Analyzer).
The Automated Isotope Ratio Analyzer applications: Medical diagnostic testing for H. Pylori infection using C-13 labeled urea and analyzing breath for C-13 enriched CO2 (UBT). The Series 3000C Automated Isotope Ratio Analyzer was developed to meet the needs of point-of-care diagnostic screening and confirmation for a number of disease states using breath testing. These include the current UBT, but also a host of other very significant tests to characterize gastric motility, diagnose infant galactosemia, and early stage liver disease. The Series 3000C is a fully automated double focusing magnetic mass spectrometer designed for this and other isotope ratio work requiring high precision, accuracy, and throughput. 
Hardware & Software Features: A one inch pitch cycloid mass analyzer is used which is equipped with special slit con- figurations to optimize peak shape and resolution at mass 44/45. A multi-gain electrometer with noise characteristics approaching Johnson noise limits and a 4 MHz V/F converter is used for ion detection. The instrument control and data handling is performed with an embedded processor sup- ported with solid state flash memory. This provides a high degree of reliability. An automated gas inlet system provides for on-line unattended mass calibration, primary isotope ratio calibration, inlet purge functions, and full sample handling. Versatile gas sampling head uses a membrane drier to remove water from samples for improved precision and accuracy. Sample is introduced into the mass spectrometer using a deactivated direct capillary without contact with valves or other adsorptive surfaces, the sample capillary is tem- perature stabilized for constant flow characteristics and excellent short and long term precision. The software system completely automates the process with graphical user setup of autosampler functions and vial type (sample, calibration, challenge) with replicate analysis and replicate summary reporting. Transfer of data to an external computer system for record management and retention via RS-232.
ThermaCal Inc.
ThermaCal Inc is a manufacturer of temperature calibration equipment. ThermaCal Incorporated manufactures unique temperature calibrators to test RTD, thermocouple, and other temperature sensors. Featured products: The Model 20 has COOL and HEAT sources in one instrument covering the range -40° C to 700° C. The Model 34 combines source (COOL and HEAT) and measure capability. The Universal Jaw which accepts all temperature probes up to 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) in diameter. The new laboratory combination refrigerator and oven for specimen, test tubes, and small component thermal testing over the ranges -10C to 200C.
Thermal Technology Inc.
Thermal Technology is a manufacturer of the laboratory and industrial vacuum furnaces, high temperature vacuum furnaces, and controlled atmosphere high temperature furnaces. Thermal Technology Inc. designs and manufactures vacuum furnaces and controlled atmosphere high temperature furnaces for a large variety of applications in both industry and laboratory environments (crystal grower applications, gas purification, gem enchancement, laboratory research melting, materials technology, sintering, thermal and thermo-mechanical materials testing). Thermal Technology manufactures crystal growing furnaces (crystal growers), laboratory vacuum furnaces for research, furnaces for dilatometers (high temperature furnaces for the thermo-mechanical materials testing systems), laboratory vacuum arc-melting furnaces, vacuum hot press furnaces. Thermal Technology manufactures high temperature vacuum furnaces: arc-melt furnace (laboratory size vacuum arc-melting furnaces), bell-jar style vacuum furnaces, co-firing vacuum furnaces, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) vacuum furnaces, chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) vacuum furnaces, custom-designed vacuum furnaces.
The broadest range of high temperature vacuum furnaces and controlled atmosphere high temperature furnaces: crystal growing furnaces, debinding and dewaxing furnaces, diffusion bonding vacuum furnaces, dilatometer furnaces, fiber and fibre drawing furnaces, gem enhancement vacuum furnaces, high temperature vacuum furnaces, hot press furnace for vacuum or controlled atmospheres, hydrogen furnaces, hydrogen brazing furnaces, laboratory vacuum furnaces for research, laboratory vacuum arc-melting furnaces, metallizing furnaces, molten salt oxidation (MSO) system for hazardous waste elimination, physical test furnaces, physical vapor deposition furnaces, production furnaces, reaction bonding furnaces, retort furnaces, sintering furnaces, tilt-pour vacuum furnace for casting, ultra high vacuum furnaces, vacuum annealing furnaces, vacuum brazing furnaces, vacuum hardening furnaces, vacuum heat-treating furnaces, vacuum induction furnaces, vacuum sintering furnaces.
Thermcraft, Incorporated.
Thermcraft, Incorporated is a manufacturer of laboratory and industrial furnaces, high temperature heaters and other thermal processing equipment including ovens, temperature sensors, controls, vacuum formed insulation and ceramic fiber and diffusion heaters for the ceramic, semi-conductor and other industries. Thermcraft, Incorporated manufactures a broad range of industrial, research and laboratory ovens, laboratory and industrial furnaces furnaces, control systems, ceramic and fibercraft heaters, insulation materials, accessories. Thermcraft, Incorporated also offers used equipment. Thermcraft, Incorporated is a manufacturer of box furnaces (box furnaces are available in a wide variety of sizes and temperature ranges). Shandard temperature ranges are 1010°C, 1260°C and 1538°C (1850°F, 2300°F and 2800°F). Special designs are available for operations to 1700°C (3092 °F). Options include pneumatically operated vertical lift doors, welded and gas tight shell with ports for use with atmosphere, heated doors, viewports and quench tanks.
ThermIKS (Russia) is a manufacturer of industrial electric furnaces and laboratory furnaces. ThermIKS manufactures the car-bottom furnaces, chamber furnaces and shaft furnaces, ovens with forced air circulation, laboratory furnaces and drying cabinets as well as special electroheating equipment. Custom manufacturing is available.
Thermoceramics, Ltd.
Thermoceramics, Ltd is a manufacturer of electric resistance furnaces for industry and science (laboratory furnaces). Thermoceramics, Ltd manufactures and supplies desiccators, kilns, heat chambers; high temperature furnaces (temperature up to 1800 C); heat treatment furnaces; laboratory furnaces; vacuum furnaces; vacuum-hydrogen furnaces; crucible furnaces, furnaces for thermocouple verification; furnaces with protective atmosphere; tube furnaces; chamber furnaces, shaft furnaces, tunnel furnaces, cupola furnaces and elevator furnaces. Thermoceramics also manufactures furnaces to the customers' requirements. Thermoceramics manufactures and supplies electronic hardware of thermal control; electric heating elements (chrome-lanthanum, silicon carbide, molybdenum disilicide, molybdenum, tungsten, FeCrAl); technical ceramics (fused silica, alumina, corundum crucibles and tubes, hearths, bedplates; items to the customers' requirements; ceramic anchors; ceramic holders; ceramic insulators); high temperature insulating materials.
Thermocoax is the thermal solutions and temperature measurement company. Thermocoax is a manufacturer of heating devices and cables, thermometry products: thermocouples and resistance thermometers. Analytical heating and temperature measurement applications for both OEMs and equipment users. Applications include trap and probe tip assemblies, injector heating, ion source heating, transfer line (both rigid and flexible) manufacturing and capillary heating. Thermocoax manufactures a variety of standard and custom thermocouples with diameters as small as 0.25mm and temperatures to 2300C. A large number of sheath and conductor materials allow for use in a wide variety of environments. Signal transmission- metal sheathed cables.
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
Thermo Fisher Scientific is a manufacturer of analytical equipment, laboratory, equipment, scientific equipment.
THERMOLINEAR Isotopenmassenspektrometer GmbH.
THERMOLINEAR Isotopenmassenspektrometer GmbH (THERMOLINEAR Isotope Mass Spectrometer GmbH) manufactires instruments for Thermal Ionization Isotope Mass Spectrometry (TIMS), provides upgrade and service of isotope mass-spectrometers. THERMOLINEAR Isotope Mass Spectrometer GmbH is the isotope mass spectrometry company, manufacturer of WiFI-1, the high precision isotope mass spectrometer. MS Upgrades - THERMOLINEAR Isotope Mass Spectrometer GmbH is a manufacturer and supplier of instrument components, which will improve the performance of your existing mass spectrometer (such as Finnigan MAT 260, 261, 262). THERMOLINEAR Isotope Mass Spectrometer GmbH offers the same, full range of services for the upgrades to your instrument as for the WiFi-1 isotope mass spectrometer.
Thermopribor (Термоприбор).
Thermopribor (Klin, Russia) is a manufacturer of glass thermometers for laboratory and industrial use, hygrometers, and accessory equipment for temperature measurement and control. Thermopribor manufactures laboratory thermometers, petroleum testing thermometers, ASTM thermometers, electrical contact thermometers, industrial thermometers, specialty thermometers, vibration resistant thermometers, agricultural thermometers, meteorological thermometers, hygrometers. Thermopribor also offers fittings and assemblies for industrial thermometers. The company also manufacrures medical thermometers.
ThermoProbe Inc.
ThermoProbe Inc is the temperature measurement company, manufacturer of precision portable digital thermometers for rugged field abuse, explosive environments, and specialty applications. ThermoProbe Inc manufactures specialized digital thermometers to serve the needs of petroleum inspectors, refineries, tank farms, pipeline facilities, rail and marine transport. These gauging thermometers are constructed to withstand abusive field use, ensure consistently accurate measurement, and provide safe operation in flammable environments. In addition to those specialized instruments, the company also manufactures a compact and easy to read laboratory thermometer to use in place of mercury-glass thermometers. 
Product lines: Thermometers for Liquid Temperature Gauging and Explosive Environments, Thermometers for Precision Laboratory and Field Applications, Thermometers for the Food Processing Industry.
Typical applications for ThermoProbe petroleum instruments involve the volume-temperature gauging of petroleum and chemical products. These instruments are listed as intrinsically safe to North American, European and Japanese safety standards. ThermoProbe products use Platinum RTD technology to provide you with long-term stability, accuracy and wide temperature range. Thermoprobe instruments were developed to fill a need in the industry for a rugged and accurate thermometer for gauging the temperature of petroleum products at a reasonable price.
Featured products: TL-1 cordless precision electronic laboratory thermometer is as simple as a glass thermometer, highly precise and has a wide temperature range. Also the TP-7 thermometer for petroleum teemperature measurement and TK-1 pocket thermometer for food preparation and quality control.
ThermoSafe Brands.
ThermoSafe Brands (formerly Polyfoam Packers Corporation), part of SCA Packaging North America, is a provider of temperature assurance and temperature testing products and services. ThermoSafe Brands (formerly Polyfoam Packers Corporation) is a manufacturer and supplier of insulated foam shippers and dry ice containers for safe transfer and storage of temperature sensitive samples. The ThermoSafe benchtop system that protects temperature sensitive enzymes and reagents at the workstation and a flexible insulated nylon tote for couriers. Also an expanded line of UN/D.O.T. approved composite package for shipment of hazardous materials in bottles and cans, cost-reducing refrigerant packs in two temperature formulations, portable dry ice makers, and flexible foam inserts. Custom designs also available. In addition, ISC Labs provides packaging design and certified independent testing services to meet all your regulatory requirements and concerns.
Thermotron Industries.
Thermotron Industries is one of the world's leaders in environmental test chambers, HALT and HASS test equipment, electrodynamic vibration and environmental stress screening systems, and test system integration. Thermotron, an ISO 9001:2000 registered company, is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of environmental testing equipment, test systems, environmental stress screening, and simulation equipment. Thermotron Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of environmental test chambers, accelerated stress test systems for HALT and HASS, combined environment test facilities, thermal shock chambers, electrodynamic vibration, portable conditioners. Test systems meet a wide variety of industrial testing standards and specifications. Whether testing small items such as optical components, integrated circuits, electromechanical devices, flexible circuitry, miniature electrical components, or large items like automobiles, satellites, missiles, mainframe computers or telecommunications networking gear, Thermotron Industries can provide properly designed environmental test solutions to meet your specific testing needs. Thermotron test chambers can control high and low temperatures, high and low humidity levels, sun, moisture, sand, dust, altitude, and corrosion. Thermotron Industries manufactures a fully complimented line of vibration equipment for transportation and screening test requirements. Thermotron's Accelerated Stress Test (AST) System for HALT and HASS can show you in just hours how a particular product will hold up after years of use. By using Thermotron's AST System, you can subject your product to extreme temperature, vibration, and electrical stresses, individually or in any combination. Perform various accelerated stress test methods like HALT (Highly Accelerated Stress Test), HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen), Step Stress Testing, and others. Thermotron Industries manufactures test equipment ranges from benchtop chambers approximately the size of a microwave oven to large drive-in rooms capable of testing multiple cars simultaneously. Thermotron Industries designs and manufactures easy to use instrumentation systems that have been developed specifically for their end use and provide a host of software products for centralized control, data logging, and product testing solutions. 
Temperature and Humidity Environmental Chambers - SE-Series Environmental Test Chambers, Universal Port, S-Series Temperature and Temperature-Humidity Chambers, SL-Series Environmental Test Chambers, Benchtop Test Chambers, Walk-In Environmental Chambers.
Fast Change Rate Environmental Chambers - Accelerated Stress Test (AST), AST-20R Accelerated Stress Test System, AGREE Environmental Chambers.
Thermal Shock Environmental Chambers, Automated Thermal Stress Systems, Environmental Stress Screening.
Integrated Test Systems and Test Solutions - Burn-In Test Systems, Load Assemblies for Test Systems, Functional and Parametric Test System, Mechanical Fixturing Solutions, Electromigration Test System, DC/DC Converter Test System, Engine Controller (ECU) Testing, Product Test System for Sensor Testing, Instrument Panel Testing, Product Test System, Product and Test Fixturing.
Specialty Environmental Chambers - Automated Corrosion Test, Sand & Dust Chambers, Altitude Test Chambers, Moisture Test Chambers, Sunload Enclosures.
Remote Conditioners - Portable Temperature Conditioners, Liquid Chillers, Equipment Cooling Air Units (ECA). 
Vibration - Electrodynamic Vibration Systems, Repetative Shock Vibration, Vibration Control Software.
Software - ThermoTrak II Control Software, Direct Link Remote Diagnostic Software, Vibration Control Software, Product Test System Software.
Testing instrumentation for Life Science & Biomedical  - Cytogenetic Drying Chamber.
Thomson Instrument Company.
Thomson Instrument Company (USA) is a supplier of liquid chromatography equipment and accessories for HPLC. Thomson Instrument Company specialize in liquid chromatography systems, components and accessories and provide expert sales and service for many other scientific products. Thomson Instrument Company offers HPLC columns for proteins, peptides, oligomers, other biomolecules and high speed screening.
Thyracont Electronic GmbH.
Thyracont Electronic GmbH is a manufacturer of vacuum measurement instruments (vacuum meters, vacuum gauges, controllers, transducers, transmitters, and indicators). Product lines: Compact meters, absolute pressure. Vacuum transducer, absolute pressure. Measurement and control units. Vacuum switches, absolute pressure. Vacuum controller including programmable valves. Special controller. Accessories for vacuum measuring and control instrumentation. Provides special development of vacuum measuring and control instruments. 
Thyracont Electronic GmbH manufacturs level sensor, tube version for fluid, powdery and granular mediums, features the patented new development presents compact and low-cost level measuring with continuos output. Applications incude oil level, fuel store, condens liquid control. Flow sensor for liquid mediums. Smallest liquid flow rates can be measured with the newly developed flow sensor. Thyracont Electronic GmbH also offers custom manufacturing.
Ticoscen Inc.
Ticoscen Inc is the ELSD and other liquid chromatography instruments services company (HPLC equipment service specialists). The company offers specialized ELSD service contracts providing true GMP/GLP/FDA compliance. Ticoscen Inc is a factory trained and authorized service center for: SEDERE ELSD HPLC detectors and Scientific Systems, Inc (SSI) HPLC pumps, Knauer UV detectors and pumps, LC Packings Ultimate Micro-Nano HPLC Systems, Picometrics Zeta Laser Induced Fluorecence detectors, Michrom BioResources Inc, Fischer Scientific, Spark Holland Autosamplers, Rheodyne automatic and manual switching valves, Bionysis OPLC, Wescan IC Detectors and Pumps. Ticoscen Inc also offers refurbished HPLC instruments.
Timberline Instruments Inc.
Timberline Instruments Inc is the analytical instrumentation company, manufacturer of ammonia analyzer and nitrate analyzer, HPLC column heaters, mobile phase pre-heaters (heat exchangers), and HPLC post column reaction systems (postcolumn reactors). 
Timberline Instruments manufactures two post column reactor systems; the single reagent RDR-1, and the dual reagent RDR-2P. The Timberline RDR-2P avoids the most common problems associated with post column derivatization: pumping problems from check valve failure, and reactor plugging form stagnant reagents left in the system at shut down.
Timberline Instruments manufactures ammonia analyzer for the analysis of Kjeldahl digests, ammonia or oxidized nitrogen in soil, plant matter, wastewater, fermentation broths and process streams. The Timberline Model 550A Ammonia Analyzer is a rapid, continuous flow analytical system used for the analysis of ammonia in aqueous solutions. The patented gas diffusion / conductivity principle provides results that are unaffected by turbidity, color, or particulate matter in the sample.
Tinius Olsen.
Tinius Olsen is the materials testing equipment company, manufacturer and supplier of material testing machines for static tension and compression materials tests (mechanical testing equipment, UTM, universal testing machines). Tinius Olsen manufactures universal testing machines (UTM), polymer evaluation instrumentation, dilatometer, paper tester and metal testing machines, for tests on raw materials such as metals, polymers, textiles, rubbers, adhesives, food and finished components. A whole series of tests are available including tension, shear, compression, flex/bend, puncture/burst, tear, peel, melt flow, Charpy and Izod impact, friction, stiffness, heat distortion temperature, Vicat penetration, and torsion. All such tests are designed and implemented by Tinius Olsen in accordance with key international testing standards including ISO, ASTM, EN and other industrial standards.
Tinius Olsen manufactures several models of universal testing machines (UTM), includes benchtop testing machines, for testing the strength of materials in tensile, compression and flexural modes. Capacities of the load frames range from 250 to 800,000 pounds and there is a wide range of load test fixtures available for testing a wide variety of materials. Semi-automatic and robotic mechanical testing machines are also available. 
For polymer evaulation, Tinius Olsen manufactures the MP600 extrusion plastometer (melt flow indexer), the Model 92T impact tester for Izod and Charpy testing, the Model 899 sample notcher, the HD94 DTUL/Vicat, a brittleness tester, stiffness tester and a quartz-tube dilatometer. Tinius Olsen also makes the machines to test impact resistance, Brinell hardness, torsion resistance and ductility of metals. Paper is tester using the MIT folding endurance tester. All of Tinius Olsen's instruments are manufactured to meet ASTM, ISO and other international test specifications.
Titertek Instruments, Inc.
Titertek Instruments, Inc is the scientific instrument company, manufacturer and supplier of the laboratory instrumentation for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, life science research institutions, clinical laboratories and the diagnostic products manufacturers. Company specialize in precision liquid handling in the microliter range and stacker based microplate instrumentation. Titertek Instruments, Inc is a manufacturer of the Titertek Multiskan line of microplate spectrophotometers. A source of accessories and service for many products once available from ICN Biomedicals, Micromedic Systems, Isodata and Flow Laboratories. Titertek Instruments, Inc manufactures microplate equipment such as readers, washers, shakers, stirrers. 
Featured products: robot systems for the laboratories. Products: Benchtop single-tip pipettor, Microplate processor, Filter Plate Aspirator, Deep Well 384 reagent dispenser and Bulk reagent and cell dispenser, Microplate Stacker and Multiformat pipetting station. Also a Microplate Wash Systems. The stackers also are useful devices for robotic integration. 
By combining the multi-detector counting technologies of Micromedic Systems and Isodata, Titertek Instruments, Inc has developed advanced automatic gamma counting systems; the Plus & Apex Automated Gamma Counters and the Iso Tek Manual Gamma Counters. 
Products are marketed worldwide through direct sales, manufacturers' representatives and distributors, and marketing partners.
Tomanalyt (Томьаналит).
Tomanalyt (Tomsk, Russia) is a manufacturer of laboratory instruments for electrochemical analysis, ion measurement, pH measurement. The company manufactures electrochemical analyzers, pH-meters, ion meters. The company also manufactures heating block devices for sample digestion and ashing.
Tomtec is a manufacturer of automated liquid handling laboratory equipment (lab automation products, robotic workstations). Tomtec manufactures a complete line of liquid handling systems, including harvesters, 96-well pipettors, 384-well pipettors, plate washers, and robotic components and systems. Tomtec is a manufacturer of the Quadra series workstations- 96 and 384-well. Pipetting volumes from 0.5µl to 450µl. Tomtec also manufactures the Integrated Stacker System and Special Accessories for SPE. Tomtec is a manufacturer of the Quadra FFA (Functional Fluorescent Assay) device. Tomtec is a manufacturer of the Mega-Stor microplate bulk storage device.
Torrey Pines Scientific.
Torrey Pines Scientific manufactures chilling and heating laboratory equipment and apparatus with analog and digital controls for use in biotech, environmental, chemical, and biomedical laboratories. Torrey Pines Scientific is a manufacturer of bench top chilling incubator, portable chilling incubator, digital hotplates and hotplate-stirrers, electronic ice cube, controllable ice cube, heating-chilling water bath, circulator, HPLC column thermostat (HPLC column heater-chiller).
Tosoh Bioscience LLC.
Tosoh Bioscience is a manufacturer and supplier of the TSK-GEL, Toyopearl, and Amberchrom liquid chromatography products, pre-packed columns and bulk resins. A broad product line - liquid chromatography media, columns, parts and accessories, from the laboratory to process scale. Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), Ion Exchange Chromatography (IEC), Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC), Preparative Reversed Phase (RPC), Affinity Chromatography (AFC) and Specialty Columns.
Tosoh Bioscience offers a number of other specialty columns, for such applications as oligonucleotide and oligosaccharide separations, and for separations to be performed at higher speeds or higher temperatures. TSKgel HA-1000 columns are most often used for analysis and purfication of such charged samples as proteins, monoclonal antibodies and nucleic acids. TSKgel Amide-80 columns are designed specifically for separating sugars by normal phase liquid chromatography.
TRACE Analytics GmbH.
TRACE Analytics GmbH (Germany) is a developer of biosensor, analytical device for micro analysis and lab-on-a-chip integrated systems for applications in the life sciences (clinical diagnostics, food quality control, environmental analysis). TRACE Analytics GmbH manufactures the Alcotrace- Analysis system for Alcohol in wine and beer. Glucotrace- Online glucose analysis in biotechnology. TAS 2000- Modular flow analysis system. Trace Flowcell- Electro-chemical biosensors. Alcotrace works automatically, does not need expensive reagents and is easy to operate due to its menue controlled display. Three ranges are available to achieve an optimal resolution for each measuring task: 0,01- 1 vol.% for soft drinks and non-alcoholic beer, 0,01- 7 vol.% for beer, 0,01- 18 vol.% for wine and champagne.
Transcendent Enterprises Inc.
Transcendent Enterprises Inc (Canada) is a manufacturer of a small heatable liquid sampling valve for the introduction of pressurized (up to 1200 psi) liquid hydrocarbons ranging from C1 to C30 into on-line, at-line or laboratory based Agilent Technologies gas chromatographs equipped with Split/Splitless capillary inlets. Product lines: PLIS - Pressurized Liquid Injection System; as above; an automated Stem valve with integral pneumatic actuator; 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 and 2 ul volumns. Can be Sulfinert treated for sensitive Sulfur applications. 
The PLIS (Pressurized Liquid Injection System) are compact, easy to use and easy to interface to Agilent Technologies gas chromatographs. Features close coupling to the heated inlet (no cold transfer lines). Unheated version can analyze up to C24 hydrocarbons. Simple to service and maintain - has easy access for field servicing if ever required. Pressure tested to 1500 psi. Easy and rapid dismounting to restore original configuration (to syringe injection). Low cost.
TSI Incorporated.
TSI (USA) is a manufacturer of laboratory and portable instruments for aerosol particle measurement, particle counting, fume and dust monitoring instruments, indoor air quality instruments, indoor air quality monitors, HVAC testing equipment. TSI mnufactures aerosol diluters, aerosol generators and dispersers, aerosol monitors, dust monitors, aerosol neutralizers, continuous monitoring systems, elemental analyzers (LIBS systems), filter testers, flowmeters, fluid mechanics systems, fume hood monitors, indoor air quality meters, integrating nephelometer, particle counters, particle sizers, primary calibrators, respirator fit testers, room pressure monitors, thermal anemometry systems, ventilation test instruments, ventilator test systems.
Turner Designs Inc.
Turner Designs Inc is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of laboratory fluorometers and portable fluorometers, process fluorescence analyzers and research grade luminometers. Turner Designs Inc manufactures lab, process and portable analytical instruments for the measurement of fluorescent tracers, algal pigments, hydrocarbons, and other naturally occurring fluorescent compounds.
Turner Designs Inc manufactures of fluorometers and luminometers for field, laboratory, and process control applications in the environmental and biotech markets: 10-AU Field Fluorometer for chlorophyll measurement and dye tracer studies; TD-700 Lab Fluorometer for chlorophyll measurement, DNA/RNA quantitation and general lab assays; TD-360 Mini- fluorometer for DNA/RNA quantitation and general lab assays and TD-20/20 Luminometer for genetic reporting and ATP measurements; AlgaeWatch On-line Fluorometer for real-time measurement of algal biomass in water; SCUFA Submersible Fluorometer for chlorophyll and dye tracing applications; Picofluor Handheld Dual Channel Fluorometer; Aquafluor Handheld Fluorometer/Turbidimeter; Laboratory, portable and on-line fluorometers for the detection of oil in water (hydrocarbon monitors).
CYCLOPS-7 Submersible Fluorometer- The CYCLOPS-7 line of submersible fluorometers is designed for integration into multi-parameter platforms requiring a high performance, compact sensor at a significantly lower price than traditional submersible fluorometers. The CYCLOPS-7 combination of price, performance and size make the sensor very attractive for oceanographic, freshwater and dye tracing applications. The sensor requires an external power source. The CYCLOPS-7 fluorometers can be factory configured for a wide range of fluorophores including chlorophyll a and rhodamine WT, or custom versions.
The 10-AU-005-CE Field Fluorometer is a rugged, field-portable fluorometer that can be set up for continuous-flow monitoring or discrete sample analyses. It is equipped with easily-removable filter paddles, making excitation and emission filter changes quick and convenient. A watertight case, internal data logging, automatic range changing, and unmatched stability make this the fluorometer of choice for field fluorometry studies. A variety of compounds can be easily measured on-site using application-specific optical filters available from Turner Designs.
The AlgaeWatch On-Line Fluorometer is the ideal tool for water resource managers and scientists interested in real-time monitoring of water quality, provides a continual indication of the algal biomass in water. The SCUFA (Self-Contained Underwater Fluorescence Apparatus) is an accurate, simple-to-use and versatile submersible fluorometer for chlorophyll and dye tracing applications. The SCUFA has been designed to operate in a wide range of concentrations and environmental conditions.
The Picofluor Fluorometer is a lightweight, handheld instrument, configured to detect both Rhodamine WT and Fluorescein tracer dyes. The Aquafluor is a lightweight, inexpensive, handheld fluorometer/turbidimeter. It is ideal for the user who needs quick measurements away from the laboratory. Its dual-channel capability allows the user to measure both fluorescence and turbidity in one sample.
The TD-360 FastHEX Produced Water Lab Instrument is an affordable replacement for the industry standard oil and grease field methods. Measure oil and grease with simple solvent extraction and no evaporation. The TD-3100 Laboratory Fluorometer  is a low cost benchtop instrument that was developed to provide an alternative to industry standard oil and grease methods. Measure samples directly (non-extraction) or with solvent (i.e. hexane) extraction methods.
The Turner Designs TD-4100 on-line oil in water monitor reliably detects BTEX, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and oil in water. The TD-4100 is a nonfouling continuous, on-line monitor that provides hydrocarbon and oil in water monitoring down to low ppb. The TD-4100 is installed for applications that require monitoring of treated and untreated wastewater streams ranging from industrial wastewater, groundwater, process water, produced, potable water intakes, and storm water run-off. The TD-4100 XD is a ruggedized version of the TD-4100 continuous on-line oil in water monitor. The XD is designed specifically for offshore oil production, refining, petro-chemical, mining, and other industries that require robust on-line hardware for severe duty and hazardous area locations. The monitor is skid mounted and constructed of 316 stainless steel, including an external keypad, for operation in corrosive environments. The TD-4100 XD detects and measures crude oil, refined fuels, fuel oils, lubricating or hydraulic fluids, and aromatic solvents in water. Detection limits range from low ppb (µg/L) to high ppm (mg/L). The system is easily configured for hazardous area locations: Class I Division I and Class I Division II.
Turner BioSystems Inc.
Turner BioSystems Inc is the scientific (biotechnology) instrument company, manufacturer of fluorometers and luminometers optimized for measuring DNA, RNA, and proteins using PicoGreen, RiboGreen, and Hoechst dye. Back in April 2002, Turner Designs Incorporated split into a biotech company called Turner BioSystems Inc. Turner Designs Inc is a manufacturer of fluormeters and luminometers for environmental sciences.
The TD-20/20 Tube Luminometer and the Reporter Microplate Luminometer are designed for luciferase and dual luciferase assays, while the GloRunner Microplate Luminometer is designed for ATP and chemiluminescent ELISA assays.
The TBS-380 Fluorometer is for measuring DNA, RNA, proteins and similar biologic compounds. 
The Picofluor Handheld Fluorometer is the handheld version of the TBS-380 for labs on a very tight budget or for uses outside the lab. It is small, battery-powered and features a data logger to enable field work. The Pico fluor handheld fluorometer is also designed to measure DNA, RNA, and other biologic compounds.
The TD-700 Fluorometer is a benchtop unit that features a broad wavelength spectrum, a quick-change filter cylinder and a multi point calibration option.
The TD-20/20 Single-tube Luminometer features optional accessories allowing changing wavelengths, controlling temperature, injecting reagents, extending measurement ranges and measuring luminescence from culture dishes and from containers outside the sample compartment. The sample well itself is large and flexible so that scientists can read beads, tissues, paper strips and a host of other matrices.
The Reporter Multiwell Plate Luminometer is sensitive, compact, and priced for low budgets. The GloRunner Multiwell Plate Luminometer is optimized for chemiluminescent ELISA assays and for ATP measurement. 
VeritasT Microplate Luminometer is Turner BioSystems state-of-the-art microplate luminometer is designed to meet the needs of high sensitivity and broad dynamic range for all bioluminescent and chemiluminescent applications. With two optional injectors, the Veritas is a versatile system capable of performing both flash and glow type luminescent assays.
Tuttnauer Ltd.
Tuttnauer Ltd is the laboratory sterilization equipment company, manufacturer of autoclaves, kwiklaves, enhanced drying autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners, cleaning tablets, distillers, medical waste equipment.
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analytical equipment, laboratory equipment, FTIR, NIR spectrometers, Raman spectrometers, FTIR, NIR, Raman portable analyzers and process analyzers, FTIR microscope systems, Raman microscope systems, Raman imaging systems, fluorometers, fluorescence spectrometers, UV-visible, UV-vis-NIR spectrophotometers, refractometers, polarimeters, saccharimeters, lab, portable Brix meters, process in-line Brix monitors, atomic-absorption spectrometers, optical emission spectrometers for metal analysis, arc, sparc OES metal analyzers, alloy sorters, inductively coupled plasma atomic-emission spectrometers, ICP-AES (ICP-OES) systems, inductively coupled plasma mass-spectrometers, ICP-MS systems, NMR spectrometers, EPR spectrometers, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, XRF spectrometers for metal analysis, lab, portable XRF metal analyzers, XRF sulfur in oil analyzers, mass-spectrometry instruments, TOF, quadrupole, magnetic sector mass-spectrometers, MS-MS systems, GC/MS instruments, GC-MS-MS systems, LC/MS systems, LC-MS-MS systems, GC instruments, lab, portable gas chromatographs, online, process GC systems, HPLC instruments, capillary LC systems, preparative LC systems, TLC equipment, ion chromatography instruments, ion chromatographs, ion analyzers, electrophoresis instruments, capillary electrophoresis systems, electrochemical analyzers, portable, process electrochemical instruments, flow injection analyzers, FIA systems, segmented flow analyzers, food analysis instruments, food testing equipment, NIR, FT-IR food and grain analyzers, food microbiology equipment, water analysis instruments, portable water testers, online water quality monitors, TOC analyzers, pharmaceutical analysis instruments, dissolution testing systems, tablet testers, FTIR, NIR tablet analyzers, petroleum testing instruments, flash point testers, NIR, FTIR gasoline analyzers, diesel fuel analyzers, C, H, N, O, S analyzers, GC, MS, FTIR gas analyzers, emissions analyzers, CEMS, thermal analysis instruments, TGA, DTA, STA systems, calorimeters, DSC systems, dilatometers, high temperature dilatometers, rheometers, viscometers, plastometers, melt flow indexers, materials testing equipment, material testing machines, environmental, climatic test chambers, particle size, particle shape analyzers, pore volume, surface area analyzers, tensiometers, X-ray diffraction instruments, XRD systems, scanning electron microscopes, SEM systems, transmission electron microscopes, TEM systems, scanning probe microscopes, atomic force microscopes, lab equipment for microbiology, biotechnology, pharmacology, biological safety cabinets, microbial analyzers, сolony counters, flow cytometers, osmometers...
Author of the catalogue - Andrey Yurievich Zhdanov. Автор каталога - Андрей Юрьевич Жданов.
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