Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Classified catalogue of the manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (spectroscopy instruments, chromatography instruments, gas analysis, elemental analysis, thermal analysis instruments, food analysis instruments, pharmaceutical analysis, water analysis instruments, process analytical instruments, materials testing equipment, petroleum testing instruments), laboratory equipment (sample preparation equipment). Систематический каталог производителей и поставщиков аналитического оборудования (приборы для спектроскопии, хроматографии, анализа газов, элементного анализа, термоанализа, анализа пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализа воды, поточного химического анализа, испытания материалов, контроля нефтепродуктов), лабораторного оборудования (пробоподготовка).
Current edition (since March 13, 1998)- Текущая редакция  (с 13 марта 1998).
Alphabetical catalogue of companies: Алфавитный каталог компаний:
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X - index of alphabetical catalogue in English language. X - индекс алфавитного каталога на русском языке.
XC Corporation, ABT Division.
XC Corporation is a manufacturer of agarose gel beads for liquid chromatography. ABT Division of XC Corporation manufactures biotechnology-grade agarose gel beads for chromatography include pre-activated agarose beads for affinity chromatography. Affinity chromatography supports: Chelating Agarose Beads. Chelating Agarose Test Kits. Glyoxal Agarose Beads. Aminoethyl Agarose Beads. The XC Agarose Beads will customize to your specifications.
Xenco Laboratories.
Xenco Laboratories is the scintific software company, supplier of software for laboratory data management (laboratory information and management systems or LIMS). Featured products: Xenco Laboratories offers the ENVIRO LIMS customized to optimize environmental lab operations.
Xenopore Corporation.
Xenopore Corporation is a manufacturer of specialty microwell plates (protein binding products, DNA & RNA binding products, carbohydrate pinding products). Xenopore Corporation are specialists in coating  technology for microwell plates and other solid surfaces. These coated microwell plates and surfaces are different because the coating is always covalently attached. Covalent attachment assures uniformity, reproducibility and high capacity - day to day, week to week and laboratory to laboratory. All surfaces are available on clear, black or white microwell plates, in both solid and strip formats. They are also available on 1 micron magnetic or non-magnetic polystyrene particles  and on glass microscope slides, cover slips and 1 micron glass particles. 
Xenopore Corporation specialized on the attachment of proteins and peptides to the surface of microwell plates and other plastics has been adapted to the activation of glass surfaces for the covalent attachment of proteins, peptides and other ligands. This new surface chemistry produces a high density of reactive groups which are then used to immobilize the ligand of choice. Also available are slides and cover slips with a variety of ligands attached for the specific binding of mathing molecules. For example, streptavidin coated slides and cover slips are used for the capture of biotinylated molecules. Nickel NTA is used for the capture of histidine labeled molecules.
Xenopore Corporation has introduced a family of inexpensive products for producing and reading microarrays. The coated microwell plates and surfaces are different because the coating is always covalently attached. Covalent attachment assures uniformity, reproducibility and high capacity - day to day, week to week and laboratory to laboratory. The company newest products are a series of non-binding surface microwell plates. These plates are available in the full line of clear, white and black plates in both solid and strip format. In colorimetric assays, where the covalent binding plate provides an OD in excess of 2.0, there was no detectable color on the non-binding plate.
Xenosep Technologies LLC.
Xenosep Technologies LLC is a manufacturer of solid phase extraction (SPE) filters, oil and grease extraction filters for EPA Method 1664A. Xenosep Technologies manufactures lab equipment (sample filtration apparatus, elution cleaning apparatus, distillation / evaporation apparatus) and consumables (SPE filters) for sample filtration, sample preparation and liquid chromatography for a wide range of environmental and pharmaceutical applications.
Xentaur Corporation.
Xentaur Corporation is a manufacturer of instruments and systems for the measurement of moisture and dewpoint in gases and liquids, BTU measurement. Xentaur Corporation manufactures moisture meters, moisture transmitters, dewpoint meters, dewpoint transmitters, portable dewpoint instruments, portable natural gas moisture meter, portable dewpoint/trace moisture analyzer, modular sample systems, dewpoint generators. Xentaur Corporation manufactures specially configured dewpoint and moisture systems, hazadous area moisture instruments and systems approved and certified under NEC, CENELEC directives. Xentaur Corporation manufactures heating value gas chromatograph transmitters (compact and rugged GC NGA systems), and combustion calorimeters (Wobbe Index meters, BTU analyzers). Wobbe Index Meter is a flameless combustion calorimeter measuring Wobbe Index, heating value and combustion air requirement index (CARI), specific gravity / relative density, total sulfur. The company also offers process continuous hydrogen analyzer for the measurement of hydrogen concentration in gaseous streams (on-line hydrogen monitor for petrochemical industry).
Companies not included in the current edition of catalogue. Компании не включенные в текущую редакцию каталога.
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Author of the catalogue - Andrey Yurievich Zhdanov. Автор каталога - Андрей Юрьевич Жданов.
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